My  husband absolutely loves bee keeping but bee keeping isn’t one of those easy hobbies it’s a lot of work and it’s not an out of the textbook kind of hobby.  A lot of intuition is involved and really getting to know your bees…..I call my husband the Bee Whisper he seems to speak their language.

For example you can come home any day and witness something new with the bees going on in your own backyard and recently my husband came home and one hive was robbing one of the other hives in our yard and taking their honey stores and the bees from the two hives were fighting to the death so my husband quickly tried to resolve things by joining the two hives together.  He decided he would rather go into winter with one big strong hive than two weaker hives.

We will never be able to get into a bee’s mind and read what’s going on but we can try to interpret their behavior but they are survivors each colony looking out for its own best interest.  They don’t look at hives as neighbors as we might so it’s a different world that they live in and I for one am absolutely fascinated by it.

Today I am sharing some close up moments of our bees.  They are truly fascinating creatures maybe I am intrigued because my fate and the fate of our entire planet Earth rests on their little tiny furry winged bodies that can lash out and hurt you at any time.

All of the Photo Credits All Go To My Husband For This Blog Post.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!  We have had an incredible August of giveaways and are now rockin’ and rolling in to September you should be seeing me do a guest blog post for my good friend Mr. CBB at Canadian Budget Binder this month and I will also be doing a guest post for my good friend Heather at Homesteading Hippy as well!  Lots of fun going on in September!



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