CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Outside Delhi – 2016

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Time allowed: 3 hours                                                                                               Maximum marks: 70
The Question Paper is divided into three Sections:
Section A – Reading 20 Marks
Section B Writing & Grammar 25 Marks
Section C – Literature 25 Marks

General Instructions:

All questions are compulsory.

You may attempt any Section at a time.

All questions of that particular Section must be attempted in the correct order.


Question.1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
One of the greatest advances in modem technology has been the invention of computers.
They are widely used in industries and in universities. Now there is hardly any sphere of
human life where computers have not been pressed into service of map. We are heading fast towards the day when a computer will be as much part of man’s daily life as a telephone or a calculator.
Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can solve the most complex mathematical problems or put thousands of unrelated facts in order. These machines can be put to varied uses. For instance, they can provide information on the best way to prevent traffic jams. This whole process by which machines can be used to work for us has been called ‘automation’. In the future automation may enable human beings to enjoy more leisure than they do today. The coming of automation is bound to have important social consequences.
Some years ago an expert on automation, Sir Leon Bagrit, pointed out that it was a mistake to believe that these machines could ‘think’. There is no possibility that human beings will
be “controlled by machines”. Though computers are capable of learning from their mistakes and improving on their performance, they need detailed instructions from human beings to operate. They can never, as it were, lead independent lives or “rule the world” by making decisions of their own.
Sir Leon said that in future, computers would be developed which would be small enough
to carry in the pocket. Ordinary people would then be able to use them to obtain valuable information. Computers could be plugged into a national network and be used like radios. For instance, people going on holiday could be informed about weather conditions. Car drivers can be given alternative routes when there are traffic jams. It will also be possible to make tiny translating machines. This will enable,people who do not share a common language to talk to each other without any difficulty or to read foreign publications.
(a) What is the greatest advancement in modern technology?
(b) What complicated works are computers capable of doing?
(c) Write one use of computers.
(d) Explain automation.
(e) Why can’t computers lead independent lives or rule the world?
(f) How would computers as translating machines help people?
(g) What was the prediction of Sir Leon about computers in future?
(h) How can computers help people going on holiday?

(a) The greatest advancement of modem technology has been the invention of computers.

(b) Computers are capable of solving the most complex mathematical problems and putting thousands of unrelated facts in order.

(c) Computers provide information on the best way to prevent traffic jams, they can carry7 out complicated work in all branches of learning, they are used in industries, universities etc.

(d) Automation refers to the process by which machines can be used to work for us.

(e) Computers cannot lead independent lives or rule the world because they need detailed instructions from human beings to operate. They cannot make decisions of their own.

(f) As translating machines, computers will enable people who do not share a common language to talk to each other without any difficulty and to read foreign publications.

(g) Sir Leon’s prediction about computers was that computers ‘which would be small enough to carry in the pocket’ would be developed and ordinary people would be able to use these pocket computers to obtain valuable information. He also predicted that computers could be plugged into a national network and be used like radios.

(h) People going on holidays can use computers to be informed about weather conditions. Computers can also help car drivers by suggesting alternative routes when there are traffic jams. Computers can also make tiny translating machines.

Question.2 Read the passage given below.
does a person become overconfident? The reason lies in over, assessment of his capabilities. Sometimes people over assess their competence and jump into situations that are beyond their control.
Napoleon Bonaparte who became Emperor of France would say that the word ‘impossible’ was common only amongst fools. The overconfident Napoleon invaded Russia in the winter of 1812. This proved to be a big disaster.
Overconfidence generally leads people into misadventures, endangering their chances in life. It is wisely said that any achievement is a result of two factors—one’s personal planning and support from the external world. People, take into account only their planning, generally ignoring external factors. They become unable to foresee future developments. Hence, the great risk’ of failure.
Then there is the question: how can one manage overconfidence? The formula is very simple. Before taking a decision discuss the matter with other informed people with an objective mind and when it is proved that you are about to go off the path, accept reality and say without delay, “I was wrong”. .
Overconfidence is a flaw characterizing people who lack the virtue of modesty. Modesty makes you a realist; you become a person who is cut down to size. People of this kind become very cautious; before taking an action they assess the whole situation. They adopt a realistic approach.
Overconfident people live within their own thoughts. They know themselves but they are unaware of others. Living inside their own cell they are unable to make use of the experiences of others. This kind of habit is highly damaging to all concerned.
There is a saying that the young man sees the rule and the old man sees the exception, with a slight change, I would like to say that the overconfident person sees the rule and the confident person sees the exception. Overconfident people are always at risk. It is said that taking risk is good but it must be well calculated otherwise it becomes very dangerous.

