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This year has brought a number of changes in the conference scene around the world. Quite a few established conferences have taken their last bow, and a whole bunch of new conferences have appeared — and I’m not just talking about the Smashing conferences! There’s even a conference for developing applications of the not-yet-released Google Glass.

Many exciting conferences have already featured some of the industry’s most illustrious speakers in the first half of 2014, however, there are quite a few more to come! Take a look at today’s round-up of conferences taking place this year from June onwards, and remember, since most events are a bit light on the design aspect, it may be a good idea to visit those conferences that focus specifically on visual and artistic technologies.

Conferences are about gathering information and knowledge, but also opportunities to get to know other like-minded folks in the web design community. Keep in mind that there’s always a benefit to attending any event, and a strong chance that you’ll be exposed to a large amount of new information, so be prepared to absorb the latest techniques brought to you by distinguished authors and speakers!

Also, I’d like to thank everyone for leaving comments in the previous round-up — they were truly helpful! I admit, I may have missed or forgotten to mention a conference (or two) in today’s round-up, but please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below in the comments section and I’ll be sure to add it on to this list as soon as possible!

The list is quite lengthy, so let’s dive in.

June 2014

July 2014

August 2014

September 2014

October 2014

November 2014

June 2014

Kerning 2014
“Kerning features a day of workshops and a Conference day full of talks. Kerning offers a very interesting chance to meet developers, gurus, managers and innovators from all over the world. Kerning is a non-profit event.”

When: Jun. 5-6, 2014

Where: Faenza, Italy

UXcamp Europe 2014
“Get in touch with other campers and most importantly be open for new ideas and topics. Be proactive, you are the UXcamp! We want this event to cover the breadth of Europe and take a full international focus and we’re relying on each attendee to help make it so.”

When: Jun. 7-8, 2014

Where: Berlin, Germany

2014 M-Enabling Summit
“The M-Enabling Global Summit is the only program exclusively dedicated to promoting mobile accessible and assistive applications and services for senior citizens and users of all abilities, a market of more than one billion users worldwide, with considerable untapped potential.”

When: Jun. 9-10, 2014

Where: Arlington, USA

Web Conference at Penn State 2014
“A community of higher education, web and other professionals from Penn State and around the world who engage, interact and share knowledge about the web. With Will Wheaton!”

When: Jun. 9-11, 2014

Where: Pennsylvania State College, USA

QCon New York 2014
“QCon aims to empower software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the enterprise software development community.”

When: Jun. 9-13, 2014

Where: New York, USA

UX Strategies Summit
“Design compelling experiences through successful UX strategy. Learn how UX-driven innovation can change your business.”

When: Jun. 10-12, 2014

Where: San Francisco, USA

Ready to Inspire XL
“Ready to Inspire is a brand new conference about the craft of web design, type and code. It has workshops, live music, meetups and parties, but above all an exciting lineup of today’s craftspeople and mind blowing new faces.”

When: Jun. 10-13, 2014

Where: Leiden, Netherlands

Aarhus Alpha Conference 2014
“We’re bringing together figure heads from all areas of design, all around the world. From bespoke furniture, to mass produced toys, to user interface and back round to motorsports.”

When: Jun. 11, 2014

Where: Aarhus, Denmark

Introduction to User Experience Techniques
“A hands-on introduction to the techniques you can use to run a successful user engagement and testing programme for your sites or applications.”

When: Jun. 11, 2014

Where: Manchester, England

Giant Conf
“If you’re designing, building, sketching, structuring, strategizing or engineering solid experiences for web, print, retail or branding, then you’re creating rad things. And our theme this time around is “Creating Rad.” Remember those old skateboard movies? Those were rad.”

When: Jun. 11-14, 2014

Where: Charleston, USA

Devoxx UK 2014
“Run by top developer talent, community groups and expert event specialists, the British progeny of Devoxx returns to London for a 2-day conference focused on Java, web, mobile and JVM languages.”

When: Jun. 12-13, 2014

Where: London, England

PUBKON Conference
“Two days full of diverse topics and lectures around Publishing with some of the best speakers from Germany.”

When: Jun 12-14, 2014

Where: Berlin, Germany

KiwiParty is free event organized by Alsacréation to discuss Accessibility, Ergonomy, new technologies and standards.

