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Continuing from previous posts (1998-2010 and 2010-2013) let us continue taking a look at the letters published in PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet.

September 2013

Here's one letter praising PCG for saying Satan is using President Obama as a tool to destroy the United States.

With all of these scandals raging it’s easy to become worried and even angry.... The comment about an evil spirit working to destroy the nation really puts things into perspective. I’m sure that there are many people that will just laugh at that. Thank you for stripping away the whitewash, Mr. Flurry, and for providing the perspective that no one else in the world is.
Here's one letter from a person who thinks that Constitution is somehow gone.

As a kid I didn’t really appreciate the Constitution the way I should have. Now it doesn’t exist anymore, and we are about to learn a priceless lesson for all time as to why it matters so much.
I advice this person not to give in to despair. Perhaps this person should get involved in politics. Stand up for what you believe in.

Here's one letter comparing a former aide for President Obama with the Nazis. What a way to demonize a Presidential Administration one does not like.

Never let a crisis go to waste—isn’t that the same mindset of Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda and enlightenment, Dr. Paul Joseph Göbbels? .... From what I have read, the Nazis created situations of crisis in order to promote their agenda. It’s the same spirit behind it.
Here's one letter from South Africa.The references to "spiritual Israel" referring to WCG indicates this was written by a PCG member.

Wow! What a read! Thank you for writing this in-depth article that points to the source of all these scandals besetting modern Israel. Just like the conspirators of spiritual Israel (inside the WCG), the conspirators of physical Israel are following the same pattern of lies and deceit, and destruction is the end result. As the prophecies of spiritual Israel’s fall have come to fruition, we can only look on as the world’s most powerful nation is sucked into immorality and reaps the rewards for complete lawlessness. At the same time, we are refreshed, knowing God is already restoring His law, and righteous government in the minds of his saints. We look forward to the time just ahead of us when we will be able to restore peace to all the families and nations on this Earth.
Here's one letter by a writer who despairs at not having learned PCG dogma enough. Here we see how guilt is leads to this individual to seek more conformity.

The article hit my heart and mind really hard.... My Bible study has been on and off, and I can honestly sense I have not being receiving my daily bread. I completely let my daily life come before my heavenly Father and what He wants me to know. This article and God’s words made me realize how selfish I have been and how I really was not seeing the big picture at hand. Another thing I have realized is that because my study and time with the Lord has lacked, so have other parts in my life. God’s Word and the eagerness in wanting to learn and know more about our Lord is more important than we tend to realize. I thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I pray the Lord continues to inspire and bless you with your work.
Here's one letter from the Philippines complaining that political correctness is not strong enough and should be replaced by a word or phrase that inspire intense disgust and anger.

I think the term “political correctness” becomes ineffective, insipid and trite nowadays to describe the poison that particularly the West is taking towards self-destruction and self-immolation.... We need a more jolting and strong term to describe such malignancy. “Political correctness” may even be a term coined by the left? The left knows when you control how you define an issue, you already have won half of the battles. Why not replace “political correctness” by out-and-out blatant censorship, which evokes more emotions, protests and opposition, thus waking up the generally lethargic public.
October 2013

Here's one letter thanking PCG for denying climate change.

My compliments to you on this article ... that exposes the falsehood of so-called climate change. Great job! I think you had a very balanced approach, bringing in all the facts, and acknowledging that while some of man’s activities do harm and affect the environment, they cannot account for the scale of weather disasters assaulting the civilized world today. That 15-year study you cited was a great way to cement your point. Global warming, climate change, whatever they call it now, is such a proven fallacy, it’s sad to see so many people believing it, especially because it obscures the real source of the problem, which is our sins. I hope your article will help wake them up. So kudos to you, and keep up the great writing and research.
Here's one letter mentioning how the writer discovered PCG's recruitment writings in 2002.

It was in 2002 when I first picked up a copy of the Trumpet. I had never heard of it before, but was very intrigued as I remembered the Bible using the word “trumpet” in it in the book of Revelation. I prayed and asked God to show me the truth and He still is today through this wonderful, refreshing magazine and website. I feel very grateful everyday for being able to come here and read real “news.”
Here's one letter insisting that PCG's recruitment writings are the real news. This denigrates other news sources as unreliable.

This is why I read The Trumpet Weekly and go to theTrumpet.com every day to.... Get the real news.
(Incidentally there is a media outlet called The Real News. It is based in Baltimore and Toronto. It views political matters quite differently from PCG however.)

Here's one letter from South Africa.

Thank you for a very informative article.... Even though I live at the bottom end of Africa, it’s still pretty much close to home. May our Father send His Son very soon to restore His government to Earth.
Here's one letter condemning the Queen for signing legislation granting marriages between same sex couples.

I know the Queen is more a figurehead than a politician, but regardless of parliamentary procedure she did not have to sign the homosexual “marriage” law. Isn’t it better to fear God than to fear man?
December 2013

This letter discusses the previous issues' discussion of PCG's involvement in archaeological digs in Jerusalem. PCG is in constant competition with the other COGs to gain more recruits. Very few WCG ministers joined PCG. Most WCG ministers and members joined other COG groups or got out of Armstrongism all together. Joining these archaeological digs is one way PCG tries to stand out from the other COG groups to prop up their legitimacy in the eyes of members of potential recruits.

According to a 2010 National Geographic report the digs are partly funded by Elad (City of David), a settler organization dedicated to filling up East Jerusalem with Israeli Jews. This is done despite the objections of the many Palestinians who already live there who wish to be part of a Palestinian state and view such moves as threatening this dream.

