A E Evans is a market leader in the design and supply of timber-based playground equipment, leisure and amenity products sold predominately to the trade for re-sale in the play and leisure markets.

From  Clamber Stacks and the traditional Low Level timber trail range, to larger tower units and high quality Radiata Pine sleeper products, the company offers a solution to all playground requirements. It also produces play components to suit bespoke requirements.

On show will be its new range of Timber Tower units predominately aimed at Key Stage 1 & 2, also another new addition to the Clamber Stack range along with products from the newly-designed sleeper range including a Story Telling Chair, Sleeper Benches and Traverse Wall.


Allett Mowers is launching its latest Buffalo 34/5 all-purpose pedestrian cylinder mower. Known as the great all-rounders in the Allett line-up, the robustly built Buffalos have large diameter cutting cylinders which give them the ability to cut longer grass, even in wet conditions.

The new Buffalo 34/5 sees a range of improvements to a machine developed primarily as a sports ground mower. The engine is now centrally mounted on the chassis, giving the user a better view of the cutting area. There is a larger diameter front roller to give straighter lines with less ground pressure. One-handed fitting and removal of the grass box has been made possible by adding a handle and grass box hoop in place of arms. This new grass box feature has also been extended to the rest of the Buffalo range.

Irrespective of forward speed, the Buffalo has a fixed clip rate and anyone hunting for a cylinder mower that will cut long and wet grass will find that the 200 mm diameter eight-blade cutting cylinder is designed to cope well with such conditions. The bottom blade setting is made easy with a single-point adjustment for the cylinder and the rear roller is a three-piece steel construction with rubber covering and bevel gear differential.

The Buffalo has a narrow wheelbase for good contour following, while it combines a wide cut with low weight, making it ideal for maintaining larger, sensitive areas. It also makes an ecological contribution by being able to operate on low revs, which translates to lower emissions, good fuel economy and lower vibrations for the user.

Allett will also display the domestic range comprising the Classic and Kensington petrol and electric mowers alongside the Buckingham and Westminster models. The other main feature on the stand will be the Allett Complete Lawncare System which comprises six interchangeable cartridges to provide an aerator, dethatcher, lawn brush, scarifier, verticutter and a 10-bladed cylinder. The system was shortlisted for the Chelsea Flower Show Gardening Product of the Year 2013 and appeared recently on the Alan Titchmarsh programme.


If you care about your health, the environment and getting the best out of your small-engine machinery, then talk to the Anglo American Oil Co about Aspen fuels. The benefits, says the company, are: 99% less toxic emissions; solvent, benzene, olefin and sulphur free; less smoke and smell; chemically inert and available as a ready mixed two-stroke fuel.


The Truxor DM5000 is an amphibious machine used for various tasks involved in pond and lake management. Driven with care and with its minimal ground pressure, damage to riverbanks and sensitive areas can be minimised making the Truxor low impact and ideal for working on golf courses, nature reserves and public parks where larger, heavier machines have difficulty operating. The machine is towed by a 4 x 4 on a flatbed trailer and the Truxor can drive itself to the water over the land.

The Truxor aquatic weed cutter is a manoeuvrable machine that can turn on its own axis in water and is capable of working in the tightest and most challenging of environments, and the wide range of attachments make it ideal for a variety of tasks – the machine can go from a reed cutter to a collector in the blink of an eye.


For the first time in the UK Avant Tecno will be demonstrating its new R-Series models which, unlike the rest of its well-established range of compact wheeled loaders, places the operator on the rear portion of the articulated chassis.

The decision to introduce the R-Series was based on customer demand for a machine of similar configuration to other makes available and suitable for use in very confined areas where the new layout makes it easier to negotiate tight turns and reverse with both accuracy and safety. Like all Avant models, the new series feature a rigid articulation joint with the rear of the machine acting as a large counterweight for excellent on-site stability.

The first two models available are the R28 and R35 which have similar specifications to the existing Avant 528 and 635 machines with power provided by Kubota diesel engines developing 21 and 28 kW, respectively and driving via hydrostatic, four-wheel drive transmissions.