When: Jun. 13, 2014

Where: Strasbourg, France

PePcon 2014: The Print + ePublishing Conference
“The InDesign event of the year! Find answers and valuable insight on publishing for eBooks, print, iPad/tablets, interactive documents, and more! Be inspired by fresh ideas and new products.”

When: Jun. 15-18, 2014

Where: Chicago, USA

Future Insights Live
“Web Design Conferences. Mobile App Developer Events. Tech Workshops.”

When: Jun. 16-20, 2014

Where: Las Vegas, USA

Drupal in Business
“Businesses have long been searching for a platform that empowers them to take control of their own web presence, to stay ahead of the technology curve, and to avoid lock-in by proprietary software. Come join us for breakfast as our panel looks to address the latest with Drupal in Business.”

When: Jun. 17, 2014

Where: Philadelphia, USA

People Skills for Digital Workers
“Imagine a world where you can change “difficult” conversations into productive relationships. Where you feel confident about your contributions without trying to be perfect. Where your work aligns with your values. Join #dareconf organiser Jonathan Kahn to learn practical skills and techniques you can apply to your work tomorrow.”

When: Jun. 17, 2014

Where: London, England

Enterprise Apps World
“Apps World, one of the world’s leading multi-platform events in the apps industry brings you Enterprise Apps World. A two day show, co-hosted with Cloud World Forum, that will look at all the implications of going mobile in the workplace and how enterprise apps can help. ”

When: Jun. 17-18, 2014

Where: London, England

SmashingConf New York 2014
“The Smashing Conference finally crosses the Atlantic with 2 days, one track, 18 brilliant speakers, and hands-on, practical and useful talks. Big Apple, here we come!”

When: Jun. 17-18, 2014

Where: New York, USA

Internet World
“Internet World is the founding event of London Technology Week. It is a b2b exhibition designed to provide solutions for businesses to define and deliver digital strategy.”

When: Jun. 17-19, 2014

Where: London, England

Interlink Conference
“Interlink Conference is a hand-crafted event created for all types of creative web professionals. Explore the intersection of web design, code, ball hockey and content during 3 empowering days of curated talks and workshops in the city of Toronto.”

When: Jun. 18-20, 2014

Where: Toronto, Canada

Congility 2014
“Congility is definitively Europe’s foremost content strategy conference for component and structured content and is gearing up for its 7th year. Learn more about giving content agility and how it can benefit you and your organisation.”

When: Jun. 18-20, 2014

Where: Greater London, England

GOTO Amsterdam 2014
“GOTO Amsterdam offers ideal opportunities for learning, networking and tracking innovation occurring in the Java, Mobile, Cloud, OpenSource, Lean/Agile, Architecture, New Languages & Process communities. The conference includes a total of 10 tracks with over 50 presentations being showcased in Amsterdam.”

When: Jun. 18-20, 2014

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

RuLu 2014
“Ruby Lugdunum (aka RuLu) is a two-day conference dedicated to exploring the Ruby language and basking in warmth of the amazing Ruby community. RuLu 2014 takes place in Lyon, France on June 19th and 20th. Don’t miss it!”

When: Jun. 19-20, 2014

Where: Lyon, France

UX Scotland 2014
“From the organisers of UX Cambridge comes another practical UX conference. Now in its second year we expect UX Scotland to be even bigger and better than our 2013 event.”

When: Jun. 19-20, 2014

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

Front End North
“Front End North is a conference for front end developers, designers and people who make things for the web.”

When: Jun. 19-20, 2014

Where: Manchester, England

WebVisions Barcelona
“WebVisions explores the future of design, content creation, user experience and business strategy in an event that inspires learning, collaboration and entrepreneurism. Since 2001, we’ve built a loyal audience of designers, developers and industry leaders.”

When: June 19-22, 2014

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Generate Conf
“The conference for web designers and developers, presented by .net magazine and creative bloq.”

When: June 20, 2014

Where: New York City, USA

“After the first and second Belarusian mobile development conferences successfully organized in 2011 and 2012, the mobile development community got much more active and requires the conference to become an annual tradition. This is the biggest mobile development industry conference in Belarus and Russian-speaking countries.”

When: Jun. 20-21, 2014

Where: Minsk, Belarus

Usability Week San Francisco (Nielsen Norman Group)
“Nielsen Norman Group’s Usability Week helps you get up to speed on user experience best practices, so you can plan, create and manage successful user interfaces with 6 days of in-depth, full-day courses, proven methods, best practices and practical skills and expert instructors.”

