The 2015 SLA Annual Conference will be held June 14-16 in Boston, MA, and we are excited about LMD’s stellar line-up of programs!

Please see the Speaker Bios section for more information about the speakers.

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LMD No-Host Meet-Up

Saturday 13 June 2015

9:00 pm - ?

Join LMD members for an informal meet-up at Westin Boston Waterfront's MJ O'Connors Pub. This informal gathering is a great opportunity for you to stop by and say hi between parties and other events. More information to come via Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and the LMD discussion list.

This is a great networking opportunity for catching up with LMD friends and colleagues and making new contacts!

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends
Hosted with Government Information Division

Session ID 1687

Sunday 14 June 2015

1:00 - 3:30pm

A frank, funny and inspiring conversation with the authors of "Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change" about what it really takes to create change and introduce new ideas at work, whatever your title, however big or small your organization.


Lois Kelly, Foghound;

Carmen Medina, Specialist Leader

1. Participants will gain practical strategies to promote change at work, regardless of their position.

2. Participants will learn productive and positive ways to challenge the status quo -- and get results.

LMD Lead Program

Put ‘YOU’ into ‘Your’ Brand: LMD Marketing Section Workshop
Co-hosted by First Five Years Advisory Council

Session ID 1445

Sunday 14 June 2015

1:30 - 3:00pm

Ditch the (elevator) pitch and learn about the power of dialogue: why this profession already has the skills needed to show the world who you are; what you can do for them; and why they should work with you.


Lyndsay Rees-Jones, Real Time Release

1) Participants will consider where a personal brand is visible and how the world sees them.

2) Participants will identify their value proposition.

3) Participants will explore the importance of being authentically ‘you’.

Leading from the Middle: Strategies, Advice and Perspective from Senior Leaders
Hosted with Academic Division

Session ID 1631

Sunday 14 June 2015

3:30 - 5:00pm

This session features a collaborative leadership development expert and senior leaders from the profession who’ll discuss practical advice and strategies on how information professionals can function as successful leaders from the middle tier.


Lisa DeAngelis, Center for Collaborative Leadership, University of Massachusetts; Victoria North, Kirkland & Ellis International LLP; Leslie Reynolds, University of Colorado Boulder

1. Participants will learn about effective and collaborative leadership behaviors and practices

2. Participants will learn practices and tips to manage up or down the organizational hierarchy across multiple stakeholder groups

3. Participants will learn how to use communication and influencing skills to establish credibility with decision makers in an organization and reinforce your role as a leader with colleagues

LMD Lead Program

MASTER CLASS: It's a Risky Business: Proactive Information Risk Management for Information Professionals
Co-hosted by Business & Finance Division

Session ID 1444

Sunday 14 June 2015

3:30 - 5:00pm

Have you thought about the multiple risks around information management - not only the operational ones such as staff success and disaster planning, but those related to how your organisation creates, obtains and uses information? Do you know what your organisation's tolerance or appetite for risk in this area is. Our moderator is Dennie Heye,

IM Business Analyst at Shell International Exploration & Production.


Geraldine-Clement-Stoneham, Medical Research Council UK; Alex IIg, Morgan Stanley; Craig Wingrove, Boston Consulting Group

1) Participants will gain a broad awareness of the nature of risk around information management.

2) Participants will be given practical examples of how other organisations analyse and manage information related risks.

3) Participants will be provided with some principles and concrete case examples, making them ready to go back to the office and assess their management of risk."

Joint Divisions Open House
Co-hosted by Government Information Division; Transportation Division; Museum, Arts, and Humanities Division; Solo Librarians Division

Session ID 1684

Sunday 15 June 2015

8:00 - 10:00pm

You are cordially invited to celebrate the start of another great conference with a few hours of fun, food and networking with old friends and new. Please note the session sponsors: ELSEVIER, Springer, The MediaPreserve.

(This session replaces the LMD Cocktail Party advertised earlier).

LMD Lead Program

How do clients REALLY think?: LMD Consulting Section Breakfast


Session ID 1522

Monday 15 June 2015

8:00 - 9:30am

Enjoy a Continental breakfast while you listen to Eunice Hogeveen, Principal at Innerviews Inc. This market research firm has been using metaphoric based research for 14 years with blue chip companies.


Eunice Hogeveen, Innerviews Inc.

1) Participants will be engaged to think about non-traditional ways of doing market research.

2) Participants will explore metaphor, imagery and storytelling in market research.

3) Participants will consider how the insights can be used to make a difference.

