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  • It’s time for Around the ‘Verse! Take a look at today’s transcript of the show Transcript by CanadianSyrup, Sunjammer, WangPhat, Desmarius TLDR(Too Long; Didn’t Read) Intro Team is working on finalizing what will be going into 2.4. CIG is getting...

  • Happy Musketeer Day! I’ve been home sick with grumpy children for the last several days, which is a whole lot of no fun. But still feeling better than Athos, so there’s that. Also a big shout out to the Web Fiction Guide, which has listed Musketeer...

  • Most people who have followed this blog for any period of time or who know me, understand that I hate sitting still and don’t do very well with the same-old-thing.Yet this blog sure looks like I am doing the same-old-thing every day, doesn’t it?But nope...

  • The February 2017 issue of Clarkesworld, issue #125, marks an important milestone for the magazine — and for its editor and founder, Neil Clarke. Here’s Neil to explain (from his editorial, “The Next Chapter Begins“). The day this issue is published...

  • Illustration by Allen Williams, for Tor.com On the one hand, I have been looking forward for ages to reading and then writing something about “The Litany of Earth,” an amazing novelette by Ruthanna Emrys, acquired for Tor.com by editor Carl Engle-Laird...

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  • 6 | July | 2016 | Logical Premises

    I’m interested in people’s thoughts about how this should happen: I can put out a chapter at the beginning of a week (Monday) and pick it up Saturday or Sunday, which allows people to choose their own...

  • On Why the Council is Dumb | Logical Premises

    The one question I get over and over is ‘Why isn’t anyone seeing what is going to happen?’ It was a question many asked in canon ME, and simply because the Premiseverse is not can…

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