I wanted to throw a fast post to explain one of those fun social media share buttons you see after my posts. Along with the usual Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is an orange Yummly button and I realize everyone may not know about Yummly.

Yummly is an awesome recipe website I have all my recipes listed on. Think Pinterest just for food. I still use Pinterest, but when I am looking for recipe inspiration or a specific genre of dish (gluten free, allergy, paleo) or a specific ingredient I can search using keywords and find what I am looking for. Unlike Pinterest I know the recipes I find will go to instructions and not just dead links. Nothing is worse than pinning a recipe and then finding out it is just a photo of food, not a real recipe.

You can save the recipes you like in your “recipe box” and even make up a shopping list for the ingredients you need, all using the app. You can sign up to collect recipes without being a blogger, and its free. Once you are signed up you can “yum” any of my recipes from either my page on the site or using the “yum” button below my posts. Enjoy.

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