PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL—(Marketwired – Oct 13, 2015) – Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR, today announced that a record–setting 80 companies will unveil new product offerings during the 18th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition®. Held from October 18 – 21, 2015, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, the world–renowned event offers organizations the opportunity to showcase their latest products, software and services to a captive audience of potential HR buyers.

The largest to–date, this year's Expo will feature more than 300 exhibitors demonstrating the capabilities of their analytic, assessment, compensation, mobile, payroll, performance management, recruitment, retention, social, survey, talent management and testing products. As the preferred springboard for new HR technology products and services, the HR Technology Conference and Expo provides attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to hear about the most groundbreaking, innovative solutions to their toughest HR challenges.

At this year's event, the following new product announcements and enhancements are planned:

Anthology  Start–up Pavilion

Anthology, the anonymous talent marketplace, will release its new Employer Analytics dashboard at the HR Tech Conference. It will enable recruiters to see a multitude of factors, including how often members expressed interest in their job compared to other similar openings. In addition, a Reveal Rate allows employers to see how often matched seekers chose to reveal themselves to their company versus competitive employers.

Appcast  Booth No. 1451
Appcast Media Analytics delivers real–time insights into the performance of a company's recruitment advertising. It works with a company's existing applicant tracking system and across all online recruitment sources — from job boards to Facebook to Google and back. The powerful report suite helps talent acquisition teams see how their data benchmarks against industry comps and answer key questions, like “what are our top performing sources?” and “which sources have the best apply rate?”

APPrise Mobile  Booth No. 1049
theEMPLOYEEapp® by APPrise Mobile just launched a major functionality update — Version 8.0 — to its native app platform for internal communications. With a brand–new user interface and enhanced administrative controls, companies of any size can create a native app to inform employees of key company information such as benefits materials, training documents or videos. Administrators can distribute content company–wide or target individual groups of employees.

Archive Systems  Booth No. 940

Archive Systems' FileBRIDGE platform is now hosted on Microsoft Azure. The new advancement allows Archive Systems to expand into international markets, opening the door for global companies of all sizes to leverage the FileBRIDGE platform. The increased functionality of the Azure service allows for compliance among a broad set of international and industry–specific regulations, including data protection and privacy.

Bersin by Deloitte  Booth No. 1227

Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP's new BersinOne membership program builds on the firm's market–leading research by adding exclusive new strategies, interactive tools, executive briefs for CHROs, organizational maturity diagnostics and enhanced advisory services to help HR professionals address pressing and complex challenges. BersinOne helps HR professionals understand and prioritize challenges, develop solutions and measure how those solutions can add value to the business.

BetterWorks  Booth No. 1653
BetterWorks enterprise software uses Goal Science™ insights to help high–performing companies align, set and manage goals. At the HR Tech Conference, BetterWorks is unveiling several new features — including private comments, assessments, reporting tools and meeting view — designed to help managers be more effective at coaching and developing their employees. The new features will be available to all customers this quarter.

Business Software, Inc.  Booth No. 1038
Business Software, Inc. (BSI) is announcing that withholding and exemption certificates within its eFormsFactory™ are now available on mobile devices. eFormsFactory now allows users to access onboarding documents and complete required forms using Windows®, Apple® and Android® mobile devices.

CareerBuilder  Booth No. 1311

Working with its Broadbean technologists, CareerBuilder will unveil a candidate sourcing platform that enables recruiters to search for candidates across their ATS, external job boards and professional networking databases through one interface. The platform provides semantic search technology and a sourcing workflow tool for internal search, external search, mass job distribution and social referrals. It can be used as a primary platform or can be wrapped around an existing ATS.

Castlight Health  Booth No. 2120
Castlight Health is scheduled to make a new product announcement with details to be released at this year's HR Tech Conference.

