Research Professor in Social Sciences

Location: Doha,QA

Department Name: Center for Humanities and Social Sciences

College/Department Profile

Qatar University Profile:

Qatar University is the national institution of higher education in

Qatar. It provides high quality undergraduate and graduate programs that

prepare competent graduates, destined to shape the future of Qatar. The

university community has diverse and committed faculty that teaches and

conduct research, which addresses relevant local and regional

challenges, advances knowledge, and contributes actively to the needs

and aspirations of society.

Qatar University is an intellectual and scholarly community

characterized by open discussion, the free exchange of ideas, respectful

debate, and a commitment to rigorous inquiry. All members of the

University – faculty, staff, and students- are expected to advance the

scholarly and social values embodied by the university.

College Profile:

The College of Arts and Sciences(CAS) houses eleven departments,

covering a wide range of undergraduate specializations in the Arts and

Sciences including English Literature & Linguistics and Arabic Language,

Humanities, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, International Affairs,

Policy, Planning & Development, Statistics, Chemistry, Mass

Communication, Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Material

Science, and Sports Science. The College also houses five graduate

programs in Environmental Sciences, Gulf Studies, Material Science,

statistics, and Arabic Language. Additionally, the College offers a

Program of Arabic for Non- Native Speakers. Also, the newly established

three research centers namely Center for Social Science and Humanities,

Center for Sustainable Development, and Gulf Studies Center.

It is worth mentioning that as members of QU, CAS faculty members have

excellent opportunities to secure intramural and extramural funding for

their research ideas.  Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) is major

source of research funding, with individual project funding limit

exceeding 1 million/project (5million exceptional projects) along with

student research funding programs. As the national and largest

University in the country, Qatar University is the recipient of most of

QNRF awards, with many research- active faculty members able to win

multiple grants.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Social Sciences Coordinator in the center provide support to the

social science research activities in the center and Qatar University

and to the efforts to help develop/acquire/translate and transfer

practical social sciences studies that addresses human behaviors

associated with ensuring the productive, equitable, and environmentally

sound of Qatar and the region socio-economic needs. SSCs identify social

sciences related needs of the field and provide product and service

recommendations to the Social Sciences in the college, QU and in the


SSCs strengthen will support the interdisciplinary research initiatives

by encouraging faculty and graduate and undergraduate students in Qatar

University, this will include preparing and providing social sciences

proposals , products, services and tools in order to reach out and

engage new partners; to identify key issues and needs; and to involve

these partners in implementing interdisciplinary research projects

initiatives. Coordinators also attempt to remove barriers to

participation by non-traditional and underserved customers and partners.

Coordinate or assist with the development and coordination of social

science research products either through individual initiatives or by

working in work groups/teams.

Duties & Responsibilities :

1. Provide feedback to the Humanities and Social Sciences Center on a

regular basis regarding ideas, suggestions, and concerns.

2. Network with the Center staff member.

3. Work with the QU colleges , faculty and the students and others to

identify and meet the development of the social science’s needs .

4. Recommend, coordinate, assist in the development, and implement

social sciencestraining as needs arise.

5. Provide report, brief overviews of social sciences activities,

6. Teach courses in the area of expertise.

7. Contribute to various committees at the Program, College, and

University level

8. Contribute to the research profile of College through research


9. Serve as student advisor

10. Other responsibilities as assigned by the Head of Department


1.Ph. D. in the Relevant disciplinary area

2.Strong peer reviewed publication record

3.Teaching experience at tertiary level

4.Familiar with Educational technologies used in higher education sector

5.Willingness to work with teams

6.Awareness of working with people from diverse backgrounds

7.Excellent written and oral communication skills

8.Fluent in English spoken, reading and writing

Required Documents


1. Current Curriculum Vitae.

2. Cover letter.

3. Teaching, research, and service philosophy.

4. Three referees’ contact information (physical and email addresses as

well their telephones contact).

5. Copy of highest earned credential (transcript of highest degree if

graduated from an institution where course work was completed. However,

if no course work was completed, an copy of certificate letter from the

registrar of your highest credential granting institution regarding your

highest academic degree).

6. Any additional documentation that you feel is relevant to your




1.    A three-year renewable contract.

2.    Salary is commensurate with experience.

3.    Tax-free salary.

4.     Furnished accommodation in accordance with QU HR policies.

5.    Annual round trip air tickets for faculty member and dependents in

accordance with QUHR policies.

6.    Educational allowance for candidate’s children (eligible

candidates only) in accordance with QU HR policies.

7.    Private health care and health insurance in accordance with QU HR


8.    Annual leave in accordance with QU HR policies.

9.    End-of-contract indemnity.

How To Apply

1.  Returning Applicant: Please login to update/edit your saved profile.

Use this profile to apply for this position.

2.  New Applicant: You need to setup an account with QU Recruitment

Online  System and complete your personal profile. Once your profile is

complete you may use it to apply for an open Position.

Due Date: 31-Dec-2016

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