Compared with other makes of rear-seated loader, the Avant design offers a much more compact package with the additional benefit of a telescopic boom providing a maximum lifting height of up to 2,820 mm in the case of the R35.

Also on show will be a variety of the very latest attachments from a total selection now well in excess of 100 different items.


BLEC Global will use SALTEX to show a wider range of products for the groundcare, landscaping and sports turf marketplace. Two models of the Multivator, both heavy duty and compact, will be on show – and demonstrated – as well as the new BLEC Power Box Rake powered by the Avant Skid Steer unit.

Also on the stand will be the laser-guided BLEC Power Box Rake heavy duty version for tractors – cultivating, pulverising, earth moving, grading and stonepicking all in one tough machine for landscapers. And the Shakervator (vibrating tine aerator), Disc Seeder (heavy duty), Multi-Seeder, Cultipack Seeder and Star Seeder will all be on show alongside the BLEC Laser Grader, an essential tool for levelling and grading golf tees that need renovating.

The BLEC Power Box Rake is available for pedestrian two-wheel tractors, and tractor-mounted versions are suitable for tractors from 20–100 HP with a hydraulic version available for skid-steer loaders. All are equipped with a long-life pointed carbide toothed rotor.  The rotor pulverises the soil and separates the soil and debris while the fold-down end plates allow the power box rake to bulk-move material. The hydraulic angling rotor rakes and windrows soil and debris – and the rear adjustable castor wheels give accurate depth control. Optional laser control kits are available for accurate levelling and raking of sports turf areas.

The BLEC Disc Seeder is the most effective machine for overseeding any size areas quickly with very little surface disturbance.  It is equipped with a well-proven seeding system which can handle a wide range of seed mixtures – from small bent to large rye grass seeds.  There is a twin row disc system with either 4 or 5 cm spacing. Models are available for tractors from 30–100 HP.

The BLEC Multivator is a multi-use machine carrying out a wide range of tasks achieved with only one drive unit. Decompacting,  soil recycling and topdressing all in one pass, the Multivator has quick hook-on rear attachments, an easy-change blade system and heavy duty reversible drive system. Other options available offer a verticutter with removal, stone burier, soil screener and turf lifter with side elevator removal.


British Manufacturing Solutions (BMS) will display a wide range of turf-related products (all manufactured by BMS in Luton) for the outdoor professional. The company works alongside thousands of individuals from sports groundsmen to park and leisure amenity officers, from landscapers to greenkeepers and bowling club managers to golf course turf professionals, offering spiking rollers to specialist rakes and from hole cutters to bootwipers, as well as tools, flags and banners – providing a bespoke signage and printing service.


British Sugar TOPSOIL will be exhibiting Landscape20 and Sports10, and its newly revised Essential Guide will be available free of charge.

 Landscape20 is fully-analysed and compliant to BS3882:2007. This fertile sandy loam is ideal for winter sports pitch construction, bunker construction and general landscaping projects. Sports10, an 80% sand dressing, is ideal for use as a winter sports field topdressing and divot mix.


Broadwood International will display selected Wessex ProLine mowers and SnowEx winter salt, grit and brine spreaders. The ProLine RMX-560 and RMX-680 roller mowers have proved to be highly popular with councils, contractors and sports complexes, and the latest models will be on show. Wide area mowing offers cost-efficiency and the triple deck mower leaves a finish equal to a cylinder mower on fine turf, at a fraction of the cost.

New this year is the Wessex FRX professional outfront flail mower which builds on the performance and popularity of the previous model. Considered one of the best for cutting long grass on roadside verges as well as leaving a premium finish on sports turf, this is the ideal all-rounder for councils and contractors. For mounted mowers, the Wessex ProLine RMX 240 and RMX 360 are widely used for quick and effective mowing in public parks, playing fields and areas of amenity grass.