East Jerusalem is not regarded as a part of the State of Israel by any of the 160 nation states that recognize the State of Israel. Those 160 nation states only recognize the State of Israel's right to rule over the land within the 1949-1967 borders. This includes the United States under Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama.

Here is one letter expressing joy and reassurance at the archaeological discoveries.

It is truly heartwarming to gain some of the past missing details about the archaeological digging which has been successful in Israel, and to know how closely God’s Church in America has been involved.... How jolting, yet warm and reassuring, are these recent discoveries, such as the medallion and even Nehemiah’s wall. At this late time in mankind’s history on this Earth, it makes one’s head swim—and heart fly—to realize that God is blessing these efforts, and that within His quiet glory, while humans continue to destroy and doubt, He is in control. He simply will not let this amazing and fruitful work be stopped or interfered with. Regardless of the doubt and ridicule which taints the air as always, the facts and stories in the pages of God’s book, the Bible, shine and speak to us today, ever more sweetly!
Here's one letter praising the previous issue as one of the best this person had ever read.

This month’s Trumpet is one of the best I have ever read. God’s blessing continues as you continue with Mr. Armstrong’s legacy. Wow, what a find! Not monetary wise, but as proof of God’s Word the Bible being true. I love it. It has really lifted my spirit and given me proof. Thank you and may God continue with His blessing to you, as He reveals Himself to us in these times before His return.
Here's one letter speculating that the tombs of the kings might soon be discovered.

The tombs of the kings might be the next to be discovered.... Thank you, Mr. Flurry, for having the faith to continue Mr. Armstrong’s legacy.
Here's one letter from Australia.

The articles in this special edition are an incredible witness to the skeptics and doubters. However, this article really brings shivers and tingles to my skin. The anticipation of the possibility of such an historic find makes me want to pack a shovel and come on over. I look forward to hearing what comes next.
Here's another letter blessing these archaeological excavations.

I believe that Ms. Mazar has brought a lot of biblical history to light at this important site of biblical history.... May God bless her and her efforts.
Here's one letter praising the excavations and fondly remembering the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation (AICF). From PCG's perspective the whole point of these excavations is to convince people that PCG is the sole, legitimate continuation of HWA's WCG.

As one who remembers the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation in my early beginnings with the WCG, it brings me much joy to see this relationship flourish again.... And furthermore, the news regarding the new findings of the gold jewelry and other historic finds brings me much joy. Mr. Armstrong would be nothing less than proud to see the fruits of his successors. What a wonderful brief history as well.
Here's one letter that waxes almost poetic in describing how PCG got to participate in these archaeological digs.

A seed was planted in the mind of Dr. Eilat Mazar when she was just a child when she witnessed the partnership between Mr. Armstrong and her grandfather. Today, that seed has sprouted and taken root in a renewed partnership between Mr. Flurry and Dr. Mazar. How wonderful to see these two working together.
Here's one letter praising the excavations for religious reasons.

Isn’t God wonderful? .... Doesn’t He show us how He cherishes friendship, partnership and continuity and that He is on our side helping us to reveal the truth of the Bible, His Word? Praise to Him who does it all.
Here's one letter praising Dr. Eilat Mazar's personal character.

Thanks for distilling down her character traits .... I am inspired and impressed and also encouraged to emulate her and her character. So many gifts this woman is channeling to the world—beyond even her comprehension.
Here is another such letter.

Thank you for this wonderful insight into Dr. Mazar’s character. As a voracious, vicarious voyeur of the HWAC connection to the various digs, her amazing qualities are well known. It is a good thing to show the world that her honesty, integrity, love of family, and trust in God’s Word are the true treasures to be cherished above that which she uncovers with a brush. To quote her son, “She is amazing.”
If East Jerusalem was controlled by Palestinians as part of an independent State of Palestine it is very doubtful that they would allow PCG to participate in these excavations.

January 2014

Here's one letter that calls out PCG for vilifying Germany as a war mongering nation state. While I would have preferred if stronger language than "mistakes" were used, for the most part this letter is correct.

No offense, but I think most people who agree with this article don’t know about the current German mentality. Yeah, it’s a shame what happened in history, and, yes, Germany did mistakes, but while you all are talking about “Germany” as one big thing, you forget what a country is made of and that the mentality matters. You can’t talk about a tendency for starting a war—that’s just ignorant and totally forgets that a country is a moving and changing structure. Besides, Germany lacks everything a war-preparing country could have. You wouldn’t even find more than 10 percent of their citizens calling themselves patriotic because everyone is ashamed of their terrible past. History teachers get more and more time to speak about the time of the Nazis and all those mistakes every year, and people there are so open-minded and harmless they probably would not even fight if Germany gets attacked. I was born and raised in Germany and I think most people should look on the inside of Germany before talking about a potentially war starter country. It also hurts me if you think our citizens and government are that stupid and angry to start a war, as we are loving the peace.
Here's one letter insisting that the United States is already bankrupt and that this has caused the re-pivot towards Asia. The US is not bankrupt. It is not true to say that.

Everyone in Asia knows that the Americans only re-pivoted into the Asian region in order to sell U.S.-made military weapons ... and then, because it is bankrupt, it will re-pivot out of Asia. The Americans are too bankrupt to police the whole world and therefore they are likely to only focus on the Middle East. America needs allies in the Asia who can be strong enough to hold their own in the region and be a real ally and Japan is one of the likely choices.
Here's one letter from South Africa. It is certainly true that South Africa has a most severe problem of widespread violence. But unfortunately PCG has a tendency to rubbish South Africa and denigrate the nation's liberation from the racist system of apartheid. Unfortunately PCG tends to blind themselves to the role of apartheid in causing the current dire situation.

