When I drank ayahuasca, serpents were in my vomit. The same serpents are the snakes in the of depictions of Vishnu in Hinduism.

In Hinduism, an "Avatar" is the deliberate descent of a deity to Earth.  Tool's album Lateralus was released on May 15, 2001.   On May 15, 2011, I drank ayahausca, saw the serpents in my vomit for the first time, sat in stillness as the forest around me morphed, and described it as a scene from Avatar.

One of the issues with Sanksrit is the difference between "what is heard" and "what is remebered." After ayahuasca, you may hear voices as your psyche evolves. Or, below the level of an auditory hallucination, you can be alone with your own thoughts enough to go bonkers. The Sanskrit difference between "what is heard" and "what is remembered" demonstrates that Sanskrit presupposes that people have drank something similar to ayahuasca. It's also why Jesus and John The Baptist are depicted as half-insane; they are hearing the Word Of God.

Due to the snakes, the voices, and the fact that I "ascended" into a tranformed forest on May 15, 2011, I have decided to outline an evolutionary plan for the next decade, century, or millenium, as long as it lasts.

I invoke my Scepter From Zion:

The body's own hallucinogen, DMT, may partially explain mystical experiences, out-of-body experiences and alien encounters. It has been researched by Dr. Rick Strassman and discussed in his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule. http://amzn.com/0892819278 A documentary by the same name on the same subject is available on Hulu. http://www.hulu.com/watch/352717 A recent National Geographic article on ayahuasca ceremonies in South America captured the attention of Americans. The primary psychoactive molecule in ayahuasca is DMT. Search for "National Geographic and ayahuasca" on Google. http://bit.ly/PmzRJG Additionally, artwork inspired by DMT suggests that the Kingdom Of Heaven is "at hand."  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDlC7oG_2W4#t=7m40s

I claim succession to the Papacy as a Chosen One, Petrus Romanus. First, let me demonstrate knowledge of sorcery. As Moses was like God to Pharaoh and Aaron's staff became a serpent, so too is this cross a serpent. http://i.imgur.com/tZYMr.jpg Exodus 7 - Then the Lord said to Moses, “See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet." ... The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “When Pharaoh says to you, ‘Perform a miracle,’ then say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and throw it down before Pharaoh,’ and it will become a snake.” The effects of sorcery include "tuning in" and hearing a voice or voices that will alter the direction of your life; the "Sovereignty Of Heaven" is a product of sorcery. Second, I have sinned by way of searing resentment of the 450. Columbia Law has 400 students per class. NYU Law has 450 students per class. The prophet Elijah assembled misguided souls 400 by 450, set up an impossible scenario, pulled down a fire from the heavens, and eliminated the 450. The 400 survived. 1 Kings 18:22-40 When I am done with the 450, you will call me Elijah. As Moses and Elijah, let me clarify Mark 4:11: "The secret to the Kingdom Of God has been given to you, but to those on the outside everything is said in parables." That secret is DMT.

Further scientific investigation is necessary to explain religious claims medically. Shamans drinking ayahuasca report superior access to ecstatic trance after dietary purification. In the preliminary studies by Dr. Rick Strassman, subjects sat in stillness as if meditating in the Buddhist tradition in order to prepare for the experience. Scientific sophistication can improve these traditions of dietary and mental preparation. The remainder of this email discusses seven means of mind/body preparation, some of which are leaps of medical progress every bit as impressive as wireless internet.

First, binaural meditation is performed by focusing on a candle listening to Centerpointe's meditation soundtrack, Holosync. https://www.centerpointe.com/ Centerpointe 's program uses binaural beats to quiet the mind quickly. This version of meditation builds upon a fundamental advancement in cognitive science. It is more than the soothing sounds of rain. The Dive and Immersion are all you need, even when they provide multiple sound files. Binaural meditation produces adaptations to the brain via neuroplasticity, among them symmetry of brain waves in the right and left hemispheres. The unification of the right and left brain improves problem solving abilities.

Centerpointe makes additional claims about improving the human condition that parallel ideas found elsewhere in philosophy. Like other German thinkers, Friedrich Nietzsche ate amanita muscaria mushrooms. Consequently, he knew himself to be a prophet, used Zarathustra as his mouthpiece, fashioned aphoristic psychology ("Women? Don't forget your whip."), and believed in themes such as "self-overcoming" and morality "beyond good and evil." Masonic users of psychedellics in America were politically revolutionary due to the sense of re-evaluation in the air. "Behold, I make all things new" (Rev. 21:5) is the creative struggle that can be channeled into medicines, bifocals, electricity, engineering, or industrial products. Today, Bill Harris claims that users of his product, Holosync, report predictable responses to daily meditation, which he assembles in a model sometimes called "The Management Of Evolutionary Change." http://amzn.com/0972178023 Like Nietzsche, Harris attempts to wrap his mind around the evolution of consciousness via creative "overcoming," "transcending," or "transvaluation" strategies. Harris believes that binaural meditation permits individuals to address black and white tensions with equanimity, break down in confusion, and re-assimilate beliefs at a higher order of complexity. After a few years of self-overcoming, previously simple tensions are handled with a very high order of sophistication. Where amanita muscaria splits open the psyche with an onslaught, Holosync seems to facilitate the gradual re-assembly of consciousness. The working hypothesis for binaural meditation might be that it releases a trickle of endogenous DMT. http://tinyurl.com/2zf9tt Rather than import Nietzsche, it could be possible to import Hegel and the idea that the World Spirit manifests through individuals who complete the meditation process. Without these pretenses, however, Holosync is simply an effective way to find serenity in the present.