CEIPAL  Booth No. 750
CEIPAL Cloud Portal, new in the HCM industry, is a one–stop solution on a single platform with a number of features, including recruitment lifecycle, paperless onboarding, workforce collaboration, and the management of timesheets, expenses, time–off and payroll data. CEIPAL's newest offering is an integrated platform for talent recruitment as well as HR management delivered at a nominal cost. Full mobile functionality boosts flexibility and productivity.

CivilSoft  Booth No. 840
CivilSoft will announce the release of its new service management platform, designed to help organizations automate and streamline service delivery, raise efficiency and enhance regulatory compliance. The platform allows companies to create code–free custom applications that are integrated with their organization structure, so that workforce changes are reflected in real–time and transactions are rerouted accordingly. The platform features a robust workflow engine, business rule builder, a self–service portal and powerful analytics.

Crunchr  Start–up Pavilion

Launching at the HR Tech Conference, Crunchr is an online solution for HR reporting and people analytics. Intuitive to use, scalable and visual, Crunchr consolidates and validates available data from a company's HR systems and Excel worksheets across all business units and countries. Crunchr uses predictive analytics and machine learning to connect people strategies to business objectives. The product creates meaningful insights into organization analytics, strategic workforce planning and other HR processes.

CultureIQ  Booth No. 846

CultureIQ® is expanding upon its powerful, user–friendly SaaS platform to provide culture strategy services. Shaped by empathy for the employee experience, CultureIQ Strategy takes a “coach approach” to help companies better understand their culture and establish alignment on how to drive positive change. Culture strategists are uniquely enabled through CultureIQ software and experience working with hundreds of companies to offer a variety of services, including facilitated analysis discussions, executive alignment sessions and focus groups.

DHS Group  Booth No. 2551
HealthSpective® Engage is a member engagement tool that organizes individual member health and wellness data from multiple sources and presents it in ways that are educational and actionable, promoting healthy changes that lead to long–term rewards. Engage transforms population health data into insights and personalized recommendations that motivate health benefit plan members to manage and improve their own health.

Entelo  Booth No. 2545

Entelo is unveiling Entelo Stack, the recruiting industry's first means of stack ranking and scoring resumes against a specific requisition. With Stack, recruiters gain valuable time savings and the scientific insights that enable them to quickly and confidently advance high–ranking candidates to hiring managers. Stack also enables companies to continually score candidates against multiple job openings, creating dynamic talent pools.

EPAY Systems  Booth No. 1042

EPAY Systems announces the launch of Blueforce7, a flexible, cloud–based time and attendance system that offers an easy–to–use interface with simplified workflows to help companies manage complex labor environments. Blueforce7 makes tracking employee time and processing payroll faster. The new user interface lets companies manage their workforce at a glance and quickly identify open punches and exceptions, which are some of the biggest holdups when processing payroll.

Equifax Workforce Solutions  Booth No. 1527

Equifax Workforce Solutions announces its State Compliance Solution, designed to help employers manage complex and varied onboarding regulations in each state. With state–required notifications on the rise, employers face increased challenges related to tracking and implementing solutions in response to new legislation. Delivered through Equifax Workforce Solutions Compliance Center, the State Compliance Solution simplifies the process, improving the experience for employees and managers while helping reduce labor costs and compliance risks.

Fairsail  Booth No. 835
Fairsail announces expanded functionality of its global cloud HR system, including: Fairsail Payflow for Financials, a secure, managed interface to financial applications, giving customers choice of best–of–breed over single vendor suites; Fairsail Mobile App, enabling customers to decide what processes to provide their employees on iOS and Android mobile devices, centrally and securely managed from the cloud; and Fairsail for Apple Watch, providing customers the ability to send alerts and make approvals on this device.

FinancialForce.com  Booth No. 955

FinancialForce.com will unveil new HCM–enabled Professional Services Automation (PSA) for services organizations. In the professional services industry, people are the product, and by combining FinancialForce HCM with FinancialForce PSA, users now have access to collaborative resources for talent management and customer service available from one single platform.