I live here and can vouch for the fact that the writer of this article is not exaggerating.... We are so desensitized to the violence that it’s not even newsworthy any - more. I was victimized by the police for reporting the fact that my family and I were robbed at gunpoint, along with 30 other restaurant patrons and kept hostage for over an hour. Last year, 30 of this elite cop group were arrested, and between them have over 100 counts of murder being prepared. Perhaps I am not so crazy after all to be building a sailboat, our “family ark,” to sail away from it all.
Here's another letter from South Africa.

I am sick to my stomach after reading this article. I have lived in South Africa all my life, and never has it been more obvious that this country is on the brink of extinction. There truly is nothing good left in this land, and getting out would be a huge blessing. I was crying whilst reading this article—there is so much suffering and people just turn a blind eye! Thank you for making people aware of what is going on. God’s Kingdom really can’t come soon enough.
Here's one letter from South Africa that complains of being called racist for talking about problems in South Africa and complains that people excuse the high rate of violence.

Thank you for sharing this! This is our everyday life in South Africa. It is hard, and so many of our families and friends die due to violence. The saddest part of it all is when you voice your concerns, you are branded as a racist. What’s more shocking is the fact that so many find “excuses” for these brutal acts of crime. But hopefully with more people like you, our voices will be heard and our plea for a savior country will be heard, not because we are white, but because we are human beings and part of this country.
February 2014

Here's one letter citing Winston Churchill to condemn socialism and insinuate that Germany will soon arise to replace the United States as the most powerful nation on Earth. This fixation on Germany indicates this person has been reading PCG's writings for quite sometime.

It is almost a childlike mentality in the culture of Washington politics.... To let the most powerful country the world has ever seen before, self-destruct shows the total selfishness of a few politicians. Winston Churchill stated, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.” Germany will rise to the occasion. American politicians will continue to ruin every part of our lives, for as the founders of the Constitution said, moral and biblically astute men are necessary for America to survive.
Here's one letter that complains that everything is falling apart. It is even insinuated that the US currency could soon be rendered worthless in a single moment. Such an eventually is at present most unlikely.

It seems our whole society is falling apart. Dozens of “knockout” punches to innocent people just walking along, home invasions, horrific traffic crashes caused by drunken drivers, rubbish on TV and in the movies, a 50 percent divorce rate, daily financial manipulations by the U.S. government and now a new government medical system that can’t even get out of the hangar. What has happened to the U.S. is unreal. We are going down and going down quickly. One big wind hits and our pile of worthless paper money is blown away.
Here's one letter from South Africa.

Thank you for a really sobering yet enlightening article, which documents the background of these kings of the East, and draws our attention to the makeup of that future army of frightening proportions.... While one’s blood chills at the mental picture of the horrors to come, it is so encouraging to remember that this leads to the best possible news ever—the return of Christ to restore the very government of God! Thank you so much for this very fact. Every article draws the reader to this ultimate conclusion—the restoration of God’s government!
Here's a letter criticizing PCG's fixation on the United States' perspective. It is rare for PCG to print criticism such as this.

All that “pax” is about to get the axe. If you asked the Vietnamese, Koreans, Iraqis, Afghans, Serbs, etc., I think they’ll think you guys were actually pretty brutal. Perhaps the world will become a more peaceful place with the pax getting the axe finally.
Here's a letter hailing PCG's writings as the greatest thing ever.

The Trumpet is the greatest source for truth and knowledge, other than the Bible. It’s so great to have a place like this.
Now where would this person get that idea from?

March 2014

Here's one letter from South Africa from a person very impressed with Gerald Flurry's proclamation that Vladimir Putin is the "Prince of Rosh" prophesied to rule until several years after Christ's return. This false prophecy will surely fail.

Wow.... This is simply amazing! We are living in the passages of God’s Word today! Thank you for this article. No doubt Mr. Putin is a man being used by God to cause the Bible to come alive. The messages are getting stronger and stronger and the picture is getting clearer. It is just astounding to look at the words record - ed in the Bible, and by revelation, realize that we are living in a time when specific people can now be identified. This is enough to make a person dizzy! I look forward to how God reveals His plan as world events unfold.
Here's one letter from Norway that speculates that PCG is right to call Putin the "Prince of Rosh."

Putin is an interesting man. He came out of obscurity as an ex-KGB officer and then advanced to president. Some genealogists claim he is related to Russian royalty from the old Putyanin clan. He would be a good match as the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal. I think it is interesting that the Bible calls Gog a chief prince, not a king, because a prince is a man of royal descent who has not been crowned as king yet.
Here's one letter that imagines the grotesque scenario that PCG promotes by insisting that Putin will fulfil Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Seven 30-day months to bury 200 million people means putting close to a million people in the ground every single day for seven months straight. What a nightmare.
Here's one letter that sympathetically portrays Putin as "a great leader" and as merely defending the interests of his nation from those of the United States.

Putin is a great leader. He knows the direction he wants to take Russia. Russia needs to remain strong because Russia is constantly surrounded by U.S. bases, missiles and such, that Putin has no choice but to take Russia towards a more assertive role. And apparently, as the article brings out, this has God’s approval. Thank God for strong Russia and Asia.
This letter was written by the widowed wife of the late Wilbur Malone. Is PCG so desperate for letters of praise? Also she is wrong to insinuate that the United States is like some sort of Ponzi-scheme. This is wrong.

