Created page with "MediaWiki vendors is intended to be the place for third-party MediaWiki users to voice their problems, desires and suggestions and to collaborate with each other and MediaWiki..." New page MediaWiki vendors is intended to be the place for third-party MediaWiki users to voice their problems, desires and suggestions and to collaborate with each other and MediaWiki developers in order to improve MediaWiki. Below is a [[ list of businesses offering MediaWiki consulting, support, installation, development, customization, training, hosting, etc. Please feel free to add yourself or any vendor you know of to the list. The discussion page holds discussions on various topics brought up by vendors or developers. Anyone is welcome to start a new discussion if the topic they are interested in is not there already. Please join the discussions and give us feedback so we can make MediaWiki better for everyone. The page is currently maintained by [[User:Mitevam|Mitevam]] as part of her internship with the Wikimedia Foundation. ===Active Vendors=== The list is in progress and suggestions are welcome. Also, I have included contact information according to my best judgement but it is still to be confirmed what the best communication method with each business is. NOTE: FEEL FREE TO ADD YOURSELF OR ANY OTHER USER YOU KNOW ABOUT! {| class="wikitable sortable" style="width:95%;" |+ List of MediaWiki Consultants, Developers, Users, Training Centers, Hosting Services |- ! scope="col" width="10%" |Vendor ! scope="col" width="10%" |Location ! scope="col" width="30%" class="unsortable"|Contact Info ! scope="col" width="50%" class="unsortable"|Notes |- |[http://www.EcoReality.org EcoReality Co-op] ||Canada ||[http://www.EcoReality.org/wiki/User:Jan_Steinman Jan Steinman, webmaster] ||This MediaWiki site is fairly conventional, except for heavy use of [http://www.EcoReality.org/wiki/Statistics MySQL queries] to implement a simple Enterprise Resource Planning system. Available are farm harvest, labour, sales, and productivity records. Other custom MySQL queries show electricity use and detailed milk and egg statistics. Due to script injection danger, MySQL access is only for trusted users. |- |[http://www.EcovillageNewsletter.org Ecovillages Newsletter] ||Canada ||[http://www.Bytesmiths.com Jan Steinman, webmaster] ||A client wanted a site they could edit that would strongly reflect a newsletter format. She wanted to be able to easily link to various articles in the site and to external sites. I could have done yet another WordPress site, but I chose to heavily modify MediaWiki instead. |- |[http://www.state.gov/m/irm/ediplomacy/115847.htm Diplopedia ] ||USA ||Richard Boly, Director of eDiplomacy eDip{{@}}State.gov ||Diplopedia is an online encyclopedia of foreign affairs information on the Department of State Intranet. |- |[http://www.referata.com/wiki/Main_Page Referata] || ||info{{@}}referata.com ||Referata offers hosting of semantic wikis, allowing you to add, structure and store data so it can be managed, shared, browsed and analyzed in as many ways as you choose.Free and paid service layers. The founder of Referata is [[User:Yaron Koren]]. |- |[http://www.tropicalwikis.com/ Tropical Wikis] || ||[http://www.tropicalwikis.com/wiki/User:Frozen_Wind Frozen_Wind] [http://www.tropicalwikis.com/wiki/User:Seahorseruler Seahorseruler] [http://www.tropicalwikis.com/wiki/User:Will_k Will_k] ||TropicalWikis is a free wiki hosting service, aka a wiki farm. It uses the popular MediaWiki software, and claims to offer unlimited storage. It seems to be funded by way of advertising banners at the top and bottom of the screen supplied by Project Wonderful. |- |[http://www.wikihoster.net WikiHoster.net] ||Germany ||kontakt{{@}}wikihoster.net || German site for the hosting and implementation of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki specialised projects Additionally, WikiHoster.net also offers care and maintenance of existing sites. Paid service with three service levels. |- |[http://wikkii.net/ Wikkii.net] [http://wikkii.com/ Wikkii.com] [http://wikkii.org/ Wikkii.org] ||United Kingdom ||http://wikkii.net/contact.php ||this category contains wikis which are hosted on the Wikkii wiki farm. Wikkii is a free British wiki farm that provides fully featured hosting for wikis on any topic, using the popular MediaWiki software, and best of all it's 100% free. Wikkii hosts over 3,000 wiki sites; most of these are a