FlightPath Human Systems  Booth No. 802
FlightPath announces a new product targeted at a problem affecting business performance today: unproductive meetings. FlightPath helps companies improve meeting culture and employees manage busy schedules more effectively. Company leaders use Flightpath Organizational Analytics to gain new insight into meeting costs, meeting effectiveness and organizational alignment. All employees use FlightPath Co–Pilot to make smarter decisions about their individual time allocation and to collaborate more effectively with their teams.

Genioo Workforce Solutions  Booth No. 1959

The landscape for workforce management is changing and C–suite executives want to be able to diagnose, in a concrete manner, what they need to improve their organizations. Genioo Workforce Solutions' Company Health Index app provides real–time measurement and reporting of soft factors such as culture, motivation, leadership and capabilities. Using the app, executives can facilitate workshops of three to more than 200 and now share aggregate benchmarked data instantly, thus replacing large, time–consuming surveys.

Glassdoor  Booth No. 1847

Glassdoor recently introduced Glassdoor Trends, highlighting in–demand and popular jobs and companies among job seekers on Glassdoor across North America, parts of Europe and other regions around the world. Glassdoor Trends helps job seekers understand how competitive a job or company may be, and it helps employers understand how news or events tied to their companies or competitors can influence job seeker interest.

Greenhouse  Booth No. 735

Greenhouse will introduce Greenhouse Analytics, a more flexible approach to analyzing recruiting data that allows employers to create customized recruiting reports using Tableau or the business intelligence tool of their choice. By accessing data points associated with each aspect of the hiring process, Greenhouse Analytics provides recruiting teams with the ability to define, visualize, and utilize their own raw recruiting data, in order to effectively track the KPIs that matter to their organization.

HarQen  Booth No. 1146

HarQen's Voice Advantage announces the launch of its latest Digital Interview feature, SMS–Text Messaging Candidate Engagement. Talent Acquisition can source and screen candidates via text message to engage candidates efficiently. Options include SMS only surveys, SMS to audio on–demand interviews and SMS to video on–demand interviews.

Hay Group  Booth No. 841

Successful teams start with great job descriptions and the Hay Group's new web app — Activate Job Description — makes it easy to build the right job descriptions. Built with more than 70 years of Hay Group insight, the web app will reduce the pain of writing job descriptions and attract the best candidates who know what to expect from the role and how to make an impact.

Herd Wisdom  Booth No. 807

The recently launched Herd Wisdom is a game–based employee engagement application. It combines traditional employee engagement tools like surveys, peer–to–peer recognition and rewards with innovative tools that allow teams to crowdsource solutions to their engagement challenges. The goal is to allow managers and employees to co–create engagement together. To promote and maintain participation, employees get to play, compete and win prizes. The game promotes social discovery and innovation, and humanizes the engagement process.

Herefish  Start–up Pavilion

Launching at the HR Tech Conference, the Herefish candidate nurturing platform consistently nurtures candidates on a company's behalf, building an engaged talent pool. Herefish's content–first approach enables HR teams to consistently stay in touch, segment and engage their candidate database. The recruitment marketing solution is fully managed and includes a talent network, custom career site, engaging content and analytics. Herefish helps companies hire faster, drive candidate engagement and expand their employment brand's reach.

HROnboard  Start–up Pavilion
HROnboard is employee onboarding software that helps organizations manage the job offer and induction process. HROnboard is launching its global edition, which includes language pack functionality to support virtually any language. The software provides all the integrations and security that businesses expect from an enterprise solution, with a startup attitude toward user experience and pricing.

Human Capital Management Institute  Booth No. 2150
Solve Pro will lead the next generation of workforce analytics and planning software with quantified and predictive analytics in a new release that includes predictive analytics across all dashboards, full “What–if Modeling,” and an intuitive interface for storytelling with analytics. Newly added dashboards include one dedicated to workforce productivity and an ROI calculator; both seamlessly quantifying the workforce with industry benchmarks. The renowned Human Capital Financial Statements also have been added with the capability to automate data updates.

