If you have a cat, you’re probably familiar with the peculiarly feline habit of having to just be wherever you are. Reading a newspaper? They need to sit on it. Having a lie-down? No better place to sit than right on your head. It’s one of the charms of having a cat. It can get annoying, but in the case of one cat owner and her foot warmer, we can actually understand.

Twitter user Kokonananya has two kittens, Saba and Tora, as well as a fuzzy, heated, electric foot warmer that kind of looks like a single enormous slipper.

One cold night, the foot warmer was brought out and plugged in, but before any human feet could be warmed, the fuzzy pocket was swiftly occupied by the two kittens.

And they weren’t leaving.

Even though their feet might have been a little chilly, Kokonananya couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap some truly adorable photos of Tora and Saba tucked into the foot warmer, which looks more like a kitten-sized bed when they’re in it.

The foot warmer, of course, is kept on low heat and is only plugged in when Kokonananya is home for safety reasons.

And like cats in pretty much any situation, Tora and Saba are nothing short of photogenic and hilarious. You’ll fall in love, and you’ll wish that you had a human-sized heated bed of your own!

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Twitter / kokonananya

Meet Saba and Tora. This pair of floppy, curious kitties live in Japan with their human, who goes by the handle Kokonananya on Twitter.

Twitter / kokonananya

When the nights got chilly, Kokonananya brought out the heated foot warmer. It works like an electric blanket: you plug it in, and heating coils warm it up to keep your footsies toasty.

Although, as you can see, the cats had another idea.

Twitter / kokonananya

Saba and Tora quickly co-opted the foot warmer, claiming it as their own personal bed where they could luxuriate in the warmth.

Kokonananya was happy to oblige (really, how could you say no to this?) and was careful to make sure the foot warmer never got too hot. After all, things heat up more quickly when you have fur!

Twitter / kokonananya

But the cats were also pretty good at regulating their own temperatures. If it was warmer, they would only need to be partially covered.

Twitter / kokonananya

And if it was colder, they snuggled deeper.

Twitter / kokonananya

They would sometimes nap in it individually…

Twitter / kokonananya

… Though it’s always better to snuggle with a friend.

Twitter / kokonananya

And of course, they sometimes liked to try new things.

Twitter / kokonananya

But it looks like Kokonananya’s foot warmer is now the property of Tora and Saba. While this cat owner may have to invest in some more socks, at least some amazing photos came out of the experience!

Twitter / kokonananya

Even when the foot warmer isn’t out, Tora and Saba still enjoy a nice cuddle and nap.

Twitter / kokonananya

When they’re not napping, they get up to all kinds of equally silly-looking adventures.

If you’d like to get a foot warmer/bed for your kitties, make sure you get one that can be set at a low temperature, and never leave it plugged in while you’re not home.

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