Ready for an exciting, new gallery of gorgeous celebrities short haircuts? Come in and browse the latest hairstyles and color trends worn by your favorite celebrities – they are all fabulous. With fresh color and styling techniques, edgy cuts and the amazing, new metallic-gold blondes this is the perfect place to find your hot new look!

Classic short haircut for women – the Lily Collins Short Bob Haircut with side swept bangs

Lily Collins Short Bob Haircut for Women

The bob cut is classic and never out of fashion, here Lily Collins showed off her latest new short haircut at the ‘Love, Rosie’ Tokyo premiere, she sported a very neat and charming bob.

Sienna Miller Latest Short Soft Wavy Hairstyle

Sienna Miller Short Soft Wavy Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Sienna Miller showed off her latest new hairstyle at the ‘American Sniper’ premiere, she kept her hair short and chic with this wavy bob, this is a great shrot haircut for women age over 30.

Brooklyn Decker Short Hairstyle – Sexy side parted wavy bob hair style

Brooklyn Decker Haircut – Celebrity Short Hairstyle Trend 2015

This casual chic style really complements her fair skin tone and cornflower blue eyes. The side parting creates an up-to-the-minute, sweeping long fringe that drapes sexily over one eye and flicks up lightly to accentuate her well-defined cheek bones. This long bob has plenty of width and volume at cheek level, making it an excellent choice for balancing out a long face shape! The mix of blond shades is subtle, but adds tremendous depth and texture. And finally, the darker roots add that touch of ‘street style’, which combined with the tousled finish equals a highly contemporary medium bob and a carefree image.

Trendy short haircut for women – Ali Fedotowsky Short Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

Ali Fedotowsky Short Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs /Getty images

Chic layered messy short wavy hair style for women. Ali Fedotowsky styled her hair with messy-glam waves for the American Music Awards.

Most Popular Short Haircut for Women – Short Ombre Hair for 2015

Short Ombre Hair – Side View of Short Ombred Hairstyle /Tumblr

On fine hair, loose defined waves are the perfect way to get added natural volume and create the visual illusion of thicker locks. This long bob with textured ends is really brought to life by the clever ombré highlighting accentuating the movement of the sinuous waves. And having a lighter color at the ends of your hair is another way to give the visual impression that hair is thicker. So with shorter layers at the back also adding density, this cut is perfect for anyone with fine, straight hair who would like a style that adds body!

African American Curled Out Bob for 2015 – Beyonce Knowles’ latest hairstyle

Beyonce Knowles African American Curled Out Bob

It’s time to change your hairstyle now, if you’re looking for a new fresh fashionable African American haircut, here it is! Beyonce Knowles showed off her latest new curled-out bob at the Topman New York City flagship opening dinner. She looked beautiful with this center parted curly out bob cut! This layered bob hairstyle is perfect for oval, diamond, and oblong faces.

Short Blonde Pixie Cut for Young Ladies

Short Blonde Pixie Cut for 2015 /Pinterest

Urban chic is still at the forefront of short hair fashions for 2014 and this artificial bleached-blonde pixie cut has plenty of ‘street’ style! The long fringe touching the eyelashes makes the look casual and the layered cut is shaped down beautifully into the nape, where dark roots create added color dimension. However, this urban look has been dressed up for a special occasion with a contemporary black and gold hair accessory. The black gauze hairband decorated with a thin gold strap and a plastic gold flower is the perfect addition to an edgy young look where old-fashioned cuteness is not required!

Samaire Armstrong’s Short Haircut – Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Samaire Armstrong’s Short Haircut – Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Women

The latest hair colors formulas backed by new technology offer a whole new palette of gorgeous hair colors with delicate new golds and copper shades matching those beautiful polished metals perfectly! Samaire’s trendy and flattering chin-length bob also has a subtle sombré technique which makes the graduated shades of medium to pale-gold change almost imperceptibly down the lightly tousled tresses! The end result is gorgeous – and matched with her evening gown and golden toned skin – the height of hair fashion chic!

Pixie Lott short hairstyle – center parted blonde wavy bob hair

Pixie Lott – Short Blonde Hairstyle for 2015 – Summer Haircut

Fresh and simple-looking, this look actually relies on some very clever hair coloring techniques to produce just the right shade of edgy ‘urban platinum’ blonde! Balancing out the artificiality of the color, Pixie is wearing her hair in a simple, layered chin-length bob. And it looks great! The center-part gives way to a casual fringe separated to leave the forehead clear and cool in hot temperatures. The slight wavy movement creates interest at the sides and the ends of the hair are heavily textured for even more ‘urban chic’!

Frankie Sandford short hairstyle – Sexy layered short haircut with side swept bangs

Frankie Sandford – Side View of Layered Short Pixie Cut /pinterest

This young, casual cut also keeps the focus on Frankie’s beautiful brown eyes and trendy red lipstick. The asymmetrical bob is a timeless look which always creates a ‘modern’ vibe and shows an independent but feminine image.

The short-side profile is expertly layered down into cute, sharp points that frame the eye and draw attention to the cheekbone. And the rest of the hair is trimmed into long, sleek layers producing a super, side-swept fringe that blends in seamlessly at the profile.