2.1 Answer the following questions:
(a) Why does a person become overconfident?
(b) What does overconfidence generally lead people into?
(c) How can one manage overconfidence?
(d) What kind of person does ‘modesty’ make you?

(a) A person becomes overconfident because of over-assessment of his capabilities and competence and when he jumps into situations that are beyond his control.

(b) Overconfidence generally leads people into misadventures endangering their chances in life and putting them at great risk of failure.

(c) One can manage overconfidence by discussing the matter with other informed people with an objective mind and accepting reality when proved wrong.

(d) Modesty makes you a realist; you become a person who is cut down to size. People of this kind become very cautious before taking any action.

2.2 Find meanings of the words given below with the help of the options that follow:
(a) Misadventure (para 3)
(i) Mishap (ii) Unlucky (iii) Unhappy (iv) Unpleasant
(b) Endangering (para 3)
(i) Reckless (ii) Imperil(iii) Risky (iv) Threatening
(c) Assess (para 5)
(i) Assemble (ii) Acquire(iii) Evaluate(iv)Accept
(d) Objective (para 4)
(i) Obedient (ii) Servile(iii) Honest (iv)Impartial

(a) (i) Mishap

(b) (iv) Threatening

(c) (iii) Evaluate

(d) (iv) Impartial

Question.3. You feel that the ‘Clean India Campaign’ has not been as effective as you thought it should have been. As Ankit/Ankita, write an article in 100-120 words discussing the reasons for this. Also highlight the measures that a common man and a student can take to make it a success.
Influence of friends can have both positive and negative impact on the students. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily in 100-120 words discussing how we can make it more positive and productive. You are Arun/Aruna, 24 Mall Road, Chennai.

By: Ankita

The ‘Clean India Campaign’ or ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ launched by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi was implemented to fulfil the vision of a clean India. But it has not been as effective as it should have been.

Opinion polls conducted in various cities of India suggested that nearly two-thirds of the residents surveyed felt there was no impact of the campaign on their city or surroundings. The fact remains that the government alone cannot bring about a change unless we the people take initiatives to keep our surroundings clean. It is all about changing our attitude which cannot be changed by imposing fines or punishments.

There is a significant percentage of our population who are totally unaware of and neglect basic cleanliness hygiene. These are people who don’t even think once before littering on the road or throwing garbage anywhere and everywhere. Their lack of awareness has led to ineffectiveness of such cleanliness initiatives.

It is important to sensitize people on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness through awareness programmes in electronic, print and social media. Enlightened people need to work with not only individuals but also organisations to make those people aware of the importance of cleanliness.

24, Mall Road Chennai

7th March, 20xx The Editor The Daily Times

Chennai ‘

Subject: How to make influence of friends more positive and productive Sir .

Through the medium of the columns of your esteemed newspaper I wish to discuss how we can make the influence of friends more positive and productive in our life.

Friendship is a valuable relationship. It enables us to establish a bond of companionship wherein we are able to share our joys and sorrows with our friends. But like there are always two sides of a coin, our friends too can have both positive and negative impact on us, especially during our student life.

Peer pressure can make us develop certain vices which can become a habit. We need to make friendship more positive and productive and this can be done through making use of our time with friends in a productive manner, learning good things from each other, encouraging and supporting each other positively and taking up some projects and social work.

By taking up these measures we can certainly prove that the saying, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ is true.

Yours sincerely Aruna

Question.4 Write a story in 150-200 words based on the input given below:
They started a trek to the peak of the mountain—supposed to be a very hard journey—a five-day long trek—when—they started……..
He opened the factory door—peeped inside—some light—last shift over—could be thieves….