LMD Lead Program

QUICK TAKE - Maximise Your Brain Power with Mind Maps: 7 Steps to Making Your First Mind Map

Session ID 1441

Monday 15 June 2015

9:00 - 9:15am

A quick take on mind-mapping as a powerful tool for unleashing creativity and improving effectiveness, given by passionate mind mapper.


Lyndsay Rees-Jones, Real Time Release

1) Participants will be introduced to the concept of mind mapping.

2) Participants will hear how mind mapping can transform day-to-day life.

3) Participants will learn 7 steps towards making their first mind map."

LMD Lead Program

Cultural Diversity and Working in a Global Information Environment: Keys to Success for the Information Professional
Co-hosted by Arabian Gulf Chapter, Europe Chapter, Diversity Leadership Development Program, Australia and New Zealand Chapter, Asia Chapter

Session ID 1540

Monday 15 June 2015

10:00 -11:30am

Why does a culture of inclusion matter to us as individuals, as information professionals and as members of SLA? What are the related essential soft skills we need to succeed?


Gimena Campos Cervera, Information Resource Center, US Embassy, Rome, Italy; Monica Ertel, Bain & Company; Kym Holden, Australia Department of Education and Department of Employment;
Professor Dr Naeema Jabur, Professor in the Department of Information Studies of Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman

Moderated by Aimée deChambeau.

1) Participants will leave with an enhanced awareness of the benefits of being culturally inclusive for themselves and for SLA.

2) Participants will gain a clearer sense of what cultural intelligence looks like and its complexities.

3) Participants will acquire practical tips on how to manage culturally diverse projects and working groups.

MASTER CLASS: Global Talent Management: A Key to Producing Superior Results
Hosted with Competitive Intelligence Division

Session ID 1700

Monday 15 June 2015

4:00 - 5:00pm

This session will explore some of the key factors involved in successful talent management.


Michel Bernaiche, Aurora WDC; Scott Leeb, Iknow LLC

Some takeaways include:

• An inventory of talent and competencies

• Goal setting and development plans

• Measurement systems to track progress of individuals

MASTER CLASS: The Power of Framing: Creating the Language of Leadership
Hosted with Business & Finance Division

Session ID 1664


Tuesday 16 June 2015

8:00 - 9:30am

One of the most common communication errors made in today’s workplace is confusing talking with real communication. One way to avoid this is to better understand the skill of framing through which we define the meaning of “the situation here and now.” Are we in a “crisis”? Is this situation merely “a cause for concern” or should we be on “red-alert”? Am I appreciating all the stakeholders impacted? When we connect with others through our framing, we shape reality and if we “manage meaning” when others can’t, we emerge as leaders.


Gail Fairhurst, University of Cincinnati

Attendees will leave this session with guidelines they can act on to assess their communications style and communicate more credibly in today’s business environment.

LMD Lead Program

Effective Management Of Your External Content Suppliers Raises Value for the Enterprise…And You!: LMD Content Buying Section Breakfast


Session ID 1560

Tuesday 16 June 2015

8:00 - 9:30am

Building on the success of the LMD webinar series 'Content Management on Steroids', this session will be moderated by Craig Wingrove, Co-Chair of LMD's Content Buying Section, and include a panel of industry experts.Examine how building advanced capabilities in procurement will improve the life cycle of your external content acquisition and management. Gain insight into how to develop skills that will help you get the most for your organization's precious budget dollars and showcase the value that you bring to the



Bill Noorlander BST America; Cathy Porta PwC; Martha Rabin Visa

1) Participants will hear from experts in this field sharing their strategic insight.

2) Participants will have an opportunity to network with colleagues engaged in content buying and selling activity.

3) Participants will gain practical insights in dealing with the challenges of information procurement and finding opportunities to raise their value proposition.

LMD Lead Program

Habits not Hype: Start-up Thinking 101

Session ID 1442

Tuesday 16 June 2015

9:45 - 10:45am

This session will introduce fundamental concepts and unpack the core approaches, key concepts, and essential tools used by serial entrepreneurs. Start thinking and acting more like an entrepreneur – wherever you happen to be.


M.J. D'Elia, University of Guelph

1) Participants will explore the merits of using prototypes and simple dashboards to test ideas and validate assumptions.

2) Participants will learn how an iterative build-measure-learn cycle can accelerate development.

3) Participants will consider the importance of engaging stakeholders early in the design process.