It will also be worth looking at the wide range of the SnowEx spreaders that will be on show, from the 2,300-litre capacity V-Maxx SP-9300 to walk-behind pedestrian models. The versatility of SnowEx spreaders is demonstrated with a trailer-mounted SP-8500 and an SP-6000 rigged on a Navara pick-up. The Bulk-Pro and Mini-Pro utility spreaders are ideal for councils, contractors, farmers and estates with the facility to mount them on commercial vehicles, 4x4s, UTVs, ATVs, tractors and forklifts.

The use of brine solutions for winter maintenance is an increasingly popular practice and the SnowEx VSS liquid de-icers are leading the way. To complete the picture there will be several professional pedestrian drop spreaders and brine sprayers for taking care of walkways, footpaths and shopping precincts. 


As part of the Central Spares display the company will be showing Spyker products -high-quality walk-behind spreaders and other commercial power equipment – for which it is now exclusive European distributor. The spreaders are fitted with the Accu-Way spread pattern adjustment that provides a consistent and even application pattern, reduces waste and saves money for the operator. All professional models are fitted with a metal gear system and solid steel axle for durability, low maintenance and covered by a lifetime warranty.

Also on show will be an expanded range of ‘Workshop Essentials’ products plus its Forestry safety products.


Charterhouse Turf Machinery will display an array of equipment to nurture natural surfaces and groom synthetic ones and, with end-of-season maintenance in mind,  attention will turn to aeration, scarifying, topdressing and overseeding of grassed areas or rejuvenating synthetic ones.

On the stand will be the recently launched Redexim Verti-Drain 1517 – part of the new high-speed 15 series that feature lighter weight machines. Suitable for use with a tractor from as little as 28 HP, the 1517 weighs in at just 520 kgs but offers a productive 1.76 m working width together with a depth of up to 150 mm.  Alongside will be examples from Charterhouse’s extensive range of overseeders, from pedestrian spiked units to high capacity disc seeders, and the company’s Rink topdresser line.

Continuing the theme of lighter units, the new Redexim Verti-Top 1200 for synthetic turf maintenance is a physically smaller machine that will be of particular use in more confined spaces.  It is still a high work-rate machine having a 1.2 m working width, but weighing in at only 360 kgs.  It has all the features to maintain synthetic turf by removing, cleaning and redistributing the infill material, but with only the need for a 22 HP tractor with a 400 kgs lift capacity.


Cramer UK will be displaying and demonstrating its full range of reputed professional cleaning equipment and presenting its latest high spec vacuum, the Cramer LS 5000XP.

This is a leaf and litter, petrol-powered vacuum which can be easily pushed or driven. The hydrostatic-driven vacuum’s key feature is the Silent Wings fan that reduces noise by 75%, fuel consumption by 25% but maintains 100% suction power.

The LS 5000XP also boasts a clever design, which avoids the use of unreliable electric micro switches. The vacuum uses one lever to close the fan outlet for safety then automatically shuts down the Honda Pro GX160 engine to tick over. This allows users to slide out the collection bag and empty the vacuum with the engine still running ready for the next cleaning run. This vacuum is ideal for commercial and industrial environments as well as within estate grounds and gardens.

There is also a bespoke version available, which uses gas power – which means hardly any emissions so the unit can be fully utilised indoors, too, in warehouses, workshops, garages and schools, for example.


Danarm Machinery will be exhibiting its range of professional low-vibration, hand-held machinery, including brushcutters, hedgetrimmers and back pack blowers – all of which are designed for a full day’s comfortable use.

The popular range of Kaaz heavy duty, rotary lawnmowers will also be on show. These are used by many local authorities and landscape contractors. On show will be the updated roller drive which will come into production from next season.


Demon’s Hurricane Combi P2 pressure washer is the latest version of this flat surface cleaning pressure washer launched earlier this year. It is supplied with twin spinning arms which rotate at 2,000 revs/min and a 50 mm heavy duty skirt which eliminates overspray. The Combi is easy to transport in the back of a van it has the added bonus of being able to disconnect from the rotodeck for use as a pressure washer. Examples of other Demon cleaning equipment will also be on view


DJ Turfcare will use SALTEX to promote a new soil-testing service for Viano lawn product users – as well as showing its range of golf and sports turf machinery.