They were a group of twenty five people who started a trek to the peak of the mountain. All twenty five of them had one thing in common, a passion for adventure and trekking. It was supposed to be a very hard journey, a five-day long trek. But that did not deter the trekkers or dampen their enthusiasm. When they started, they were apprehensive, but full of zest and excitement. Each following day was tougher and more strenuous than the day before. Various odds needed to be overcome. The climb was becoming more difficult and steep. The resting periods were becoming shorter but their exuberance was on a rise. That was probably the reason which kept the trekkers going. After a very tiring and arduous five-day long trek they reached the peak of the mountain and felt as if they were on the top of the world. Their feeling of joy and happiness belittled all the feelings of weariness and fatigue that they had felt during their journey. It had been worth every trouble they had encountered during their trek. This adventure resulted in a feeling of sheer contentment and intense joy which only they could experience and value.

He opened the factory door as was his duty as a watchman. As he peeped inside, Raghav saw some light. He was surprised because the last shift was over an hour ago and all the workers had left. After they had left, Raghav himself had locked the gate. But he could not ignore the light coming from the factory. He suspected that there were thieves inside and something had to be done soon. He decided it would be better to call the police. He dialled the number 100 and gave the police all the details. The police arrived within a few minutes. The men inside, who were indeed burglars, had come to steal some important documents. Meanwhile the factory owner, who had been informed, arrived there and praised the watchman for his alertness and promptness. The watchman was duly rewarded by the owner and he also got a raise in his s’alary. He had been instrumental in saving the factory from a major loss which could have occurred had the thieves been able to get away with the important documents.

Question.5 Complete the following paragraph by filling in the blanks with the help of the given options:
Reading a novel or short story (a)……. second language could dramatically (b)
…….physiological responses to emotions such (c)…….smiling.
(a) (i) of            (ii) in                (iii) from     (iv) at
(b) (i) reduce (ii) reduces     (iii) reduce (iv) reducing
(c) (i) like        (ii) similar to (iii) as           (iv) alike

(a) (ii) in (b) (i) reduce (c) (iii) as

Question.6 The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the error and its correction as shown in the example.


(a) a … the                            (b) so … and

(c) inscribe … inscribed    (d) he … hitn/one

(e) better … best                 (f) a … an

(g) which … who                 (h)’claimed … claim

Question.7. Rearrange the following words and phrases into meaningful sentences. The first one
has been done as an example.
Example., detective / below/ go / written / through the / story Go through the detective story written below.
(a) can be / two / blamed / persons / the murder / for
(b) to the / there are / culprit / many clues / real / pointing
(c) the / find / murderer / who / real / out / is

(a) Two persons can be blamed for the murder.

(b) There are many clues pointing to the real culprit.

(c) Find out who the real murderer is.

SECTION C – LITERATURE : Textbook & Long Reading Text

Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh … ” Patol Babu began giving the exclamation a different inflection each time he uttered it. After doing it a number of times he made an astonishing discovery.
That made them do it”:………
(a) Who is the speaker?
(b) What deed have ‘they’ done?
(c) What does the word, ‘griefs’ mean?
“They that have done this deed are honourable:
What private griefs they have, alas, I know not,
That made them do it”:
(a) Who is the speaker?
(b) What deed have ‘they’ done?
(c) What does the word, ‘griefs’ mean?

(a) Patol Babu remembered his guru Mr. Pakrashi’s advice that each word spoken in a

play has its own importance. So Patol Babu repeated the word, ‘Oh’ over and over again and gave the exclamation a different inflection each time he uttered it in order to make it perfect. •

(b) Patol Babu made the astonishing discovery that one single word ‘Oh’ could carry so many different shades of meaning when spoken in different ways.

(c) The word ‘uttered’ means said or spoke.


(a) Mark Antony is the speaker.

(b) ‘They’ have killed Julius Caesar, the mighty ruler.

(c) The word, ‘griefs’ means grudges or grievances.

Question.9. Answer any four of the following in 30-40 words each:
(a) What does the poet compare the snake’s drinking habits to? Why?
(ib) What sort of person was Michael’s dad?
(c) Why does Brutus kill Caesar?
(d) Why is John’s wife angry and what does she decide to do?
(e) Why were the mariners angry with the Ancient Mariner?

(a) The poet compares the snake’s drinking habits to cattle because the snake lifted his head

while drinking as cattle do and looked at the poet vaguely again as cattle do.