Frankie Sandford Short Haircut with Bangs – Cute Hairstyle for Summer

Frankie Sandford Short Haircut with Bangs – Best Short Cut for Thick Hair /tumblr

This is a wonderful example of the way that just a few balayage highlights can make dark hair really come alive! The super-chic asymmetric cut features a deep side part, with the long layers styled up and across the head in a smooth line that includes bangs that skim the eyes. This gives natural volume and creates the attractive rounded shape.

The balayage shade is carefully chosen from the natural tone range in Frankie’s dark brown hair, so it creates color-harmony whilst emphasizing the fabulous sweeping movement!

Frankie Sandford Short Hairstyle – Cute short haircut with highlights

Frankie Sandford Short Hair – Layered Short Haircut with Bangs for Thick Hair

This is a sharp asymmetric cut that creates attractive geometric shapes around Frankie’s face. The side parting on the shorter side is trimmed at the side to create an angle in the profile with precise side points before the ear cut to accentuate the eyes and cheekbones perfectly.

Contrasting with the sharp angles, the overall silhouette is a fabulous smooth round shape that is styled forwards from the crown. The longer side sweeps down over the forehead and one eye, for a super-trendy look. This easy-care style is a great haircut for anyone with thick straight hair and natural volume!

Cute updo for short hair – braided short hair

Cute Updo for Short Hair – Cute Short Hairstyles for Girls /tumblr

This is a great new look that we haven’t seen before! The hair is trimmed into a pretty layered chin-length bob with just a hint of wave visible in the lovely rounded silhouette shown in profile.

In line with current trends, there is just a little natural volume on top and the forehead is accentuated by an attractive twisted strand.

Then adding to the amazing profile, another tress is lightly braided at the side and pinned under the back sections of hair.

The loose side tress over the ear softens the line and the fabulous sombré technique adds gentle highlights that harmonize beautifully with the dark blonde base color.

Cool short haircut for women – spiked pixie cut

Cool Short Pixie Haircut for 2014 – Side View of Pixie Cut /pinterest

Shot in black and white to emphasize the edgy razor cut ends and jagged silhouette, this short pixie cut gives a fabulously ‘hip’ image.

The ends are heavily textured to create punky spiky tips and styled into trendy cockscomb quaff along the top of the head. This creates attractive height on top, above the short fringe with a feathered edge softening the line along the forehead.

The sides and back are expertly trimmed into long, tapered tips down to accentuate the jawline and finish with a lightly feathered edge at the nape of the neck. Great look for a cool, independent image that also flatters the face perfectly!

Karlie Kloss Short Hairstyle – Cute short wavy bob hairstyle with side swept bangs

Karlie Kloss Short Hairstyle 2014 – 2015 – Casual Short Haircut with Cool Bangs

Perfect for a contemporary ‘undone’ look, this youthful style also suits women of all ages. The image is natural with some ‘cut-off’ defined waves adding volume at the sides and one side tucked carelessly behind one ear for a relaxed touch of asymmetry. The parting is slightly off-centre and lightly parted to show the forehead. Karlie’s shiny healthy hair frames her face and accentuates her eyes in an easy-care style that’s an excellent choice for fine hair!

Jane Fonda Short Hairstyle – layered short hair style for mature women age over 60

Jane Fonda Short Hairstyle – 2015 Short Haircut for Women Over 60

Jane has never lost the excellent sense of style that she had throughout her successful acting career. And this style suits her very well, with a softly side-swept fringe that covers any inconvenient forehead lines and is gently graduated down at the temples. This creates the perfect frame for her lovely eyes. The colour technique keeps her look totally contemporary with a subtle harmony of neutral blonde tones and warm light brown!

Cindi Leive Short Hairstyle – chic side parted pixie cut with bangs

Cindi Leive Short Hairstyle 2015 -pixie cut

Here’s another attractive version of the short haircut with a side parting and side-swept, asymmetrical fringe. This version has a shorter fringe that shows off Cindy’s forehead and suits women who want to add a little more length to their face shape. The mid-brown colour has very subtle coppery highlights that add depth and match with Cindy’s brown eyes beautifully. Subtle highlights look very natural and are great for making fine hair look thicker!

Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyle – classic short pixie cut for summer

Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyle – Cute Side Parted Black Haircut for 2015

Anne’s great cut, with its asymmetrical, side-swept fringe and short side-points, really puts the focus on her deep brown eyes. Everyone agrees she looks much younger and more lively with this flattering short haircut. She rings the changes by swapping between blonde, a huge trend for 2015, and her natural deep brown hair. And with short hair it’s easy to swap colours to keep up with every new trend!

Amanda Forrest Short Hairstyle – Cool spiked short haircut for women

Amanda Forrest Short Hairstyle – Spiked Short Haircut for Spring 2015 /pinterest

Always setting the trends, Amanda’s short cut with a rough texture shows her independent personality and love of individual style. Her dark base colour is highlighted all through with a cool, pale blonde and the front section is styled into a definite quiff producing flattering height on top. This easy-care short hairstyle is great for keeping cool and for looking ultra-trendy!