“With sales of our organic products showing an increase this year,” says managing director David Jenkins, “we have found a need for people to have a proper understanding of their soil requirements. Quite often people are unaware that the type of acid or alkaline soil – pH – they have can have a vast affect on grass growth. Clients will be able to send us a sample of soil and a scientific laboratory will give a full analysis – and we can then advise on exactly the right products to use to alter pH for maximum growth and strength.”

Among these products are Viano Bio-Lime, Recovery, Green Comfort  and the renowned MO Bacter. Sales of all have have risen since last year.

MO Bacter (in two bag sizes – 7.5 kgs and 20 kgs) is an organic lawn fertiliser that eliminates moss without raking and has proved an outstanding success since winning the Turf Pro Product of the Year in 2008. It has featured on the BBC’s Beechgrove Garden series in highly successful trials.

New products from DJ Turfcare at Windsor this year include Viano Organic Plantfood – a general fertilser which improves the flavour of vegetables and fruit. It is a product which has been tried and tested over some years in Europe.

On the stand: the PLUGGER PL855 Pro HD. This aeration machine features hydrostatic-drive and uses both solid and hollow tines. It is highly manoeuvrable and is ideal for superior grass maintenance in more difficult areas, being easy to transport and handle. It is particularly useful for large areas of fine turf, and cricket and bowling clubs have found the Plugger invaluable in reviving compacted squares.

The second-generation Atom Edgers, both professional and domestic – with new Mitsubishi engines – will be on show .They are tougher, easier-to-use and have improved controls. The Professional Edger Pro 580 is aimed at local authorities for kerb use and the Atom 450 Deluxe is designed for gardeners with large areas of lawn to edge.

Also, the updated Atom Bunker Edger, now celebrating its seventh year as a leading product for the golf industry, has a new Mitsubishi two-stroke engine.

The Bushranger Edger will also be on show. Aimed primarily at local authorities and those looking after large landscaped areas, the unit is ideal for producing razor sharp edges, especially up close to raised paving because of its drop-down wheel.

Also at SALTEX will be MOSSGO, a powerful microbiocidal liquid which quickly and effectively removes moss from hard surfaces, and acts as a long-term preventative on areas including artificial sports surfaces, pathways, timber and glasshouses.


After a successful debut two years ago, DMMP is returning to SALTEX to launch products from manufacturing partners Maruyama Japan and EarthWay Products. DMMP managing director, Marcus Palmer, explains: “SALTEX is a fitting event to show the industry why Maruyama and EarthWay are global leaders. Not only will visitors see new and proven products but they will also see practical demonstrations.” 

Recently introduced to the UK, Maruyama is the leading Japanese manufacturer of pumps, sprayers and outdoor power equipment. The hard-working power tools are all designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan.

Mark Dyos, vice president of Maruyama USA and a key player in Maruyama’s global operations, is responsible for the Maruyama’s UK’s markets and is enthusiastic about SALTEX:   “Maruyama is set to take the UK market by storm with its new products and its cast iron guarantee. We’re looking for growth in 2014, and the Maruyama power house of power tools is ready to shake up the power equipment business!  We will be supporting DMMP, our UK importer and distributor, at SALTEX with our US technical team and we’re challenging those still convinced that there is better outdoor power equipment out there to come and see our tough, hard- working professional products.”

EarthWay, the leading manufacturer and innovator of pedestrian fertiliser and ice control spreaders designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, will also be launching a new product at SALTEX. Its innovative Flex-Select spreader has interchangeable tools which will mean that one spreader is capable of efficiently spreading fertiliser, salt or fine seeds and chemicals.


Duralock is a market leader in sports and equestrian fencing, with an international clientele.  Manufacturing in its own facilities in the UK and supplying PVC fencing to leading sports clubs and racecourses, Duralock is approved by racing authorities and sports associations worldwide. The company offers the latest technology, UV-stabilised PVCu formulation of the highest quality, guaranteed for 15 years. The material has added impact modifiers and UV inhibitors to protect the PVCu from the sun, giving an attractive, strong system which will not rot, warp, peel or crack. It is strong and durable, yet flexible in the event of collision and is the perfect addition to sport pitches, racecourse and many other facilities.