sub-domain of either wikkii.com or wikkii.net – ie: yourwiki.wikkii.com. Any wikis which have their own domain do not seem to be affected by the recent outage of October 2012. |- |[http://occupymediawiki.org OccupyWiki] ||Netherlands ||amgine{{@}}occupymediawiki.org ||Wiki farm for protests-related wikis. Free and maintained by volunteers. |- |[http://www.wiki-site.com/ Wiki-Site] || ||info{{@}}wiki-site.com ||wiki farm available in 5 languages. Free and supported by ads. |- |[http://www.neoseeker.com/ Neoseeker] || ||[http://www.neoseeker.com/info/contact_webmaster.html Contact] ||wiki hosting for game and entertainment related wikis |- |[http://www.infokent.com infokent] || || || |- |[http://www.skywalktech.com/ TacitWorks] ||UK ||sathish.vaithilingam{{@}}tacitworks.co.uk ||MediaWiki development/consultancy - not sure how active |- |[http://www.nobleprog.co.uk/ NobleProg UK] [http://www.nobleprog.pl/ NobleProg Poland] ||UK, Poland || training{{@}}nobleprog.co.uk biuro@nobleprog.pl http://www.nobleprog.co.uk/contact-us ||specialize in training and consultancy on various software including MediaWiki |- |[http://www.richardcarterconsultancy.com/ Richard Carter Consultancy] Alternative: [http://www.earlgreyandbattenburg.co.uk/ Earl Grey and Battenburg] ||UK ||Twitter: {{@}}RichardCarter hello{{@}}richardcarter.co ||MediaWiki consultancy and skin design, Drupal, Inkspace, OpenCommerce training author of http://www.earlgreyandbattenburg.co.uk/books/mediawiki-skins-design/ working on HTML5 skin design |- |[http://www.wikiexpert.com/ WikiExpert] ||USA ||Skype:phalseid'-' http://www.wikiexpert.com/Contact ||MediaWiki consulting, implementation, training |- | [http://wiki.novell.com Novell Wiki] Child project: [http://en.opensuse.org OpenSUSE] ||USA ||Novell Support : 1-800-858-4000 opensuse{{@}}opensuse.org - This is the list for technical support and discussions. Place to start if you are unsure. opensuse-project{{@}}opensuse.org - The mailing list where non-technical aspects of the openSUSE project, distribution and community are discussed. ||Novell uses MediaWiki for it's Intranet as well as a dozen child projects including openSuse |- |Intelpedia ||USA ||creator Josh Bancroft at josh{{@}}tinyscreenfuls.com ||active [http://www.intel.com Intel] internal wiki |- |[http://www.endpoint.com/ EndPoint] private wiki ||New York, USA ||ask{{@}}endpoint.com ||web and e-commerse development, use MediaWiki for Intranet wiki |- |[http://www.emersonnetworkpower.com/en-US/Brands/Aperture/Pages/default.aspx Aperture] ||USA, UK, Canada, Austria ||[https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Nick_Pisarro,_Jr. Nick_Pisarro,_Jr.] ||uses MediaWiki as corporate wiki, worked on adapting MediaWiki for corporate use |- |[http://www.wikia.com/Wikia Wikia] ||San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Cologne, and Poznan, Poland ||community{{@}}wikia.com ||active wiki farm on cultural and lifestyle topics, announced top 10 social network of 2012, recent focus on wiki for mobile |- |[http://www.wikihow.com WikiHow] ||Palo Alto, CA ||wiki{{@}}wikihow.com Community Liaison: krystle@wikihow.com ||for-profit wiki aiming to create comprehensive how-to guides, small paid stuff and large volunteer community, top 150 website with 35 million hits per month run a modified version of MediaWiki, aiming to share modifications with the communitiy |- |[http://www.shoutwiki.com ShoutWiki] || ||support{{@}}shoutwiki.com #ShoutWiki at irc.freenode.net technical{{@}}shotuwiki.com ||free, ad-supported wiki hosting service. |- |[http://pediapress.com/ PediaPress] || ||development{{@}}pediapress.com ||online service that lets you create customized books from wiki content developed and maintain some extensions such as [[Extension:Collection|Collection]] |- |[http://www.omegawiki.org/ OmegaWiki] || ||[http://www.omegawiki.org/User_talk:Kipcool Kipcool] ||wiki-based dictionary of all words of all languages, including lexical, terminological and ontological information use [[Extension:Wikidata|WikiData]] |- |[http://www.schlagundrahm.ch Schlag&Rahm] ||Zurich, Switzerland ||info{{@}}schlagundrahm.ch pshah{{@}}schlagundrahm.ch ||MediaWiki consulting, training and setup/configuration |- |[http://www.revolutionlinux.com/ Revolution Linux] ||Quebec, Canada ||info{{@}}revolutionlinux.com ||wiki consulting, training, setup/configuration, customizing and programming for MediaWiki and other wikis as well as other social network and web services |- |[http://en.twoonix.com Twoonix ® Software GmbH] ||Berlin, Germany ||info{{@}}twoonix.com martin.bregulla{{@}}twoonix.com ||consulting, training, setup/configuration, customizing and programming web 2.0 solutions for companies such as VW and BAFS |- |[http://wiki.openstack.org OpenStack Wiki] || ||thierry{{@}}openstack.org anne{{@}}openstack.org stefano{{@}}maffulli.net - community manager ||OpenStack wiki |- |[http://paulgu.com PaulGu Wiki] || ||paul{{@}}paulgu.com ||Paul Gu is a MediaWiki skin, templeta and extensions developer and offers MediaWiki skin customization, skin integration,Web site integration,MediaWiki extension installation,SEO, etc for pay |- |[http://bitnami.org BitNami] || ||hello{{@}}bitnami.org ||provides an out-of-the-box installation of MediaWiki to use with VMware vFabric™ Application Director |- |[http://www.blue-spice.org/ Blue Spice] ||Regensburg,Germany ||info{{@}}blue-spice.org ||BlueSpice is a project of [http://www.hallowelt.biz/ Hallo Welt! GmbH], Blue Spice for MediaWiki is installed on top of MediaWiki, offers improved quality management, process support, administration, editing and security Blue Spice public assists knowledge transfer in the web Blue Spice docu is wiki for documentation and quality management free and paid service levels available in-house or on the cloud |- |[http://evolvnet.com/ EvolvNet] ||Portland, USA ||http://evolvnet.com/contact ||EvolvNet designs, builds and maintains portals, communities, information hubs and intranets based on the MediaWiki platform. |- |[http://www.hostgator.com HostGator] ||Houston, Texas ||support{{@}}hostgator.com ||hosting, 1-click MediaWiki installation |- |[http://wiki.dreamhost.com DreamHost] || ||http://dreamhost.com/contact/ ||hosting, 1-click MediaWiki installation |- |[http://www.site5.com site5] ||Denver,CO ||management{{@}}site5.com ||hosting, 1-click MediaWiki installation |- |[http://www.tmdhosting.com TMDHosting] ||Orlando, FL ||office{{@}}tmdhosting.com ||hosting, All-in-one MediaWiki Package |- |[http://steadfast.net steadfast] || ||support{{@}}steadfast.net Skype - steadfastnetworks ||MediaWiki cloud hosting |- |[http://www.steadyservice.com Steady Service] ||Cambridge, England ||info{{@}}steadyservice.com ||MediaWiki hosting and setup |- |[http://itw3.com ITw3] ||UK ||solutions{{@}}itw3.com ||web solutions based on MediaWiki and MediaWiki consultancy |- |[http://www.wikihelper.com Wiki Helper] || ||[http://wikihelper.com/index.php?title=Special:AddData/SupportQuery&namespace=JobsNS Support] ||design, development, and consultancy services for wiki websites, with a particular emphasis on Mediawiki |- |[http://www.basilenterprises.com Basil Enterprises] ||Canada ||webservices{{@}}basilenterprises.com ||MediaWiki support, installation, consultancy, help with spam |- |[http://redwerks.org Redwerks] ||Vancouver, Canada ||admin{{@}}redwerks.org mediawiki{{@}}danielfriesen.name [[User:Dantman]] ||MediaWiki design, installation, support, debugging, development, hosting Developer active in MediaWiki community |- |[http://www.otg-nc.com Open Technology Group] || ||info{{@}}otg-nc.com ||IT training including courses in MediaWiki Administration and Managing Content with MediaWiki |- |[http://open4a.com open4A] ||Brisbane, Australia ||office{{@}}open4a.com ||MediaWiki e-training along with other training(Moodle, Drupal, dotproject) and consultancy |- |[http://www.credativ.us credativ] ||USA, Germany, India, UK, Canada ||info{{@}}credativ.us ||support and implementation of free software, Microsoft Windows systems and quality assurance MediaWiki support and training contribute actively to open-source projects but it seems not to MediaWiki |- |[http://www.transitiv.co.uk Transitiv Technologies] ||UK ||info{{@}}transitiv.co.uk ||innovative solutions based upon FOSS technology for Enterprises and Businesses MediaWiki training, consultancy and support |- |[http://microformats.org microformats wiki] ||USA ||http://tantek.com/ irc://irc.freenode.net/microformats ||http://microformats.org/wiki has many customizations on top of MediaWiki |- |[http://wikicafe.metacafe.com Wikicafe] || ||http://www.metacafe.com/contactUs/#3 ||wiki for contributions towards editting Metacafe ,based on MediaWiki with customization |- |[https://wiki.splunk.com Splunk Wiki ] [https://docs.splunk.com Splunk Docs(PonyDocs)] || ||http://twitter.com/splunkdocs partnering{{@}}splunk.com ||customized MediaWiki wiki for documentation and community support