[You] only miss the sun when it starts to snow. Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low. Only hate the road when you’re missing home. Only know you love her when you let her go.”


We all take things for granted. We become accustomed to things, over familiar with them…

…and when this happens, we stop appreciating how valuable and important these things really are.

What’s more, we usually, and unfortunately, don’t realize what we had, until they’re gone… and it’s too late or difficult to get them back.

But here’s the thing:

If you’re able to appreciate the these things before they’re gone, not only will they become more valuable to you.

So… to help you take stock of what’s truly important in your life, I put together this list of 101 things to be thankful for. These are the truly important things… the things that each of us should hold onto and be deeply grateful for.

101 Things to Be Thankful and Grateful For

PS: I read quite a few other lists of “things to be thankful for” and, if you do too, you’ll find that the 101 things to be grateful for that I list below are very different than what’s on most lists.

The list below is not little, insignificant things… things like “finding $5 in your pocket” or “getting a front row parking spot.”

Like I mentioned above, this list is the truly important stuff… the things that each and every one of us should truly be grateful for.

I recommend scrolling through the entire list (you probably don’t realize you take most of these things for granted)…

…but if you’re looking for a specific type of thing to be thankful for, use the able of contents below:

Be Thankful for What You Have (12 Things)

Not the things like a new TV or a new car, but the important things that you have:

101. You’re alive and breathing

Here’s one of the most important things to be thankful for on the entire list:

You woke up this morning… your heart is beating and you have breath in your lungs.

Life. We get it every day so it seems so small…

….but know that every day you have in the world is a gift.

Life changes quickly… and while you might be here one minute, you might be gone the next.

100. You have today

Today is the day.

The day that you can chase your dreams. That you can start your future. That you can become whoever it is you want to be.

Be thankful that you have today and be thankful that, with today, you can do whatever you want to.

99. You have health

There are millions of people who have terminal illnesses, chronically painful diseases, or worse… that are dead.

If you’re reading this, you’re alive… so remember:

Even if your health isn’t perfect, be thankful because it could always be worse.

98. You’re more likely to have a longer life

Modern medicine has greatly improved the quality and the length of our lives.

In the early 1900’s, you were only expected to live about 40 years old…

…but today, the average life expectancy to almost 80. source 1, 2

To put this into perspective, think about it like this:

In the 1900’s, you were once given one life… but today, you’re blessed with two.

97. You have a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in

According to the United Nations, over 100 million people live without a home and sleep on the streets every night.

Your roof might leak, your bed might not be the most comfortable…

…but be thankful that you have them, because so many don’t.

96. You have food on your table

795 million people don’t have enough food to live a healthy active life. Nearly 100 million children are underweight. Almost 50% of all deaths in children under five are due to poor nutrition. source

Even if you only have Top Ramen to eat, remember that you have so much more than so many do.

*And if you can, please give to those that are hungry and in need. Here are a few great charities for hungry families and children: The World Food Programme, Feeding America, and Unicef.

95. You have clothing

Maybe you don’t have the newest, nicest, most stylish garments…

…but you do have clothes and those clothes will keep warm and help you look presentable to the world.

94. You have family (both by and not by blood)

When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family.”  ~Helen Keller

Your family protects you, loves you, inspires you, and motivates you.

They’re there for you when no one else is… when times are hard and when times are dark.

Their unconditional love and support (regardless of whether they’re your family by or not by blood) is truly a gift.

93. You have friends

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ~Jim Butcher

Imagine life without any of your friends…

Who would you go to the game with? Shoot pool with? Invite to your dinner party? Life without them would be dull, boring and lonely.

Be grateful for the good friends that you have, because, as we all know… they’re not easy to come by.

92. You have a job (or some form of income)


You might not love what you do, but you do have something to do. Realize that there are those who would give anything to have your job.

Be thankful that you have it and be thankful for the income it provides.

*If you don’t have a job or income, plan your steps to success and realize that your financial future is in your control.

91. You have some money in the bank

This might be a lot… it might be a little.

…But if it’s more than $0, be thankful, because you have so much more than a lot of other people.

90. You can read this

According to the National Association for Education Statistics, about 23% of the population are able to little more than,

“total an entry on a deposit slip, locate the time or place of a meeting on a form, and identify a piece of specific information in a brief news article.”