Eibe Play will be showcasing several new products that guarantee play value and inventive design features. The stand-out ibondo orinoko is like a small jungle village, complete with challenging climbs, daring crossings and thrilling slides, and alongside will be the paradiso ivo, the minimondo and a creative station. The company has been working with town and parish councils for many years and can create bespoke play spaces to suit any environment.


Three new products will be launched by Endurancemats:

Comfort mat – claimed to be the best among anti-fatigue mats. Lengthy work areas can be covered with the help of additional two side interlocking ends – provides fatigue relief and insulation from cold concrete floors and increases comfort, productivity and safety. Relieves fatigue from prolonged standing. The raised surface texture will increase slip resistance. The versatile heavy-duty mat helps minimise trip hazard

Step mat – special-purpose stair mats give elegance and safety to steps, indoor or outdoor. Can be easily installed within in minutes.

Reversible mat – anti-fatigue mats that are durable and easy to install in any size area. They can be used either way up – one of the reversible sides is studded and the other is anti-slip embossed.


FGM Claymore will be announcing its appointment as UK and Ireland distributor for the Orec professional groundscare product range, offering selected products including ride-on and pedestrian brushcutters and lawnmowers.

Managing director, Paul Butterly, says: “Orec is the largest manufacturer of ride-on brushcutters in Japan and the brand is an established combination of performance and reliability with the power to cope with more difficult urban, estate and forestry areas. Grass, thistles and brambles over 1 metre high are easily dealt with.”

The Orec professional pedestrian range includes the mechanical two forward speed option flail mower, with a cut width of 50 cm and cut height from 5–9 cm and brushcutters with cut width and height options from 53–80 cm and 5–8 cm, respectively. Power range is from 6.5–9.5 HP. The highly regarded ride-on Rabbit brushcutters feature a power output range from 13–15 HP and cut width option from 80-95 cm. Height of cut range is between 2–10 cm. All ride-on models feature differential gearing for added traction on heavily rutted or uneven terrain and forward and reverse speeds range from 7-12 km and 2-7 km, respectively.

The versatility of the machine may be increased by fitting an electric sprayer for footpath maintenance or spot spraying and a tow-hitch enables rollers, spring rakes or harrows to be dragged instead of using a quad.


Global Turf Equipment UK will be showing a Toro GM4700D, a Toro GM3500D and a Tru Turf greens roller.


Globe Tools Europe will be displaying products from the GreenWorks Tools and AEG brands and will be launching a number of new products, including the first brushless 16 inch Li-Ion cordless chainsaw, brushless Li-Ion cordless blower/vac and brushless and brushed Li-Ion cordless power tool range.

Also on show will be a large range of Lithium-Ion battery powered equipment under the GreenWorks brand. The 24 V range of lawn and garden products includes hedge trimmers, strimmers, lawnmowers and pole pruners, and utilises interchangeable batteries throughout the range. The 40 V range is available with 2 Ah or market leading 4 Ah batteries. The 49 cm mower will cut grass for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. The range is extensive and the interchangeable battery system makes it very cost effective.

The company will also launch its range of 24 V brushed and brushless power tools, as well as AEG pressure washers and compressors.


Godfreys Golf & Turf will exclusively launch a new John Deere machine into the UK at SALTEX, aimed at the landscape contractor, educational and recreational markets, as well as land management organisations. “Being given the opportunity of taking the wraps off a brand new John Deere product for the UK market is very exciting,” said Peter Bateman, managing director of Godfreys Golf & Turf. “We know it’s going to create a huge amount of interest among our customers and all visitors to our stand. It’s going to be quite a talking point.”

The Godfreys stand will also feature a full line-up of the latest John Deere commercial and contractor products, including the new X700 Series of diesel lawn tractors.