(b) Michael’s dad was ‘nutty’ or absolutely crazy about computers. He possessed all the latest gadgets and could not resist any of the new gadgets and gizmos that came into the market, such was his passion for them.

(c) Brutus claims that he killed Caesar because his love for Rome and its welfare was greater than his love for Caesar. Moreover he believed that Caesar was becoming ambitious and so he joined hands with the conspirators to kill him.

(d) Lavinia was suspicious of John’s fidelity. She suspected he was having an affair and believed he was secretly seeing someone. So she decided to leave him and go to her grandmother’s house. She told John that her lawyers would communicate with him later.

(e) The Ancient mariner had killed the innocent albatross whose arrival was lucky for the mariners and had got them out of the land of ice and snow. After the Ancient Mariner’s heinous act they had to undergo a lot of troubles and sufferings so the mariners were angry with him. The breeze stopped to blow, the sails dropped, the sun shone hot and bright in the sky and the ship stood motionless in the silent sea. The condition of the mariners became pathetic and they did not even have water to drink.

Question.10. Answer the following in 80-100 words:
Who was Mr. Pakrashi and how did he instil the value of being true to one’s work in Patol Babu?
Keeping in mind the poem, ‘Snake’, write out a speech for the morning assembly on the topic, ‘Snakes —a beautiful creation of God, an object of our love and not hatred’.

Mr. Gogon Pakrashi was Patol Babu’s mentor. He was also a wonderful actor without a trace of vanity in him. He had advised Patol Babu that however small a role one was offered, a good actor should never consider it beneath his dignity to accept it and should give full attention to it as every word in an act is important. An actor should make use of every opportunity and squeeze the last drop of meaning out of his lines, thus doing full justice to his role. Mr. Pakrashi said a work done with perfection always gave satisfaction and an actor should know how to serve up his character to the audience for their enlightenment.

Good morning everyone, today, I …. have come before you all to speak on the topic, ‘Snakes—a beautiful creation of God, an object of our love and not hatred’. After reading the poem ‘Snake’ one cannot help but feel a sense of admiration for these graceful and majestic looking creatures. In Hinduism snake is highly revered and not treated as an evil creature. Historically snakes represent creative life force. Though there are many superstitions attached to them and because some snakes are poisonous, many people think they should be killed. But these creatures have every right to co-exist in harmony with mankind. It is our duty to respect and protect the right of living of other creatures and not try to prove our superiority over them by resorting to harming or killing them.

Question.11. Answer the following question in 150-200 words:
There were many reasons for Helen Keller’s embittered childhood. What were they and how were they overcome?
Helen’s struggle has become a source of inspiration for all less fortunate. Comment.
Anne’s relationship with her mother was never simple. What created the tension and discord? Why?
Anne’s father was close to her. What did she like about him? Why?

Helen Keller was only nineteen months old when she fell extremely ill and lost her ability to hear and see. Being deaf, blind and mute led to many tantrums and frustrations and extreme outbursts of passion due to which Helen became short tempered and had an embittered childhood. She also faced many problems at school. She was able to overcome her frustrations after the advent of Miss Anne Sullivan in her life. Miss Sullivan was the embodiment of love, understanding, patience and perserverance. With Miss Sullivan’s help and her own determination, Helen conquered her handicaps. She broke the barriers that hindered her growth and development and aspired for higher goals. She also learnt to communicate with others with help from Miss Sullivan who worked hard with her rather stubborn and spoiled pupil. Moreover, Helen had supportive parents and friends who helped her to gain confidence and not consider herself a burden. Helen learnt to read and write which enabled her not to feel defeated in life. Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan dramatically changed the world’s perception of people with disabilities.

The less fortunate are sure to admire Helen and take inspiration from her struggles in life. She overcame the adversity of being blind and deaf with able assistance and went on to become the torch bearer for millions with handicap. Helen had an undying spirit due to which she never dwelt on her handicaps. Her determination, her small and steady steps towards her destination enabled her to achieve whatever she aspired for. Her high aspirations gave the world the lesson of optimism and positivity. Her entire life is an external inspiration for all. Helen’s persistent efforts enabled her to become a respected world-renowned activist who strived for the betterment of others. Her eagerness to know more about life made her live a meaningful life overcoming her physical handicaps. Helen Keller remains forever a symbol of indomitable human spirit, a legend of the world. As Helen herself said, “Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light”.

