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A few days back on FB I uploaded some data from UMNO Constitution and also the ROS Act.

Dear UMNO Members

I'm writing to you to inquire with regards to the recent admission by a few of the members of your Majlis Tertinggi that your President had indeed received donations (MYR 2.6 Billion) on behalf of the Party into his personal account. The President has been rather silent on this matter.

We were told that this is done in compliance with the Party's internal policy and it is safer for the party to do so. The statement by MACC to validate the amount was indeed a donation for the Party baffles me even more. As a rakyat, I'm at loss as to how I could process this information. One thing that surprises me most is the lack of awareness by Party Members of the said amount.

Strange don't you think.

Pokcik2 dan Mokcik2 sekelian...ambo nok bertanyo sedikit According to your Party Constitution, your Majlis Tertinggi must comply with ROS Requirement and one of the requirement is for the Party to submit its account within 60 days after holding your AGM and if you were to look into your own Party Constitution the Treasurer must submit his Audited Penyata Kira-Kira to the Majlis Tertinggi and for the Majlis to present this in your AGM as well as providing a full report on the Majlis with regards to the status of the Party's assets (at least once a year)

So folks.... I wonder how many of the 3,000,000,000 members were aware of the MYR 2.6 Billion which should have been reflected into your Penyata Kira Kira (2013)?

Ada berapa? Kalau takde How many of the Majlis Tertinggi Members were aware?

If not perhaps one should look into Section 9 (g) of the Societies Act and to ask exactly what happened since the original flow of funds in 2013

Sekian Terima Kasih

As of today we have the latest verification from the No 2 of UMNO

"What is the balance of the money when the account was closed? Because the amount was huge, and definitely there will be a balance"

"If there is any money left, where is it?" the sacked deputy prime minister said when opening the Kemaman Umno divisional meeting in Terengganu today.

Muhyiddin said he was unable to answer such questions and instead urged Najib, who is also the prime minister, to clear the air.

"How much was received… how much was used for general election… how do I know? I didn't get it. Maybe the president can answer it," said Muhyiddin, who was dropped from Cabinet in a recent reshuffle.

He was not aware of the amount that should have been reflected in UMNO's 2013 account and the balances if any to be in 2014 accounts.

Quick Question

Has anyone seen the UMNO's accounts that had properly accounted for the 2.6 Billion "Donation"

Please stand up

Another interesting "expose" that came out a few days ago was Tun M's post (here)

33. After the Wall Street Journal reported on Najib’s 2.6 billion Ringgit in his private account, it was closed. You cannot take all that money to keep with you. It had to be transferred. Apparently it was transferred to a Singapore bank. Then the Singapore authorities froze it.



What does this sound to you wahai Ahli Ahli UMNO Sekalian

Truth is people.... this is the lowest hanging fruit and we do not need to wait for any investigations to complete

This is one process that he has NO CONTROL over unless he can show the Accounts with the "donation" data being in it.

We have to assume that NO ONE in UMNO is aware if the Deputy President is NOT.

We also have to assume that there is a possible wrong doing by the Treasurer of UMNO for not disclosing the data to ROS (Foreign Funding Regulatory Report Requirement) and also for not truthfully reflecting the donations or party assets reporting to Majlis Tertinggi.

If he had done it, there was no need for Ghani Patail to set up a taskforce to investigate WSJ expose, he could have just asked ROS to disclose UMNO foreign donors disclosure, combine it with BNM Form R Reporting Requirement (BooGees 700M USD) and Tax Department Submission (BooGees 2013 Submission).

Tak ke begitu dol...

PS: UMNO folks . Do Not worry over possible De-registration this is a FRAUD and MISAPPROPRIATION OF PARTY ASSET case...

Same elements as 1MDB Petro Saudi Super Duper Investment Scheme.

The same 2 people are a part of the transactions. Remember them?

PPS: BooGees tak nak kirim Hafarizam suruh buat clarification letter to Tun M ke? Dah berapa hari dah ni brader


The 1MDB scandal is a blessing in disguise. Malaysians and the international community have learned more in the last 5-weeks than 50-years this country was under UMNO’s rule. People around the world were simply amazed and flabbergasted over how great a liar Prime Minister Najib Razak has demonstrated so far, not to mention the doses of good laugh.

Najib Declare 700 Million As Donation - Obama Laugh

Most importantly, we’ve discovered two great secrets in Malaysia.

One, you can actually siphon unlimited amount of money “into” the country as long as you can make a local bank promise not to inform the central bank (Bank Negara Malaysia).

Two, even if you somehow get caught with your pants down, just declare it as a “donation” and you’re safe to go.

And based on a latest explosive revelation by (xx), there is actually a third great discovery. As easy as money can be siphoned into Malaysia, you can also launder unlimited amount of money “out” of the country with ease. Apparently, Najib had reportedly transferred a whopping US$650,000,000.00 back into Falcon Bank in Singapore.

xx claims that the money was deposited into an account in the name of Tanore Finance Corporation (British Virgin Islands) at Falcon Bank in Singapore on the same day the prime minister’s AmPrivate Bank account was closed – 30 August 2013. This was the same company account which had originally transferred US$681 million into Najib’s AmPrivate Bank account.

As usual, the whistleblower didn’t furnish any hard evidence, at least for now. But judging by its past modus operandi, most likely xx is waiting for Najib to deny the allegation. Kaboom!! Only then will xx drop another bombshell to prove the tainted prime minister lies again (*grin*). Don’t you enjoy this cat-and-mouse game?

Maslan Ahmad and Shahrir Abdul Samad and Mas Ermieyati Samsudin - Election Loot

xx also exposed how Shahrir Abdul Samad (Chair of UMNO Back Benchers), Maslan Ahmad (then Deputy Finance Minister), Mas Ermieyati Samsudin (Public Account Committee) received RM1 million, RM2 million and RM50,000 respectively after the 2013 election. Now you know why these minions were fighting tooth and nail defending their boss.

Clearly, Najib’s paid bloggers and propagandists would now need to invent new scripts to counter xx’s latest revelation. Since Najib administration had told everyone on planet Earth that the 700 million dollars were donations from some kind-hearted Arabians, they need to cook up a nice story why the heck Najib needed to transfer back US$650 million.

1MDB Najib 700 Million Donation - Obama and Staffs Laugh At Arab Morons

Strangely, Tanore Finance Corporation had effectively closed down on April 2014. Let’s see: Najib’s private account was closed down after received US$700 million “donation” but not before transfer US$650 million back to the donor (presumably Tanore Finance Corp.). After gotten their US$650 million, the donor also closed down their company. Do you smell a rat?

1MDB Scandal - Bank Receipt for USD619999988

Interestingly, xx also claims PM Najib flew over in mid-July for a four day trip in Singapore, during which he attempted but failed to get these frozen bank accounts re-opened. In fact, xx reveals that the prime minister had actually received more than US$1,000 million (US$1 billion), and not merely US$681 million in donation from Saudi and Dubai.

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