BandLab, the social music platform where users can create, collaborate and share their music, today launched a free online integrated mastering tool to empower musicians to create perfectly polished, radio-ready tracks. BandLab also welcomed three global business experts to its strategic leadership team.

Mastering is an important addition to the native creative tools and services in BandLab’s social music platform. Integrated throughout the workflow and complementing BandLab’s Mix Editor, the platform’s groundbreaking cross-platform DAW, creators now can polish their music with enhanced dynamics and superior spectral quality.

To professional musicians, mastering is an important step in the creative process that brings an audio mix to distribution-quality. When a song is played on a radio or streaming service, the sonic elements of the track have usually been finely balanced by a professional mastering engineer to ensure that everything can sound its best.

BandLab’s new online mastering service is the first such tool with free unlimited use and is compatible with all major music formats. The new feature is also integrated across the entire existing BandLab creative workflow so that creators can share final mastered tracks across the BandLab social music platform or download their finished works as high-quality versions for distribution to other services.

“At BandLab we’re always trying to make sure our users have seamless access to the tools and the community to make their best music possible. The art of mastering is often misrepresented as being replaceable by technology, and though we are very proud of the strength of the service we’re launching today, nothing will beat the services of a seasoned expert. We hope that by bringing universal access to the highest quality of algorithmic mastering, we will raise awareness of the benefits of mastering amongst our creators and their fans, and therefore create more opportunities for the professional mastering engineers in the global BandLab community,” said BandLab CEO, Meng Ru Kuok.

Working closely with professional mastering engineers, the BandLab team has developed emulations of classic mastering processors to accurately create an industry standard audio signal-chain including but not limited to models of the vintage Aphex Aural Exciter™, detailed transient shaping through reel-to-reel tape emulators, a robust multi-band compressor, and a lightning-fast, discrete mastering limiter.

Conveniently packaged into three settings, the presets available at time of release are:

CD-quality CD QUALITY: Incredibly versatile setting, boost the overall volume and polish of the track;

Bass-booster BASS BOOST: Built for tracks that pack a punch in the bass! A great fit for EDM & rap tracks;

ENHANCE CLARITY: Add audio brightness and pop-sensibilities, and let each layer stand alone.

BandLab’s instant cloud mastering service is not just limited to single tracks, but integrated seamlessly into the native creation process. For existing users, BandLab’s new online mastering service is compatible with all the major music formats including .mp3, .wav, .acc, or .ogg files.

To experience the power and impact of BandLab’s mastering tool, visit www.bandlab.com/mastering from your browser (Google Chrome recommended).

BandLab is currently available for iOS, Android and on the web (www.bandlab.com)

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