Gold Star Products will be showing wireless weather stations and two-way radio communication products.


GreenMech’s new Arborist range of chippers consists of a family of two road-tows and one tracked unit that have been developed in response to industry demands.  The simple to use and cost-effective models all come with a wide letterbox-style throat of 150 mm by 230 mm, vertical hydraulic rollers and the electronically controlled ‘No-Stress’ feed system reverses the feed rollers to relieve the chipper blades, allowing rotor speed to recover quickly, effectively increasing output. The engine is protected by insulated steel panels offers strength and noise level reduction. The units are:

Arborist-130 is below 750 kgs in weight and comes with a 23 HP Briggs & Stratton or Honda petrol engine.

Arborist-150 is below 750 kgs and is supplied with a choice of either a 26 or 34 HP Kubota diesel engine.

ArbTrak-150 comes with a 34 HP Kubota diesel and is designed to complement the existing SAFE-Trak 16-23 and Quad Trak-160 tracked options.

Also on show will be GreenMech’s 160 mm capacity turntable woodchipper, the Quad Chip-160. This proven unit had a clean sheet design from the ground up and is a combination of ideas from the customers and the latest technology – the result is a chipper that fulfils all the requirements of today’s tree surgeons maintaining quality, performance and reliability.

So what’s so innovative? For several years, GreenMech had been asked for chippers that will operate in the varied working conditions that general tree surgeons have to operate in. In amongst the requests was the continued need for a 6 inch machine with a turntable allowing ultimate positioning of the in-feed chute for convenience of access in limited space and more importantly safer use when working from the road side.

With the new design, the Quad Chip-160 is good from any angle; when the chute is moved to 90deg of the drawbar, the rear of the machine stays within the width of the axle and does not protrude into the path of traffic.

Fitted with a Kubota 34 HP diesel engine to ensure a total machine weight of under 750 kgs, the machine’s high throughput is provided by dual vertical feed rollers and a 160 mm by 230 mm letterbox opening, offering an exceptional crushing capacity on difficult branches and fast processing of leafy brash.

The Quad Chip-160 features the Disc Blade system but, recognising that many users prefer straight blades, Greenmech has developed a flywheel that will accept either the reversible straight blades or Disc Blade options


Following its success in 2012 in winning the Highly Commended Stand Award, GreenTek will again be displaying its latest range of innovative turf care equipment.

The line-up will include the innovative Double-Quick tractor mounted aerator which can slit, roll, rake and brush all in one pass, making it a highly productive machine for councils and contractors. Other specialist equipment will include the 5.4 m wide Maxi-Brush, Easy-Load topdressing loader and the Greens-Groomer brush system for natural and synthetic turf.

In addition, GreenTek will have a full display of TuffTek security solutions including cabinets for mowers, strimmers and workshop tools, plus mobile strimmer-vaults for pick-up trucks and trailers.


Hahn Plastics will be launching a new range of landscaping materials  - palisades, boundary stones, edging, decking, fencing, outdoor furniture and ground stabilisation systems.


Harry West will demonstrate Seko composting machines – Seko Green Series and Green & Compost for the chopping and mixing of branches, pruning, sewage sludge, green waste in general, peat, loam etc. The peculiar characteristics of the Bio-Chopper-Mixers SAM 5 series allow to obtain a balanced dissection and chopping, even of wooden materials, giving the output the characteristics suitable for the micro-organisms’ action. During chopping, the material is also actively mixed, a particularly positive fact for two of more kinds of composting products with a different degree of fermentation (for example, wood and branches are generally little fermentative, while grass, the OFMSW – the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes – and zoo technical dejections are very fermentative).

Chopping and mixing are performed by the fibre-dissecting action and laceration of two special slow-motion opposite-rotating spiralled shafts with convergent windings, fitted with original blades and counter-blades favouring the fibre dissecting of wooden products. It is very important that all this process avoids chips and sawdust production. The presence of a certain share of wood and non-crumbled parts ensures a balanced aeration of the mass. Moreover, a correct porosity enables the exceeding water evaporation, creating in this way an important total reduction of the lump during the composting process.


