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  • Acid reducers and their side effects
    via cebudailynews.inquirer

    Preliminary studies suspect Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) and H2 Blockers, which reduce the secretion of stomach acid used by millions to treat gastro-esophageal reflux “heartburns,” may also have adverse effects on the kidneys when used regularly. Presently...

  • Global Population is at Risk! Contrary to what Health Canada, Industry Canada, the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association (CWTA) and British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer tell governments, health authorities and the public, the...

  • How To Sleep Your Way To Better Health
    via collective-evolution

    We spend all our lives worrying about what is going on while we are awake, yet most people do not realize the importance of what happens when we are not. Sleep is the time when our body repairs from the mental and physical stress of the day. Hormones...

  • Restoring Male Fertility
    via westonaprice

    It ought to be easy to get pregnant, right? After all, most people spend their teens and most of their twenties doing everything they can to prevent it. Young people are more afraid of inappropriately getting pregnant than just about anything else. But...

  • Episode #12 By Guy Lawrence If you want to jump straight to where we talk about mobile phone radiation and if it’s safe, skip to [010:40] This was actually a tough episode for me as I’m so reliant on technology. I’m quickly...

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