Think Deer in the Summer Time

by Craig Lamb

Archery hunting catalogs starting to show up in the mailbox is motivation for many bow hunters to begin annual pre-season training. For some that’s okay, since the catalogs seem to arrive sooner each season.

But it’s a better plan to spread out the preparation over summer to ensure that the process isn’t rushed. Hunters won’t miss any of the details when it’s time to draw on the first buck of the season.

Making a pre-season checklist is a good idea; keep the basics in mind as you create your own calendar for tuning up to the season ahead.

Equipment Overhaul

TRUGLO Archery Sights

While your bow was collecting dust during off-season, there was a lot going on in the dead of winter. The Archery Trade Association and SHOT Show are two annual trade shows occurring in January. Manufacturers debut the latest innovations and products that go to market later in the year.

Now is a good time to inventory your archery gear and come up with a detailed list. If you need an upgrade, it’s always wise to stay brand-consistent with accessories. All the moving parts work together for the same end result.

If harmony is key to success, then a logical choice is choosing from the wide variety of archery accessories available from TRUGLO. Cross-reference your gear with the sights, quivers, stabilizers, arrow rests, releases and other accessories. With products from TRUGLO you’ll find everything you need to keep up with the latest technology for bow hunting success.

Tune Up

Today’s high-tech bows require precision tuning to get the most from the various moving parts. That makes sighting in your deer rifle much less complicated a process than doing the same with your bow.

Take your bow to the archery department of a sporting goods store or an independent retailer with a bow shop. Make sure to have the strings and cables checked for wear and stretch. Although they’ll show wear on the outside, remember that strings and cables deteriorate more quickly from the inside out.

Shape Up

You are ahead of the game if physical fitness is part of your active lifestyle. Stamina and endurance are key to staying mentally sharp in the woods. A fine-tuned body is just as important as a well-tuned bow.

Depending on your physical condition, there are two important exercises to consider. Walking is a given and it’s a proven aerobic conditioner for getting the heart in shape. Another exercise that is equally important is resistance training. Heavy lifting of barbells at the gym is overkill. Instead, go light with weights that tune the very muscle groups you’ll use for drawing the bow.

Above all else, the physical training provides an edge for hunting in warmer climates.

Target Form

Establishing consistent form is the best place to start with target practice. Do that by using a blank target during several sessions each week. Shoot arrows at the practice target, but don’t focus on a specific point. Your goal is concentrating on shot execution. Be mentally aware of how you draw the bow in sequence, while staying focused on shot mechanics.

Establishing good rhythm and shot execution lays the foundation for switching to perfecting your aim. Many hunters tune up in the backyard by standing on the ground and spending countless hours shooting at a 3D target. The question to ask is how many times will you shoot a deer from the ground? The answer is probably never.

After you have perfected your form and aim on the ground, take it to another level. That means shooting from the same tree stand and general height you will hunt from during the season.

Practicing from an elevated position will help tune your body to real-time hunting conditions. The archer must bend at the waist in order to utilize the same form that was mastered on the ground.

Test Your Limits

Athletes spend hours of repetitive motion and form for just one moment in a game or sporting event. There’s a reason for the repetition. Practice makes perfect. The hours spent honing shooting form, aim and body position might seem redundant, but you will be more prepared when it’s time to take the first shot of the season.

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Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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