Hyphen  Start–up Pavilion
Hyphen is a mobile, real–time employee engagement platform for coworkers to share their opinions and feedback anonymously and securely. Hyphen's advanced analytics provide executives, managers, and HR leaders insight into their organization and can expose unknown issues, driving them to make effective and more timely business decisions. Hyphen lets employees be heard at work and be a part of the decision–making that can boost team productivity, morale and employee retention.

Infor  Booth No. 2324

Infor is announcing the availability of Infor CloudSuite™ Human Capital Management (HCM), offering customers access to critical talent applications including talent management, employee and manager self–service, learning and talent science, all in the cloud. This modern HR suite delivers a complete set of cloud–based solutions for human capital management, driven by science for optimized workforce decisions.

Ingentis  Booth No. 1101

With orginio, the new Ingentis SaaS solution, organization charts can easily be created online, free–of–charge for up to 50 objects. The software provides the modules while allowing the company to be the architect of the organizational chart. The English version of orginio will launch at the conference.

Kinixsys  Booth No. 2051
CompACT makes compensation simple for everyone and improves compensation ROI. CompACT will launch its new compensation management software in February 2016, with an easy–to–use application to help companies customize compensation plans quickly. The adaptable application helps configure plans to a company's needs, as well as streamline pay processes into solutions measured by real–time analytics. CompACT allows companies to understand their compensation ROI and retain employees longer, while seeing the value they bring to the company.

LeaderAmp  Start–up Pavilion

LeaderAmp's Coach Cloning technology curates the advice of a business's best leaders, and then mass–personalizes verbatim coaching to thousands of leaders via mobile phones. The technology's artificial intelligence curates and psychometrically calibrates developmental advice from leaders like Oprah Winfrey or Elon Musk. Learners then schedule mobile coaching in their “Goldilocks Zone” that is neither too hard nor too easy, but just right for each unique individual and in the exact words of respected experts.

Lensa  Booth No. 1759
Lensa, an HR tech startup, is launching its new hiring platform for companies and candidates. Lensa uses serious gaming to assess candidates' soft skills, decision–making patterns and employment preferences. Then Lensa couples this data with the candidate's resume. When employers upload a new job description, the hiring platform analyzes the requirements and matches candidates to them from a shared talent pool, comparing each candidate's skills to the job requirements and unique company benchmarks.

LifeGuides  Start–up Pavilion

LifeGuides's new product, Keywords by LifeGuides, leverages the power of a company's content to shape its Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Coupled with LifeGuides's flagship product — a company–controlled content management system where employees quickly and easily answer crowd–sourced questions about a day in their lives — Keywords by LifeGuides uses machine learning to analyze keywords, themes and sentiments from a company's employee–authored content.

Lumesse  Booth No. 801

Lumesse introduces Interview Management, its latest recruitment innovation to streamline the interview process and help employers evaluate and secure talent faster. Part of TalentObjects by Lumesse — a complete Workforce Engagement Platform on the Salesforce App Cloud – Interview Management enables a single, consolidated view of the most important information about each candidate, facilitates interview scheduling and helps interviewers collect meaningful feedback, enabling companies to make informed hiring decisions while providing an enhanced candidate experience.

Macromicro  Booth No. 2344

Macromicro is announcing the availability of OrgInsight on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform for any customer. OrgInsight is also available in the SAP® Store, where it can be purchased by SAP HANA customers. OrgInsight provides visual HR analytics and workforce data discovery to business users and data analysts. OrgInsight represents an immediate competitive advantage for organizations that are considering moving toward a unified workforce analytics platform.

Montage  Booth No. 1035

Recognizing the importance of the candidate experience and compatibility with client IT standards, Montage is launching a video and voice interviewing solution that offers the option of using the client's choice of video platforms, including WebRTC, for their live interview experience.