You can read this. You can read a novel. You can read a technical document or a contract.

Be thankful for your ability to read… and grateful to your parents and to your teachers.

Be Thankful for Those that are There for You (10 Things)

89. Our country

Be grateful for our country, it’s culture, it’s heritage…

…and most importantly, it’s forefathers: the men and women that made our country the great nation that it is today.

88. Our Armed Forces


No one likes war. And while one day I hope that the world can live in perfect, complete peace… that day is unfortunately not today.

Be eternally grateful for the heroes that are our Armed Forces. They protect our country, keep your family safe, and allow you to sleep soundly (without fear of danger) at night.

*And if you can, please give back to our warriors.

87. Our emergency responders

If you or someone you love has ever been in an emergency situation… then you know what heroes our emergency responders are.

Something we all take for granted, but a thing we should all be hugely grateful for:

Help, if you’re in an emergency, is just a phone call away.

86. The parents that helped you become who you are

Love ‘em or kinda-love ‘em… your parents are a huge part of the reason why you are who you are.

Be thankful that they not only brought you into this world… but that they helped you figure it out.

85. The ancestors who built your family traditions

When we’re young, we reject the traditions of our fathers. We don’t want to be our fathers… we want to be different, better.

…But as we grow older and more mature, we realize that the traditions of our fathers tend to be worth following. That it is in fact their traditions that makes us different and better.

Be thankful that, through your family’s generations, these traditions have been created for you.

*Tradition is one of the suggested values on our list of 75 personal values of strong men.

84. The teachers who gave you knowledge

There were good teachers, incredible teachers, and terrible teachers.

…But each of them taught you a little (or a lot) and that knowledge has helped make you the intelligent and wise man that you are today.

83. The significant others who broke your heart

Heartbreak physically hurts.

No, really… according to a study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the effects of a heartbreak activate the same region of the brain where physical pain comes from.


Through that pain did you rise up? Are you stronger now? Wiser now? Yes… it hurt, but out of the pain grew a better, stronger, and wiser you.

82. The people that picked you up when you were down

We all go through hard times.

…But it’s in those hard times (like a heartbreak) that we find ourselves and discover how strong we really are.

Be grateful for that person or thing that gave you the chance to prove yourself and allowed you to rise.

*If you’re going through a hard time, use these 100 quotes about strength and being strong to pick yourself up and give you strength.

81. The competition that drives you

Like your critics, your competition is one of the best asset you have. Your competition drives you forward and forces you to innovate and improve.

Think about it this way:

If the only competition Muhammad Ali was small, weak boxers, that didn’t pose any real challenge to him… he wouldn’t have pushed himself to become “The Greatest”.

But he was the greatest because he had guys like Joe Frazier, Sonny Liston and Ken Norton, who challenged him and drove him to be best boxer in history:

Be thankful for your competition that drives you forward.

80. The people who criticized you and pushed you forward

Just like your competition pushes you forward… so do your critics.

The people that told you that you wouldn’t make it. That told you that you weren’t… smart enough, ambitious enough, or good enough.

Be grateful for their negativity because it’s one of the most powerful motivators.

Be Thankful that You’re in Control of Your Financial Future (5 Things)

We all go through hardship in life, and one of the most difficult hardships to endure:

Financial hardship.

But here’s the thing:

We live in a time where if you’re smart about your future, and you work hard, that you can control your financial future:

79. You are you and you have opportunity

You are you.

You were blessed with your own set of unique talents and intelligence, and you’ve worked hard to develop them both.


You + the freedom to choose whatever job you want + hard work + a little luck = the opportunity to be (professionally) whatever you want.

78. You can turn an idea into a business that pays your bills

You can become an entrepreneur… you can turn your brilliant business idea or product into something that’s not just a profitable business…

…but that also helps people.


While we take the incredible possibility of entrepreneurship for granted… it’s not something that’s possible everywhere in the world.

77. You can quickly crowdfund your big idea with Kickstarter and Indiegogo

So you have a great idea, but don’t have the funds to bring it to life?

