Mater Ecclesiae. Located in Berlin NJ, Mater Ecclesiæ Roman Catholic Church serves Catholics who feel an attachment to the Traditional Latin Mass...

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  • We are pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with His Excellency, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, conducted by Dániel Fülep of the John Henry Newman Center of Higher Education in Hungary. Note: This interview was conducted in March, before the release...

  • As the ecclesiastical crisis continues to deepen in 2017, I have found myself facing a certain exhaustion; a feeling that, while knowing the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, that Christ will have the final victory, there is no respite...

  • These days, he is an autoclaustrato, a self-cloistered contemplative in an order with a membership of one. His name is still Benedict, 15 months after he renounced the papacy. His clothes are still white, the papal vestments sans cape and sash. His...

  • Satan's War on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Torch of the Faith Note: Not an endorsement Promoting Who?!!! As the Canadian Vox Cantoris blog has revealed, Francis has just appointed this sacrilegious character to be the new auxiliary bishop of Merlo...

  • With all of the commotion over Jorge Mario Bergoglio's serial acts of apostasy in Turkey between November 28, 2014, and Sunday, November 30, 2014, the First Sunday of Advent, it is relatively easy to lose sight of the fact that Saturday, November 29...

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  • Mater Ecclesiae - Roman Catholic Church

      The documents talk about allowing new compositions in the vernacular.   Even before they say that, however, they declare that Gregorian chant has pride of place in the liturgy.   They also approve o...

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