MOVE Guides  Booth No. 1453
MOVE Guides is announcing its data analytics capabilities, which include reporting and cost estimation features. The Talent Mobility Cloud offers a single mobility view to access the right data at the right time, 24/7 on any device. By capturing and centralizing mobility data and achieving better visibility over program costs, HR, mobility and finance teams can plan and forecast more effectively with a simple, organized set of charts and reports.

Namely  Booth No. 906
Namely recently launched its ACA Reporting offering. With this new tool, Namely collects the data required to complete ACA forms through its platform and then generates the 1094–C and 1095–C forms, files them with the IRS, and distributes them to the company and its employees. With Namely's support in ensuring ACA compliance, HR leaders can stay focused on their most important asset: their people.

OfferCraft  Start–up Pavilion

Inspired by behavioral economics and psychology, OfferCraft's new software is an employee motivation engine. The software blends several tools to inspire employees not only to change their behavior, but to actually feel excited about the change. These tools include sensors, gamification, algorithmically–derived dynamic rewards, engineered workplace interactions, A/B testing internal processes, machine learning and more. The results speak for themselves: higher satisfaction, better financial and operational performance, and lower turnover.

OneSource Virtual  Booth No. 2425

OneSource Virtual recently launched its new Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) service. OneSource is the only Workday Service provider to offer an FAO solution for the Workday application. The new service leverages proprietary technology that streamlines the steps required to input and categorize invoices. This further automates the procure–to–pay process within Workday Financial Management and delivers an end–to–end solution with greater accuracy, improved cash flow and a simplified supplier payment process.

Parklet  Booth No. 617

The Parklet New Hire Experience provides a highly personalized, consistent and branded self–guided pre–boarding journey for new employees. Designed to get employees excited and confident about their decision to join an organization and thereby increase early retention, the solution delivers a series of interactive and media–rich content that introduces new hires to relevant contacts, presents the company vision and culture, encourages engagement with peers, and collects required paperwork and profile details, all before their first day.

Paychex  Booth No. 1235

Paychex will debut a new module, Paychex Flex Time, for its HCM platform, Paychex Flex. The addition of Paychex Flex Time enables employers to access time and attendance information in real–time on a single platform that shares an employee profile of record across all products. Paychex Flex Time simplifies the payroll entry, editing and approval processes.

PeopleDoc  Booth No. 2157

On October 19, PeopleDoc will announce a major new release of its HR Service Delivery platform. New features will help accelerate employee onboarding by enabling HR to create reusable process templates for new hires and by dynamically pre–populating onboarding documents with a new hire's data. PeopleDoc also will reveal a smarter embedded content management system for HR knowledgebase articles, along with a significant user interface upgrade to enhance mobile functionality and improve the customer experience.

Phenom People  Booth No. 727

The new Phenom Enterprise Talent Graph collects and analyzes data and combines it with predictive intelligence to find job matches more effectively and efficiently, enabling a new approach to employee recruitment: Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM). As the foundation of the Phenom TRM Platform, the solution powers the platform's ability to monitor, track and automate what types of jobs candidates are interested in and match them with career opportunities that recruiters are looking to fill.

Prositions  Booth No. 935
MentorString™ enables organizations to leverage virtual mentoring, engage in secure collaboration, and access high–quality individual development plans with content from industry leading authors and producers. The release of MentorString version 2.8 includes enhanced mobile responsiveness, SCORM and Tin Can (xAPI) compliance, and a new searchable cataloging system that allows administrators and users to host, manage, share and deliver a wide variety of off–the–shelf and custom content.

PSI Services  Booth No. 1852
PSI True–to–Life™ Modular Online Assessments, which will be previewed at the conference and will officially launch in November, are video–based assessments that immerse candidates in the challenges they will encounter in a new role within a company. Candidates get to see what the job is really like and whether it is right for them. Companies get to see whether the candidate will excel in a role with their company — before they are hired.

Replicon  Booth No. 2151
Replicon is scheduled to make a new product announcement with details to be released at this year's HR Tech Conference.