Short Haircut for Summer 2014 – Cute Layered Short Hairstyle with Bangs for Summer

Short Haircut for Summer 2014 – Cute Layered Short Hairstyle with Bangs /tumblr

This cut uses the body in thick hair to create natural volume and a nicely rounded crown. The hair is styled forward and side-swept from the crown to form a long fringe covering the eyebrows and just touching the eyelashes. This adds a touch of peek-a-boo ‘cool’ and produces a modern, trendy style. Accentuating the fabulous movement, the hair is subtly highlighted with lively copper shades giving an easy-care, youthful look with a tousled finish. This casual haircut is ultra-chic and perfect for looking fresh in summer!

Short pink haircut for women – latest popular hair color

Pink Short Hairstyle 2015 – Back View of Layered Short Haircut /tumblr

Short and sassy, this avant-garde haircut shows how a rainbow colour can be very successfully used to create a very chic look. Many celebrities flirted with rainbow colour last season, but only actress, Helen Mirren caught the delicate look that became increasingly popular for 2015. This short hairstyle uses colour to show off the different layers of an expert cut beautifully, with pale blonde-pink champagne on top and deeper pink accentuating the tips. Underneath the shorter hair at the nape is tinted a more intense rose-gold shade in a fabulous example of contemporary sophistication.

Miroslava Duma Short Hairstyle – elegant wavy bob hair style for any casual occasions

Miroslava Duma Short Hairstyle – Short Wavy Black Haircut for Women

These sleek head waves frame and flatter giving a hint of retro 1930’s glamour to Miroslava. This style will work well on fine, straight hair as well as other hair types as the shape is fairly close to the head and more sculpted than voluminous. The off-centre parting keeps the asymmetrical fringe that’s incredibly popular – as the centre-part doesn’t suit all face shapes and can be a bit boring. And these smooth glossy waves are kept casual with one side tucked behind the ear to show off Miroslava’s pretty profile!

Find more bob hairstyles here.

Michelle Williams Short Hairstyle – sexy deep side parted blonde bob haircut

Michelle Williams Short Hairstyle – Side Parted Short Blonde Haircut for 2014

Thinking of going blonde, then you need to see this fantastic cut and colour! It’s another style that looks just as good on fine hair as on thick tresses, and the strong asymmetry makes it ultra-chic. The low side-parting has the hair styled back on one profile, before sweeping over the top of the head to create an attractive curved silhouette around the head. And the mix of pale gold shades keeps the whole look delicate and pretty.

Maria Bello Short Hairstyle – center parted tousled curly hair style

Maria Bello Short Hairstyle 2015

Don’t you just love these contemporary, loose defined twists! The edgy ‘cut-off’ waves are one of Maria’s signature looks and keep her in the forefront of hair fashion trends. And accentuating the fabulous movement in this style, the blend of medium golden blonde with lighter blonde shades is perfect! They add the impression of more depth and volume and to the hair, so this casual up-to-the-minute short haircut is also great for giving fine hair some extra oomph!

Evangeline Lilly Short Haircut – trendy short ombre hair -bob cut with bangs

Evangeline Lilly Short Haircut 2015 – Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

This short bob looks thick and glossy, owing to expert cutting, highlighting and styling and it works well on medium- to fine-textured hair. The cut has long layers, with some shorter tresses cut around the face to soften the line. The smooth side-swept fringe is sleek creating an attractive contrast with the lightly defined waves that add interest and volume at the sides. The light brown shade matches well with Evangeline’s pale skin tones, and the lovely highlights at the sides pick out the colour flecks in her hazel eyes and add depth in this beautifully balanced cut. This short ombre hairstyle is great for oval, square, heart face shapes.

Christina Hendricks Short Haircut – Elegant brown wavy hair style for spring

Christina Hendricks Short Haircut – Lovely Short Hairstyle for Oval Face Shapes

Christina has a fabulous porcelain complexion with blue eyes and that marvellous auburn hair, so she always looks lovely! Here she’s showing a nice new take on the asymmetrical look, with a long bob cut which is curled at the ends in a timeless retro style from the ‘60’s. This style can be equally successful on thick, curly, fine and straight hair and for all ages, too. The side parting can be varied to suit different face shapes and there’s an attractive creative contrast between the smooth top and fringe and the lively bubbling curls lower down!

Devin Star Tailes Short Hair Style – Modern Haircut – short black hair style for women

Devin Star Tailes Short Haircut – Modern Short Black Haircut with Full Bangs

This modern take on the classic basin-cut bob suits Devin really well. Her hair is naturally thick and glossy, which makes it perfect for a precision cut with razored tips to sculpt it into a smooth round silhouette. A thick, full fringe can overwhelm smaller faces but Devin’s large eyes and defined jaw are accentuated by this strong shape. And the expertly graduated line around the face has cute razored tips to finish off a sleek look with just the right touch of softness!

Chelsea Kane Short Hairstyle – celebrity short hair trends: chic layered bob cut

Chelsea Kane Short Haircut 2014 – Asymmetric Short Hairstyle with Bangs

This asymmetric cut with a side-swept fringe is great for balancing a well-defined jawline and chin. The deep parting allows the longer layers to be swept casually over the top to form a softly rounded shape around the head, balancing Chelsea’s slightly pointed chin. And the mixture of warm and cool blonde shades goes well with her pale skin tone and those lovely brown eyes! Find more short haircuts for 2015 here.