This article hits the nail on the head.... The unbelievably sad economic state this country is in is brought out clearly in reporting how things are in the personal financial affairs of the people, as well as the government. Now people are too weak in character to change the greedy, Ponzi-scheme lifestyle they live. Herbert W. Armstrong was right when he warned of what lies ahead.
Here's one letter from Canada which condemns Universities as leaning to the left. PCG often condemn Universities. PCG have their own unaccredited College so PCG has a vested interest in discrediting similar educational institutions.

As a recent university-goer, I can say that these institutions are declining. From the professors’ desire to convey material to the material itself, even the students are being pounded with left- leaning propaganda that has nothing to do with their studies. Why do I have to take a minimum of 10 courses of “social sciences”? Social sciences are not the concrete sciences, but rather the kind that try to get me to agree with the left’s ideas or ethics, when it’s completely the opposite of my upbringing. My math teachers couldn’t have even known I existed, and I could get a high grade because of the concrete substance of the subject. However, if my social science professor didn’t like that I disagreed with the idea of two men or two women raising children together, they could have happily failed me.
Here's one letter from Canada written by a person who seems to think society can fall apart at any moment.I advice such persons not to give in to despair.

This was a very disturbing article to read, but the situation is not surprising.... From past experience I have found that not all law enforcement officers are good people. The percentage of humans deceived by Satan in the police force is the same percent in the rest of society. I always prepare myself mentally for the day when society breaks down. I know that someone with a badge knocking on my door could be just as affected by evil as a person without a badge. If this person were issued a machine gun, it would be mind- boggling. The story of the local sheriff using a drone on a family farm was quite an eye opener. Satan has already tempted law enforcement to take all this military hardware. Society can collapse very quickly.
April 2014

Here's one letter from a women raised as a Catholic now made fearful about worshiping on Sunday because of PCG's fear inducing writings. Such fear is used in PCG's writings to get more recruits. That inflammatory doctrine is a way for PCG to discredit the competition to get more recruits.

I just started to read your articles and it amazes me how much information I missed in the Bible.... I now have a deep understanding here. I read aloud to my spouse and he said, “Don’t let the Internet put fear in your trust in God.” I said, “I know, but this website is honest and true.” I used to be Catholic and my spouse is still a faithful baptized member today. I asked my spouse how we are going to survive when we say no to the mark of the beast, but he couldn’t answer.
Here's one letter from Nigeria that seems to agree with PCG's paranoid view of the Papacy.

The Catholic Church is well known for its crafty approach to matters that are of vital importance to its institution. Its canny acts are always elusive. Thank God Almighty for granting us the opportunity to be pre-informed of its nature, at this last time of human rule. A new world order is all mankind needs.
Here's one letter insisting that the Papacy is a sinister, Satanic counterfeit of the the Millennial rule of Christ as taught by PCG. This reads as though the writer has been involved with PCG for some time.

How crafty Satan is. His counterfeit is almost a copy of what God’s true government will be, with its king and priest—state and church. The greatest difference is Jesus Christ will be King of kings and Lord of lords, as well as the most High Priest, of a truly righteous and benevolent empire. Thank you for this warning to watch and discern this Third Way.
Here's one letter that brings up the tragic memories of the fascist Franco dictatorship in Spain (1936-75) to justify PCG's demonization of the Papacy.

Spot on.... This is a country divided, and the church is more than culpable in this. And the comment about the Muslims and Jews being either thrown out or put in the service of the “superior” Catholics is as relevant as the events before and during the Civil War. The connections between the Partido Popular, Catholic Church and the dictatorship are not to be underestimated.
Here's a letter from the Philippines from a person seemingly convinced that PCG somehow predicted the Ukrainian revolution and the civil war that emerged. PCG are but false prophets.

I just want to thank you, sir, for this astonishing prophecy! .... Everything you predicted in the past is all coming true. It is just so amazing that it cannot be denied where the true work of God is. I believe that what happened in Ukraine was prophesied. And the two men you mentioned, Putin and Guttenberg, are both intriguing and exciting to watch!
Here's one letter from a person who has decided to change opinions because of PCG's writings.

Our entire family sat down, read and discussed this article together.... I was encouraged that we are on the right track in some areas, but I also realized we are off-track in others. I am excited to begin implementing these strategies and even more excited for immediate results and the long-term fruits! As always, thank you for your service.
Here's one letter praising PCG's writings for (supposedly) getting to the heart of matters. The letter also expresses frustration at other media outlets for superficial coverage of events.

Excellent, excellent article! .... It’s the type of information I keep hoping to find something of on the news—but to no avail! You’d think that in these dire times some - one would be speaking out forcefully. But instead it’s all about the Super Bowl, a cute dog story, or petty local events or, at the very least, all the serious news is after the fact—whether it’s a weather disaster or shooting in a school. They never get to the root causes of things or even seem to try. Yes, sadly, as scriptures say, truly in the last days people will be lovers of themselves, eating and drinking, and going about with their own affairs.
Here's one letter that criticizes US foreign policy as being too vague.

The U.S. has been fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly a quarter of a century without a clear definition of who the enemy is and what determines a victorious outcome. We heard from our previous President George W. Bush, that “we are fighting a war on terror.” But what does that mean? Who are we really fighting? And secondly, how do we know when we have won the war? In 2013 President Obama declared, “Global war on terror is over.” Seriously, does anyone believe that to be true?
Here's one letter gushing that World War III is just about to occur.

The way world history is charging along at the moment, it appears that the main players in the end-time drama are already taking up their positions.... It is also very obvious that most are unaware of where all this is heading.
Here's a letter saying that the West will raise up zu Guttenburg to stand against Russia but will he merely betray the United States and Britain. Since 2009 PCG has continuously promoted Karl Theodor zu Guttenburg as a possible candidate fated to become the European dictator fated to conquer America.

