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By Rupali Lamba and Maitreyi Nandhakumar ‘People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.’ - Unknown In the spirit of winter and festivity, Christmas cake, giving and receiving – we present to you The Other Bakers {part II}. Some desserts taste so much better in the cold, and are best shared when sitting with your feet in front of the heater’s vents, or around a bonfire with a glass of mulled wine. Here’s to a very happy new year indeed! The Brown Box | Priyanka Tiwari {future dessert royalty} started baking when she was scrambling to make the final course for dinner parties at home. After getting a lot of positive feedback, she decided to study French cuisine and pastry making at Le Cordon Bleu, London. Her skills landed her a job at the Oberoi bakery, where she worked for three years. In 2010, she set up The Brown Box. Besides making sinful and skillful desserts, she’s conducted dynamite baking workshops and continued to make time to travel and learn more, annually. Must Try | Her most popular cakes include The Black Magic Cake {devils sponge soaked with the brown box secret sauce and covered in chocolate ganache}, Mars Bar Cheesecake {a chilled cheesecake on a bed of Oreo biscuit with bits of Mars chocolate} and Almond Cake {dense pound cake with white chocolate and roasted almonds}. This Christmas | You can get special Christmas hampers, which include Plum Cakes, decorated Ginger Cookies, Almond Bars and Brownies. She is also doing Gingerbread houses {I know I am going to get me some!} Price | INR 2000 {Hampers}, INR 1500 {Ginger Bread House} Contact | +919910277713 For more information, check out her Facebook page here   Ambrosia – Food of the gods | Ambrosia {originally} by Ritu Gupta has been creating delicious classic desserts and Italian and Continental spreads for exclusive private parties for over 16 years. I have never heard a negative word about anything Ambrosia has ever put out and that is saying A LOT in a place like Delhi. Ritu Gupta’s legend is being taken forward by armed and fabulous Radhika Gupta, who is a qualified pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu, London. Must Try | Strawberry Tarts, Dacquoise, Ice cream Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes {which are a model of consistency for other confectionary establishments around town} This Christmas | Rich and wholesome Plum Cake and Christmas Cake. Price | On Request Contact |  +91 9899658020, +91 9811633189.   Nadya’s Cakes and Desserts | Nadya O’connor was born to bake. Her life long experience and talent went commercial a couple of years ago, after a spark of inspiration when she witnessed her aunt constructing a cousin’s wedding cake. Starting with only 5 things on her menu, her popularity and repertoire {famous for all things chocolate, especially the double chocolate cake} are still growing. Must Try | Custom designed cakes {for design, composition and flavor}, Double Chocolate Cake This Christmas |  Celebrate with some Bourbon Walnut Pie, Carrot Cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, Boozy Christmas Cake and Apple Cinnamon Tarte Tatin. Price | INR 800/kg {Bourbon Walnut Pie, Carrot Cake and Apple cinnamon tarte tatin}, INR 1000/kg {Boozy Christmas Cake} Contact | +91 9910669065­ For more information, check out her Facebook page here   Cake Away |  Mechanical engineer by training and a musician at heart, Arjun Sagar Gupta’s venture into baking was purely accidental. A meeting with Denchen Jamyang, who runs the Arts café in Thimpu {Bhutan} and wanted to venture into India with her fine line of desserts and food, set the ball rolling. The duo came up with Cake Away, which has made a name for itself for its commitment to quality and innovation. Must Try | Flourless Chocolate Cake and Banofee Pie This Christmas | Ask for the Boozy Rum Cakes and Decorated Fudge Cupcakes {individual orders 23rd December onwards} Price | INR 800 {Boozy Rum Cake}, INR 90 {Fudge Cupcakes} Contact | + 9213022603, +9971883327 For more information, check out their Facebook page here   All Things Yummy |  Nimisha Goel’s home bakery is just 6 months old, but her taste of her cake lingers on your mind for much longer! Nimisha started a blog by the same name, taking on the gigantic, self-imposed challenge of mastering 100 recipes! From there began her love for cooking and baking, and armed with a degree in cake decoration, she set the ball rolling. Must Try | Liquor Love {a cake topped with an amalgamation of chocolate, kahlua and baileys}, Chocolate Truffle Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes. This Christmas | They’re doing divine Black Forest Cupcakes. Price | INR 120 {per cupcake}, INR 1500/kilo {Liquor Love}, INR 1200 {Chocolate Truffle} Contact | 8130212567 For more information, check out her Facebook page here   Addicted |   Established in 2010 with the aim to provide fresh and hand crafted Cupcakes, Brownies, Bars, Cakes and Gelato. Founder Ridhima went the ‘cliched’ corporate route before she decided to follow her passion, and prides herself on the use of high quality ingredients & unique flavor concoctions, making each product simple and as close to perfect as possible. Every summer, she goes to culinary school in New York, where she trains under patisserie chefs at standalone bakeries as well as the Institute of Culinary Education and French Culinary Institute. This keeps her up to date with international techniques and trends, which she then introduces in the Delhi market. Must Try | Hand crafted Cupcakes and Brownies. This Christmas | Winter flavors with seasonal fruits and spices –  Carrot Walnut Cinnamon Cupcake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting, Granny smith Apple Crumble Cupcakes/tart, Strawberry Cupcakes with a white chocolate frosting, Fresh Banana Cake with a cream cheese/nutella frosting – all with special Christmas decorations. Price |  INR 1200 for a batch of 12 regular or 24 mini cupcakes. Contact | 9953393808, email orders@addicted.co.in YOU MAY ALSO LIKEMASTERCLASS | Summer Streusel Pineapple Tart […]

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