Bria Murphy Short Hairstyle – short black cut for black women – curly pixie cut

Bria Murphy Short Haircut 2014 – African American Hairstyle for Black Women

This lightly curled pixie cut accentuates Bria’s lovely face and beautiful brown eyes in a flattering, contemporary style. The side points are expertly cut to show the ears and emphasise the cheekbones. And the tousled top and short wispy fringe keep this short style soft and pretty.

Abbe Raven short hairstyle – latest popular bob haircut for mature women – layered bob

Abbe Raven Short Haircut 2014 – Short Hairstyle for Women Over 50

This is an excellent example of how much a haircut can flatter the face and the right colour for your individual skin tone can instantly lift and brighten. This medium bob creates a lovely curved frame around Abbe’s face with the sides gaining volume and adding width at eye level. This makes it a good style to balance out the length of your face shape if required. The ends curve in just below the chin, echoing the line of the jaw for a nice harmony of shape, too. The crown is lightly teased for attractive height and the off-the-forehead fringe has a smooth wave to soften the line beautifully!

Stana Katic short hairstyle – stylish short wavy bob hair style for women

Stana Katic Short Haircut – Super Cute Short Wavy Bob Cut for Thick Hair

This is a super-cute way of styling a medium bob in lovely large waves finishing at the magic chin-length, that’s always so flattering. This is an easy-care style for anyone with thick, curly hair and has the asymmetrical profiles we all love! So from the parting, the hair is just swept over the head by hand and allowed to fall casually in gorgeous, golden- brown waves around the face and sides. Golden or copper highlights running through all hair colours look fabulous and a big trend for 2014!

Maria Bello Short Hairstyle – Tousled curly bob hair style – chin length haircut for women

Maria Bello Short Hairstyle – Short Tousled Curly Bob Hairstyle for Women

Here’s another version of Maria’s edgy, twisty chin-length bob. The long layers have spiky textured ends to contrast with the soft and pretty golden blonde shades that really bring out the brown of her eyes. And those angular, bendy side twists add lots of volume and width at the sides in a look that’s really quite futuristic. It’s great for naturally curly hair and anyone who wants an easy way to add volume to fine hair, too! Find more fantastic bob hairstyles here.

Sofia Coppola Short Hairstyle – latest most popular short ombre hair style for spring

Sofia Coppola Short Haircut – Chin Length Bob Hairstyle for Spring 2014

This timeless chin-length bob is a classic style that suits most face shapes, because the position of the parting can be adjusted to create different face-balancing effect. Sofia has brought the style right up-to-date with a sombré colour technique, in pretty golden shades that highlight her dark eyes perfectly. Sombré is the 2nd generation ombré and more subtle. It very gently moves the colour intensity from darker at the top down to an almost imperceptibly lighter tone at the ends. Hair looks more natural and very trendy as you can see!

Julianne Hough Short Hairstyle – sexy short shaggy hair style with lowligths

Julianne Hough Short Haircut – Sexy Layered Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Sometimes simple is the best way to highlight a nicely proportioned face and brightly coloured eyes. And this style is a great example of less is more. It’s a short bob, cut in long layers, with shaggily textured ends and dark lowlights to give it lots of contemporary bite. The styling is about as easy-care as you could possibly get and this lightly tousled casual look in gorgeous pale wheaty-blonde is a very face-flattering and trendy haircut! This short hair style is perfect for oval, heart, square face shapes. This short haircut is perfect for thick hair! And here are more short hairstyles for thick hair.

Milla Jovovich Short Hairstyle – Fashionable Short cut for women

Milla Jovovich Short Haircut for 2014 – Deep Side Parted Short Hairstyle

Here’s a new look – it’s the same colour all over! We haven’t seen that for a long time, but Milla loves the short bob and knows that it’s one of the most versatile styles you can get. Milla’s thick hair is perfect for this easy-style haircut with an asymmetric touch and a casual contemporary vibe!

Miley Cyrus Short Hairstyle – Deep side parted short straight pixie cut

Miley Cyrus Short Haircut for 2014 – Short Edgy Hairstyle for Young Ladies

Miley has worked hard to shrug off her Hannah Montana child actor image and launch herself as an international pop singer. And a big part of that transition was choosing a hip new look that marked her out as a contemporary style icon. This is just one of the many styles her versatile short cut lends itself to, with an edgy undercut on one side tinted the same brown as her eyebrows. From the deep side-parting, Miley hair is simply brushed over the top to create a touch of flattering height on top. And for maximum impact, the cool bleached-blonde on her longer layers marks her out as an edgy, urban fashionista! This short hair style is perfect for oval, square, heart face shapes.

