Beijing – Most of people would not have the androidodm.com idea about the newly high tech product which name is Android Smart TV Box. This new device is the TV box which has equipped with the Android operating system. This is one kind of simplified computer equipment. For the function of this new Google TV and apple TV, in addition to the function of traditional TV box, the functions of android stick and android TV box have also included the TV web browsing, video watching movies, chatting office games and others. These functions are totally the same with the tablet PCs and smart phone. However, someone should not have more information about this kind of new electrical device. Today, the professional online seller for android TV box which website is www.androidodm.com would tell everyone about this electrical device.

From the description of the website androidodm, the concept of Smart TV Box has been raised from the Apple TV. The smart TV has integrated into the widely used and most powerful Android operating system of smart mobile phones and tablet PC’s most. The operation of the Android system has made the ordinary TV into millions of households become the widely used and powerful intelligent TV. The high cost-effective, flexible upgrade configuration and perfect compatibility of the android TV launcher has become more and more popular among the ordinary people.

The first important feature of the android TV box is the network android stick connection. The reason why the hdmi dongle has the feature of Internet connection is that it is able to connect to the Internet and it could re-use the network resources such as videos, pictures, text messages and other kind of information. In that case, the network TV box such as China IPAD are generally equipped with wired interfaces and network line WIFI card which could let the user easily link to the Internet and download or use the network resource they want.

The secondly feature of the android TV box is the TV Show function. The name of the TV of the android TV box refers to that the function of TV displaying of TV box would be mainly by TV shows. The android stick China can be not only link to HD HDMI cable, it can also link with the traditional three -color AV cable. So, its compatibility is more powerful.

The other feature is the external devices of the free movie apk. However, the device android tv box android TV box has wealth of external expansion interface which could let people link eith the mouse, keyboard, camera, game consoles, external storage, U disk, SD card and hard drive. Some brand TV box also has the remote controller which would be easy for the operating of older.

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