Anne and her mother do not share a warm or even a cordial .relationship. The fact that they are stuck in such close quarters with each other make their situation more intolerable. Anne says she simply could not stand her mother and she had to force herself not to snap at her all the time and stay calm, when she would rather slap her across the face. Anne felt her mother was not an ideal mother who would support her emotionally. She also felt her mother was more fond of her sister Margot and blamed Anne for everything.

Anne feels she does not fit with her mother and sister. Anne and her mother have a different opinion on everything. Anne came to understand that her differences with her mother resulted from misunderstandings which were as much her fault as her mother’s and even realised that she added unnecessarily to her mother’s suffering. Anne was jealous of Margot for the special attention and privileges she received from their father and also because she (Margot) had quite a good relationship with their mother.

Anne’s father, Otto Frank, was caring, gentle, modest and a peace maker who wanted the best for his daughters. He was more tolerant towards Anne and gave her more freedom.

He wanted Anne to be happy so he was patient and considerate towards her. Anne learnt the quality of self-control from her father. She continually tried to impress him, live upto his expectations and obey his wishes. Anne thinks her father can do no wrong, unlike her mother, and so she is completely loyal to him. Otto( Frank is the one person who can get through Anne, no matter how she is feeling. Anne gives her father all the love she withholds from her mother. She sees him as a kindred spirit as she feels a similar closeness to him, since she sees herself more special to him than to her mother. Otto Frank was the most generous, kind and level headed adult in the Annexe unlike the other adults who could be stingy and harsh. Anne is very close to her father and gives him the nickname ‘Pirn’.


Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I.

Question.4. Write a story in 150-200 words based on the input given below: 10
It was a cold, foggy morning—the dog—Snoopy—reluctant to come out of its bed—just then suddenly
Learning to swim—enjoyed—not fully trained — pushed inside—started drowning…….

It was a cold, foggy morning and my dog Snoopy was absolutely reluctant to come out of his bed. No amount of coaxing and threatening had been able to get him out of the cosiness of his warm bed. We were contemplating what to do and then suddenly, Snoopy shot out of his bed like a shooting star and we all were confused as well as surprised as to what had prompted him to leave his comfort zone. Snoopy ran here and there all over the room sniffing excitedly. We kept making guesses as to the reason for his vigorous excitement. Then finally we got our answer as my sister spotted a tiny mouse in the room that was trying its best to escape from Snoopy’s clutches. We all have heard and even seen a cat and mouse chase but it was very funny to see Snoopy going quite crazy to get hold a of the mouse. After about ten minutes of relentless search and pursuit, Snoopy decided it was not worth it. By this time he was panting and was quite out of breath and so he gave up his mouse pursuit and came back to where he had started, his cosy and comfortable bed.

Aisha had been learning to swim for two weeks now and though she was not fully trained, she was enjoying herself. On that day, as she was standing near the pool, wearing her swimming gear a naughty boy, aged about ten years, pushed Aisha into the pool. Aisha was taken completely unaware and as she was still a learner she could not keep herself afloat in the water. Since she had been pushed in the deep end of the pool she realized she was sinking. She tried to call out for help but was unable to scream. She kept going into the water, and realized her tired limbs had given up the will to struggle. Just then she felt two strong arms around her and she started coming up from the water. It was the lifeguard at the pool who had come to her rescue. He brought her out of the pool and laid her on the floor where Aisha was immediately given first aid. Within ten minutes, Aisha came to her senses . The first thing she saw was the boy who had pushed her crying bitterly as he was receiving a harsh scolding from his mother. Aisha felt sorry for him and went to assure his mother she was alright. The little boy shook her hand and apologised to her promising never to repeat this nasty joke in the future with anyone.