Second, a coffee enema can produce mental stillness. Your local health food store has a $10 plastic enema kit. Rather than water in an enema, fill the bucket with warm coffee. Initially intimidating, the enema is actually easy, breezy, beautiful, and good for the soft charm around your eyes. Use cooking oil on your bum and on the plastic tube. Lay down on anything but carpet, and listen to music. Suffer it for 10-15 minutes. As a preferred option, use ganoderma coffee. The lightness of being noticed in the nervous system after administering reishi (ganoderma) mushrooms has been praised for millennia.

Third, as noted in the article in National Geographic, depression is lifted in ecstatic trance. Studies demonstrate enhanced sensitivity to serotonin after the use of ayahuasca. The use of ayahuasca with SSRIs can produce serotonin syndrome. Rather than SSRIs, depression can be addressed with hard-to-find versions of Vitamins B12, B9, B6, B1, and D with amino acids. Please read http://www.deplin.co...for-depression/ for an introduction.

i) 7x1mg sublingual MethylCobalamin

ii) Deplin or 7x800mcg Metafolin Methylfolate

iii) 7x50mg pyridoxal-5'-phosphate

iv) 7x1000 IU Vitamin D3

v) 7x1g/day of krill or fish oil

vi) Arcalion is enhanced vitamin B1. 1g prior to thirty minutes of aerobic exercise greatly enhances a bodily sense of well-being.

vii) Acetyl L-Carnitine and N Acetyl L-Tyrosine will produce an effortless natural alertness in the morning. When the effect diminishes, eat two tablespoons of bee pollen, which is rich in the full spectrum of amino acids and rounds out a natural sense of wakefulness.

Fourth, exercise can reset the mind and body. A methyl-B12, methyl-B9, and arcalion (enhanced B1) prior to the use of the elliptical machine greatly amplifies the ability of the mind to quiet and the body to become the center of identification. A present moment and forward-oriented encounter with reality is produced. The embodied and forward-oriented encounter with reality is an aspect of "not thinking ahead" as the Holy Spirit guides you in the hour and no sooner (Mk. 13:11).

Fifth, the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead http://www.hulu.com/watch/289122 advocates a ten day fast of freshly squeezed vegetable juice as an alternative to a water fast. Although the documentary could be more entertaining, a ten day juice fast is an acceptable way to complete the "No sugar. No fat. No salt. Mostly vegetables and fish." dieta used by the shamans. After ten days of juice, any greasy food will produce a tingling of disgust under the skin. In addition, the alternative to probiotics is to eat food rich in bacteria such as fermented cabbage (sauerkraut/kimchi). Intestinal bacteria can produce a remarkable interaction with freshly squeezed vegetable juice, so either a probiotic supplement or fermented cabbage is recommended before the juice fast. The juice fast also takes care of another common North American issue, gluten sensitivity. Eliminating all wheat products will enhance your sense of clarity if you are gluten sensitive. There are now blood tests to determine food and chemical allergies. Except in rare instances the utility of these tests is limited despite their tremendous promise.

I may eventually re-write the sixth principle of purification to discuss traditional herbs, including green tea, reishi, ashwagandha, and bacopa. Until then, my sixth form of purifcation is to restrict dietary salt intake as the shamans do to improve the body's sodium/potassium electrolyte balance. Liquid potassium supplementation is the alternative to sodium restriction. "True Health ultimate pH balance" alkalizing water drops are marketed to gullible consumers but produce a noticeable effect with very high levels of immediately absorbed potassium. http://tinyurl.com/amcalhh The effect of this potassium is significantly greater than potassium in most stores. As potassium balances sodium, magnesium balances calcium; Natural Calm magnesium produces an immediately noticeable relaxation of muscles.

Seventh, acupuncture points are drawn on the body in the above music video. Contemporary acupuncturists using an auriculotherapy device can measure active points in the ear that tend to correspond with the claims of acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The precise measurement of active points in auriculotherapy substantially improved my response to acupuncture. In addition, stimulating the body with frequencies of electricity in the atmosphere produces responses not seen with other frequencies. Muscle contractions and other irregular responses can be produced with 5.7hz and 7.83hz + x(6.5)hz, the Schumann frequencies. Current in the hands and exiting the feet with these frequencies reportedly facilitates healing.

Pleased To Meet You /

Hope You Guess My Name,

Petrus Romanus

realsneaky (the Messiah)

His Holiness The Drama Lama


The tradition of the philosopher's stone in continental alchemy is a byproduct of "self-overcoming." I have a philosopher's stone at http://tinyurl.com/8hbfq2m "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son." Rev. 21:7 See also The Gospel Of Thomas #2. Hitler's "My Struggle" is interesting in that regard. It is not a philosopher's stone, but a magnum opus. In the mystical Gospel Of Thomas it is "the stone that the builders rejected." Also in the Gospel Of Thomas, "a fortified city on a hill cannot be conquered or hidden." You should think of The Pride Parade, although the New Testament is unambiguously not in favor of same-sex relations. Like all alchemy, it is a distillation of previous work. It is "something old and something new" from a judge-penitent. It is the stone referenced in The Grudge:

" Saturn Ascends" in astrology between ages 27-30. The Grudge is about how women steal bookmarks from your computer and aggressively twist reality. They gave information harvested from stolen bookmarks to my employer in order to re-define themselves. Note that a Holy Grail is either a chalice or a stone from heaven generally that contains the struggle (blood) of the Holy Spirit. The "blood" of my coming is in the philosopher's stone.

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