When: Jun. 21-27, 2014

Where: San Francisco, USA

Content Strategy & Agile Content
“When you’re creating digital services, content seems like a problem. Who’s going to commission, create, edit, structure, and maintain it? Join Jonathan Kahn to learn practical techniques to turn content from a problem that everyone tries to avoid into an opportunity for collaboration.”

When: Jun. 24, 2014

Where: London, England

O’Reilly Velocity 2014
“Velocity is about the people and technologies that keep the Web fast, scalable, resilient, and highly available. From ecommerce to mobile to the cloud, Velocity is where the future of the Web takes shape.”

When: Jun. 24-26, 2014

Where: Santa Clara, USA

mLearnCon 2014 Conference & Expo
“The premier mLearning conference and expo … mLearnCon is focused on every aspect of mobile learning including management strategies, platforms, operating systems, authoring tools and technologies, content design and development, and best practices.”

When: Jun. 24-26, 2014

Where: San Diego, USA

Open Source Bridge
“Open Source Bridge is an annual conference focused on building open source community and citizenship through four days of technical talks, hacking sessions, and collaboration opportunities.”

When: Jun. 24-27, 2014

Where: Portland, Oregon

Google I/O 2014
“Be inspired by the tech world’s latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs to create simple, life-improving technologies and viable businesses among a rich and diverse community of cutting edge developers.”

When: Jun. 25-26, 2014

Where: San Francisco, USA

Uberall 2014
Uberall is Vienna’s App Business conference that addresses the interest of CeEO and Students in the industry alike. Network, find out about future trends and learn about past mistakes in the mobile digital realm.

When: Jun. 25-26, 2014

Where: Vienna, Austria

Dutch Mobile Conference 2014
“Ibuildings is proud to organize the third Dutch Mobile Conference on June 27 and 28, plus a pre-conference tutorial day on June 26. Both programs will be completely in English so the only Dutch thing about it is the location. Keywords for these days: Know-how, Technology, Best Practices, Networking, Tips & Tricks.”

When: Jun. 26-28, 2014

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

LXJS: Lisbon JavaScript Conference
“A 2-day not-for-profit by-the-community and for-the-community international conference about the New Worlds of JavaScript.”

When: Jun. 27-28, 2014

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

tiConf EU 2014
“This year tiConf EU moves to Amsterdam, the vibrant and famous capital of The Netherlands. We’ve gone bigger and better this year with the amazing Tobacco House venue right in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw away from the Canals, the Flower Market and the Red Light District. As always, we’ve got an amazing line up of speakers who’ll be talking about everything about Titanium, Mobile Development, Cloud and JavaScript.”

When: Jun. 28-29, 2014

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paul Ardeleanu’s Introduction to iOS Development
“In this 2 day Introduction to iOS Development course, you will learn how to write and deploy applications that run on the iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad).”

When: Jun. 30 — Jul. 1, 2014

Where: London, England

enterJS 2014
“JavaScript is the only language that allows consistent and continuous development of Web apps from UI to server-side. enterJS discusses the resulting challenges businesses face in a series of talks and workshops.”

When: Jun. 30-Jul. 2, 2014

Where: Cologne, Germany

July 2014

Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014
“We are at a turning point. With Big Data rapidly gaining ground and the Internet of Things knocking at our door, corporate communications and marketing face new challenges. Which role will content play in a digital world dominated by ultra high-speed computers and powerful algorithms?”

When: Jul. 1-3, 2014

Where: Frankfurt, Germany

Responsive Day
“Join us on July 2nd and 3rd 2014 for two days and 4 Workshops in Zürich, Switzerland where we’ll cover many aspects of Responsive Design!”

When: Jul. 2-3, 2014

Where: Zurich, Switzerland

NodeConf 2014
“NodeConf has a hands-on format. You are introduced to topics by mentors and participate is short workshops where you gain experience in each topic. The content will cover a broad range of topics from hardware to web applications.”

When: Jul. 3-6, 2014

Where: Petaluma, USA

Confitura 2014
The Confitura Conference in Warsaw is Back. So far, no speakers have been announced.

When: Jul. 5, 2014

Where: Warsaw, Poland

OdessaJS 2014
OdessaJS is back with 18 inspirational speakers.

