If like me you blog frequently (I personally blog daily, and have done for nearly 4 years now) and are constantly producing fresh, new content, you might sometimes feel a little bit like one days piece of content may get a little lost, missed or less appreciated than you thought it was worth.

I find myself constantly thinking this, whether it’s a day of lower traffic than normal, an outfit post I absolutely love or just a piece of content I’m really proud of, I sometimes wish it’s shelf life was a little longer than it perhaps is on my blog. It’s part and parcel with daily blogging, you’re constantly providing new content, making yesterdays feature old. One simple way to resolve this would be to simply reduce your content regularity, but that’s not something that I want to do right now, so instead i’ve found a few other ways to increase the shelf life of my blog content and truly maximise the features I write.


Linking back to old features is a really simple way of ensuring old posts still get seen and appreciated. Within my blog tips features I often share links back to older posts if they’re relevant or provide more information on a specific topic i’m talking about, equally in my outfit features, I might have another post styling a particular piece of clothing which I can link back to, to show an alternative styling.

Linking back is a really easy way of providing readers with simple & quick ways to finding other interesting content which they may like, which is relevant to the topic you’re righting about.


Extending the reach of your content beyond just your blog or website, is another easy way to ensure a) the content gets seen but b) that it lives beyond one day. Whether that’s sharing imagery and teasers on instagram, sharing your features on Facebook, Bloglovin, or twitter, or pinning your best images to pinterest. All of these additional platforms provide another opportunity for your content to get discovered and help your hard work live beyond just that one blog feature.

There are also other ways of sharing your content, particularly if you’re a fashion blogger as well, the likes of Lookbook, Chictopia, ASOS FF & Look magazine are all great ways of sharing your daily content & also provide a great opportunity for further recognition. I’ve frequently been featured in Look Magazine & ASOS’s website due to sharing my outfits.

. RE USE .

I mentioned the prospect of ‘re using’ content in last weeks blog tips feature (how to make blogging & working easier), but it really is a great way of maximising your content & overall reducing the sheer volume of fresh content you need to create, shoot & edit for a live feature.

When I talk about re-using, I mean things like curating a series of features to create one overall feature on the topic (e.g. best burger joints in London, curating your historic images & reviews to create one new overall feature, or 5 ways to style a denim skirt, curating 5 of your previous outfit posts into one new feature to showcase the versatility or various ways to style etc). I know many people find posts like this really engaging, I personally quite enjoy reading ‘mini guides’ & it’s a great way of making sure your content is really maximised.


Making sure your blog is easily navigational is another really easy way of making sure all your content gets seen & used beyond just the day you post it. Some easy ways to help this are adding a ‘popular posts’ feed on your home page, ‘related posts’ within each of your features (I have this) and of course making sure your archive of content is easily findable but also categorised so people can find what they’re looking for.

I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time updating and redesigning my site specifically to help navigation and help my content be more discoverable to people. You’ll find in my nav bar links to all my categories of content (like tips or outfits), my collaborations, my archive as well as other key pieces of information like contact details, press accreditation & a little shop boutique too. Feel free to have a little play around :)


Another really lovely way to help maximise your content is of course earned & organic reach or sharing. This is obviously something you personally cannot ensure happens, but I often find that when I write a really great piece of content (usually my blog tips posts) sometimes you lovely readers then credit it or refer to it within your own blog features, for example a round up of your favourite posts. Beyond blogger shares, sometimes brands will also share your content if you’ve featured them within it (for example on instagram & re-tweet your links), even better is when they might create a piece of content specifically on you, your blog & your posts within their own sites, either as part of a collaboration or as a nice gesture for all the coverage & features you’ve created for them.

As I mentioned this last tip isn’t something you can really control, but through hard work & great content, earned and organic sharing is another really great way to extend the life and reach of your content, really maximising your efforts.

So there we go, 5 ways to maximise your content, and really ensure each feature gets the coverage it deserves. I’d love to know if you have any other tips or if you personally use any of the tips i’ve mentioned on your own sites?

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