I think the West will push Mr. Guttenberg toward European politics as an opponent to Putin. He will be the strongman to stand up to Russia. Unfortunately, the West and American leadership won’t understand exactly who Guttenberg is until it is too late. It’s like watching a horror movie with a plot that unfolds with great evil at the climax of a terrible story—that ultimately has a glorious ending!
Here's one letter praising an article as being very beautiful. If only this person was aware of the problems within PCG.

This is surely the most beautiful writing of truth I’ve read from another human being in a long time.... Surely this is beautiful, and it is the truth all in a nutshell—simply beautiful.
Here's a letter from one person who muses that there is nothing wrong with being extreme while trying to follow one's religion.How unfortunate it is that this person is quite likely unaware of how extreme such of PCG's practices are such as shunning members of other COG groups, even if they are close family members. Or their promotion of HWA's anti-medicine superstition.

You grabbed me with your opening line: How far are you willing to go for God? Taking drastic measures is what I’ve had to do. I recently cut all social media out of my life because some of it was getting in the way. I’ve been told that I’m extreme, and I admit, at times I am. But why not be extreme for God? It’s different if it’s something like a diet or being extreme about fitness or something physical. But when it’s about a relationship with God, again, why not be extreme? And it’s not about penance—that’s no good. It’s about sacrifice, and as you said, “If we hold back, we might lose out entirely!” Thanks for this article. It has been strong encouragement for me to go the distance! This is just what I needed. Like your article mentions, it’s not easy to do these things, so to have the encouragement is comforting and it keeps me pushing on.
Here's one letter from Suriname.

“Real spiritual growth comes when you are totally wrapped up in God’s work.” That is so true, and studying recent history has undoubtedly proven this fact. God help us all to wholeheartedly support the work of God. Thanks again for reminding us about this crucial element of our going with God.
Here's a letter which expresses a desire to be a "true Christian believer" instead of just being a churchgoer. PCG seek to discredit other churches to convince people to join PCG and pay three tithes for the rest of their lives.

This is the kind of work I want to do. Thank you for this piece of writing. It is by far the best and most inspiring piece of writing I’ve read. May all Christians who seek to hear from God read and abide by this and they will see the wonderful hand of God in their lives. The Bible says I will make you rich so you can be generous at all times. As Christians we must live a Christ-like life, which differentiates true Christian believers from just churchgoers.
May 2014

Here's one letter thanking PCG for its scare mongering about Germany. PCG has constantly insisted that important events are fated to occur on January 16, the anniversary of HWA's death in 1986. This is merely a superstition.

Thank you for this very revealing look at the new Germany—or, should I say old? .... I am happy that you clarified that the Germans are a great people, and Germany is a great nation. Some people misinterpret what you say about Germany thinking that you are being judgmental, when in reality, you are simply relating facts of history which we could all learn from. I found this article about the world-shaking event that occurred on January 15/16, to be a huge stamp of authentication as to who had it right all along. The articles on theTrumpet.com are a continuation of that same great work. He was right!
Here's one letter from a person who has been reading Armstrongite writings intermittently since the 1960s. This letter alludes to a fascinating contradiction within COG writings. If the COGs know what will happen in the future than why doesn't the political leaders of the world outside the COGs simply read the COGs' writings and act on this revealed knowledge one way or another? That is because these prophecies are not made for world leaders but for potential recruits to get them to join.

I started reading the Plain Truth in the '60s wherever I could find it. I didn’t even know how to order it. I began reading the Trumpet wherever I could find it until I learned to order it. I haven’t missed reading the magazine or the e-mail since I subscribed and urge everyone I know or talk with to do the same. ... I wish world leaders would read them, but then they would not be leaders of the world. Such is the nature of man.
Here's one letter saying that a PCG article had brought the reader to tears.

Your description of the hole that is in each human being brought me to tears. I see the results all around me of people trying to fill that void with something other than God. For some it is drugs, others illicit sex, still others fill their minds with mind-numbing amounts of sports. Whatever the solution, it is never the right one! As you said, the hole comes back deeper than before. What a wonderful thing to know that soon everyone will be able to have that relationship with their heavenly Father and will no longer seek after a substitute relationship that can only leave them unfulfilled.
Here's one letter criticizing the ban against marijuana. PCG sometimes publishes letters they disagree with. This is one of those letters.

The war on pot is a joke and nothing more than a tool to control the masses. Marijuana has many health benefits and cures, which is the real reason they want to keep it illegal. Only the ignorant and the biased that have bought into the lies that they’ve been told believe.
Here's one letter from one who had been reading COG writings since the early 1970s.

I have been a reader of your materials since the early 1970s and wish to thank you for all your hard work.
July 2014

Here's one letter seemingly thanking PCG for presenting a "new revelation" about the nature of the future European Empire that Armstrongism has constantly insisted since the 1930s will soon conquer the United States. It has always failed.

Thanks for this new revelation about the fact that the resurrected Roman Empire will likely be bi-polar with two power centers.... This illuminates the picture greatly. And yes, Putin is a rare man, one of a kind. We cannot understand the danger that Europe faces as well as the people of Poland. I actually believe that, given their past experience, they are the best barometer to measure the new Russian threat. So as long as the current aggression from Putin continues, it may take few years for Europe to unite. It is real and present danger.
Here's one letter from Columbia agreeing with PCG and saying that the United States was following Germany's lead during the Yugoslav Wars. Since 1999 PCG has chosen to sympathize with Slobodan Milošević and his fellows in an attempt to demonize Germany by exploiting the terrible suffering of the Yugoslav Wars and blaming it all on Germany.

