RapidWeaver is a next-generation web design application to help you easily create professional looking web sites in minutes. No knowledge of complex code is required, RapidWeaver will take care of all that for you. RapidWeaver produces valid XHTML & CSS based websites.

One of the perks about using RapidWeaver is that it has a strong custom theme community. You can download themes and edit them from within RapidWeaver and the result is a pretty slick looking website that takes very little effort.

RapidWeaver also has a lot of custom plug-ins. Some of them make it easier to edit images directly in RapidWeaver. Others make creating a site map a matter of a few clicks. The supportive community that surrounds RapidWeaver is really what makes this great app superior to other WYSIWYG website creation tools. Be sure to check out YourHead.com for some little tools to help spice up your website in RapidWeaver.

Need a great site but don't know code? Our Mega Bundle has everything you need, no experience necessary! Includes: RapidWeaver, 10 great plug-ins, 18 top design stacks, and 17 high-quality themes... a $1,000+ value at over 90% off!

Canari is a beautiful, modern and adaptive RapidWeaver theme.

Conversa is a highly customizable RapidWeaver theme with diverse layout options.

Flexture is a RapidWeaver theme packed with unique options, phenomenal flexibility, and stellar mobile support, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for users and Web designers alike.

Extensive Features

The main content area is completely surrounded by the background

The area displaying the Site Title, Site Slogan, and Logo will automatically adjust to fit the size of your title, slogan, and logo.

You can display the Slogan underneath the Site Title

The VIP (Visitor Interaction Panel)

Textured background graphics

Included header images

Fonts, colors, and most theme options

Complete iPhone and iPad support

Built-in lightbox plugin (FancyZoom)

Built-in slideshow plugin (Cycle)

Legendary Customer Support

30 Day 100% Guarantee


Dexture gives your site's visitors an interactive, customized browsing experience.

Beautiful web design, less effort.

That's one of our guiding principles, and Dexture gives you the ability to do just that. Add content. Click publish. Then just enjoy your amazing website, complete with impressive Web 2.0 visual effects and full iPhone/iPad support.

Meet the Visitor Interaction Panel (VIP)

A real innovation for RapidWeaver themes, Dexture features the VIP, an interactive panel that gives you the ability to offer visitors a truly customizable browsing experience.

It's just not enough to have a great looking site anymore - websites that stick out, that people want to keep visiting, have to be interactive - to allow visitors to customize their browsing experience. Style Options

Jaw dropping animation dynamically adjusts the width of the site. First impression? Wow. This thing is cool.

Adjustable text. It's one of those common sense things that really needs to be part of every website.

Why just pick one color when you can have three? And let's add some ultra-smooth animation when switching between them.

Drop Down Menus? Or Split-Navigation?

Why not both? Dexture is our first RapidWeaver theme to give you the choice, and even includes a menu option designed specifically for icon-based menus. Not sure how to do this in RapidWeaver? Download the free step-by-step PDF tutorial we created to help you do this.

Complete iPad and iPhone support

Ultimate color control

Extensive style options


Built-in lightbox (FancyZoom)

Built-in slideshow support (jQuery Cycle plugin)

And much more


Qube is RapidWeaver theme: Simple. Beautiful. Powerful. Flexible.

It doesn't take a lot of work to make a great website - especially when you're using the Qube RapidWeaver theme from NimbleHost.

Enjoy a clean and professional design that gives you immense power and flexibility. Use Qube right out of the box for a beautiful site that's versatile, functional, and easy to use and navigate.

And when you're ready to take RapidWeaver web design to the next level, browse Qube's tremendous selection of theme options to customize it for virtually every situation.

Another RapidWeaver First

iPad Ready - Qube comes with built-in iPad support, creating a flawless experience that takes advantage of the world class browsing experience iPad offers, even adjusting to display optimally when users switch from portrait to landscape mode!

iPhone Ready - See Qube's phenomenal mobile support right now, by visiting the Qube preview site from your iPhone. You'll see an optimized version, customized to offer the best browsing experience for small screens. All your color choices, and most theme options, even ExtraContent, are transferred over - without you needing to do anything!

