What kind of angel are you? I’m a fallen angel. I was hoping for guardian angel, but I would have settled for loving angel or archangel. But that was before I found out about the sleeper: the hidden angel. The hidden angel gets to have all the fun, and even though she doesn’t get any credit for the stellar job she performs, she does get to have a blast doing it. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I mean, who cares if you are held in high esteem if you don’t get to have any fun?

That’s why I am now going to work on my angel skills and try my hardest to reach the heights of the hidden angel. In a year or two, I’m going to take the quiz again, but this time I will be prepared. I’m going to be the kindest, gentlest angel you have ever seen. I will journey through ancient forests and commune with the wild animals. The shadows will be my solace, and I will be available to those who seek me out, but no matter how close they get, no human will ever take the place of my animal friends.

But that isn’t what you are really interested in, is it? You want to know how I came to be a fallen angel. You want to know what dastardly deeds I committed to receive such a blasphemous title. Well, I just might tell you. You see, I was at this angel bar one fine evening over in purgatory, and everything was going fine until this demon burst in. I mean, what does he think he’s doing coming into an angel bar? There are five demon bars right across the river Styx, you can practically hit them with a stone if you are a good throw. Maybe he just wanted to cause trouble, and that’s just what he got. Unfortunately for me, the bar was owned by a very famous relative of you-know-who, and suffice it to say I caused A LOT of damage to the bar.

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