Katherine Kelly short straight hairstyle – classic bob cut – best short hairstyle for thin hair

Katherine Kelly Short Haircut for 2014 – Classic Straight Bob Hairstyle

You can’t beat a beautifully executed precision cut to create a futuristic ‘cool, calm and collected’ image. The bob has been expertly cut into a geometric look but softened by the pretty colour and the ‘wedged’ layers at the sides. These create a curving-in shape about an inch from the ends to flatter the lips and chin. The subtly mixed shades of copper-brown flatter Katherine’s attractive grey eyes with amber flecks. And the delicate colour blossoms into lighter rose-gold and pale copper highlights further down showing why sombré looks so fresh and exquisite!

Katharine McPhee latest short hair style – tousled curly ombre bob hair style with wispy bangs

Katharine McPhee Short Haircut – Lovely Short Ombre Hair for 2014

Here’s another great new look for fine or medium textured hair that creates a totally fresh triangular shape around the head and neck. The lovely wispy fringe is very soft and the long length keeps it trendy, as it focusses attention on Katharine’s clear brown eyes. The sides have a few long layers with a fabulous choppy texture at the ends added by heavily textured tips. The sombré colour is beautifully applied with pale copper and pale golden blonde highlights added for a subtle light-reflecting effect that adds depth and texture to the broken wave movement. This short hair style is great for fine hair.

Jess Weixler’s short hair style – classic short straight bob haircut – best short hairstyle for thick hair

Jess Weixler Short Haircut for 2014 – Straight Bob Hairstyle

This is a great style for a long to short cut and colour makeover if you have thick hair! This sleek bob is a classic that is always in fashion and popular for its ease of styling, too. This cut has one of the latest neutral blonde shades, shot through with very fine lighter highlights and a touch of medium blonde around the roots. It’s a very chic and face-flattering choice!

Helen Mirren short hairstyle – short haircut for women age over 60 – short hairstyles for fine hair

Helen Mirren Short Haircut with full bangs – Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Helen has been at the peak of her acting career for many years and shows no signs of slowing down. And many women follow her hairstyle choices each season, because she has a great eye for a flattering cut and colour. This short cut looks beautifully soft owing to the long, wispy fringe with tapered tips and the subtle shade of pale blonde. Always at the forefront of new trends, Helen’s style shows a perfect sombré technique moving the colour down from palest blonde to a warm medium-blonde shade at the ends. This is a great style for fine hair and the perfect way to add subtle colour to white or grey hair for a very soft and contemporary look!

Giuliana Rancic short hairstyle – Trendy Side Parted Sleek Asymmetric Bob Haircut

Giuliana Rancic Short Haircut – Sleek Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle for black women

This asymmetric bob haircut is a super sleek and sophisticated look. It’s a breeze to style and will keep its beautifully cut shape all day long. The uneven lengths on each side add a nice touch of individuality and create a confident image. The warm, dark blonde colour has a pretty copper red highlight in a shorter layer around the face drawing attention to Giuliana’s enormous brown eyes. This is a great haircut to minimize width and make the face appear longer.

Charlene Wittstock short hairstyle – elegant short sleek hair style for formal occasion

Charlene Wittstock Short Haircut – Elegant Short Straight Hairstyle

This lovely off-the-face style is perfect for showing your confidence and contemporary style. The hair is lightly layered to achieve lots of volume on top and allow the smooth sides to be tucked behind the ears to accentuate the profile. The trendy colour technique mixes light and dark, cool-blonde shades, which add movement and dimension to a style that really makes a stunning fashion statement.

Alyssa Miller Short hairstyle – cute celebrity short haircut – tousled curly bob

Alyssa Miller Short Haircut – 2014 Popular Bob Hairstyle for Women

If you are tired of spending hours drying and styling your long hair, but not really keen on short hair take a look at this new cut! This bob could be the perfect new look for you. You keep the same styling around your head but add lots of natural volume and width by cutting off the longer length. The result is this style worn by Alyssa who looks confident, casual and in control. The style has a trendy centre-parting with an attractive wave accentuating the beautiful contours of Alyssa’s face. And with this lightly tousled finish you won’t need to be constantly checking the mirror!

Nathalie Emmanuel Short Hairstyle – stylish short curly hair style for oval, heart, long face shapes

Nathalie Emmanuel Short Haircut for 2014 – Short Curly Hairstyle for black Women

Doesn’t her hair look gorgeous in these fabulous twist-out curls! This haircut shows an expert cutting technique that has created an almost sculpted look and a totally asymmetrical shape. It’s fresh and flattering – adding amazing height and volume at the sides, but styled to place Nathalie’s pretty face right in the centre. The coppery-gold highlights add warmth and really accentuate the beautiful spiralling curls that have such fabulous depth and texture!

Megan Boone Short Haircut – Cute short straight hair style – pixie cut with side swept bangs

Megan Boone Short Hairstyles 2014 – Stylish Short Straight Haircut with Bangs

This simple short cut is given extra appeal by the forward movement from the crown which continues into the trendy long fringe. The style is asymmetrical with length of the layers graduated out from the shortest section around the crown. Beneath the blurred side-parting one side is tucked neatly behind the ear. This leaves a completely bare profile which shows off Megan’s pretty facial features and her nicely defined jawline. As this style isn’t cut short around the ears, it’s a versatile haircut that can be curled, waved and styled into several contemporary looks for busy – but stylish – women! Find more short pixie cuts for 2015 here.

