Longtime paranormal radio host Art Bell blogged during the weekend that he is “going to hang it up” and will not return to the air.

Art Bell

Bell blames a “crazy person” who apparently has been threatening Bell and his family. Shots were fired near his home studio during his live broadcast on October 21 while he was live on air. He has also reported to listeners a couple of other incidents since then where he has felt threatened.

The 70-year-old Bell issued the following statement over on his website, ArtBell.com:

“I am sorry to have to announce this but I will not be on Tonight or any other night, yes I am going to hang it up. Whoever this crazy person is, they are not stopping and it has come to the point that we as a Family do not feel it is worth the risk.

While I think the person or persons are after me, my Wife and now my Daughter are really scared, the other night after the latest incident my Daughter was off in the corner of her bed scared to death as the Police cars came screaming up. I will not put my Family through this.

As you all know I dearly love what I do but not at the expense of never ending Terrorism.

I want to thank those of you who have shown so much support and it has been my joy, short as it has been to have cracked that Mic open for a last time. This was a Family decision. The girls stuck with me and still would but if one of them were harmed because of what I love doing my life would be over."
Keith Rowland, who runs the syndicator for Midnight In the Desert, the Dark Matter Radio Network, stated Sunday that, “I’m obligated to continue feeding the (54) terrestrial affiliate stations for the next 30 days."  He is unsure of the status of the program beyond that.

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