Panshi branded ATIV issued smartphones and tablets, now this line has become more diverse, it is possible to see ultrabooks. So, this year in the family ATIV was presented one of the models middle segment – Samsung ATIV Book 5 530U4E, which is very similar device Series 5 Ultra. Power it is not too productive, but copes with many modern problems, especially because here installed discrete graphics midrange, and not only one weak integrated graphics. By the way, fashion or ultrabook premium as gadgets or seventh ninth series, ATIV Book 5 also will not name. Despite this, it will not go unnoticed on a trip, and in the office.

Technical characteristics


Intel Core i5-3337U 1800 MHz


4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz


500 GB HDD 5400 rpm SATA II, 24 GB SSD


14.1 “1366×768 WXGA LED, matt


Intel HD Graphics 4000




Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0


SoundAlive, 2 speakers


2hUSB 2.0, USB 3.0, RJ-45, HDMI, mini-VGA, card reader SD / SDHC / SDXC, slot USIM-cards


1.3-megapixel webcam


4-cell Lithium-Ion 6290 mAh

Dimensions, weight:

338h234h19.5 mm, 1.8 kg

Operating system:

Windows 8 64-bit


Samsung ATIV Book 5 530U4E-X01


Appearance ultrabook somewhat severe, it has no frills. At the same time, it looks elegant. Coloration ATIV Book 5 530U4E dark blue, and cover the device has a longitudinal grinding. Say that this figure looks impressive, it is impossible, but in any case he is attractive and you can even say that fashion. Unfortunately, this solution is used only to cover the rest of the panel in this regard are not remarkable. The enclosure is made of aluminum and plastic. For example, the edge of the outer surface – a small plastic strip. Under it are the wireless antenna. 

Worksurface ultrabook made in the same dark blue color of the substrate except the keyboard and buttons themselves. They are quite black. However gloomy interior will not name because it provided several prominent features: a power button, a group of LEDs, logo acoustics JBL. 

As for the bottom, everything is trivial: vents, legs, bay, which is provided under an empty memory module. The advantage is that the bottom panel is secured seriously enough, and indeed the build quality no complaints: there are no gaps, the case seems relatively tough and virtually no flex. 

ATIV Book 5 530U4E has dimensions 338h234h19.5 mm and weighs 1.8 kg. The thickness of the laptop, as for ultrabook, not too small, but the weight is optimal to wear the device every day with him. 

Display, audio, webcam

Ultrabook display has a diagonal of 14 inches and a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Unfortunately, this is the only option, because screen with a higher resolution, for example, Full HD, manufacturer offers. However, this area is hardly cause discomfort during display operation. Also, the screen has a matte surface, but not too wide visibility, as here there is a standard TN-matrix incomparable quality with IPS. As for the brightness of the screen, which is about 200 nits, then for ordinary space will be fine, but on the street will certainly have to look closely. In general, the display does not leave the most pleasant experience, especially if you add too good color (pale colors) and a relatively low contrast. 

The laptop has two stereo speakers JBL 2W each. Thanks to the support of proprietary technology SoundAlive, ATIV Book 5 530U4E sounds good, though not too loudly. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the speakers sound system ranked at the bottom and when listening to music part of the volume is lost. The rest of the sound is clean, nothing at high croaks, besides a little audible bass. When compared to other ultrabooks acoustics, here it is much better. The sound is deeper and more natural, you can use headphones. 

For video, you can use the built-in webcam with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. In addition to communication in Skype, it allows you to take pictures and shoot video. However, the high quality it is no different. Next to the camera is built-in microphone, LED and light sensor. 

Keyboard and Touchpad

In ultrabook provides a full-size island keyboard consisting of 86 keys. All buttons are normal in size and spaced apart at an optimum distance that prevents typing infallible. Perhaps only to the deflection unit will need to get used to, because it reduced. It is important that even during fast typing keyboard does not flex. 

Nice to see that the function keys [PgUp], [PgDn], [Home] and [End] are not scattered or coexist with control buttons and a group handed in a row. In all other traditional: button marked with white and work with a small swing. 

Interest except that the key [F11], including silent mode, bringing ultrabook is quieter than usual. However, such a plus and the minus have – CPU frequency while greatly reduced. By the way, Samsung ATIV Book 5 530U4E no backlight, though it would not be superfluous. 

The touchpad is located in the center of podladonnoy site. It is quite large and very sensitive. Using the touch pad can be scaled images to scroll pages of documents or websites. Additionally, in Windows 8, you can display a menu of running applications, you open the “magic buttons”. 