No problem… because you have two incredible sites to help you crowdfund your idea in Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

These two sites allow you to collect money from an online community, fund your project and jump start your entrepreneurial success.

76. You have access to incredible online resources to start a small business

So you want to start a small business… thankfully, there are thousands of incredible free online resources to help you get started:




Social Triggers


20 years ago, not only did most of these resources not exist… but it would have taken you considerably more time to learn the valuable knowledge that they provide

75. You have access to incredible, and free, online tools to start a small business

On top of the incredible free resources you have available online, you have access to incredible, and usually free, tools and software online:

WordPress – a free, easy-to-use platform to quickly start a website or blog.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides – powerful and free versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint… that can be edited by multiple users (meaning they’re ready for collaboration).

Trello – robust to-do lists and time management software… can also be used to manage a team of collaborators or employees… all for free.

Canva – free online tool that makes designing easy… create graphics, flyers, business cards, etc.

Dropbox – safely store up to 2GB of data and files for free and access them on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Imagine your father was creating a business and you told him he had access to these powerful tools… all for free. Would it be a thing he was thankful for?

Be Thankful that You Have the World at Your Fingertips (13 Things)

Technology has paved new roads to opportunities our fathers and grandfathers didn’t have.

74. There’s innovation

Got a problem? There’s an app for that.

If you need help doing something, solving a problem or speeding up a process, all you have to do is a Google search like, “tool to help me [insert problem]” or “app that does [insert what you need help with]”.

A world of solutions lives at your fingertips

73. You can access the internet

Here’s the thing:

The internet has spoiled us all. We tend to forget how impactful it is, so consider this… without the internet, could you:

Search an entire book looking for a specific quote for your essay?

Find the best specialty doctor in the US?

Quickly and easily order products from other countries?

We often take for granted how much easier, and better, the internet has made things because most of us either can’t remember… or we’re blessed to have grown up with it.

72. You get the Google effect

Remember the internet 15 years ago?

It was mostly a collection with low quality sites, providing low quality information.

…And if you tried to use a search engine to find information, chances are you’d see a list of little more than low quality sites.

What changed?

Google rose and quickly became the dominant search engine. They introduced algorithms to their search results that were designed to only show users the highest quality results…

…and a new era of the internet was born. Since content producers are rewarded for creating incredibly high-quality content… they do… meaning a better internet for you.

71. You can access YouTube

Because of YouTube, you have access to millions of well-made videos… created by experts… all for free.

For example:

You need to tie your tie? Good thing my friend the Distilled Man made this helpful video.

You want to get better at small talk? My friend Alpha M made this great video.

You don’t know the right way to roll your sleeve? My friend Antonio Centeno created this easy-to-follow video.

The bottom line:

If you want to learn how to do something… you have a library of expertly created videos to help you… available anytime.

70. You have thousands of free motivational videos

Feeling down? Having trouble finishing something? Just feel like being inspired?

Thanks to the power of YouTube, there are thousands of incredibly well-made and powerful motivational videos.

For example:


You have access to unlimited access to all the motivation you need, at the click of a button.

69. You can shop online shopping

The internet has made purchasing absolutely anything, incredibly easy.

From buying clothes, to groceries, to electronics, to whatever you need, you can order it from the comfort of your home…

…and have it deliver right to your doorstep.


While this in and of itself is incredible, what we don’t realize is that this has put the power into the hands of the consumer.

Where before, we had to spend hours driving around to find the best price…

…we can now spend minutes and a few clicks to find the best product at the best price.

68. You have Amazon

Amazon takes all those great products you can buy above, and puts them in one central, well-designed, and reasonably-priced place.

Add Amazon Prime and you can get all your great stuff in just two days.

If you’ve lived with Prime’s two-day shipping, you know that there’s no going back to life without it.

67. You have Kickstarter

Kickstarter has given rise to a new era of cool stuff. It’s been the reason why some of the best products on the market had the funding to get started.

Here are some projects you probably didn’t know started on Kickstarter

Cards Against Humanity (original Kickstarter page)

Oculus Rift (bought by Facebook for $2 billion) (original Kickstarter page)

Kung Fury (original Kickstarter page)

Not only can you leverage Kickstarter to jumpstart your own business… you can get early access to some of the most unique, new and exciting products on the market.

