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gmail - PHP PEAR mail fails using Google Apps mail account - error ...
By Paul S.
I have a PHP page that uses PEAR Mail to send a message through a Google Apps mail account. The page is only active in the fall and winter, and it was working great when it was last used in January. Now, as I prep the site for the fall, this ...
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Google Field Trip: free local tour guide app for Android
By Raymond Wong
Say hello to Google's (GOOG) latest exploration app, Field Trip. Field Trip works by running in the background on Android smartphones (iOS version is com.
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Google Users in Pakistan Suffer as ISPs Block Sites Without Reason
By Amit
They were asked to block YouTube in Pakistan but PTA blocked dozens on Google services including Docs, Apps and even Analytics.
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GAuth Authenticator: use Google 2-Step Authentication without ...
By Martin Brinkmann
Companies like Google, Facebook or Microsoft, use mobile phones for that. Google account owners for instance can either get a SMS message containing the code when they sign in on a device that is not registered yet, or run an app on the ...
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Google's final day of 25-cent apps features Horn, Nova Launcher ...
By Jerry Hildenbrand
Google Play's 25-cent promotional sale has gone into day 5 with a handful of new apps and games that are just about as good as free.
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Yandex latest to build an empire off Google's back — Tech News ...
By Robert Andrews
Around the world, rival services are gobbling up emerging markets by rebadging Google's software. Yandex is the latest, with its own Chrome-based web browser and alternative Android app store.

Search Inside Gmail Attachments
By Alex Chitu
I was bitten by this issue a few years back during a Google Apps migration. Users were able to search attachments on their previous mail system very easily (even if the attachment was zipped), then on moving to the new shiny cloud-based ...
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Get Google Maps On iOS 6 With Original App Icon Via Web [Tutorial]
By Usman
Apple decided to pull the original Google Maps app from iOS devices starting with iOS 6 in order to introduce its own Maps application. However, majority of us.
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Day 5 of Google's 25-cent app deals is now live | TalkAndroid.com
By Robert Nazarian
by Robert Nazarian tagged gaming, Google, Google Play, Play Store. It's Day 5, and the final day for Google's big 25-cent app sale. The first four days brought us some really hot deals, and day five is no exception. Hit the break for the full list.
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Google App 'Field Trip' Gives All Useful Info Automatically While You ...
By Salman
Travelling to some new place and need detailed info about the restaurants, historical buildings, local customs and anything else? Try Field Trip by Google.

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