Question.5. Complete the following paragraph by filling in the blanks with the help of the given options:
The school decided (a)……… withdraw the facility of (b)……… additional
answer sheets during tests to cut (c)………on expenses.
(a) (i) upon (ii) to      (iii) for      (iv) on
(b) (i) give  (ii) gives (iii) gave   (iv) giving
(c) (i) on     (ii) upon (iii) down (iv) up

(a) (ii) to (b) (iv) giving (c) (iii) down

Question.7. Read the dialogue given below and complete the paragraph that follows.
Anup : Where can we meet tomorrow?
Atul : I may not be able to meet you tomorrow.
Anup : Are you going to be busy?
Atul : Yes, I will be travelling tomorrow.
Anup asked Atul (a)………Atul replied (b)………Anup asked if he was going
to be busy. Atul said that he was as (c)………

(a) where they could meet the next day

(b) that he might not be able to meet him the next day

(c) he would be travelling the next day

Question.9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:
(a) What is the poet’s dual attitude towards the snake?
(b) How was Shultz finally rescued by Michael?
(c) What did Caesar leave for the Romans in his will?
(d) John Hallock could never displease Jenkins. Why?
(e) What is ironic about the inscription on the pedestal of Ozymandias’ statue?

(a) The natural instinct of the poet was that he was fascinated by the snake’s majestic looks. He felt honoured by the snake’s presence at his water trough. But his ‘voice of education’ tells him that golden brown snakes are poisonous and should be killed. So he threw a log at the snake and instantly regretted his act. .

(b) In the last game, ‘Warzone’, Shultz was rescued by Michael. Shultz was sitting in a jeep which collided with a tank and he was thrown into the air. He tumbled and

landed close to a helicopter in which Michael was sitting. Michael pulled him up and the helicopter soared into the sky. Michael had hit the Jackpot and rescued Shultz.

(c) In his will, Caesar had left 75 drachmas to every Roman. He had opened to the public his private gardens and orchards on the banks of River Tiber for rest and recreation not only for them but also for their heirs.

(d) John Hallock was in no position to displease Jenkins. Jenkins’ magazine had been the only one to print John’s stories. This enabled John to get money when he needed it the most and John’s stories enabled to push the sales of Jenkins’ magazine. So John never found it healthy to contradict with him.

(e) The inscription on the pedestal of Ozymandias’ statue read — “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings, Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” This is ironic as it mocks Ozymandias’ claim to power and might. His statue is destroyed by the ravages of time and has become a colossal wreck.


Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in
Set-I and Set-11.
Question.3. Due to a busy life, we get no time to admire nature and have moved away from it. How does contact with nature help us fight stress and maintain good health. Describe it in an article in 100-120 words. You are Arun/Aruna.
Many complaints about unfair means being used in exams have come in. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily newspaper in 100-200 words giving reasons for this trend and suggest measures to combat this. You are Arun/Aruna, 12 Fort Road, Kochi.

By: Aruna

Due to our busy lives we have moved away from nature. We get no time to admire nature and revel in the glorious and beautiful assets it has bestowed upon us.

Proximity and contact with nature is most beneficial as it helps us to fight stress and maintain good health. It enables us to break from the montony of our rigid routines which have enslaved us. In this highly competitive world, the need to de-stress in the lap of nature is important. Breathing in fresh air in a green and clean environment gives us relaxation and peace. It also strengthens our immunity and soothes our spirit. Contact with nature lets the conscious brain rest, replenishes our attention powers and lowers our anxiety levels.

So we all must get our regular dose of green time and make consistent and sustainable changes in our lifestyle to walk through a park or a neighbourhood garden to have a close proximity with nature.

12, Fort Road Kochi

29th July, 20xx .

The Editor The Daily News Kochi

Subject: Expressing concern about unfair means used in exams


Through the medium of the columns of your esteemed newspaper I wish to express my concern about the trend of using unfair means in exams and suggest measures to combat this problem.

Many complaints about unfair means being used in exams have come in. Cut-throat competition and fear of failure are mainly responsible for children resorting to unfair means. High expectations of parents add to this pressure. This problem needs to be viewed seriously and measures need to be adopted to combat it. The role of parents and teachers is vital in tackling this problem. They .should sensitize students about the importance of learning and instil life skills and value of integrity and honesty in them. Also, steps need to be taken to improve vigilance in examination centres.

