My Network is So Organized

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Getting set up in my new home office in Strawberry– it will be a month till I can get my desk up here. So things are a bit chaotic now, especially as today the NMC office delivery came with my new VOIP phone.

So I have internet via cable modem, this goes into a NetGear 4 port switch, which routes the net juice to my Airport Extreme for wireless. Another line goes to a Cisco VPN router, which the phone hangs off of.

Once I set up here, the laptop and the PC tower will also hang off of the NetGear switch.

So organized…

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Question by John S: what is a great wireless router for a 2 story house?

I am wanting to buy a wireless router for my 2 story house. What would you suggest?

Best answer:

Answer by Dustin
Depending on construction, N or G is good. I have had good luck with D-Link and Linksys/Cisco. The key is really going to be location. Try to limit the steal and brick/mortor between your router and PC limited. Chimney’s, fireplaces, microwaves and refrigerator’s can be big signal blockers.


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