Reppify  Booth No. 2358
Reppify is releasing its mobile referral app designed to connect job seekers and corporate recruiters via mutual connections — all right from their mobile devices. Referrals have been proven to show the lowest cost–per–hire and fastest sourcing method, 30 percent lower termination rates, and 25 percent more profitability than any other source of hire. The app also focuses on increasing diversity hiring and facilitating alumni recruitment networks.

RFP365  Booth No. 2049

RFP365 is announcing its new web–based Vendor Profile. Instead of tiring RFIs, partners can now instantly update their digital “company profiles” for different modules of HR technology such as payroll, HR and benefits. They get 24/7 access, can easily maintain multiple profiles and contacts, and can reuse past responses, so buyers always have up–to–date data. At the HR Tech Conference, the company will demonstrate RFP365 and its new Vendor Profile solution.

ROIKOI  Start–up Pavilion

Companies save thousands of dollars for each referral they hire by reducing the need for sourcing, hiring faster, retaining employees longer and making fewer hiring mistakes. Launching at this year's HR Tech Conference, ROIKOI identifies the top 7 percent of everyone a company's employees know, resulting in thousands of talented passive candidates hand–picked by employees. ROIKOI then makes it easy to search across all these pre–vetted candidates to attract the best fits for open jobs.

Saba  Booth No. 1521

Available in November, the Saba Cloud Fall Release is introducing Saba Benchmark for real–time views of employee engagement. The Fall Release with Benchmark will provide a ready–to–use, growing library of dashboards across key talent metrics, and enable easier ways to measure employee engagement, benchmark it against other companies, visualize it for planning and use that data to retain top talent.

SAP SuccessFactors  Booth No. 1901

SAP SuccessFactors is announcing Intelligent Services, a new set of capabilities in the company's HCM Suite that solve how HR and employees can more easily process all the tasks related to events that occur throughout an individual employee's lifecycle. Intelligent Services crosses organizational boundaries and software modules to link disparate processes that result from an event, consolidating — and even predicting — all the tasks that must be completed, reducing the reliance on and cost of shared services.

Select International  Booth No. 1306

Select International has developed a new platform, Success Coach™, to help organizations select and develop their leadership talent. By combining a user–friendly and interactive interface with avatar technology, the company has created an innovative delivery system for leadership assessment. Additionally, Select International has created a new way for leaders to access developmental content that is tied to their own unique needs, providing leaders a way to get real–time and longitudinal performance feedback from others.

Skillsoft and SumTotal  Booth No. 1500

Skillsoft is unveiling the next generation SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite, designed to enable the Self–Developing Organization. This latest offering weaves content and learning recommendations throughout talent practices, leveraging predictive analytics to deliver a hyper–personalized development experience. An intuitive, easy–to–adopt interface features dynamic Timeline, Career Progression and Position Fit capabilities that make it easy for employees to define, pursue and track their growth — while providing leaders with key insights and recommendations about their organizational health.

Smart ERP Solutions  Booth No. 2706

Smart ERP Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of Smart Employee OnBoarding for ADP™. The cloud solution automates the entire onboarding process and new hire experience, including electronic forms, policies and I–9/E–Verify, and leverages capabilities proven at commercial, higher education and local/state/federal government clients. The new offering will be available in the ADP Marketplace to bring robust, configurable, cloud–based automated onboarding to clients running ADP as their HR system of record.

Snagajob  Booth No. 1159

Snagajob's new Visuality personality assessment offers a simple, fast and scientifically–proven picture–based personality assessment that has been optimized for mobile. Visuality gives employers a better understanding of an applicant's dominant personality traits through its assessment, without the negative impact of application drop off associated with traditional lengthy assessment tools. Visuality is 90 percent faster than traditional assessments and proven to have a higher reliability score than Myers–Briggs®.

