Decatur, Georgia, United States, March 31, 2014 — Boppeshoppe.com is a new web hosting business that provides a wide range of online products to help customers create, market, and maintain their web site successfully. With substantial investment in cloud infrastructure Boppeshoppe.com is committed to offering the tools that can help customers increase website visitors.

Having a web site is essential for business and having a good web host provider is just as important. Boppeshoppe.com understands the importance of having an online presence, and they’ve worked hard to create and promote services that meet and exceed client demands at market rates.

“Our goal is simple… offer epic website products at economical prices.” says Steward Clinton CEO of Boppeshoppe. The company consists of 3000+ personnel who are devoted to helping customers bring their web-site to life. Boppeshoppe’s uber customer service and solid pricing set them above their competition. Potential customers can compare Boppeshoppe.com’s prices with other web host providers through their mobile friendly website.

At Boppeshoppe.com, customer care is a high priority. They’ve left nothing to chance providing 24/7, 365 support. They understand that not everyone is an expert when it comes to building a web page online or internet marketing and created a user friendly interface. Boppeshoppe.com offers next gen Website Hosting which consists of a new level of dependability and multi-server environment that keeps a customer’s website functional at peak capacity. Real-time performance management ensures the highest security and performance.

All web hosting plans includes:-

One click set up, Website statistics, Free email addresses, Best of breed routers, No hidden fees (for all the products offered), Daily backup, World class data centers

Boppeshoppe’s core services include:

Web Hosting, SSL, Express Email Marketing, Domain names, E-Mail, Dedicated servers, Search engine visibility, Marketing tools


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722 Friendly Hills Drive

Decatur, GA 30035




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