66. You can find a product for whatever you need

Just like with there is an app for everything, there is a cool new product for seemingly every problem or frustration we face.

…And thanks to Google, finding the product you need is easy. Just do a quick search like, “product to [insert your problem or frustration]” or “tool to [insert your product or frustration]”.

*If you want to see some of the latest and greatest, most innovative, coolest products, check out our post: 101 Cool Things to Buy.

65. You have Pandora

Pandora plays you any type of music, with songs that have been selected based on your specific musical tastes.

It’s like having your own personal DJ, playing just the music I like… all for free.

Remember when we listened to whatever was playing on the radio?

64. You have Netflix

Netflix has revolutionized the way we consume TV and movies. It gives you the ability to watch what you want, when you want to watch it.

Watch a single episode of your favorite show, or watch a whole season… the power’s in your hands.

Remember when you could only watch what was playing on the channels you had?

63. You have your smart phone

Our smart phones are so ingrained in our lives… it’s tough to imagine life without them.

They give you directions, play your music and keep you informed.


There was a time when

62. You have the ability to disconnect from technology


I run a men’s website. My busines and my life are rooted in technology…

…but it’s important to be able to disconnect from technology.

If you’re able to put your phone down, turn your computer off, take out your headphones and truly enjoy the experiences the real, physical world provides…. Be thankful.

If you’re having trouble, watch this:

Be Thankful for Nature, and All It Gives You (9 Things)

61. The sunrise

Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep ya head up…. and handle it.” ~Tupac Shakur

The sunrise.

One of the most photographed, drawn and painted moments of all time. Why?

It’s beautiful.

But, to me… the sunrise has a much more important and powerful function:

It’s a reminder. Whatever struggles you face in life, the sunrise reminds you that there will also be a bright tomorrow.

60. The sunset

The beautiful close to every day.

59. The forest

Stoic beauty that produces the oxygen we need to breath.

58. The mountains

Prominent, brooding and beautiful that gives us some of the best hikes and makes possible action sports like skiing and snowboarding.

57. The ocean

Powerfully beautiful. The ocean provides us with food and fun… but is also something naturally dangerous to be respected.

56. Hiking

One of the best ways to disconnect from technology and get in touch with nature.

55. The snow

Beautiful, ominous and powerful. Snow gives us some of the most fun action sports like skiing and snowboarding.

54. The rain

Tranquil and peaceful. The rain waters our crops and gives us drinkable water.

53. Animals

Diverse and fascinating. Some animals make our best friends… some help us work… some we respect and revere… some even give us with sustenance.

Be Thankful for the Things that Make Life Great (11 Things)

52. Free time

The time when you have no responsibilities… no obligations. In today’s hectic, busy world this time seems to be a rarity…

…but, like the weekends below, cherish it, because you only get so much.

51. The weekend

The weekend is made up of the nothing but the good stuff… free time.

…And when you work a 40-hour work week, there’s nothing better than the weekend. It gives you a chance to relax and unwind, but also to explore and make memories.

Cherish the weekend because they’re far too infrequent… and you only get so many of them.

50. The ability easily start a new hobby

Feel like you’re in a rut in your life?

You can quickly and easily turn a new leaf by starting a new hobby. Need some ideas for what hobby to start?

Check out our list of the best hobbies for men here.

49. Sports and all-star athletes

As guys, we love sports.

We’re drawn to the competition and to the battle…

…and it doesn’t hurt that, with all the all-star players there are in sports, there seems to be a highlight on every play.

So… be thankful for sports… and more thankful that there are only two days of the year without a pro sports game.

48. Music and good musicians

Imagine a life without music.

Quiet. Mechanical. Lonely.

Whether we realize it or not, the music we listen to becomes the soundtrack to our days, and, in turn, our lives.

Be grateful for your favorite songs, musicians, bands, and genres.

47. Books and great writers

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.” ~Unknown

A good book can transport you to a different country, a different century or even a different universe.

With books you can travel. With books you can escape. With books you can be an action hero, a wizard or an Olympic athlete. In short… with books you can do anything.

46. A good cup of coffee

Not only does coffee taste amazing, but it also gives you the energy you need to wake up and thrive.

