A complaint lodged by Bangalow resident Lance Martin in June against the College of Universal Medicine (CoUM) has been dismissed in full by the Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing (OGLR) who found no concerns regarding the college’s administration under charity laws.

This is the last in a series of similarly groundless complaints that have been initiated by Lance Martin, whose self-described crusade to, “bring Universal Medicine down” had extended to attacks on the newly formed independent charity CoUM.

OGLR, the government office responsible for charities in NSW, have stated that their enquiries –

“Did not disclose any evidence to suggest the CoUM had breached the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 or conditions attached to its charitable fundraising authority.”

Despite journalists being alerted to the dubious nature of the complaint it became the subject of a number of press reports that gave publicity to serious false allegations pertaining to the College’s financial activities and falsely alleged wrongdoing by Universal Medicine founder Serge Benhayon (not a director of the College).

Jane Hansen, the journalist initially responsible for publicising the groundless complaint, had been alerted to evidence of the unsound motivations of Lance Martin as well as his ties to serial cyber troll Esther Rockett, who under the name of Nobody’s Bitch and Darkly Venus among other pseudonyms had cyber-harassed Universal Medicine employees, including professionals who had trained with the award-winning organisation, over a 2 year period.

Barrister and Director of the College, Charles Wilson , had warned the editor of The Sunday Telegraph prior to publication that Lance Martin was not a reliable source and had a ‘predilection for making serial groundless vexatious complaints.’

Serge Benhayon had warned Jane Hansen that the complaint would be found to - ‘be nothing more than trumped up allegations’.

He had also informed her - ‘there is no untoward personal gain whatsoever for me. In fact, there is personal loss for the sake of true Charity’.

Lance Martin and Esther Rockett are what observers might assess to be serial vexatious complainants as the initiators of 20 plus unsupportable complaints to government authorities all made in quite a short amount of time.

Alison Greig, who is engaged in the charitable activities of the College noted that ‘it is perhaps time for official processes to be initiated to halt this outrageous abuse of government complaints procedures and this waste of public resources, time and money.’

Serge Benhayon today repeated calls for the Sunday Telegraph to retract their story and issue an apology to the College of Universal Medicine and himself, stating that:

‘it is a case of I told you so. Lance Martin, who Universal Medicine FACTS pushed out of the cowardice cloak of anonymity, made it look like he came out of hiding to tell his big ‘nail in the coffin’ story.

Like all of Lance Martin’s allegations, concocted stories do not fool decent and intelligent people.

The Government of Australia should not be used and abused by the unresolved marital issues of a Bangalow resident.’

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