CHICAGO, IL—(Marketwired – Apr 12, 2015) – (HIMSS Booth #8748) — Viztek, the leading provider of complete digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, will unveil its latest upgrades to its Exa PACS, including new innovations to leverage health system IT investments, this week during the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS 2015) annual meeting in Chicago. By leveraging server–side–rendering (SSR), along with true zero footprint (ZFP) viewing, Viztek is enabling unique IT efficiencies from simplifying the rollout, to daily server needs, and ongoing physician and device support.

“How a software platform integrates with existing systems and is rolled out across a healthcare enterprise are equally as important as the functionality it provides,” explained Steve Deaton, Vice President, Viztek. “At Viztek, we've made sure to balance the needs of physicians with the needs of the IT teams supporting them, assuring fast and easy access that is cost effective and simple to roll out. Our forward–looking approach and unique method of leveraging innovative technology from other industries to healthcare is accelerating our success and setting a new standard.”

Up to 60% time saved; resources saved.

The Viztek Exa PACS, debuted at HIMSS 2014 and now available, is a web–based system that enables enhanced communication between practices and hospitals. Now, Viztek is announcing updates to make the performance of the Exa PACS even faster and easier to support by adding truly market–leading and patented technologies that add benefits such as the ability to save up to 60% of radiology network traffic. The unique attributes of the system enabling these efficiencies include the following:

1. Server–side Rendering – Image download time to physicians is enhanced, particularly for mammography, PET CT, 3D and other large image files, especially in multi–site or distributed environments. Server–side rendering also helps to extend the life of older workstations with less processing capability.

2. Zero Footprint Viewing – Regardless of location — whether at an offsite facility, in the home office, or on the go — radiologists and referring physicians will benefit from the zero footprint, diagnostic–quality viewing for any modality. There are no plug–ins required, no limitations, and full functionality is available regardless of operating system or age of the computer. Additionally, a fully integrated dictation module is seamlessly enabled. The capability is provided through the first pro–active licensing agreement with a long–standing patent holder.

3. Compatibility with any device – From MAC to PC, and Android to iPhone, and even the 10–year–old back–up system that is on the fast track to replacement, any device with any operating system is supported by Viztek Exa, and is fully web–based. The first platform agnostic PACS, Exa increases the speed and tool set from which radiologists and referring physicians are now able to access radiology exams, with server–side rendering and zero footprint viewing enabled for all device types.

4. Diagnostic quality – Designed to enable full diagnostic viewing from any location, the system supports all study types including, breast tomosynthesis, PET–CT, echocardiography and more, presented in diagnostic quality.

5. Fully integrated dictation model – Viztek wrote and installed a smartphone app so that when radiologists open a study, the patient's record is ready to receive voice recognition or dictation, eliminating the need to find a phone or another computer to complete this task.

“Since Viztek entered the market, innovation has allowed us to become a leader in the space and now, with the Exa PACS and product suite, we are changing the way that results are delivered and shared between hospitals and health systems while still offering the best quality of care,” said Deaton. “As Viztek continues to grow, we will keep a close eye on industry trends as well as the market needs and will adapt our products to continue to offer the fastest and smartest solutions.”

The Viztek Exa PACS works in tandem with the Exa EHR. Viztek has bundled all essential components of the radiology workflow process including PACS, practice management, billing, order entry, radiology reports, patient portals and other software product currently delivered by the company. Completely web–based and available on any browser, the Exa EHR and Exa PACS are flexible, secure solutions that provide an efficient workflow and smoother referral process for all parties.

For more information about the zero download capabilities from Viztek, visit the company's booth #8748 during HIMSS.

About Viztek

Viztek is a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware imaging solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support for the hospital, imaging center, telemedicine and private practice markets. Launching from the long–standing success of the company's web–based Opal–RAD PACS and RIS imaging software, Viztek introduced Exa, a revolutionary new platform enabling zero footprint full–featured diagnostic viewing paired with server–side rendering for unbeatable speed. The company's innovation in software is complimented by their comprehensive line DR solutions, with panels that come in multiple configurations ranging from retrofit packages to complete new radiology rooms and mobile solutions. For more information, visit www.viztek.net.

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