And we all know:

Few things are better than that first sip of coffee in the morning.

45. Good food

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

…and I couldn’t agree more. If a woman makes me mac and cheese… I’m instantly in love.

Be thankful for your favorite home cooked meal… that special dish at your favorite restaurant… that guilty pleasure you eat but don’t tell anyone about.

44. Ice cold beer

We’ve all been there:

It’s been a long day that nothing has gone right in, you get home late, open the fridge…

…and sitting right in front of you is an ice cold beer.

It’s the simple things in life…

*If you love beer, check out these incredible beer of the month clubs (who send you a fresh batch of unique, tasty beers each month).

43. Pets

Sometimes, most of us would rather hang out with our pets than other humans. They bring us comfort and joy every, single, day.

Be thankful that the pets you love so much are in your life.

42. Dogs

There are pets…

…and then there are dogs.

See… dogs are like a best friend whose never mad at you and always wants to do fun things.

Be grateful that your furry best friend is in your life and by your side.


Be Thankful for Love (4 Things)

Here’s the thing:

As men in today’s society, we’re taught and conditioned to act like we don’t care about love…

…but whether or not we’re willing to admit it, it’s important to all of us.

In fact, according to MedicineNet, being in a loving, married results in:

Fewer doctor’s visits

Less depression

Less anxiety

Longer life

41. Love exists

Tis’ better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

It’s near impossible to describe love…

…but if you’ve ever been in love, you know that it’s better than anything else.

It opens you up to a new depth of happiness, peace, and contentment that nothing else in the world can give you.

…Sounds like someone describing the effects of a drug, right?

40. You have a significant other you love

Some days you love them, some days you hate them… it’s the nature of relationships.

…But at the end of the day, they’re there for you. They pick you up when you’re down, help you find your way when you’re lost and hopefully love you unconditionally.

If you’ve found a significant other like this… realize how fortunate you really are.

39. You live in one of the best times to be single and looking.

Alright… so you don’t have a significant other… well, here’s the thing:

You live in an incredible time to be single and looking.

What makes it so great?

Today, we have access to dating websites and apps that make it hugely easier to find the right person for you. Could your father find a hot date by a simple right swipe?

38. You can easily up your dating game

Alright… so you don’t have a significant other… and you don’t want to use a dating website or app.

Not a problem. The web is full of websites that help you up your game, become attractive to women, and get more first dates.

In today’s day and age, and with a little knowledge and some practice, you can easily date whoever you want.

Be Thankful that You Can Travel, Explore and Adventure (7 Things)

37. You have cars

Consider the mobility that cars give us.

Not only can you quickly and easily travel from your house to your store…

…you can even take the hour drive to Grandma’s house.

Imagine these two simple situations without a car:

You’d have to walk all your groceries back to your house and since your grandma lived so far away, you’d see her very infrequently.

36. You have planes

So you want to see a new country… Italy… Peru… China…

No problem, just grab a cheap flight and you’ll be there in a few hours. We take the miracle of flight, and planes, for granted… but again, consider life without them.

What would take a few hours on a plane would take weeks by other means of travel. Planes make the world a much smaller, more accessible place.

35. You have the ability to travel

Life is all about experiences and memories, and one of the best places to find and make both is through traveling.

You break out of your life’s little bubble and often push the boundaries of your comfort zone. You get to experience new sceneries, new cultures, new people, and new foods.

The bottom line:

Life would be a lot less fun if you were never able to leave your hometown.

34. Different, unique cultures still exist

You’ve lived most of your life in one culture. To one day see that other people live their lives in a completely different fashion is one of the most eye opening things.

One day, all of the world’s cultures will blend into one homogenous culture… Be grateful you live in a time when you can experience the different cultures of the world.

33. You can see beautiful buildings, that have been preserved for thousands of years

You can travel to China to see a wall that was conceived in 221 BC (Great Wall of China) or to Rome and see an arena that was built in 70 AD (The Colosseum).

Imagine if you traveled to a new culture, only to find that they had demolished all of the beautiful structure their ancestors built and rebuilt everything in a modern style.

Be thankful that people work to preserve history and visit as many places as you can.

32. You can visit a different culture… in your own hometown

Want to see a new culture, but can’t travel right now?