Though no single desktop theme is a "magic bullet" that works perfectly with all cellphones and mobile devices, Qube works tirelessly so that you can get more done in less time and with less effort.

V ienna

V ienna was made for text. Using custom fonts and CSS properties, this design creates a refined typographic feel that's perfect for any newsworthy material.

Import Slideshow

For slideshow fans that like options - you can import your symNivo or weaverPix slideshow plug-in into the banner with PlusKit. Complete step-by-step tutorial included.

Built For Speed

Combined with beautiful font styling, V ienna uses code-based line work to lend a subtle distinction to your site that's color selectable and ultra-fast loading.

Drop Navigation

Slick drop down menus are used for sub page navigation. Effortless to create - the special formatting is applied automatically to your new and existing sub pages.

22 Social Links

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? Twenty-two of the most popular social networking / media icons are built into V ienna. Setup is quick and easy, and covered in the tutorials section.

E Quinox

E Quinox is a clean and modern RapidWeaver theme.

Select from 760 / 860 / 960 pixel widths to suit your site needs. Mobile device compatible.

This slide-in navigation is intuitive (and fun) to use. Adjustable display behavior, count, and button text.

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube? 22 social icons are built into E Quinox.

Import slideshow plug-ins symNivo or weaverPix into the banner with PlusKit.

Select from 8 background textures - to give your site a unique custom look.

Lightbox formatting is automatically applied to RapidWeaver's built-in Photo Album.

J Line

J Line is a graphically-rich, visually compelling RapidWeaver theme, ideal for artists, entertainers and designers.


Coded HTML5 / CSS3

Built-in Version Checker

Resizing Background

Fixed 980px Width

10 Backgrounds

Resource Background Input

22 Built-in Social Links

Dynamic Title Font Sizing

7 Adjustable Title Fonts

7 Adjustable Nav Fonts

Dot tint added text legibility

J Line tint for text legibility

Optional Scrolling Title / Nav

Color Swatch Heading

11 Banner Configurations

Import Slideshow Ready

RW Multitool Ready

Adjustable Banner Height

Sidebar Below Content

Lightbox Photo Album

Major Browser Compatible


Cre4my is a stylish and simple RapidWeaver theme.

With attention to detail at every corner, and a drive to give you the utmost in flexibility, seyDoggy proudly presents to you the 4th generation of the venerable Creamy line. Welcome to CRE4MY, a marvel of sophistication and beauty


Kleer is a RapidWeaver theme that is quick to navigate, with visually defined and easy to read content. From the header to main content, from each ExtraContent area to the footer, at a mere glance, each of these spaces clearly makes its own impression.

With clean lightbox effects on the Photo and Movie Albums to clearly defined Blog posts to well organized File Sharing pages, we've made each pages style look concise. In short, every part of this theme is clear... or Kleer!


Nuvem is a beautiful theme that leverages the finest design details with infinite control and our signature technologies. Nuvem makes incredible use of whitespace and color to perfectly define and contrast the elements of your page layout with exquisite detail.

This one-of-a-kind RapidWeaver theme is full to the brim with great features like beautiful background tiles on the body and on all 5 ExtraContent areas. Nuvem is responsive ready and built on a framework that includes other great abilities like SS3, SmartNav, Font Awesome and so much more.

Exposition comes with a unique built-in responsive slideshow with the capability to add up to 8 different slides per project. No further plugins are necessary as Exposition makes the slideshow creation process that much easier within the template itself. Learn more and see how to utilize this feature in Exposition's tutorials.


The Gallant RapidWeaver theme is responsive which means your website will respond to and enhance the user experience whether your guest is displaying your project on a 27 inch screen, iPhone, and/or the in-between. Feel free to resize your browser to see how Gallant appears at different browser widths by dragging the bottom right corner of your window with your mouse or simply view on your iPad and iPhone.

Diverse Features

Responsive Web

CSS Media Queries

4 Extra Content Areas

4 Header and Footer Textures

Supports Up to 8 Banner Images

Loads of Font Family Options

Loads of Color Options

Gallant supports the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mobile Safari and Android.