Sovren  Booth No. 1123

Sovren brings its market leading skills taxonomy customization functionality into the cloud, with a new API and visual editor that give SaaS resume/CV/job parsing customers' capabilities that were previously reserved for installed customers. Companies can target diverse clients and lines of business by defining multiple skills taxonomies and selecting which combinations to use per parse. Full multi–language support is included.

TalentGuard  Booth No. 2447
Coach Match manages and simplifies relationships between employees and coaches to achieve performance improvement, career development or accelerated leadership skills. It identifies coaches who are uniquely qualified based on an employee's assessed needs or specific search criteria. Companies can track the coaching engagement throughout the relationship to monitor status, view progress and measure impact.

TalentSity  Start–up Pavilion

Making its debut at the HR Tech Conference, TalentSity is a non–survey, real–time engagement analytics solution for the large enterprise. With professional growth and development as the number one engagement factor among Millennials, TalentSity presents a smooth, custom, mobile design that recognizes the most valid and reliable predictors of performance: skills and competencies. Built for integration in both the public and private sectors, TalentSity takes engagement to another level.

Talent Pool Builder  Booth No. 740
Talent Pool Builder will debut a simple and fast solution that takes recruiters from 100 candidates to the top 5 candidates in just minutes. Included are leading–edge screening features like qualifying questions, Boolean search assist and the company's exceptional filtering technology, all leading to faster, better hires. Talent Pool Builder is a complete candidate source–to–hire solution for today's time–pressed recruiters.

TalentWise  Booth No. 1325

TalentWise delivers TalentWise Global Screening for U.S.–based companies in more than 200 countries and territories. HR professionals can efficiently screen global candidates within the TalentWise Cloud. Screening can be managed anytime, anywhere, from a single interface with a clear, consolidated report per international candidate. Companies can be confident in their compliance efforts with the precise forms and guidance provided, including TalentWise's award–winning customer support.

Technically Compatible  Booth No. 800

Technically Compatible has introduced several new additions to its IT skills assessment software. Code challenge questions, designed to assess the practical ability of tech candidates, are now intelligently auto–marked and employers can play back candidates' full solutions. Every keystroke and compile state is displayed during playback, and users are alerted to instances in which candidates' question focus is lost and pasted code is clearly visible, giving complete visibility of a candidate's true test performance.

TMBC  Booth No. 2253

TMBC is announcing StandOut Enterprise, a next–generation solution designed to reinvent engagement and performance based on how people work today. This innovative solution, designed for the team leader, helps enterprises accelerate engagement and performance through check–ins, personalized coaching and team snapshots. StandOut Enterprise also offers reliable engagement and performance measures enhanced by machine learning, robust data visualization tools and national benchmarks. An iOS mobile app delivers StandOut to teams on the go.

TMP Worldwide  Booth No. 1118

TMP's TalentBrew Platform continues to be expanded at a rapid pace, with the emphasis on leveraging data (clients' own data and aggregate learnings of TMP) to enhance user experience and aid in ensuring candidate fit. Upcoming enhancements in early 2016 will include prioritization of jobs throughout the site (search results and highlighted areas) and further personalized experiences based not only on past visits, but also the job or job category a candidate is interested in.

Towers Watson  Booth No. 2319

Towers Watson will launch its new HR Analytics Software. The product is designed to provide workforce insights to help the business manage its workforce more effectively, by identifying the number of people to meet current and future needs, assessing availability of talent to meet this need and cost requirements, leveraging opportunities to centralize and categorizing opportunities to address talent shortages by considering alternative locations.

Udemy for Business  Booth No. 844
Udemy for Business announces the launch of an update to its dedicated mobile app, giving users the ability to learn anywhere, anytime, on the device of their choice. This release introduces native search functionality, course enrollment and a seamless login experience. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, the Udemy for Business app offers fresh content in a native mobile learning environment to ensure engagement and knowledge retention for high–growth teams.

