“Transform” was part of a surreal portrait assignment. As part of the assignment we had to ask the subject how they wanted to be viewed by others. My friend Uliana (the model) said that she liked being fashionable or trendy, so I worked in those parameters. I used her tattoo as a base for fulfulling the surreal aspect of the assignment, and digitally painted the branches extending out of her skin.

“Regrowth” really began as little more than an image that appeared in my head one day while daydreaming. I have gone through a lot of life changes recently, and made an effort to start emerging as a real artist and get out of the “student” mindset. To me it also symbolizes those things.

“Displacement” is part of my first real full series where I am focusing on the rural environment (the types of places I grew up in) and focus my imagination on turning them into something new. When working on this series, I have made it my goal stop seeing rural or country living as uninteresting and actively look for potential in each environment. I’ve immensely enjoyed this project and plan to continue the series for a long time in my personal work.

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I began teaching myself Photoshop at the age of 14.  From there I always had an interest in using it to make a normal photograph into something more. This was influenced by the fact that I lived in a small, flat rural town. I was interested in photography from a young age, but I felt like there was nothing to photograph.  I know now that this isn’t true, but my teenage self (and even my current self) was enamored with big cities, mountains, the opposites of the only landscape I’d ever known.  So I frequently manipulated everything between landscapes and portraits, always attempting to improve my skills and learn new techniques.  I also grew up playing a lot of video games, and I think when I create art I try to accomplish the same thing–escape the mundane.

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