In The Details

Gallant was designed and built with great detail and subtlety to help make your site pop[ular]. Choose between 4 different header and footer textures and make your site become that much more unique.

Navigation Menu

Allow Gallant's navigation menu to automatically respond to your user's browser width. Dropdown menus are activated on click to ensure compatibility on mobile touch devices.

Media Queries

Gallant utilizes the power of CSS media queries to ensure that your project is enhanced at various browser widths for a great user-focused experience.


Revolver is a visually appealing RapidWeaver theme that supports slideshows, photo-albums and more.


Easily import an eye catching slideshow using the symNivo/WeaverPix along with Pluskit plugin (sold separately) to create an animated banner area. View our Tutorials page to see how!


Revolve 2.0 now includes a built-in lightbox photo album to make your photos pop[ular]! View the Photos page to see a demo.


Revolve 2.0 comes packed with custom and unique detailing to assist in making your site capture the attention of your audience right away. Choose between 2 page shadow widths and 8 different and unique textures!


Revolve 2.0 utilizes the jQuery library with just the click of a button and allows you to take advantage of 2 Extra Content areas and a Lightbox Photo Album effect.


Choose from 8 different textures located in the Header area and throughout your body of content along with a glow in your Header.


Revolve 2.0 supports the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer.


Escape is a fully responsive theme that offers another dimension to communicating visually.


IE 8 Compatibility

72 Social Icons

Title/Sidebar Title Opacity Options

7+ Background Textures

Unlimited Banner Height Options

20+ Color-Changeable Items

Stacks 2 Compatible

Supported On Multiple Devices


Venture is an eye-catching and easily navigable RapidWeaver theme.

Set your site apart with Venture's unique and attractive placement for your website title, or choose a traditional yet elegant title placement.


Drop-down Navigation from Venture will blend with your choice of banner images throughout your site.


Venture's sleek Photo Album page layout gives your photos the display they deserve. To further enhance your viewing experience, prettyPhoto is included, providing easy-to-use navigation and control for how you want to view photos.


Illuminate is a simple and unique RapidWeaver theme.

Animated Navigation

Simple and unique, visitors will appreciate the ease of navigating your site through special built-in hover and opacity effects.

Responsive Design

Illuminate is a fully responsive theme. This means that your site content will automatically adjust based on the device visitors to your site are using.

Title, Slogan, Logo Placement

Sometimes a website calls for the title in the banner. Sometimes it doesn't. Illuminate lets you decide.

Social Icons

Illuminate provides 72 built-in social icons that will display seamlessly within your site, styled the way you like.


Illuminate your site with the color options available. Preview the Photos page for a lighter experience.


Proceed to checkout with Illuminate by clicking on the cart above.

Content Switcher
With the Content Switcher Stack, you can define several parts of your page that should be able to be switched. Switch a language, the content switch, switch to another stack or styled to whatever you can imagine. To switch you only need to Provide a content Switcher Activator, a stack that can contain anything. A click on that container you want to switch content. Give it a try and text click on the flags or the left under the text box. You can even use the switched activators inside your content!

Rotapplr Stack

Rotapplr Stack will create an Apple-like slideshow with four rotating small banners on the right side and a big banner on the left with optional rounded left corners. It will stop auto-rotating as long as your mouse is hovering over a banner. While hovering a scroll button will fade in to manually slide through the banners.

Mosaic Stack

Mosaic Stack creates an event-triggered box out of two stacks -- simply hover your mouse over the initial content, and the second stack slides seamlessly into view!


Animation: Fade or slide

From: Direction for the slide effect

slide-out: Activate slide-out effect, deactivate to have a slide-in effect

Overlay size: Pixel size of the overlay which slides over the the initial content

Speed: Duration of the slide or fade animation in ms

Opacity: Opacity of the overlay

Box width/height: Setup dimensions

Background Color: sets the colors of both boxes

YouTube Stack

YouTube Stack will let you embed a single YouTube video, a Playlist or all user's video uploads. If you have agreed to the YouTube HTML5 opt-in the embedded video will decide if you are capable of using HTML5 to play that video instead of Flash.

