Hey everyone! I’ve got something new and exciting for you today! Ron “Nekonny”, is one of my best friends and I’d like to take this opportunity to help advertise his Kickstarter project. Believe me that I know Ron’s passion for his comic and bringing his work into a material, tangible form is something that’s very important to him. If you have anything to give, please help become a part of the effort to make Caribbean Blue Volume 1 a reality.

There’s lots of great rewards too. I can’t wait to see who gets that CB sculpture. You’ll have to be fast because supplies are limited on the rewards. I had to rush home from work myself to pick up one of the custom cover deals. X3 (Damn it, Ron! Why do you have to live so many timezones ahead of me!)

If you are a fan of CB and other Katbox comics, I urge you to help him out. This is a big step in Ron’s life and it would mean a lot to both of us to see him succeed.



Copied from Nekonny’s News


Hey guys, great news!

Ever since I started working on the Caribbean Blue webcomic back in 2005, I’ve always dreamed of releasing it in printed form, and at long last that day has finally arrived!

Well, almost… But the ball is really rolling now! ^_^’

There is still some editing to be done, but with summer around the corner, I will be able to get some serious crunch time in. So much that I’m ready to start taking preorders with an expected release date of August 2012.

To that end I’ve created a Kickstarter project, that can be found BY CLICKING HERE.

But you can get a lot more than just a preorder, oh yes…

During this one time special event, you can get your hands on wallpapers, signed and doodled copies of a special preorder book cover, original comic artwork and even have me create you a 100% custom cover just for you. And a few more special items are up for grabs!

Neat huh?

I hope so, because we only have 32 days to hit our goal! So any support is most appreciated!

Since Kickstarter relies a lot on word of mouth, so spreading the word will help us too! Twitter, Facebook, DA/FA journals, redit, anything you can think of to get more people interested the better!

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