Vestrics  Booth No. 1044

Vestrics is announcing the release of Vision 2.0. Vision 2.0 is an enhanced platform that enables organizations to measure and predict the business impact of workforce investments. Workforce segmentation, sophisticated statistics, ROI calculation, machine learning and “what–if” scenarios paired with an attractive and intuitive interface empower HR professionals with access to repeatable and scalable software designed for the business user.

Vohtr  Start–up Pavilion
Vohtr provides businesses and organizations with an easy way to connect with and learn from their employees. Wireless cellular kiosks enable employees to express opinions daily on relevant business topics. The software allows companies to gather data real–time and to compare those results against industry benchmarks or past results, so companies can make informed and timely decisions, avoiding costly mistakes. Employees find the system is fun, empowering and informative.

Wanted Analytics  Booth No. 1040

Wanted is introducing Trendline, which gives corporate HR and staffing professionals access to four years of historical data and allows them to quickly identify changing demand for positions by industry, competitor hiring, talent and skill availability. This feature will help employers become more strategic about their workforce planning and talent acquisition. With a clear graphical presentation, senior HR and staffing executives will be able to see how their workforce is changing at a glance.

WCN Campus  Booth No. 2735
WCN Campus will announce new user benefits at the HR Tech Conference. Resume Ranker allows organizations to quickly identify high potential candidates by using big data to analyze and prioritize candidates that demonstrate key predictors of success. This functionality, along with the integrated ATS, CRM, event management, interview scheduler, offers and internship program management, enables recruiters to deliver a seamless user experience for candidates.

WePow  Booth No. 2746
WePow's mobile and video interviewing platforms enable organizations to connect with and hire the best talent, while maintaining their employer brand and reducing the cost and time to hire. The new WebRTC–based Live solution and accompanying Live mobile app allows candidates and hiring teams to instantly connect to live video interviews through smartphones. This eliminates scheduling conflicts, travel expenses and the number of in–person interviews. Organizations are positioned for hiring success in today's mobile workforce.

Work Market  Booth No. 2709

Work Market's new online Talent Pools allow HR and procurement managers to build pre–vetted groups of freelance talent organized by skill sets, certifications, location and other characteristics. These Talent Pools provide support for compliance and identity management (automated 1099 compliance, drug/background testing, etc.) and give enterprises a readily available pool of talent, meaning they are available and have been vetted according to a business's unique requirements.

Works Applications  Booth No. 1427

Works Applications will be introducing its newest product, AI Works, at the HR Tech Conference. AI Works is an intelligent, cloud–based Enterprise Productivity System (EPS) that has the unprecedented ability to reduce manual input and support operational efficiency.

Zenefits  Booth No. 1140
Zenefits ACA Compliance Automation is a new, free tool that keeps businesses in compliance with the complicated rules and regulations put in place by the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) — including new reporting requirements starting January 2016 — and does it all without headaches, without paperwork and without any fees. The Zenefits platform makes what could be a burdensome, complicated and costly process not just easy, but automatic.

Zugata  Booth No. 827
Zugata will emerge from stealth with a new approach to empower employees to reach their fullest potential. Zugata's mobile–first solution makes it possible for employees to receive continuous feedback from the people they work with along with mentor recommendations so they can constantly improve. At the same time, Zugata enables organizations to better understand team and organization skills to drive effective learning and development programs.

Additional details about the 18th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition® can be found at www.HRTechConference.com or by calling toll–free 1–800–727–1227.

About the HR Technology Conference & Exposition
Now in its 18th year, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition® is the annual Town Meeting of thousands of professionals from around the world who gather to share their expertise and challenges in all forms of technology for HR. In addition to senior HR practitioners, every major industry analyst, consultant, blogger and vendor regularly attends.

A world–renowned event for the HR industry, the HR Tech Conference is expanding to China in 2016 to provide HR and HR IT professionals from across the APAC region with access to the thought leadership and technology solutions that can help solve their biggest challenges. The inaugural HR Technology Conference & Exposition China will take place April 13 – 15, 2016, in Zhuhai, China.

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