Video type: Video, Playlist, User uploads

Video / Playlist ID: The ID of the YouTube video or Playlist

Width / Height

Autoplay: Automtically start playback

Autohide: Automatically hide the control bar after a few seconds

Progress color: Set the progress bar's color to red or white

Controls: Show or hide control bar

Loop: Restart after playback

Show related vids: Shows related videos after playback

Theme: Dark or Light


HeaderHelper is targeted for two main groups: the first are new RapidWeaver users who aren't comfortable coding, but just want to use an easy interface to make heading changes. The second group are power users or designers who don't have the time to do the manual coding and just want a quick interface to make heading changes.


Easily Apply Changes to Any Headings

Separate Controls for h1-h6

Edit Heading Margin, Padding & Width

Font Controls for Size, 20 Web-safe Fonts, Google Fonts, Weight, Style, Color, Alignment, Text Shadow Size & Text Shadow Color

Select a Background Color & Opacity or Apply an Opaque Vertical Gradient

Border Controls for 9 Styles, Corner Radius, Border Width & Border Color

Advanced Controls to Ignore Headings in Header & Sidebar Areas

Ignore Heading Input Area to Allow Custom Class/IDs

Searcher is a RapidWeaver stack that lets you search and show results for anything on your site.


Provide Easy Search on Assignable Search Terms

Display of Each Search Term

Site-wide Search of Content*

Place Controller Stack Anywhere

Place Content Stacks Anywhere

Ability to Hide Content on Load

Automated Selection List

Link Buttons to Content Pages*

Label & Link Button Control

Font Control of Label, Input, Results & Link Buttons

Auto-resize & List Reveal

Auto-minimize on Selection

Supports Assignment of Multiple Search Terms

Compact Design

Complete Color Control of Searcher

Cyklone Links

Cyklone Links is a beautiful and robust stack that generates powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques through link building and keyword generating. Use Cyklone Links to make ordinary tag clouds animated, inspiring for user interactivity, and all together an unforgettable display.

Whether for aesthetics or functionality, Cyklone Links is an excellent compliment for nearly every website experience.


Coded With Javascript & fully compatible in all browsers and mobile devices including iPhone, cell phones, PS3, PSP.


Search engines are able to read & index the text inside the cloud, so you can load them up with powerful keywords.


Will dynamically adjust it's size to fit wherever you place it & takes the style of the links already on your website so it will intergrate without the headache of styling.


Javascript is quick to load and does not put much demand on the website server.

Menu Stacks

Menu Stacks is a RapidWeaver stack for creating menus quickly.

Usually, the easiest way to get a dropdown/vertical menu is if your RapidWeaver template comes with one.But now there is an alternative.Menu Stacks provide Dropdown and Vertical menus that you can place on your page, whether or not your theme comes with one.

With Menu Stacks, you can control what you want to show in your menus. You can show menus that are:

Independent of your site structure/pages. This means you can create menus that are different in structure from your site, for example. You can use these on any themes.

Dynamically generated from your site pages. This means that you can use it on the FreeStack theme, meaning more choices on the kinds of navigational menus that you can use on the FreeStack theme.

What you will be getting:

Remora Horizontal stack

Remora Vertical stack

Remora Dynamic stack

Moogic Horizontal

Moogic Vertical

Moogic Dynamic stack


Parallax is an advanced, multi-staged, CSS3 animated content slider.

Eye Popping Animation

Building a great website with real "wow" factor just got a whole lot easier. Parallax is perfect for when you need to catch attention - it's one of those things you can't help but stop and admire.

Using advanced CSS3 technology Parallax creates multi-stage animations that are truly remarkable, moving different elements at different times to create an immersive browsing experience.

Responsive & Mobile

Parallax is based upon the great demo by Mary Lou of Codrops - but the original version wasn't iOS friendly, so we revamped the design to make sure Parallax looks and works great, even when using an iPad or iPhone.

Now you can be sure that not only will your desktop site be jaw-droppingly good, but mobile visitors can enjoy the awesomeness as well.