Kellie Pickler short haircut – blonde pixie cut with bangs for thin hair

Kellie Pickler Short Pixie Hairstyles 2014 – Short Straight Pixie Haircut with Bangs

This is such a beautiful shade of palest blonde with a clever touch of gold at the roots to make it slightly softer and more natural. This is the perfect style for anyone who loves short styles and is ready for a little change in the colour or shape. Shown here Kellie is wearing her razor cut hair in a perfectly-groomed, formal red carpet look, but with this versatile cut you can also just fluff it up with your fingers for a trendy tousled vibe. The pretty, wispy fringe has textured tips so it adorns Kellie’s forehead, rather than ‘covering’ it up. And underneath, all the focus is kept on the eyes with the feathery textured hair at the temples styled forwards to frame the upper part of the face perfectly! This is one of those amazing short cuts that always gives a youthful image to the wearer – whatever their age!

Katharine McPhee short hairstyles – cute short ombre hair for 2014

Katharine McPhee Short Ombre Hairstyles 2014 – Layered Bob Cut with Bangs

This is one of our favourite new colour techniques shown here on a simple, but so flattering, bob cut! It’s so youthful and contemporary, without being difficult to achieve or too extreme for everyday wear! The parting is slightly off centre, which suits Katharine’s oval face shape well and the slightly asymmetric fringe is divided to show a little of her forehead to avoid a too-heavy full fringe. The layers are long with those lovely wispy, spiky tips that add an ultra-modern vibe and then sombré highlighted in harmonizing shades of dark blonde. The scrunched ends create extra volume in fine hair and the lighter ends give the visual illusion of thicker hair, too!

Kate Micucci short hairstyle – cute hairstyle for girls

Kate Micucci Short Hairstyles – Chic Short Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

Here’s how to get control of your coarse thick hair and look sleek and smoothly styled whatever the occasion! Kate’s thick hair has been razored into a chin length bob with lots of the weight taken away from the sides, to create a lovely round shape that’s sculpted in for flat sides. The shorter top layers give lots of attractive natural volume at the crown and show off Kate’s healthy, shiny hair. This is a good way to balance out a face shape that has too much width at cheek level and draws attention down to the pretty wispy tips that accentuate the mouth and chin.

Julianne Hough short hairstyle – cool & stylish messy haircut with long bangs

Julianne HoughShort Hairstyles 2015 – Short Hairstyle for Oval, Round Faces

Julianne Hough always shows the way with her highly contemporary haircuts that can be styled in a variety of different face flattering ways. This choppy bob has heavily textured tips and a very modern look emphasised by the urban chic dark brown roots. In addition, the platinum-blonde shade gains lots of depth and dimension from the perfectly placed dark-blonde lowlights. The choppy bob is another great style for fine to medium-textured hair that is a dream to style and always looks new and trendy!

Jessica Szohr short hairstyle – deep side parting short hair style with waves

Jessica Szohr Short Hairstyles 2014 – Dark Hair with Subtle Golden Highlights

We love the way dark hair can be given fresh life with some subtle golden highlights avoiding the harsh look of blonde highlights in brown hair. This medium-length bob has just a few long layers to create extra volume at the ends of the hair. The off-centre parting divides the asymmetric sides, with the longer side just covering one corner of the forehead. Most of the forehead is visible, making this a great choice for anyone with a low forehead who wants to add length to their face shape. And those loose, defined waves are great for adding volume in fine hair!

Halle Berry short hairstyle – Chic razor cut with piecey fringe

Halle Berry Short Hairstyles – Layered Razor Cut for 2014

Halle is another excellent hair role model, who never puts a foot wrong. Her hair is razor cut in a geometric shape with heavily textured ends. Then it’s styled from a blurred side parting to give a flattering piecey fringe that allows glimpses of the forehead to soften the line. The crisp side points keep all eyes on Halle’s amazing cheekbones. This style is great for thick or coarse textured hair that needs firm control. And it’s one of those great makeover styles that always leaves the wearer looking younger!

Elsa Pataky short haircut – simple easy short hairstyle with long side swept bangs

Elsa Pataky Short Hairstyles – 2014 Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Here’s another fabulous style for fine hair, that’s simple to ‘wash and go’ and no bad hair days! The deep side parting creates an attractive asymmetry, which we can’t get enough of because it can be adjusted to fit and flatter every face shape, and some clever colour patterns. The dark roots are lightened to an edgy pale blonde and then trendy copper highlights are added. This accentuates the defined strands of hair over the head and sides in a completely new way!

Ciara Short Hairstyle – Sexy thick, naturally curly hairstyle

Ciara Short Hairstyles – 2014 Elegant Wavy Curly Hair Styles for Black Women

This full-bodied look is the answer to how to control thick, naturally curly hair and look amazing every day! The bob has long layers at the front and sides gradually moving shorter to be shaped into the nape of the neck. The asymmetric side parting allows thick hair to create attractive natural volume on the top and sides. And the long waved fringe curves in at just the right places to frame Ciara’s eyes and draw attention to her lovely face. The gorgeous colour is one of the latest golden shades and suits her warm skin tone beautifully! Do you like these curls? Here are some tutorials for curls without heat!

