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Hello, Masks and Menaces! We come to you with a few brief announcements today.

The first is regarding our FAQ; as we have mentioned previously, we are working on revamping and revising it with more thorough and up-to-date information that has evolved or been introduced since the post was originally written. As you can imagine this is a time-consuming process as we want to make sure we cover all of the questions we've gotten... well, frequently, as well as other setting and gameplay information for the playerbase's easy reference. Because of this, as well as the holidays, we anticipate these edits will be complete and ready to go live by the end of this month, if not sooner. Thank you for your patience!

The second announcement is regarding plot requests. Effective immediately, we will not be accepting plot request submissions scheduled for January 20th or any date beyond until after January 16th. At that point requests will be accepted for the rest of January, February, and onward, but players will have the necessary details to utilize or apply to their plots accordingly. There is plot afoot, which you will hear more about in the upcoming January 16th plot information post, as well as how you can expect to proceed with plot requests again from there.

Players may still submit requests set prior to January 20th, but anything else please hold onto. If for whatever reason this conflicts with plans already in motion, please comment to the MOD CONTACT and we will be happy to work with you.

Third, we have made a minor adjustment to our Application rules, specifically the addition of the following:

Our game rules regarding behavior still apply even during the application stage; please comply with our instructions and be respectful. Rude, argumentative, or any other concerning behavior that indicates a player may be a hostile presence within the game may influence our decisions on respective processing applications.

Please bear this change in mind for future application cycles, as we will be enforcing it.

Finally, we'll close with a brief reminder: comments, concerns, non-FAQ appropriate questions, and/or player issues should always be directed to the MOD CONTACT post; please do not PM the mod account, as our inbox fills up daily and we may not see the message, and please do not contact the moderators on plurk or AIM as we require time and discussion amongst ourselves to address or resolve any issue. Moderators may be contacted individually with concerns if you are more comfortable going to just one of us, but please do so by using the mod inbox on that moderator's personal journal; these are linked every HMD, as well as on the Mod Contact page.

Similarly, please refrain from posting FAQ-appropriate questions or plotting requests in the Mod Contact page! We understand there can be some confusing overlap between what seems suited to the FAQ vs. the Plotting post, so keep in mind that the FAQ is meant for game and setting questions, whereas questions that also seek permission for your character to pursue or commit a particular action, investigate, or ICly dig up setting information (e.g. "My character wants to know more about (X), what would they find?") should be directed to the Plotting post. Please be as specific as possible when requesting your character look up information; vague requests will take us longer to process.

We redirect any comments, questions, or requests posted incorrectly to the appropriate post for our own records, so that if we need to reference them later they will be in the correct spot, but please note that these messages are not punitive. Mistakes happen, it's all right! Please, however, bear this all in mind.

Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!


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