BootSnap is a killer combination RapidWeaver Theme with 15 Stacks that add the power of BootStrap, from Twitter, to your RapidWeaver site. The theme and stacks work together to setup a fully responsive environment -- this means your site will look great on all browsers and devices. Images and text just look *right*, no matter the visitor's platform.

If you're already using Stacks 2, you'll find that BootSnap is a breeze. Just choose BootSnap theme on a Stacks 2 page and add BootSnap content stacks to your site. BootSnap brings an end to the days of designing both a desktop site and mobile friendly site and relying on browser detection scripts to route traffic appropriately. Simplify things and design ONE site and BootSnap will do the rest.

FormSnap Junior
FormSnap Junior is FormSnap Suite's little brother. If you need a basic contact form, Junior's the stack for you. While Junior may not have all the bells and whistles of his big brother, Junior more than makes up for it in easy of setup and good looks. FormSnap Junior adds a contact tab to any border of your page, users click the tab to open up a contact form containing inputs for name, email address and a message. Junior also features a "Human Test" ( anti-bot ) challenge to make sure you receive only legitimate form submissions. Every single text element within Junior can be modified - so you can customize with your own text or even translate the form and instructions into any desired language.

Responsive Layout
The Responsive Layout stacks replace the out-of-the-box 2, 3, 4 and 5 column stacks for responsive-based themes. The columns will break at customizable points so that your content looks good on all browsers from the desktop to the iPhone. There is a 5th stack in this set that will allow you to show or hide content based on the browser size. This allows you to hide content that may not be needed on an iPhone.

HTML5 Video Stack
HTML5 Video Stack utilizes the latest HTML5 technologies to play video on your site without flash! Unfortunately, not all browsers natively support HTML5. Therefore, this stack will fall back to a flash based player for browsers that do not support HTML5.

HTML5 Audio Stack
The HTML5 Audio Stack utilizes the latest HTML5 technologies to play audio on your site without flash! Unfortunately, not all browsers natively support HTML5. Therefore, this stack will fall back to a flash based player for browsers that do not support HTML5.

Fluid Image Stack
Fluid Image Stack is a responsive, design-based image stack. If you have a responsive or variable width site, this stack will allow the image to grow and shrink in size with your site instead of just sitting there at the same fixed height and width. Fluid Image will even generate smaller resolution images to speed up mobile browsing! You can also apply CSS borders, corner radius and drop shadows to your image.

Fit Text Stack
Fit Text Stack will shrink your text as the browser size decreases and increase size as the browser size increases. This is great for keeping the look a feel of your website consistent across all devices by preventing large text and headings from wrapping onto a second line.


Blocks is a plugin for RapidWeaver. It allows you to place blocks of text, graphics, and even raw HTML onto your page wherever you like. Drag blocks around, resize them, and even overlap content. All in a plugin that is as easy to use as RapidWeaver itself.

Blocks 3.0 brings great ways to reuse your own content (library blocks), your own layout (master pages), your own pages (library pages), and even content from other page types (Page Blocks). What more can we do? We can make everything smarter. Smart Blocks allow you to add special tags to your code that can connect to the properties of your blocks or even add GUI controls to your layout.

Kwix is a RapidWeaver plugin that builds an animated sliding menu for your Web site. Kwix lets you easily choose icons and styles to match your site's theme exactly.

RapidCart is a RapidWeaver plugin that lets you create your own e-commerce website in minutes.

Add one or more RapidCart pages to your site and enjoy the slick and fully customizable cross-page AJAX cart that the plugin will automatically generate for you.


