Want to know what happens next in fairy tail 414? Then be one of the first to discover! Read fairy tail Chapter 414 and have the advantage of knowing the story first. Lots of theories flying around. Hopefully Mashima will explain the mystery of why Gajeel can’t pass the age barrier even though Metallicana wasn’t inside him.  I do feel ripped off that we didn’t get to see Lumia Historia, well still might we do have E.N.D.

Join the discussion and prediction of this amazing manga series with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy reading fairy tail 414 scanlations and image scans online. If you like fairy tail chapter 414 Manga Scans, you may also like other cool manga in our manga list collection. Have a great day reading fairy tail 414 Manga Scans Online.  To contend with, though they might save that for the final battle of the series with Zereff, so if we have to wait till than, I won’t mind if it is worth the wait. Still in that time of crisis they have to fit in the fan service with Lisanna, at least it wasn’t Lucy, normally Lucy gets herself in these situations, but giving Lisanna’s abilities it made sense, so it is like it came out of nowhere. But Doranbolt does show his kind side giving her his coat, though if she was younger who knows what Doranbolt would have done.

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