In a new survey by Vue Cinemas, the Harry Potter books came out in the Top 5 Best AND Worst book series to be turned into films. Vue have sent over the results which you can read in full here. Find the results specific to Harry Potter below.

Harry Potter came out as the worst book series to be turned into a film, mainly due to plot gaps and actor choices. The top five worst books to be turned into films are as follows:

Harry Potter

50 Shades of Grey (interesting as it’s not even been released yet)

Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit


Lord of The Rings came out as the UK’s favourite book series to be turned into films, due to it staying true to the book, and it bringing to life what the reader imagined. The top five best books to be turned into films are as follows:

Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games


Bridget Jones’ Diary

Harry Potter was voted both the worst book adaptation, and the second best. In this context, worst doesn’t mean bad films, it means the series that people felt the most was missed out of. Plus, the books had such a wide-spread and intense following, that the films were always going to upset some fans.

Other little tidbits on the results:

Out of the Harry Potter books and films, the books are the clear favourite amongst fans, with more preferring the book versions of Harry Potter than any other vs. questions in the survey. 12% more agreed that the books were better than the films. In fact, every region of the UK agreed that the books are better.

The key moments respondents felt were missed out of the Harry Potter films were Peeves the Poltergeist and the Quidditch World Cup, followed Hermione’s elf rights group, SPEW.

Females are bigger fans of the Harry Potter books than males, with females preferring the books, and males preferring the films.

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