By Kanishka Mehta

Hello beautiful ladies!

Today, while arranging my wardrobe, I came across quite a few products that I have not used much and this perfume is also a part of that list. I realised how I had totally forgotten about this product. So, without much ado, let’s start the review!

Product Description:

DKNY Gold was first created in 2006 and is a sensual and empowering scent that revolves around Casablanca lily and amber, each as soft as they are strong, and as intoxicating as they are distinctive.The fragrance also features notes of acacia, white cloves, gold balm, golden pollen and patchouli from East Asia. Passionate and seductive, this fragrance is designed for the woman alive with light and life. DKNY Gold was first created in 2006 and is housed in an elegant bottle created by jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris. Fragrances from Donna Karan reflect her take on fashion and New York City style.


Approximately INR 2500.


It is an elegant bottle with gold and black accents. At a glance, the bottle looks classy and is sturdy. It is indeed of good quality.

My Experience with Donna Karan Gold Sparkling Eau De Toilette:

Well, to start with, you really need to have a love for lilies – because this perfume basically sings for them. It is a rather strong scent, which lingers all day long. When you spray it, you’ll be enthralled with the play of musky undertones and the Casablanca lilies. They are quite strong, and could possibly be a turn off for many. But, hang on! Because the real madness begins when these warmer notes calm down. After an hour or so, the spices tone down and the fresh exotic scent of lilies starts to fill in.

And believe me, the fragrance stays! I’ve never come across an EDT with a staying power like this one. It can battle through two hand washes, and still linger around. The scent is refreshing, and exotic, very very summery with lots of lots of lilies. Sometimes, it can be overpowering, but on the whole, it’s a rather nice fragrance and definitely worth a try.

The most recognizable and stand out fragrance is that of lilies. It is extremely strong in the beginning, but then the fragrance subsides and the play of beautiful notes begins. The notes are Casablanca Lily, Amber, Acacia, White Clove, Golden Balsam, Gold Pollen and Patchouli.

Some people might find this too mature and for older women, but it really isn’t like that. So, if lilies make you feel happy, here’s one fragrance that shall surely please you. But, if they don’t – stay away from this one! This is pure lilly madness. I mean, I used to hate it for a while before I started loving it.

Pros of Donna Karan Gold Sparkling Eau De Toilette:

• Extremely long lasting.

• Play of scents around lilies.

• Refreshing and exotic.

• Apt for even older age groups.

• Festive scent.

Cons of Donna Karan Gold Sparkling Eau De Toilette:

• Overpowering.

• Might give a headache to people who do not really like the scent of lilies.

• Lasts for days, so you’d get bored of smelling the same thing on all your clothes.

Would I Repurchase Donna Karan Gold Sparkling Eau De Toilette?

I don’t think I would. I’m a person who loves to keep experimenting with different fragrances. So, I cannot really stick to one. Also, even though it’s good, it doesn’t really make me go wow!

Would I Recommend Donna Karan Gold Sparkling Eau De Toilette?

For all the reasons I already have stated above, yes I would.

IMBB Rating:


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