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In the Sea of Oz, are we about to see the global ‘Big Reveal’ of the cosmic Sleeping Beauty as Katy Perry becomes the first Cosmopolitan global cover girl.

“Over The Rainbow” .



And is ‘The Mirror Crack’d’ in the Hall of Mirrors as the Lady of Shalott pines for Sir Lancelot.



Out flew the web and floated wide-

The mirror crack’d from side to side;

“The curse is come upon me,” cried

The Lady of Shalott.

Lord Alfred Tennyson – The Lady Of Shalott


In California, Elliott Rodger ( in English slang, Rodger = ‘Fuck’ – see also Adam Lanza / Lancer ) wanted to become Sir Lancelot and we heard the ‘Sound of Breaking Glass’.




And are we Vergin on the Ledge at the Tower of the Will (is) ?

From Mail Online :

“It is what everyone who stands out on The Willis Tower’s iconic Skydeck Ledge fears the most.

And on Wednesday night it almost came to pass when a family visiting the Chicago skyscraper suffered the scare of their lives when the glass floor of the tourist attraction 1,353-feet up cracked as they sat down for a picture.

The astonishing incident caused staff to hurriedly evacuate them as the distinct sound of shattering glass could be heard creeping across the glass enclosure that juts out from the 103rd floor of the building.”



As the Illusion of Maya dies .


Death of Maya Angelou


It looks like there will be new Glaz(i)ers in charge as chairman Malcolm Glazer of ( Hu ) Man United dies and his sons take full control of ‘The Theatre Of Dreams’.



And will involve building a new Crystal Palace.

From FT.com :

“Six high-profile UK architects have been shortlisted to revive the Crystal Palace at its former site in south London.

Zhongrong Group, a Chinese developer, last year revealed £500m plans to rebuild the Victorian landmark as a “cultural visitor attraction”, sparking interest from roughly 40 architecture practices worldwide.”



It’s a Mind Fuck. And that’s the truth.



NEW POST at ‘Blade and Chalice’ : ‘The ‘I’ Has To Travel’. If you have ever wondered why women wear weird clothes and who controls the current.


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