PonyDocs - Splunk's MediaWiki based module which powers docs.splunk.com |- |[https://wiki.mozilla.org/Main_Page MozillaWiki] || ||https://wiki.mozilla.org/Talk:Main_Page ||Mozilla's wiki with some custom extensions |- |[http://processors.wiki.ti.com Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki] || ||[[User:DanRinkes]] ||Texas Instrumentals wiki with some customization mostly by Dan Rinkes |- |[http://letopisi.ru letopisi.ru] || ||http://letopisi.ru/index.php/ ||Russian wiki for educational purposes with some custom extensions |- |[http://www.wikiworks.com/ WikiWorks] ||USA ||[[User:Jeroen De Dauw]] [[User:Yaron Koren]] ||MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki consulting, installation, skin design, hosting, etc. |- |[http://wikivote.ru/ WikiVote] ||Russia ||q{{@}}wikivote.ru , [[User:Katkov Yury]] ||MediaWiki + Semantic MediaWiki consulting, customizing and programming, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DokuWiki DokuWIki], [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MindTouch MindTouch] mostly for the governments and organizations |- |[https://www.semantic-apps.com Semantic Apps] ||Germany ||solutions{{@}}semantic-apps.com ||MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki modules for business process, project and contact management |- |[http://www.hallowelt.biz/ Hallo Welt!] ||Germany ||info{{@}}hallowelt.biz ||consulting, training, setup/configuration, customizing and programming |- |[http://www.256ideas.com/en-256ideas.html 256ideas] ||Argentina ||info{{@}}256ideas.com contact{{@}}256ideas.com ||MediaWiki and [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TWiki TWiki] consulting, training, setup/configuration, customizing and programming |- |[http://www.mediawiki-beratung.de/ MediaWiki Beratung] ||Germany || [mailto:rs@mediawiki-beratung.de rs@mediawiki-beratung.de] or [[User:Raymond]] || MediaWiki consulting |- |[[w:it:Aruba (azienda)|Aruba.it]] |Italy | |Main company of Italy for (cheap & crappy) hosting, MediaWiki is among the engines their control panel can install (like Joomla, Wordpress etc.). No actual support or consulting but they may have something to say. |- |Vistaprint ||USA ||dbarrett{{@}}vistaprint.com ||A corporate, internal wiki with several thousand users, several full-time developers, and around 100 custom extensions. |- |[http://www.siteground.com/ SiteGround] ||USA || ||Big ISP offering "[http://www.siteground.com/mediawiki-hosting.htm free MediaWiki installation]", documentation and support. |- |[[User:Nikerabbit|Nikerabbit]] |Finland |[[User:Nikerabbit|Nikerabbit]] |MediaWiki consulting (so far universities, public entities etc.); CTO ([http://www.lostintranslations.com/ Lost in Translations, Inc.]) |- |[http://www.seizam.com Seizam] |France |[[User:ClementD|ClementD]] |Freedom to the Artists! Seizam is a community of artists liberated thanks to Wikipedia’s philosophy and technology. The company also does consulting & IT services in online collaboration. |- |[http://lalashan.mcmaster.ca/theobio/central The McMaster University theobio system] |Canada |[[User:Wonder|Lee Worden]] [mailto:worden.lee@gmail.com worden.lee@gmail.com] |The Dushoff lab is hosting over 100 wikis for collaborative research projects, mathematical biology courses, and other projects. This is the home site for [http://lalashan.mcmaster.ca/theobio/projects/index.php/WorkingWiki WorkingWiki], a MediaWiki extension for research collaboration and open software development. Many of the researchers using our wikis are women. * [http://lalashan.mcmaster.ca/theobio/central The theobio central wiki] * [http://lalashan.mcmaster.ca/theobio/projects/index.php/WorkingWiki WorkingWiki] |- |[http://semantiki.fr/ Sémantiki] |France |[http://semantiki.fr/index.php/Sp%C3%A9cial:Contact Contact page] |MediaWiki consulting, implementation, training |- |[http://wikiapiary.com/ WikiApiary] | | | "WikiApiary intends to help those running MediaWiki sites have a better understanding of what is happening on their wikis." |- | [http://www.prescientsoftware.co.uk/en/Main_Page PrecientSoftware] | UK | [http://www.prescientsoftware.co.uk/en/Contact_Us Contact page] | Prescient specialises in high class web design with extremely flexible architecture and fluid navigation, whether you want a simple site or a very complex one, Prescient offers compelling features and competitive rates. |} he Wikimedia Foundation.

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