Ultrabook Samsung ATIV Book 5 530U4E-X01 runs on preset 64-bit operating system Windows 8. It set a low voltage dual core processor Intel Core i5-3337U clocked at 1.8 GHz and the third level cache 3 MB. It should be noted that the chip belongs to the third generation (micro-Ivy Bridge), respectively, it is built on 22-nanometer technology. The base frequency of the processor can be increased through support Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.7 GHz (single core at work), which can improve performance while performing different tasks. Core i5-3337U has a small coefficient TDP of 17 watts, and in terms of performance it can be compared with the Core i7-2677M-generation Sandy Bridge. 

The processor integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000, which uses the graphics processing is not the memory, and some RAM. Certainly, the graphics can decode video, good manifests itself in a relatively undemanding games.At the same GPU frequency is 1100 MHz. However, if there is a complete set of discrete accelerator, it is clear that the solution of all complex graphics tasks will be connected with him. In particular, ATIV Book 5 530U4E provided AMD Radeon HD 8750M with 2GB VRAM own standard GDDR3. This card is based on norms of 28-nanometer process technology, support DirectX 11.1, and for computing the overall plan, it uses 384 stream processors. The graphics controller is equipped with a decoder UVD3, so can decode formats such as MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Flash, VC-1, MPEG-2, etc. It also supports a number of technologies, including Eyefinity, which allows to connect two external monitors ; Enduro, contributing to switch from one card to another; ZeroCore, designed to reduce power consumption when the display is off. Performance Radeon HD 8750M can be compared with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 640M, so that ultrabooks will be the strength of modern games, however, going mainly on medium settings. 

For example, Metro: Last Light SimCity or go with a frequency above 28 fps, while StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm – 70 frames per second with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. At the same time, the toys will be playable on high settings.For example, in Dead Space 3 or Mass Effect 3 can play with frequency 42-44 fps.

ATIV Book 5 In 530U4E RAM soldered to the motherboard. Its volume is 4 GB standard DDR3-1600 MHz. For system performance and teamwork with modern applications such capacity will be sufficient, especially as further under cover on the bottom, there is one memory module, through which you can increase the memory up to 8 GB. As for storage, the ultrabook provided hard drive capacity of 500 GB and a speed of 5400 rpm. But 24 GB SSD-cache (200 MB / s), allocated exclusively for the system, it will significantly accelerate the download.

Ports and Communications

In Samsung ATIV Book 5 530U4E has everything a user needs to work. So, on the right side ultrabook is two ports USB 2.0, as well as the Kensington lock, card reader for SD / SDHC / SDXC slot for USIM-card (an enhanced version of SIM-cards). 

At the opposite end also has USB, but faster version 3.0. Its functionality extends the possibility of charging, which works when the ultrabook is in sleep mode. In addition, here you can see the network RJ-45 port, partially hidden flap, the digital interface HDMI, combined headphone jack and a microphone and mini-VGA. At the end of the jack is provided for recharging. 

Front and rear ports no optical drive device is missing. 

By the way, on the front end can not see any indicator. They are all over the area of ??the keyboard. Among them, display power supply, battery, Caps Lock, and Fn Lock. So, the last LED indicates that the corresponding function is enabled and can be pressed without hotkeys Fn. 

Wireless communication standard laptop: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n with a small bandwidth of 150 Mbit / s and Bluetooth 4.0. Support for 3G-module in this ultrabook is missing. 


In Samsung ATIV Book 5 530U4E integrated 4-cell battery with 6290 mAh (57 Wh). In the web surfing this battery lasts more than four hours. If you work with documents, then the battery will last for 30-40 minutes longer. Of course, when viewing videos or games do not look for high autonomy ultrabook, nevertheless, it is possible to count on 2-3 hours between charges. Battery charging power supply capacity of 60 watts.


If the amount of your tasks are more focused on the conduct of office documentation or set of texts, the Samsung ATIV Book 5 530U4E – ideal. No doubt it will fit in as a pet intended for entertainment such as watching videos or playing games. In general, this ultrabook not only compact and versatile, but also has good functionality. Also you will enjoy speakers, a wide array of ports and connectors and sleek modern design. Perhaps deserves criticism only display that along with some level of brightness and contrast transmits enough juicy colors. cost of this laptop is close to $ 1,000, so you will choose between ATIV Book 5 530U4E or its competitors, which may at a similar price tag have more advantages .

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