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MaxSold buyer reviews through the “Complete this sentence” process had common themes, so we converted common words in those reviews into an Infographic (the more the word was used in the reviews, the bigger the font size). There were three surprises…

1. We know MaxSold is awesome, but do our buyers agree? Turns out YES! GREAT was the most common word used to describe the MaxSold experience (“I can find great vintage items…”, “I get great items at fair prices”, “great prices and can bid through a fair process.”)

2. We were pleasantly surprised that LOVE was a common theme: One out of six MaxSold buyers used the word LOVE to complete the sentence. (“love the unique and unusual things I find… “, “love the thrill of the hunt”, “love vintage items and collectibles”, “love the thrill of eco-friendly shopping”)

3. Words like interesting, treasures, unique, vintage and variety were commonly used to describe MaxSold finds (okay, so maybe that wasn’t a huge surprise) (“…treasures I always wanted”, “…treasures that I cannot find in regular stores items with character and pizazz!”, “…unique items unavailable in stores”, “…great vintage items”)

A list of MaxSold bidders completing the sentence “I bid from MaxSold because…” here:

“I like the piece I”m buying for the price I”m paying.” -Nancy, Ajax, ON

“I like a good deal” -Claude, Amherstview, ON

“I enjoy the process and comfort of shopping from home.” -Richard, Annapolis, MD

“I love getting a great deal on a great item!” -Ron, Atlanta, GA

“good deals” -John, Barrie, ON

“I love the thrill of the hunt for interesting or needed items and MaxSold makes it easy.” -William, Barrie, ON

“I can buy good clean items at very reasonable prices” -Mike, Bath, ON

“Now that I am in the renew,reuse, recycle business, I have a much better appreciation for used things that are in great condition. There is no reason to buy new if the used one is just fine. I hope my relatives appreciate it at Christmas time. :)” -Diana, Bedford, MA

“They provide honest and organized service for both buyer and seller” -Robert, Belleville, ON

“Its a good way to get the things your or your family needs at a very reasonable price point” -Doug, Belleville , ON

“I love the thrill of eco-friendly shopping!” -Heidi, Bethesda, MD

“I enjoy getting a deal on something other people dont want or need and get a thrill out bidding anybody on an item” -Jim, Bewdley, ON

“Fun bidding and pickup processes. Spares the landfills, fast effective way to clear out an estate. Most pickups feels like a community coming together to quickly expedite the items in a home or business, allowing a move or estate process to be that much easier.” -Nick, Bolton, ON

“Every item has a story.” -Randi, Boston , MA

“I find amazing deals on home furnishings and unique items I can”t find in stores such as vintage and antique items. Also, I feel good about the recycling aspect of theses items. It always fun to pick up my treasures at the end of an auction!” -Kathie, Brampton , ON

“I love vintage items and collectibles such as tea cups and other china.” -Leslie, Brampton , ON

“I love the things people offer for sale they are well loved and cared for” -Kim, Brockton, MA

“I can trust the pictures and descriptions.” -Georgiana, Brooklyn Park, MD

“I can find bargains. I”ve found many things I need.” -Michelle, Brunswick, OH

“its good stuff cheap” -John, Burlington, MA

“I buy from Maxsold because I see things I want for myself and also because I sometimes resell the items for profit.” -Lisa, Canton, GA

“I resell things” -Brian, Charlton, MA

“Repurposing things that others do not need helps me save money” -Tom, Conyers, GA

“I collect vintage items and I get them at great prices on Maxsold.” -Janet, Coram, NY

“I want to purchase things at a bargain” -Lynette, Cumming, GA

“I get to repurpose an item that will not get dumped into a land-fill.” -Scott, Danvers, MA

“I find interesting things at good prices. Sometimes I can resell them to make a couple bucks. <img src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72x72/1f609.png" alt="

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