LMD Lead Program

Be Bold, Be Brief and Be Gone: Secrets on How to Successfully Navigate the C-Suite
Co-hosted by Competitive Intelligence Division

Session ID 1443

Tuesday 16 June 2015

11:00am -12:00pm

This session examines why we fail and what we can do to establish credibility and sway within the C-suite. It is designed for information professionals of all levels who interact with senior executives.


Scott Leeb, Iknow LLC

1) Participants will learn how to identify common communication pitfalls.

2) Participants will develop strategies to better persuade the C-suite to listen and agree to your proposals.

3) Participants will learn new processes and frameworks to influence senior executives.

LMD Lead Program

Up the Ante on Change! : LMD Afternoon Tea with Deb Wallace


Session ID 1521

Tuesday 16 June 2015

2:00 - 3:30pm

The Leadership & Management Division invites their members and colleagues to join Deb Wallace, Executive Director of Knowledge and Library Services at Harvard Business School, to take a new look at leaders’ responsibilities for managing change. Based on a blend of personal experience with a new job, a new Dean and a new structure for the Harvard Library and a study of the change management and leadership literature, Deb shares her passion for leveraging librarians and libraries to create new value.

Karen Kreizman Reczek, Chair of the Division, will also announce the winners of LMD's Annual Awards.

1) Participants will be engaged to think about non-traditional ways of doing market research.

2) Participants will explore metaphor, imagery and storytelling in market research.

3) Participants will consider how the insights can be used to make a difference.

Speaker Bios

Gimena Campos Cervera is an information professional with many years of experience in the international field. Paraguayan by birth, she holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the Robert Gordon University in Scotland, and has worked for United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the U.S. Department of State. In 2009 she was elected Information Professional of the Year by SLA Europe. Gimena currently lives in Italy where she works at the Information Resource Center of the U.S. Embassy to Italy, and commutes between Rome and Tuscany, where she and her husband run an olive farm.

Geraldine Clement-Stoneham is the Knowledge and Information Manager at the Medical Research Council UK. She leads a team which provides support and advice to MRC staff and researchers on a range of information management issues. Her role includes advising on corporate and research information governance, and acting as a subject expert on projects which aim to harness technology, standards and good practice to enable information and knowledge sharing.

Jean Crampon celebrates forty years as a member of SLA this year.  She has been a member of LMD since 1983 and is the current Chair of the Marketing Section.  She is a former Chair of SLA’s Biomedical & Life Sciences Division and past-President of the Southern California Chapter.  She is an active book reviewer for Library Journal.   In addition to publishing, she has presented both at SLA and at the International Association of Aquatic & Marine Libraries & Information Centers.  She recently retired as University Librarian Emerita from the University of Southern California after nearly 28 years of service.

Aimée deChambeau is an Associate Professor at The University of Akron, where she serves as the Head of Electronic Services and the Interim Head of Access Services for The University Libraries. She has extensive experience in library services and systems in higher education. Aimée holds a PhD in Sustainability Education from Prescott College and an MLS from the University of Pittsburgh. Her research interests focus on the intersection of technology, communities of practice, and collaboration. Aimée is the current Chair of SLA’s Diversity Leadership Development Program Committee, as well as a member of the Academic Library Association of Ohio’s Diversity Committee and The University of Akron’s Diversity Council where she leads the council’s subcommittee on Student Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation.

M.J. D’Elia is the Head of the Learning and Curriculum Support Team at the University of Guelph. He oversees the academic support services available via the Library’s Learning Commons. He was one of the co-organizers of the first ever Startup Weekend: Library Edition in Toronto. In addition to his library role, he also instructs the Entrepreneurship course for the College of Business and Economics. When time permits M.J. doodles, plays with Lego and runs a small facilitation company that specializes in creative problem solving.

Monica Ertel is Director of Global Information Services for Bain & Company where she leads its worldwide information services, managing 100 researchers in 26 offices around the world.  Her responsibilities include Bain’s overall knowledge services strategy, high-level research analysis and support, desktop delivery of key information resources, and end-user consultant training. Monica has over 25 years of library management experience, including director roles for Innovative Interfaces, Inc., Korn/Ferry International and Apple Computer.  She is an SLA Fellow, and has been awarded the SLA San Francisco Chapter Professional Achievement Award and the San Jose State University Outstanding Alumni Award.  She is active in the International Federation of Libraries and Associations in addition to SLA.