You are absolutely right.... What Putin is doing is very serious, but what happened with the breakup of Yugoslavia was much more serious. The bloodshed was led by the United States in favor of the bloodiest nation in history, Germany.
Here's one letter speculating that the European Union will soon send peace keepers to Lebanon after reading a PCG article about Lebanon.

What a jaw-dropping article. With civil war brewing, sentiment turning against Hezbollah and a sizable Christian population, Lebanon is the perfect place for the EU to put peacekeepers right next to Israel in the prelude to World War III. All of God’s prophecies are being fulfilled, which means Jesus Christ is soon to return.
Here's one paranoid letter asserting that the Iron Curtain did not really fall. Note the way how "Communist ideology" is described as being "socialist-leftist". This is red baiting designed to slur the left in democratic countries with the crimes of Lenin and Stalin. The spirit of McCarthyism is alive and well and sadly PCG is helping to promote it.

Great article about the fall of the Iron Curtain and fall of the Soviet Empire.... This supposed fall of the Iron Curtain was also a covert way of spreading of the Communist ideology (socialist-leftist) throughout the world. Look at America today: Through Communist beliefs, the old Soviets have accomplished more to destroy America by stealth than by military might. It reminds me of Hitler’s methodology compared to the EU’s, of military might versus undemocratic stealth, to form the final revived Holy Roman Empire.
Here's one letter that remembers the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 and mentions believing at the time that Christ would have been back by now. This person is still waiting 35 years later when this letter was written.

Thanks for the great article. It seems sometimes that the prophecies that we have been expecting to come to pass long ago are long overdue. It is comforting to be reminded that everything is shaping up just as God said it would, in His time line, not ours. I remember ’79 very well, along with others my age, and thought that things would have surely been wrapped up by now. Keep up the great work!
Here's one letter expressing frustration and fear that the government is getting too powerful and is about to become a tyranny. If PCG really feels that President Obama or another one is about to become a tyrant maybe they should vote and encourage others to vote.

What a revealing article.... Now that America has taken up the practice of executing its own citizens without due process of law, spying on everyone and taking away our freedoms, not to mention abandoning our allies, we have disgraced and degraded the words of our “Star Spangled Banner,” “land of the free and home of the brave.” Those words drew many people here, away from other lands where they had no freedom of religion or any guarantee of personal privacy. Your comment that “if Congress cannot or will not rein in America’s spy agencies, there isn’t much protection left against a president becoming a tyrant” has far-reaching ramifications, not only for the average American, but for anyone who values freedom of religion. Thanks for another enlightening look at the new America.
Here's one letter accusing mainstream society of being in a trance and insinuates that no one else is raising their voice about such things except PCG's Trumpet. (Did this writer not notice how often PCG relies on mainly right wing news sources to inform themselves about current affairs?)

One of the most alarming and shameful points is that the majority of Americans are asleep and in some sort of trance. Nobody seems to care. Who is raising their voice in addition to the Trumpet? If this occurred 25 years ago, there would be a much different attitude of anger toward this lawless behavior. Most citizens in this country care more about who will make the next headlines in the entertainment world or not missing their next reality show.
Here's one letter expressing fear of the occult.

I used to love horror movies—watched them all the time.... Then came these witchcraft movies. I started watching them until they started bothering me. I would get the chills and just got so bothered by them I would not watch them anymore. My younger brother told me he was out with his friends drinking one night and they went to one of his friend’s house to play cards and drink. His friend said he had a ouija board, so they started to use it. They were sitting at the table having a good time, then started to clown around with the board and started mocking it. My brother told me the board flew up in the air and hit the wall. They were scared at what happened. I told him anything to do with witchcraft is dangerous. I told him to stay away from tarot cards and fortune-tellers who attract demons that can possess you. He does not play with ouija boards anymore.
Here's one letter asserting that social standards are falling apart in the West.

I like this article. Has anyone else noticed how far civilization has come? I was born into a Third World country that not so long ago practiced head hunting, cannibalism, paganism. Although Christian missionaries seemed to have done their part, there is still that mixture of pagan culture with their supposed Christian beliefs. I did, however, have an opportunity to do high school in a First World, Western country. After 17 years, I decided to come back to live in this Western, modern country and was mildly taken aback by how things have changed. I noticed there were people who have an inner ring which enlarges the ear lobes with a big hole that can fit a coin. This was unheard of before! I couldn’t believe the first time I saw it. This was exactly the same practice of my grandmother and their generations, who were from pagan culture. This is what they do to their ears! Have we come full circle or what? Tattoos are rampant. Vampires and monsters are the norm on TV. Boys and men dress in short shorts (like girly pants) and brightly colored garments (pink, fluorescent colors, etc.). Men are depicted on screen as clumsy, weak and with no backbone, while the women are the ones who are smart and brave. These are just a few observations to add to homosexual and feminist movements gripping our times. We all are in for a wild ride in these last days.
August 2014

Here's one letter expressing hope and excitement that Christ will soon return.

What a powerful and stirring message! Thank you for always framing up exactly what is happening as the world braces for its descent into incomprehensible misery. I take comfort in knowing that all these things must be fulfilled in order for the Son of man to come through the clouds with power and great glory!
Here's one letter from Australia discussing the crisis in Ukraine.

