Local Search is a process that involves the use of Internet search engines to locate businesses functioning in specific geographic regions. It is a contemporary marketing tool that is indispensable for businesses that focus on specific areas.

Any prospective customer today will inevitably go online and search for the services he requires. In such a situation, it is advantageous for a company to integrate local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since Web browsers have made localized searching possible. Moreover, locally focused traffic generally results in greater sales. Customers also avail the advantage of access to required data. This goes a long way in increasing sales and averting site abandonment or page bounces.


Changing the business name to include some top key words

Many businesses tend to choose fancy or flashy names to create a one-of-a-kind brand that’ll attract attention, but does not necessarily throw any light on the kind of services the business offers. In short, it has no key words which may lead to its name turning up in Local SEO. A company should dig out relevant keywords and select the most popular ones to divert greater traffic to their website. It is also advisable to use such a name in appropriate HTML texts and tags.

Making use of the initial letters of the alphabet in the name of the Business

Various search engines list the results of a search in alphabetical order. In that case, companies beginning with “A” may enjoy greater advantage. Similarly, some sites may give precedence to numerals or symbols. Thus to maximize the benefits of Local SEO, it is important to choose the correct name!

Choosing a central business location

Some search engines display the results in order of the business’ proximity to the city’s central area. As a result, some businesses, to avail better listings in Local Search, use post office box addresses or chalk out an arrangement with businesses located centrally whereby the latter allow them to use their address for their mail.

Separate listings for every city in which services are provided.

A service provider close to the customer is always preferred. It is thus advantageous to have a separate listing, A PO Box, and a phone number if possible for each city. Once that is done, create a website or webpage listing the local address for that city. This results in easier access to customers and thus vast coverage for the business.

Lightly influence user ratings to your benefit

Ranking on Google Maps is greatly affected by user ratings. Increased customer ratings yield better results for the company in Local Search. Companies thus engage in encouraging frequent customers to post positive reviews on one or more sites. Some may also use techniques like discounts for customers who agree to rate the business online. But it is imperative that the customers do not feel that they are being bribed for a positive response.

Use of nicknames or local jargon

To reap the utmost benefits of Local SEO, it is beneficial to keep in mind the local terms or the ‘lingo of the land’ while uploading region specific content because people tend to type local terms while using search engines. It is also conducive to mention well-known areas of the city on the homepage.

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