Dennie Heye is an information management business analyst with Shell International Exploration & Production BV in the Netherlands. His strong points are a solid LIS background combined with a master of arts degree in Marketing and a wide experience in different aspects of content management, leading to success in tackling technical and human change elements in a variety of projects. Since becoming a member of SLA in 1997, Dennie has had several roles supporting SLA, its European Chapter and the Petroleum & Energy Resources Division. He is a past winner of the SLA Europe Information Professional Award, and was named SLA Fellow in 2013. Dennie is also active in AIIM (the global association of information professionals) as the leader of the Oil & Gas Special Interest Group, another global virtual industry-specific community.

Eunice Hogeveen began her career journey in special libraries at the Board of Trade and a major accounting and consulting firm, after receiving an MLS. With the era of content databases just emerging, Eunice took an opportunity in sales, marketing and product development for a major Canadian newspaper publisher.   In the process of developing and marketing ‘brand new to the world products’ a deep need arose to understand consumer minds. This desire – to push beyond the limit of what is often done in research – led Eunice and her business partner to Gerald Zaltman of the Harvard Business School and his groundbreaking Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique. As licensees and practitioners of the technique they launched InnerViews.   For fifteen years, InnerViews has helped clients build their business by revealing the inner view of how their customers think. Eunice is also a licensee of Meta4 Insight, an online platform that enhances the speed and breadth of going deep.   Eunice describes herself as a metaphor research consultant and marketing strategist with a personal appetite for discovery.

Kym Holden has worked as a librarian for 18 years, after gaining her degree as a mature student.   After graduating, Kym worked at the University of New South Wales’ Australian Defence Force Academy Library and the Australian National University, particularly the Law Library, before moving to the government special library sector. She started as a Research Librarian, later Library Manager and then A/g Director of Library Services. During that time she merged, culled and moved four different libraries and their teams. Kym has also taken on a number of other roles to further the library profession. She is on the Executive of Australian Government Libraries & Information Network and is a member of the Australian Libraries Information Association Public Sector Information Advisory Committee and its Special Libraries Advisory Committee. She is also a member of the Canberra Institute of Technology Industry Advisory Committee and the University of Canberra’s Masters of Information Studies Course Advisory Group. Kym is the current President of the SLA Australian & New Zealand Chapter.

Alex Ilg is Vice President and head of global research and product strategy for Business Information Services at Morgan Stanley, managing daily operations in the Americas. A former biochemist, pharmaceutical consultant, and equity analyst, Alex studied knowledge management and business strategy while earning an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management.

Penny Leach is is currently managing vendor relations for Business Information Services at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. A qualified librarian, Penny started her career in academic libraries including Durham University, King’s College London and the institute of Advanced Legal Studies. At an early stage she transitioned into the commercial sector becoming Vice-Director at the law firm CMS, then Business Manager at investment bank Goldman Sachs International, and Head of Content at media monitoring company Gorkana. She is currently serving SLA as Chair-Elect for the Leadership & Management Division (and the Division’s Conference Programme Planner). Previously she held various positions with SLA Europe, including as President.

Scott Leeb recently joined Iknow LLC as an Engagement Director, Senior Consultant, and Knowledge Management Subject Matter Expert. Prior to joining Iknow LLC, Scott was the Managing Director for Knowledge Management at The Rockefeller Foundation, where he was responsible for a centralized function for gathering and accessing the Foundation’s extensive information resources to ensure that its collective knowledge capital was leveraged to support the Foundation’s operations. Previously he created and managed the global business intelligence programs at Prudential Retirement (financial services), The McGraw-Hill Companies (a publishing and media company), KPMG (a professional services firm), and Ingram Micro (a Fortune 100 technology firm).

Naeema Jabur is currently a full Professor in the Department of Information Studies of Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman, following other positions in Iraqi and Libyan national and academic institutions.   An Iraqi national, she holds an MLS from Indiana University and a PhD from Pittsburgh University, is on the editorial board of several industry journals, and has spoken at various conferences.  Naeema is on the Board of the SLA/AGC (the Arabian Gulf Chapter), and worked on programme planning for the Chapter’s 2015 Conference in Abu Dhabi. She is also a member of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information.

Catherine Porta is Director, Marketing & Communications Sourcing in PwC’s Procurement team, where she is using her well-developed relationship and negotiation skills to drive further collaboration between Marketing & Communications stakeholders and the Procurement organization, resulting in greater value, efficiencies, and cost savings. Previously, Catherine was a Director in PwC’s Knowledge Services Organization, with responsibility for global Third Party Content Management. Catherine leveraged the Firm’s global network to acquire and access research sources critical to the needs of PwC practitioners. She also managed a diverse team of content experts charged with managing vendor relationships, negotiating agreements, deploying content to the desktop and integrating appropriate content into PwC workflow and applications. She has an MBA in International Business from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ.