Fantastic article! .... Without the history you wrote about, it’s impossible to understand what exactly is going on in Eastern Europe. You cannot understand what Putin is doing unless you know the history of Russia and the millions of Russians that have been slaughtered by invading armies from Europe. History dictates that Putin cannot allow the EU and NATO to expand to Russian borders.
The Russians remember what Germany has done to them. Poland and other nations are caught in the crossfire. Let’s remember a lot of these Eastern European nations like Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and the Ukraine have blood on their hands; they were Nazi supporters and committed some pretty horrific acts against Jews and Russians. They are not innocent angels. As long as the EU and NATO continue to expand towards Russia’s borders, then Russia has no option but to counteract that expansion. It would be an act of treason for a Russian leader not to do anything about it.
Here's one letter mentioning that the writer makes the children of the family read PCG's recruitment magazine.

I truly love the factual and historical perspectives. It is mandatory reading in my home, even for my children. This particular article is right to the point. Russia will go to every extreme to protect what it believes to be its borders. Of course the irony is that Russia protects its own as it kills and oppresses them to no end.
Here's one letter that praises PCG's recruitment magazine as explaining things instead of just saying a few words like some generals on Fox News. PCG is right wing so their recruitment writings are more inclined to attract right wing leaning people. That is their target demographic.

Yes, the Trumpet is the only source that can prove God’s Word through history. You hear a little from generals on Fox News, but you don’t get the background and all the information to prove that by looking back at history, you can prove the future. The Trumpet gives a thorough analysis of history because it comes from God.
Here's one letter that insists that most people are clueless about what is going on and praises PCG's recruitment website as "a modern-day Noah".

What an apt description of the world we live in.... Your article is like a huge wake-up call! This is one that every person on Earth needs to hear. Our modern world is so full of gadgets, games and entertainment that the average man on the street is clueless as to where things are really headed, just as it was in the days of Noah. This website is like a modern-day Noah, warning this world that we are on a train speeding toward the worst disaster Earth has ever seen. Thank you for the heads-up.
Here's one letter commenting about the Cliven Bundy armed stand off with federal authorities. I wonder if this letter is talking about a certain ethnic minority?

The unrestrained welfare mentality has gone wild under the present administration and threatens to bankrupt our nation economically and morally....
September 2014

This letter was written by the late Wilbur Malone's wife. Is PCG so desperate for letters of praise they write such things themselves?

Thank you for exposing the real meaning of the pope’s visit to Jerusalem and the Middle Eastern area.... No one else has the courage or understanding to report these events and the historical facts showing the meaning behind what is going on in this world.
Here's one letter praising PCG's recruitment magazine. The fact that this writer uses the phrase "prophesy again" indicates this person has read their writings for awhile.

I thank God for being able to catch up and read the Plain Truth magazines. What made the magazine so important and striking is how the warning was preached with such great details, and spoken in plain-truth simple language that all can understand. And now the Trumpet is trumpeting the Plain Truth details. The Trumpet has matured in getting these details out with proof of how history repeats itself. The words are not as plain as far as vocabulary, but its powerful message has twice the power of the Plain Truth, and does provide a strong “prophesy again” message.
Here's one letter that scare mongers about Germans.

Absolutely brilliant article.... I enjoyed it immensely. Your authors have a fantastic way of explaining very complicated issues so that any half-wit can understand. My father worked in Germany before World War II from 1933 to 1936, and saw how the country was preparing for war again while he was there. He saw how the German people in general were so cultured, intelligent, disciplined and advanced in so many ways in science and technology. They hugely admired Britain, especially its mighty empire and the way it controlled huge amounts of the world so efficiently and humanely. But, he said, underneath the above traits there was an extremely dark side to their nature. After the war, when all the war crimes they committed came to light, he was not surprised at all. It’s just so sad how human beings can be so evil to other human beings. As he said, the Germans’ real character comes to light when they feel they have a calling to dominate everything around them. So Europe beware.
The British Empire was so efficient and humane that in 1775 the Americans felt compelled to launch a War of Independence against that Empire.

Here's one letter about encountering that anti-Semitism whenever people learn of (presumably) the annual holidays observed by Armstrongism. Anti-Semitism and racism is always wrong.

Anti-Semitism is rampant on an individual basis in small towns and communities as well.... I encounter it if someone learns of my “Jewish” days or beliefs. I wonder just how secure my physical family is.
Now there is very little information given in this letter. Presumably this is from a PCG member. Any act of hatred deserves to be condemned without qualification.

It is also reasonable to note that the COGs' have constantly asserted that persecution will soon be unleashed against them and that they need to flee to a "place of safety" when the Great Tribulation starts. In all likelihood such assertions has also exaggerated these fears.

The COGs have constantly insisted that catastrophe will soon arise but it has never happened.

October 2014

Here's one letter that absurdly compares immigrants to the United States to an atomic bomb. Oh, what hatred and contempt must one have to compare people to an atomic bomb? (And PCG thought this was worth reprinting?)

The building of the atom bomb that ended World War II in the Pacific theater and secured our nation’s freedom and posterity was called “The Manhattan Project.” The current administration is swiftly building an immigration bomb that will help to fundamentally change the nation’s law-based freedoms and constitutional moral heritage. It should be called “The Washington Project.”
Here's one letter that defends the British Empire. Never mind about the armed interventions suppressing various insurgencies in the Middle East in Iraq (1920) and Palestine (1936-9). Never mind about the wars fought in Kenya and Cyprus to maintain British rule. All was well. Or well enough.