When: Jul. 5-6, 2014

Where: Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

Sketching Interfaces with Eva Lotta
“Sketching is a core skill and tool of any designer. It is a quick and cheap way to ideate, develop and iterate on possible design solutions, both alone and with a group. Take a closer look at when and how to use sketching in the design process, how to make your sketches communicate more clearly and efficiently and how to run a collaborative sketching session with a group of people.”

When: Jul. 9, 2014

Where: London, England

/dev/summer 2014
“/dev/summer is a new, free 1 day event for software developers focussing on software technology. The event will consist of a mixture of talks and hands-on sessions from fellow software developers.”

When: Jul. 12, 2014

Where: Cambridge, England

“A two-day conference in the heart of the US, bringing together developers for an eclectic collection of talks covering the latest trends, best practices, and research in the field of computing.”

When: Jul. 14-15, 2014

Where: Kansas City, USA

DWX Developer Week 2014
The DWX is “one of Europe’s largest developer event”, incorporating 3 conferences, the .Net Conference, the Mobile Developer Conference and the Web Developer Conference.

When: Jul. 14-17, 2014

Where: Nuremberg, Germany

Mobile Web+DevCon: Chicago 2014
“Explore Bleeding-Edge tools and features across iOS, Android and the Web.” There will be labs on mobile app builds, design essentials, UI and UX talks, and you’ll find out how to optimize your apps using latest HTML5 and JavaScript technologies.

When: Jul. 15-17, 2014

Where: Chicago, USA

The Business of Web Design 2014
“Perhaps you’re a freelancer in the web design industry? Or maybe you run your own small dev team? However, you probably find many aspects of running your business hard work; winning clients, pricing your work, wouldn’t it be great to have some help with this? We have 8 great speakers giving you key business advice & lessons learnt from the front line in the industry.”

When: Jul. 18, 2014

Where: Cardiff, Wales

JSChannel Conference 2014
“Learn and hear from the best brains in the industry. Two days of hands-on workshops and talks. A great platform to mingle with the community.”

When: Jul. 18-19, 2014

Where: Bangalore, India

UXPA 2014
“This is the place to be for learning about best practices for user-centered product development, usability research, and real-world case studies. Learn best practices from global UX experts. Reinvigorate passion for your work. Build new relationships.”

When: Jul. 21-24, 2014

Where: London, England

Usability Week Denver
“Nielsen Norman Group’s Usability Week helps you get up to speed on user experience best practices, so you can plan, create and manage successful user interfaces. 5 days of in-depth, full-day courses, proven methods, best practices and practical skills and expert instructors.”

When: Jul. 21-25, 2014

Where: Denver, USA

“JS conferences are a dime a dozen and full of boring practical talks about MCV’s and CSS tricks. This is not what we’re after. The FORWARD JS RALLY will help the programming community in ways they don’t know about yet. We’re gathering a diverse set of innovators and causing a scene.”

When: Jul. 24-26, 2014

Where: San Francisco, USA

Front in BH 2014
“Uncover the challenges and the opportunities which the market presents us with is what drives us to discuss new technologies, ideas and tendencies. Join us and participate of this rich inspiration and learning experience.”

When: Jul. 26, 2014

Where: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Breaking Development 2014: Nashville
“Conferences that focus on new and emerging techniques for web development and design. Speakers that give challenging talks from a variety of different perspectives. Locations that are fun and exciting. People to share and learn from. It all happens beyond the desktop” with some of the most influential speakers in the industry.

When: Jul. 28-30, 2014

Where: Nashville, USA

WDCNZ 2014
“WDCNZ | Tech talks for web devs is a conference aimed squarely at people who write the code that makes the internet run. We have a philosophy that to present at WDCNZ you need to be unafraid of code, and our goal for WDCNZ is having highly technically literate people presenting on cutting edge topics in the web world.”

When: Jul. 31, 2014

Where: Wellington, New Zealand

TypeCon2014: Capitolized
“ypeCon is an annual conference presented by the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), an international organization dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of typography and related arts. TypeCon2014 will feature several special events and presentations held in conjunction with the main conference program.”

When: Jul. 30 — Aug. 3, 2014

Where: Washington, DC, USA

August 2014

PHP Conference Venezuela
“The main objective is to provide access to the PHP developer community to industry updates and professional development at an affordable price, being possible thanks to the support of sponsors.”

