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Fairy Tail 473 Manga - 12345678 910111213 14151617181920
Erza and Kagura are heading to Neinheart it seems. Its a nice duo and I cant wait to watch them fighting but I sincerly think they will not stand a chance tho. Neinheart not only disobeyed Zeref orders for the reunion but also he looks rather terrifying. I think he is a thougher oppponent than Ajeel. Wendy + Chelia gives a hard fight to Dimaria I will be mad, so mad. I know Wendy is strong and she has all the time of her life to be stronger but she is only 13 and she is fighting a Spriggan that is stronger than the likes of Gray, Gajeel, Natsu etc. Wendy might hold for a couple of moments with her DF mode but thats this. Wendy is already stronger than Chelia (when she uses DF) which means Dimaria would completly destroy Chelia and Wendy in her base form. Even Bluenote gravity managed to beat base Wendy and Cheilia.

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