What a beautiful article, so full of hope and inspiration for the future. When I do get into discussions regarding the British Empire with people and the state of the world, they just go on about all the negatives regarding the greatest empire the world has ever seen. They go on about the slave trade, Britain exploiting other nation’s resources, etc. I let them finish and just ask them do they think if the empire was still in existence today, would the world be worse or better? Ninety percent say “better” as there would be much more stability in the world especially in the extremely explosive region of the Middle East. There would not be so much mass starvation, injustice and hatred in the former third world nations Britain once ruled with a sense of fair play and justice. I rest my case.
Three letters talk about the advance of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys into Sunni Iraq.

The lack of will among Americans is contributing to this ISIS problem.... America is the most powerful country on Earth and it should act like one. Why wait until there are mass killings and displacements of people to do something? American media plays a huge part in not taking enough interest in what is happening in Iraq at the moment.
Here's one letter from a person who regularly writes to PCG.

The November 2001 Trumpet edition warned that the only way to overcome Islamic terrorism is to dry out the entire “terrorist swamp” and not by merely killing individual terrorists. Only an all-out attack on its main source would be effective. America failed to do so. Now the door is open to the European “strongman” to accomplish this task. Again, three cheers for the Trumpet staff for their fantastic insight!
In that 2001 issue PCG asserted that Iran was the main problem. The "head of the snake". In fact Iran hates Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys.

Here's one letter saying no one else even came close to describing ISIL the way PCG did. Never mind all the testimonies from people who were actually there or the reporters who talked to those directly effected.

Wow! What a great article! No other news source even came close to exposing the truth about ISIS like this one did. How shameful of our so-called “free press.” Thank you Trumpet staff for publishing the facts!
Here's one letter expressing hope and prayers that the Great Tribulation will soon occur as quickly as possible.

It’s good to know that these times are moving so fast.... I pray that it will all be over in a very short amount of time. Thank God that He is in complete control of it all.
Here's one letter citing the problems in Detroit regarding water and electric companies to insist that the recent health care reform will not work.

I certainly appreciated your article.... What has happened to Detroit’s publicly owned water and electric companies is why Obamacare will not work. Most people, like the leaders in Detroit, are myopic; they cannot see past their liberal ideology. So, it is going to take a wake-up call, like the Tribulation to open their eyes and see that God’s way is the answer.
Here's one letter that portrays liberals as deceptive and as secretly knowing that they are wrong but continues to pursue such things regardless. The possibility that they are sincere is ignored.

What an eye-opener. If only the liberals would read this article, but you know they won’t. I believe deep down that they know their system is unfair and selfish. They just don’t want to be embarrassed enough to admit it. In the meantime they are ruining our country. The World Tomorrow is almost here. I can hardly wait! It will be a world without competition, political races, pain or suffering. Thank you!
Here's one letter mournfully proclaiming that the United States will soon no longer be a major political power in the world. This is an absurd fear to have in the present situation.

It is hard to read, but prophecy tells us the U.S. will not be a factor in the end days. God is going to remove us from the world stage as a major power. This process will not be pretty. As His word is being fulfilled, we must accept what is coming with the knowledge that God is in control and His will shall be done.
Here's one letter written by a person who is clearly very worried about things falling apart very soon. It is unfortunate that PCG's fear mongering inflames such fearful attitudes.

There is a sense in the air that our national slide into decadence is not even a downward slope. It’s not a case of 2013 being 3 percent more deviant than 2012, while on track to be 30 percent more deviant in 2023. Oh no! Not necessarily on public display, but unless washed, dirty laundry gets stashed and hidden until there is no closet room left. So, hedonism is an exponential slope, growing yearly worse and worse until there is no room to hide it. In two years could we see 80 percent of our people a-okay with porn, divorce, homosexuality, public lewdness, drugs, etc.? By 2018, 95 percent of all U.S. and British citizens will be flushed down the moral toilet.
November 2014

On the letters page of this issue is a picture of Stephen Flurry presenting an episode of his Trumpet Daily in front of a picture of ISIL murderer Mohammad Emwazi, recently deceased, about to execute Steven Sotloff in one of ISIL's infamous propaganda videos.

Here's one letter expressing fear that Germany will break with the United States in an argument over gold. Are PCG members still worried about that?

Add to that America still hasn’t given back all the German gold. If the Germans can confirm there is no gold, it will just add more fuel for their wrath.
Here's one letter from Kansas that complains that most of the people at work are quite uninformed about world news. There are of course many Americans who pay close attention to world affairs, perhaps this person should find some of them.

I am not trying to be mean, but the people I meet in my day job, Americans mostly, are totally uninformed on world news. But just ask them about sports or movies.
Here's one letter that wonders if politicians believe things that are not true. I do wonder sometimes what it must be like making decisions and yet having the power to do something about it.

Articles like this make me wonder if our so-called leaders might actually believe their own lies.
Here's another letter insinuating that the Obama Administration wants the United States to become irrelevant. I cannot understand this claim that the Obama Administration wants the United States to lose face in the international community. I cannot believe it.

To the world, America is rapidly becoming irrelevant. I guess to the current administration, it is awesome too. It seems to be what they want.
Here's one letter saying Putin is so powerful.

Mr. Putin really is a law unto himself.... It’s easy to see why the Russian people are behind him. The fact is he does actually lead without any concern for what others might think. Contrast that with the leaders in the West who are too frightened to make a decision without a Gallup poll.
Here's one letter from Norway speculating that Russians can endure anything.

Sanctions, whether physical sanctions on goods or financial ones, don’t bite on the Russians it seems. I cannot think of a people tougher than them. Over the years I have read stories about some Russians not being paid for months, but still they show up at work every morning. Can you imagine that happening in the West? Hardly not. Russian society seems to manage even though much of the outer structure is torn down.
And so 2015 begins but this post ends here.

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