When: Aug. 1-2, 2014

Where: Caracas, Venezuela

“Distill is a developer conference for people who create and build web and mobile technology. The conference will feature over 30 speakers and will explore software development methods, innovative hardware platforms, unique solutions to common problems with the tools we use today and much more.”

When: Aug. 7-8, 2014

Where: San Francisco, USA

Converge 2014
“This is the second year of Converge and we’re back and better than ever! Taking what we’ve learned from 2013′s conference and expanding on feedback from our speakers and guests, we’re going to do something different again for Converge 2014. This year, we’ll be over two days, with a much stronger focus on the hacking / making track of the confernece, longer breaks and a wonderful city-centre venue in the heart of Glasgow.”

When: Aug. 15-16, 2014

Where: Glasgow, Scotland

WordCamp Montreal 2014
“WordCamp Montreal is a conference about the world’s most popular blogging and CMS software, WordPress. Developers, designers and bloggers will come together for WordPress-related talks, workshops and networking.”

When: Aug. 16-17, 2014

Where: Montreal, Canada

Visual Studio Live! Redmond
“Over 5 days and 60+sessions and workshops, you’ll explore the Microsoft Platform and receive practical, unbiased, developer training at Visual Studio Live! Redmond.”

When: Aug. 18-22, 2014

Where: Redmond, USA

HybridConf 2014
“HybridConf is a celebration of the people of our industry. Those bound by a love of creation.” Experience 17 great industry speakers, fun events and great networking opportunities in Sweden.

When: Aug. 21-22, 2014

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

BrazilJS 2014
“2014 is a special year, will be the fourth consecutive year that the conference happens, and the organization is committed to maintaining the success of previous years. The Brazilian JavaScript community can expect an amazing conference!”

When: Aug. 21-22, 2014

Where: Porto Alegre, Brazil

re:develop 2014
“redevelop conference is a one day developer conference by developers. Over 200 people will come together to discuss the newest trends, techniques, and the future of development.”

When: Aug. 22, 2014

Where: Bournemouth, UK

Made by Few 2014
“Made by Few is a single-track, two day conference. There will be a total of 10 speakers, with 5 speakers presenting each day. The speakers will be a mix of designers, illustrators, developers, and entrepreneurs.”

When: Aug. 22-23, 2014

Where: Little Rock, USA

Usability Week New York (Nielsen Norman Group)
“Nielsen Norman Group’s Usability Week helps you get up to speed on user experience best practices, so you can plan, create and manage successful user interfaces with 6 days of in-depth, full-day courses, proven methods, best practices and practical skills and expert instructors.”

When: Aug. 23-29, 2014

Where: New York, USA

FunctionalJS London
“FunctionalJS is a meetup that discusses functional programming with Javascript — whether that means underscore/lodash, reinventing a broken version of curry for the nth time, or languages that compile to JS to bring more functional tools to bear.”

When: Aug. 25, 2014

Where: London, England

Ember Fest 2014
The Ember Fest organizers boast that their event is “the biggest ember.js event in Europe.”This year they “will be celebrating the second annual Ember Fest Conference in beautiful and vibrant Barcelona! ”

When: Aug. 26-29, 2014

Where: Barcelona, Spain

UX Australia 2014
“UX Australia 2014 is a 4-day user experience design conference. It’s made up of two elements – hands-on workshops and the main conference itself. And most importantly UX Australia gives you a chance to hang out, chat & network with more than 500 of Australia’s smartest UX folks.”

When: Aug. 26-29, 2014

Where: Sydney, Australia

Frontend Conference Zurich
“Frontend Conference Zurich will be “3 days of inspiring talks where design meets technology”.

When: Aug. 27-29, 2014

Where: Zurich, Switzerland

Usability Professionals 2014 (UP14)
It time for the 11. iteration of the interdisciplinary UI conference that unites all branches of industry to discuss the best ways form humans and machnies to interact. Expect 4 days talks, workshops, tutorials and networking.

When: Aug. 31- Sep. 3, 2014

Where: Munich, Germany

September 2014

Internet of Things Conference 2014
The Internet of Things is becoming one of the most important motors of innovation. The IoTCon aims to connect the leaders in the field and provide them with first-class technical and strategic knowledge.

When: Sep. 1-3, 2014

Where: Berlin, Germany

Reasons to be Creative
“If you are passionate about the craft that goes into your work, then this conference is for you. Bringing you the world’s most talented designers, coders, creatives, film makers animators, installation builders, illustrators, and artists presenting 3 tracks over 3 full days. Make no mistake, this is an event that you will walk away from inspired, enlightened, and with a bigger network than when you arrived.”