checkout thru multiple trusted payment systems

no monthly fee required

support for all currencies

complete cart with taxes and shipping

Google Checkout support

PayPal support

E-junkie support

iDEAL support thru SISOW

Direct Order with customizable fields


custom return URL

RapidCart for iPhone support


default tax rate percentage

shows prices with or without taxes

special prices for promotions

taxes and shipping

additional costs management

different prices for different options

coupon codes for discounts

multiple carts on one domain


AJAX cross-page cart

saved in cookies

customizable expiration

customizable size, alignment and position

customizable colors

1-4 column layout

automatic positioning

full summary including taxes and shipping

powerful customizable layout

styled/HTML header & footer

SEO support


products management

automatic icon scaling

name, SKU

styled product description

unlimited options with automatic dropdown or text field creation

price, special price for promotions

taxes and shipping

"out of stock" option

automatic multiple products creation from drag & drop


cool effects when adding items or emptying cart

on-the-fly quantity increase/decrease with automatic update

customizable cart icon sets


customizable currency, decimal separator and precision

customizable labels


works with Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE7+

Snow Leopard ready


automatic updates

frequent updates for bugfixing and improvements

RapidLink is your digital downloads safe assistant for RapidWeaver that automates the delivery process and all in a fully secure way!

Rest on the beach while RapidLink delivers your products... List your files. Set prices and export your site. That's all you have to do to get ready to sell your digital downloads with RapidLink in a perfectly seamless way! One click does it all: RapidLink creates IPN for your PayPal account, traces your links and all in a fully secure way!

No matter what your business. RapidLink helps boost it. Are you a professional Photographer and want to sell your works-of-art? Are you a software developer aiming to publish your apps? Or do you simply want to share some papers or files with your customers? No matter what you sell, RapidLink will be your digital download safe assistant!

Link spreading is deprecated! With RapidLink, your digital downloads are always in your control: you'll receive a notification email each time one file is downloaded, so you can prevent and block link spreading in a flash and sleep safely!

Give the gift of style to your communications. Dazzle customers with your sparkling new style! RapidLinks comes with 10 free templates created by ThemeFlood, the RapidWeaver community's most talented theme developer, to customize your notification emails. In addition, you can further create your own template to give the look and style of your company or site.

RapidMaps is a RapidWeaver plugin that lets you add Google Maps to your site in just a few clicks.


MetaMate is a meta information management plugin for RapidWeaver, powerful desktop publishing software for Mac.

Manage your project’s meta in one convenient place with Meta Mate. Mould and perfect your meta information as carefully and thoroughly as you would for your site’s design.

Open Graph Integration

With Open Graph meta tag names built in, Meta Mate makes it easier than ever before to ensure your sites are shareable, identifiable and integrated with the social web!

Open Graph is a single technology that allows one to provide enough information to richly represent any web page within the social graph. To learn more, visit opg.me.

CoverFlow is a Rapidweaver plugin that allows you to implement CoverFlow into your website!

FormLoom adds power and flexibility to your RapidWeaver pages. This RapidWeaver plugin allows you to quickly layout great looking multi-column forms. There's a lot of power behind the scenes too. Have the forms submitted to you via email, or integrate the submitted data into your MySQL database. FormLoom takes the hassle out of adding functional, productive forms to your site.

Content Pager

Content Pager is a great tool that allows you to create "pages" of content that can then be shown in one section of a web page.

This gives you great flexibility in terms of layout and a cleaner look, without compromising on the content that you want to deliver.

It is also a great way to catch the attention of your site visitors.


Easy to use.

Customizable height and width.

Use the included backgrounds, combine a background image with a background color, or simply use your own image.

Presents information in an uncluttered space, making good use of screen real-estate.

Easy arrange the order of the pages using the plugin’s drag-and-drop.

Use your own navigation icons instead of the default Previous and Next page icons.

Auto move to the next page. You can set your own time interval, or turn it off.

Optionally pause the auto move when the user mouses over the Content Pager. When the mouse leaves, auto move resumes.

SuperFlex is based upon on the popular responsive slideshow "Flex Slider" - but improved with streamlined design, drop-dead easy stack interface, and banner importing into existing NCD Themes. SuperFlex allows slideshows to beautifully scale within the coming direction of responsive design sites and themes.

Hang Glider

Hang Glider takes your normal stacks page and turns it up a notch by making it responsively animated.

Now when screen sizes are increased or deceased Hang Glider will take each stack section and animate it smoothly into place.

Each 'Glide' animates randomly to give an continually unique experience for all users.

Stacks is ideal for visually stunning article layouts, image galleries, and video galleries.

More information

You have less than 3 days to take advantage of this promo offer!

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