Martha Rabin is Senior Business Leader at Visa Knowledge Services.  In this role, Martha is responsible for the identification, research and delivery of fact-based research and analysis covering the global payments industry.  Martha’s team supports client, marketing, product and strategy functions globally, ensuring Visa continues to effectively and efficiently accelerate growth across key product categories and geographies around the world utilizing the information provided by Knowledge Services.

Karen Reczek is Program Manager, for Standards Information Services in the USA’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). She joined federal government in 2013; previously, Karen worked as a consultant for two years in her own company, and before that was Senior Manager, Information Resources Center at Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, responsible for the global information, content and knowledge management, and competitive intelligence functions.   Karen has been extremely active in SLA, serving in many leadership positions, including as founding member and then first Chair of both the Competitive Intelligence Knowledge Management Divisions and is now an SLA Fellow She is a published author, has given numerous presentations throughout her career, received the Proquest Quantum Info Star Award been recognized by the Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Division and the Upstate NY Chapter for her contributions. Karen is the current Chair of the Leadership and Management Division and a candidate for SLA President-Elect.   Outside of SLA, Karen is also active in another volunteer organization, SES: The Society for Standards Professionals, most recently as Education Council Director.

Lyndsay Rees-Jones uses her extensive experience in managing information for businesses with her expertise in personal organisation, to help people release their mind’s potential. She is a life-long mind mapper (and ThinkBuzan Licensed MindMapping Instructor)` and helps individuals and organisations in their transition from confusion to clarity. As a Chartered Librarian Lyndsay’s career has spanned from practitioner to advisory roles, firstly running information services in the interior design, engineering and utilities companies; then working for CILIP (the UK’s equivalent to the ALA) as advisor to workplace librarians. Recognising professional networking as a powerful way to add personal and professional value, Lyndsay has been active with CILIP, the UK Serials Group, and WiM (part of the Chartered Management Institute. She has served on the SLA Europe Board as Membership Chair and as Co-Chair of the Early Careers Committee.

Juanita Richardson is Principal of Richardson Jalakas & Associates, an information strategy company which she founded in 1998, and is currently partnered with Dysart Jones & Associates as an Associate Consultant.  She also teaches at Seneca College in Toronto.   Juanita has worked on both sides of the information industry – as a Business Development Consultant for CEDROM-SNi, as the Manager of Licensing, Product Strategy and Client Services with InfomartDialog, and – before “crossing the street” as Manager of the Deloitte & Touche Business Information Centre in Toronto, and in the Research Departments of CIBC Wood Gundy and ScotiaMcLeod.  Juanita holds a MLS from McGill University, Montréal, Québec as well as an MBA from Athabasca University, Edmonton, Alberta.  She is a Fellow of SLA, has served on the Board of Directors as Chapter Cabinet Chair, has been Chair of the Leadership & Management Division and has held office in the Competitive Intelligence Division.  Other association-level positions include a term on the Finance Committee as well as the Chair of the Annual Conference in 2005 in Toronto (one of the most glorious moments in her career!).  She has long been active in the SLA Toronto Chapter including a term as President, and is running as a candidate for Treasurer in 2015.

Margaret Smith is the Physical Sciences Librarian at New York University. She also teaches data-related workshops for the CUNY Grad Center and a semester-long course in Data Librarianship at the Pratt School of Information and Library Science in New York.

Deb Wallace is currently the Managing Director, Baker Library Services at Harvard Business School in Boston (www.hbs.edu). In this role she is responsible for leveraging the world of business information to create an “infostructure” that supports the complex teaching, learning, and research environment at HBS. Deb is also a partner in TKG Consulting, a group of practitioners who work with organizations to unlock and surface their knowledge and information in usable, practical ways. Her consulting practice has broadened her understanding of the complex challenges facing organizations today, based on engagements with organisations such as The World Bank, RAND Corporation, the UN, Sun Life,and Canada Health Info Way. Deb teaches an online course for San Jose State’s SLIS on curriculum design and implementation for information professionals. Deb holds a Bachelor of Science from Moorhead State University, a Masters of Education from the University of Manitoba, and a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.

Craig Wingrove is the Manager, Global Information Procurement & Access at The Boston Consulting Group. He is responsible for developing and managing BCG’s external content and online research strategy. This includes negotiating, monitoring, and supporting content delivery to BCG’s portal and other channels. He was previously the Director of External Content Management for KPMG and s Global Head of the Investment Banking Information Center at Bear Stearns.

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