Chelsea Kane Short Haircut – Flattering short bob hairstyle with side swept bangs

Chelsea Kane Short Hairstyles for 2015 – Chic Short Sleek Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Perfect for looking up-to-date on any occasion, this flattering short bob is also very simple to wash and style. The hair is razor cut in layers ending at the chin and has edgy dark roots under a pale, neutral blonde. The layers create a fabulous asymmetric silhouette on the longer side and tucked carelessly behind one ear, this look is casual contemporary chic at its best! Leigh Lezark Short Haircut – Cute simple sleek short bob hairstyle

Leigh Lezark Short Hair Style for 2014 – Chic Classic Straight Bob Cut for Fine Hair

Following the trend for short, simple cuts this is the way to flatter your face and display your fine, silky hair to full advantage! The short bob has expertly-cut layers shaping it into a lovely graduated curve which ends at chin level in delicately textured tips. This fabulous beige blonde shade is the perfect complement for grey eyes. It’s one of the latest hair colours which add an almost metallic shimmer to fine hair and make the look very soft and appealing. And the good news is that this style looks great on women of all ages, too!

Jennifer Grey short hairstyle – popular medium – short curly hairstyle for women over 50s

Jennifer Grey Short Hair Style – Curly Hairstyle for Thick Hair

This is a lovely style, but not the best choice for Jennifer, I’m afraid, because the length and the tousled, beach-casual curls all combine to make her look older. The centre parting is fine on her oval-shaped face, but not with volume so high up on either side. Having a flat section on the top centre of your head, which moves out to create a square-shape around the forehead is definitely something to avoid! But apart from that, the tousled waves are nice enough – though rather outdated when the latest short cuts are so much more imaginative and could flatter Jennifer’s face a lot more!

Jaimie Alexander short hairstyle – bold thick dark bob haircut with side fringe for square faces

Jaimie Alexander Short Hair Style for 2014 – Short Black Hairstyle with Waves

Thick, dark hair like Jamie’s looks great in these new bob styles. This cut cleverly emphasises the beauty of a Jamie’s eyes and bone structure, by setting it in a frame of strong lines and spikey movement. The thickness of her hair creates natural volume on top and the defined strand covering the corner of her forehead, softens the geometric shape of her face. The hair silhouette is rounded and curved down the sides to balance out her strong jaw. However, the line is broken up by the ultra-trendy, outward-pointing tips to produce a stunning contemporary look!

Helen Mirren short haircut – pink short pixie hairstyle for women over 60

Helen Mirren Pink Short Hair – 2014 Short Hairstyle for Women Over 60s

This, now iconic, photo of British actress, Dame Helen Mirren, is an excellent example of how mature ladies can still be trendy and playful with their hairstyles. The shape and layered cut suits fine hair as it makes it easier to fluff it up when you want to add volume and vary your look. The lightly side-swept fringe has textured tips and is styled to show the forehead underneath in a piecey finish. And the cute pink ‘colour-wash’ doesn’t look like a silly novelty colour, but harmonises beautifully with Helen’s silver-white hair and adds warmth to her pale skin tone. Complemented by pink blusher and lipstick, this is a very pretty and feminine look for women of all ages!

Brittany Snow short hairstyles – chin length straight bob hairstyle with lowlights

Brittany Snow Short Bob Hairstyle – Platinum-Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

With bright blue eyes like Brittany’s it’s a good policy to choose a simple style that keeps the focus on the face. This style combines the pale blonde that’s softer than the harsh, platinum-blonde and dark roots look, with some very subtle golden blonde lowlights. The effect adds more colour dimension to the hair and we love the unexpectedly golden roots along the side parting and at the sides! The cut is a medium bob with heavily textured ends to add an urban vibe and graduated up towards the face to emphasise the lips and Brittany’s pretty chin!

Sami Gayle short hairstyle – chic pixie with side side swept bangs for thin hair

Sami Gayle Short Hairstyle with Side Bangs – Short Pixie Hairstyle for Round Faces

Here’s another of Sami’s lovely short cuts showing how to keep all the focus on the face to emphasise the eyes and create a youthful look. In this version, you can see how the short layers and side parting create more volume around the top of the head and show the attractive silky texture. The pretty side-swept fringe is broken to soften the line and add a little imperfection to contrast with her otherwise perfect face!

Sami Gayle Short Hair Style – simple easy daily short hairstyles for women

Sami Gayle Short Hair Style for 2015 – Chic Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

With those beautiful Bambi-eyes, Sami’s simple short cut is the perfect way to show them off. Her fine hair is trimmed into a layered short cut with long points in front of the ears to balance with the long fringe. The trendy fringe is combed down and slightly curved to the side in a piecey style that just hovers over the eyebrows. The end result is sophisticated simplicity which displays Sami’s silky soft hair and beautiful porcelain skin very naturally. Find out the latest most popular 55 pixie cuts for short hair.