No problem… just visit a culture specific area of time like Chinatown, Japantown, Little Lima, Little Beirut, etc.

These incredible parts of town allow you to visit a brand new culture, without traveling far from home.

31. You can easily get a different culture’s food (close to home)

Throughout history, if you were hungry… you ate your culture’s food.

Today, we can walk down the street and have access to the food of countless different cultures:

Mexican. Chinese. Italian. French. Japanese. Persian.

Whatever you like… it’s yours.

Be Thankful for the Little Things (7 Things)

30. The power of a quote

There’s something so simple and powerful about a quote.

They’re short, to the point, and from a well-known figure we either relate to or look up to.

Be thankful that the internet gives you quick access to a wealth of quotes, but that websites will create “best of” lists of quotes, centered around a specific topic (like quotes to overcome fear, or quotes to get you through a hard time).

29. A leisurely stroll

Calm, introspective, and tranquil.

Our fast-paced lives make a leisurely stroll a gift and, when possible, a thing to be grateful for.

28. The kindness of a stranger

There is something so powerful about the kindness that comes from a person you’ve never met… someone who knows nothing about you, your struggles, and our pain.

…But that is kind to you all the same.

These good-nature people are a thing to be thankful for… and a reminder that we should all be kind to our fellow man.

27. The dryer

The dryer not only makes it so we don’t have to hang dry clothes anymore…

…but it also gives us the incomparable feeling of putting on warm clothes… right after they come out of the dryer.

26. When you wake up next to someone you love

You wake up, you’re tired and groggy…

…but you roll over to see the face of a beautiful woman you love.

25. New experiences

24. Treasured memories

Be Thankful for What You Take for Granted (11 Things)

23. Running water

Running water means is so heavily ingrained in our lives… yet we rarely consider its importance. Running water gives us water to:

Take showers with


Wash our dishes

Water our plants

Cook our food

Without it, you would have to go to a water source anytime you wanted to do one of the above.

22. Drinkable water in our homes


One of the biggest things to be thankful for from running water is that it brings us drinkable water.

Just turn on your faucet (and, if necessary, add to a Brita pitcher) et voilà)… clean, drinkable water, right in the comfort of your own home.

21. Fire (and heating)

Heat. Comfort. Safety.

Unless you were born in the Stone Ages, you grew up with fire.

…But try to imagine your life without it…

No hot showers.

No heat in your home.

Other than warm clothes, no respite from the cold.

20. A shower with hot water

Hot showers are one of those things that you don’t realize you love so much until they’re gone.

Don’t believe me?

Challenge yourself to a week of cold showers. After that, you’ll grateful every time you turn the shower on and hot water hits your back.

19. Your freedom


Most of us were born with it… so we take it for granted.

…But freedom is such an important thing to be thankful for, not just because so many of our forefathers die to give it to us…

…but because life without it, without being able to make your own decision, choose your own religion, live the life you want to, would be horrible.

18. Your security

Thanks to our Armed Forces, you woke up today, cozy in your bed, without today without fear of being attacked or fear of imminent danger.

Here’s the thing:

If you were constantly fear for your life, you wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate and live your life.

17. Your vision

Imagine life being blind.

You couldn’t see colors. You couldn’t see your lover’s eyes. You couldn’t see the beauty of the Sistine Chapel.

Don’t take your eyes for granted because, worldwide, there are nearly 40 million people who are blind and live their lives completely in the dark.

16. Your hearing

Are you listening to music right now? Can you hear your family talking in the background? Or the news on in the other room.

Imagine if your world was constantly silent. You couldn’t hear your favorite songs or your significant other say that they love you.

Cherish your hearing because life without it would be dreadfully quiet.

15. Your sense of taste

There are millions and millions of blogs dedicated just to food (here are my two favorite: #1, #2)…

…and the reason is because we, as a world, love food.

Think about it:

What would be the point of life without mac and cheese?

14. Your mobility

According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, 1 in 50 Americans live with paralysis.

If you can’t move, you’re fundamentally limited in what you can do.

Be thankful for your ability to move… regardless of how slowly it’s done.

13. Your mental health

According to the World Health Organization, 450 million people live with a mental health disorder worldwide.