When: Sep. 1-3, 2014

Where: Brighton, England

MobileTech Conference 2014
The MobileTech conference in Berlin is one of the biggest Mobile conferences in the German-speaking world. Find out about new sustainable mobile strategies, technical know-how and up-coming trends in the mobile industry.

When: Sep. 1-4, 2014

Where: Berlin, Germany

Agile on the Beach 2014
“Agile on the Beach is a two day business and technology conference in September. The conference explores 3 strands of agile adoption – Business strategy, Teams and Software Craftmanship. This year we welcome speakers on UX and Product Design, the adoption of agile in mainstream businesses as well as sustaining our core technical theme.”

When: Sep. 4-5, 2014

Where: Falmouth, England

dConstruct 2014
“dConstruct 2014 is a one-day gathering of supersmart people who will provoke, entertain, and stimulate you with their thoughts on this year’s theme of “Living With The Network.””

When: Sep. 5, 2014

Where: Brighton, England

Content Marketing World 2014
“Content Marketing World, the largest content marketing event on the planet, is coming back to the United States for a fourth year. You will leave with all the materials you need to take a content marketing strategy back to your team – and – to implement a content marketing plan that will grow your business and inspire your audience.”

When: Sep. 8-11, 2014

Where: Cleveland, USA

SpringOne2GX 2014
“This is a one-of-a-kind conference for application developers, solution and data architects who develop business applications, create multi-device aware web applications, process vast quantities of enterprise data, design cloud architectures, and manage high performance infrastructure. The sessions are specifically tailored for developers using the hugely popular open source Spring IO Projects, Groovy & Grails, CloudFoundry, Hadoop and Tomcat technologies.”

When: Sep. 8-11, 2014

Where: Dallas, USA

UX Week 2014
“Design professionals from all over the world gather for four days of community, inspiration and skills building. Now in its 12th year, UX Week delivers new tools you can put to use immediately. ”

When: Sep. 9-12, 2014

Where: San Francisco, USA

“Explore core web-development principles and best-practices while seeing them in action at Roost, presented by Bocoup. Part training, part conference, Roost combines the best of both experiences in a comprehensive narrative about the real-world application of core programming principles.”

When: Sep. 10-11, 2014

Where: Chicago, USA

UX Cambridge 2014
“UX Cambridge is a community-driven, practical User Experience conference for software, mobile and web applications. Connect and learn from your peers and leaders in the industry in a comfortable and exciting space and take away skills you can immediately use in your work.”

When: Sep. 10-12, 2014

Where: Cambridge, England

NRW Conf 2014
Wuppertal will be hosting NRW Conf again, community event focused on touch technology. Find out all about touch technologies in two days of talks and workshops.

When: Sep. 11-12, 2014

Where: Wuppertal, Germany

Barcelona Ruby Conference 2014
The popular Barcelona Ruby conference is back and is already almost sold-out. Baruco will “still be a single-track, two-day conference, but this year we’ll be putting an extra effort on providing some juicy workshops the day before the conference itself.”

When: Sep. 11-13, 2014

Where: Barcelona, Spain

XOXO 2014
“XOXO is an arts and technology festival celebrating disruptive creativity. We’re bringing independent artists who use the Internet to make a living doing what they love together with the technologists building the tools that make it possible.”

When: Sept. 11-14, 2014

Where: Portland, OR

CSSconf EU 2014
“CSSconf EU is a conference dedicated to the designers, developers and engineers who build the world’s most engaging user interfaces. From the community, for the community.”

When: Sep. 12, 2014

Where: Berlin, Germany

Konference WebExpo 2014
“WebExpo is the biggest conference in Central Europe for all web designers, developers and managers.” Enjoy 60 talks, hours of discussion and practical workshops in one of central Europe’s more evocative cities.

When: Sep. 12-14, 2014

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

“A carefully curated, intimate, one-day photography conference, BIRDIE brings together inspiring photographers, speakers and storytellers for talks and discussion.”

When: Sep. 13, 2014

Where: London, England

Smashing Conference Freiburg 2014
“SmashingConf Freiburg is back, and it’s never been as practical. 1 track, 2 conference days, 3 workshops, 18 excellent speakers and just 300 available seats.”

When: Se

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