Nicole Ari Parker Short Hair Style for 2014 – Layered Short Wavy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

This interesting style has a lot of good points, but breaks one of the important rules of hair styling – don’t create a diamond shape around a long face. However, the colour technique is fabulous, mixing beautiful gold highlights and ombré, below warm brown grown-out roots on top. The lighter shades and trendy tousled twists add the illusion of width at cheekbone level, which is great to balance out a long face! Where this style goes wrong is to place the parting too high up the head, so Nicole’s already high forehead looks even higher and totally out of proportion. With more fringe covering the forehead or a lower side-parting and fringe swept across the forehead, this beautiful style would suit Nicole’s long face-shape perfectly!

Morena Baccarin short hairstyle – cute short curly bob hair style

Morena Baccarin Short Hair Style – Chic Short Brown Wavy Hairstyle 2015

Morena’s always has lots of lessons in French chic to share with her fans. This blunt-cut bob makes the most of her thick naturally wavy hair, to create a beautiful dark frame around her face which accentuates the brown of her pretty eyes. This is a great way to get control of thick, curly hair so you can style it quite easily or not at all and just add a pretty barrette hair-slide to dress it up for special occasions!

Maggie Gyllenhaal short hairstyle – layered chin-length bob for busy moms

Maggie Gyllenhaal Short Hair Style for 2014 – Hot Mom’s Hairstyles

Short cuts can also be very soft and feminine and here’s a great example of that. Maggie’s hair is cut into a layered chin-length bob, which is about an inch shorter at the back to add volume and emphasise the attractive forward movement. The off-centre parting is a little crooked and along with a couple of defined waves at the sides, keeps the lightly tousled finish flattering and casual.

Vanessa Hudgens Short Hairstyle – cute chin length black bob haircut with waves for girls

Vanessa Hudgens Short Waved Bob Hairstyle for 2014 – Cute Chin Length Bob Cut

Thick or coarse hair types are easy to tame when you have the right haircut to bring out the beauty of your locks. This chin-length bob, with a side parting and a touch of relaxed waviness, creates the perfect frame for Vanessa’s glowing, skin tone and accentuates her beautifully dark eyes!

Michelle Williams short haircut – chic boyish hairstyle for women – pixie cut

Michelle Williams Pixie Cut for 2014 – Short Straight Haircut for Round, Oval Faces

When you have a skin as perfect as Michelle and those lovely hazel eyes, a pixie cut is the best way to keep all focus on the face. Michelle’s pixie is styled to create lots of texture and movement on top and that sweet side-swept fringe adds interesting asymmetry. With a subtle golden blonde colour technique to match her porcelain skin, Michelle looks totally trendy at this elegant red carpet event. This is a great short hair style for round, oval, heart faces.

Megan Mullally short hairstyle – short red razor cut with layers

Megan Mullally Layered Short Red Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Megan shows her flair for contemporary style in those strongly-shaped glasses, which are the perfect shape and shade to flatter her face. But they call for a strong hair colour to get the perfect balance that we see in this picture. Megan’s rich, deep auburn hair colour is an excellent choice for her pale skin tone and matches her glasses exactly. Overall, the slightly shaggy cut with trendy textured tips creates a fabulous spiky silhouette and the short, side-swept fringe ensures that Megan’s lovely face is absolutely on show!

Marion Cotillard short haircut – chic brown bob hair style with waves

Marion Cotillard Short Hairstyle – Side View of Wavy Curly Bob Hairstyle

Ultra-cool is the theme for this unusual, futuristic haircut which makes the most of Marion’s thick dark hair. The bob is strongly asymmetrical with a sharply angled line running down from the exaggerated volume at the back down to the trendy, defined tresses that create a fabulous profile in a truly original look.

Karlie Kloss short hairstyle – cute brunette bob hairstyle with long side swept bangs

Karlie Kloss Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle with Bangs for 2014

Karlie is undoubtedly a major style icon for anyone who loves high-energy individuality! This bob is cut to just past the chin, without layers, except in that cute asymmetric fringe ending just above one eye. This creates a clever beauty accent for her beautiful blue eyes. The asymmetry continues in the twisted strand on one side making a loose ringlet and the careless way the other side is just popped behind the ear in a relaxed young look! Great for a long to short makeover, with the colour pepped up with some subtle, warm dark-blonde highlights.

India de Beaufort short hairstyles for curly hair – chic messy short curly hair style for women

India de Beaufort Curly Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Wonderful waves like this are suitable for taming naturally curly hair into a contemporary look and for giving fine-medium hair more volume. The bob is cut to finish just above the shoulders and then the twisty waves take up the length, so the hair falls prettily around the chin and neck. And just look how those flattering waves falling in the perfect position to draw attention to India’s brown eyes and flawless complexion!

Halle Berry short haircut – spiked messy short black pixie cut for women

Halle Berry Short Cut – 2015 Simple Easy Short Black Hairstyle for Women

Halle knows exactly what suits her sophisticated style and dainty facial features, and this evening version of her favourite pixie cut has just the right touch of contemporary chic. The extra height on top is very attractive and the tiny touch of fringe softens the forehead line. Notice how the soft, side-points are cut to accentuate Halle’s high cheekbones, making this apparently simple haircut into a really face-flattering choice!

Emma Watson short haircut – popular straight short cut with side swept bangs

<img class="aligncenter" src="http://www.latestbobhairstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/imgs/Em

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