I sincerely hope you will publish my letter in your newspaper so that parents and teachers take a serious note of this problem and take up the necessary steps to fight this problem. Yours sincerely Arun

Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
Answering a reporter’s question as to what the family was going to do next, Mr. Shultz said that they were off to stock up on some games. “It was while we were in the hospital, someone stole the lot. I don’t know what happened to’ them.”
(a) Why was Shultz in the hospital?
(b) What happened to the games after they were stolen?
(c) What does the phrase, ‘stock up’ mean?
I sat staring at it and presently noticed something just taking shape. It was exactly like watching one of these moving picture cartoons being put together.
(a) Who does ‘it’ refer to?
(b) How was ‘it’ taking shape?
(c) What is meant by the word, ‘presently’?

(a) Shultz was in the hospital as he was in coma aft^r being badly injured in a motor way


(b) After being stolen the games were sold at the Computer Fair from where Michael’s father had bought them.

(c) The phrase, ‘stock up’ means buy in large amounts.


(a) ‘It’ refers to a shadow in the dark room which gradually turns into Helen’s ghost.

(b) ‘It’ was taking shape in parts — an arm, a bit of sleeve, then a leg, skirt and Helen was complete.

(c) The word ‘presently’ means at that very moment.

Question.9. Answer any four of the following in 30-40 words each:
(a) How is Decius Brutus successful in taking Caesar to the senate inspite of Calpurnia’s efforts to prevent him?
(b) What does the narrator mean when he says, ‘Sebastian Shultz was the game’?
(c) Why didn’t John want to partner Laura Hinkle at the Ouija Board party?
(d) Who does the ‘shattered visage’ in the poem, ‘Ozymandias’, belong to.and why is it ‘half sunk’?
(e) Why did the mariners hang the dead albatross around the Ancient Mariner’s neck?

(a) Decius Brutus succeeds in taking Caesar to the senate house inspite of Calpumia’s

efforts to prevent him by interpreting Calpurnia’s dream as fair and fortunate. He also kindles Caesar’s ambitions by telling him that if he did not go to the Senate, their minds might change about crowning him as the King that day.

(b) When the narrator says, ‘Sebastian Shultz was the game’ he means to say that Sebastian’s memory had got stored in the psycho-drive game when he met with an accident. He was virtually transported into the game and had to be rescued by the narrator.

(c) John had promised the ghost, Helen that he would dissuade others from using Ouija Boards. By being Laura Hinkle’s partner he would be breaking his promise. Moreover, Laura Hinkle was a flirt and John wanted to avoid her.

(d) The ‘shattered visage’ in the poem, ‘Ozymandias’ belongs to Ozymandias. It is lying in the sand half sunk with a shattered face, ravaged by time.

(e) The Ancient Mariner had killed the harmless albatross and due to his evil act the sailors had suffered. So they hung the albatross around the Ancient Mariner’s neck as a mark of punishment to remind him of his sin and make him feel guilty for his evil acf.

Question.10. Answer the following in 80-100 words:
At the end of the day the poet, D H Lawrence writes a diary entry in 120-150 words describing his encounter with the snake and expressing his remorse for throwing a log at him. Write his diary entry.
Caesar’s murder is rightly avenged by Antony. Comment.

5th July, 20xx

Today was indeed a very hot day and I had gone to fill my pitcher at the water-trough. There I saw a snake drinking water. Seeing someone come before me at my water-trough, I waited like a second comer. As a good host I wanted to let my guest quench his thirst first. I felt most fascinated by the snake and also felt honoured at his presence there. But my ‘voice of education’ made me think that golden brown snakes are venomous and provoked me to throw a log at the snake as it was about to retreat. I picked up a log and threw it clumsily at it and immediately regretted my petty act. I was overcome by feelings of regret and remorse and despised myself and the voices of my accursed human education.


Caesar had been unjustly killed by the conspirators who called him ambitious. But Antony rightly proved that Caesar was not ambitious and he genuinely cared about the welfare of Rome and its people. He read out the contents of Caesar’s will which revealed Caesar was not selfish. Caesar brought home captives after war and brought riches to the Roman treasury. He refused the crown thrice so he was certainly not ambitious. Mark Antony proved Caesar’s righteousness through his oratory skills to the Roman people. He thus rightfully instigated the people of Rome and provoked a civil war to avenge the murder of Caesar.

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