Never, ever take your mental health for granted.

Be Thankful for Your Personal Development (4 Things)

12. The lessons you’ve learned this year

Through this year’s trial and tribulations… you learned lessons.

…And these lessons will help you do things more effectively, efficiently, and proactively next year. They’ll help you to protect you. They’ll help you grow. They’ll help you become a better you.

Be thankful and remember the knowledge of your lessons.

11. That you’re not the same person you were five years ago. You’ve become a better you.

There is nothing noble in being better than your fellow man. True nobility is being better than your former self.” ~Ernest Hemingway

Let me ask you something:

If you could talk to your five-year-ago self, would you have any advice?

Of course you would… because you are not the same person you were five years ago. You’ve grown and you’ve become a better, wiser you.

10. You have a desire for growth

If you’re reading this article… chances are that you want to be a better person.


Even though just wanting to become a better person seem small…

…it’s a huge first step to actually becoming a better person. Be proud and grateful you were blessed with the desire for self-improvement.

9. And to help you… you have access to countless personal-development resources online

One of our main goals at Mantelligence is to help you become a better, more intelligent man.

…And we’re not the only who want to help you… there are thousands of websites online designed specifically to help you become a better you (check out these ones #1, #2, #3).

Realize you have help… and never stop improving.

Be Thankful for You (8 Things)

8. Your mind

Your mind should be something you’re grateful for, for two main reasons:

Reason #1: Your thoughts and memories, your pain and happiness, and even your confidence and ambition are all a product of your mind.

So… when you stop to think about it, you are who you are, because of your mind.

Reason #2: Your mind is what enables you to survive in today’s world… emotionally, financially, physically, etc. Without it, you would be little more than skin and bones.

For these two reasons, your mind one of the most important things to be grateful for.

7. Your memory

Our lives are the sum of our memories. How much are we willing to lose from our already short lives by… not paying attention?” ~Joshua Foer

If you could remember nothing, you would have no friends, no family, no purpose. Our memories remind us of the past and direct our decisions for the future.

Be thankful and cherish your ability to remember.

*To dramatically improve your memory, try these two incredibly powerful techniques: Pythagoras, Photographic.

6. Your courage

F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ ~Zig Zigler

You might have a lot of courage… you might have a little. First, be thankful for what you do have. Second, do everything you can to face your fears and build your courage.

*If you’re having trouble finding your courage these 100 quotes on courage and fear to help you overcome and conquer your fears.

5. Your ambition

Do you have a job? Are you actively looking for work?

A yes to either question means you have some ambition.

Ambition is a thing to be grateful for, because without the drive to succeed, you’ll end up flipping burgers for the rest of your life.

4. Your positive outlook

You find the positive in many, most or nearly every situation.


While this might seem like a small, insignificant thing, consider the opposite:

Every time something goes slightly wrong (you hit two red lights in a row or you get sick) and you take it as a negative.

And we all know:

Nothing will ever be perfect… so those little things, turn to negatives and those negative build up and build up until you’re an unhappy, angry, negative person.

So… even if you have a positive outlook some of the time, it’s a thing to be thankful for.

*And if you don’t have a positive outlook, it’s time to find one. A positive and optimistic outlook will dramatically change and improve the quality of your life.

3. Your optimism

Being optimistic means you have a positive outlook on future events.


Imagine if you could only look at future events with a negative lens (you assume whatever you do, there will be a negative outcome). Your thoughts on the future, and, in turn, your mood in the present, would become nothing more than dread and hopelessness.

So… look to be more optimistic in life and be grateful for the optimism you do have.

*And if you’re not optimistic, it’s time to starting being so. A positive and optimistic outlook will dramatically change and improve the quality of your life.

2. Your future

Times might be good… times might be bad…

…but whatever the case:

Tomorrow is a new day. You have a future and you can make whatever you want of it.

1. Who you are

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Dr. Seuss

Be thankful for you and be thankful for who you are…

…because you bring something to this world that no one else can or ever will.

…There is only one you, and there will never be another.

In Conclusion

We all take things for granted.

Remember these 101 things to be thankful for, and you’ll lead a deeper, more appreciative, more fulfilling life.

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