Exhibiting at SALTEX for the first time, Henry Sheach, ‘the zero turn company’, will be showing the full Bobcat range of zero turn mowers – 10 models of hydraulic drive zero turn pedestrians from 28 to 54 inch, rotary and three sizes of flail on two types of handlebar. Bobcat was the first larger than 21 inch rotary mower, designed by Dane Scag who went on to design the Great Dane and Scag mowers of the 1980s and ‘90s.

Bobcat will also feature five models of zero turn riders – 36, 42, 54 and 61 inch make up the range.

Henry Sheach will also be exhibiting the Bad Boy diesel mower with new Outlaw models. Another first for the show will be the Bad Boy Outlaw stand-on mower, while special attention will also be on the innovative Convertible mower.


Heyland Marine is a family business that has been supplying an extensive range of workpunts and rowing boats for over 35 years. The Sturdy and Neptune boats are made in polyethylene, which is rot and knock proof, meaning the boats are maintenance-free and are very stable to work from. They are used for clearing, strimming trees near water,  planting waterways, maintaining banks and bridges, as rescue craft and for moving rubbish.These boats come complete with roller wheels, so one person can handle a boat over land and in and out of the water with no need for a trailer.

Heyland also can design and manufacture small ferryboats, used for carrying machinery, tools and animals to islands and for removing rubbish from difficult access sites on water.

Councy councils and groundsmen all find the boats useful, but Heyland also manufactures rowing boats which can be supplied in different colours and popular with leisure centres, and boating and fishing lakes. Heyland also supplies electric motors, lifejackets, ropes and marine accessories.


SALTEX will be the venue for the formal launch of Hyundai garden, estate and amenity machinery, being marketed as part of the fast-growing Hyundai Power Equipment product line distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by Genpower.

Starting off in 2009 with Hyundai petrol and diesel generators, the range has expanded to include Hyundai leisure inverter generators, air compressors and water pumps, all available through a network of Genpower-appointed specialist dealers.

Visitors to this year’s SALTEX will be first in western Europe to see the newest additions to the Hyundai Power Equipment line-up, encompassing hand-held and walk-behind machines suitable for a variety of grass and grounds maintenance applications.

Among the engine-powered products being launched are three self-propelled and two push lawnmowers, hand-held and wheeled string trimmers, a multi-tool and a pair of brushcutters. The stand will also feature three chainsaws, a petrol-engined hedgetrimmer, two backpack blowers, a hand-held blower-vacuum and three high-performance pressure washers. Selected models from the Hyundai generator, air compressor and water pump ranges will also be on display.

All of the equipment being shown at SALTEX is available through a growing number of appointed Hyundai Power Equipment sales and service dealers throughout the UK and Ireland. Genpower is actively seeking to appoint new dealers capable of providing end-users with levels of support that strengthen the high reputation being achieved by Hyundai-branded products in other market sectors around the world.


Ian Gower Associates will be launching an iPhone app for knapsack sprayer calibration costing 99p (an android and Windows app is in development; plus tractor calibration apps will follow) and the company is now also offering NSTS sprayer testing working in association with Cleveland Crop Sprayers. A boom sprayer will on the stand with an NSTS tester on site to discuss how to get your sprayer NSTS ready.


Inturf will be displaying:

Inturf Classic – the company’s standard grade containing fine dwarf perennial rye grasses and fescues. It is specified by leading landscape architects, sports turf consultants and garden designers for its consistently high quality and great value.

Inturf Really Tough Turf  (RTT) & RTF Turf – both very deep rooting turf grasses; RTT incorporates fine leaved dwarf perennial rye grasses in the same blend as RTF turf, which includes smooth stalked meadow grass and rhizomatous and tall fescue grasses.

Fibre Reinforced Turf (FRT) – Inturf was the pioneer of FRT and remains at the forefront of this extremely useful natural turf surface. Used for sports pitches, fire access routes, airfields and car parking.

Carbon Capture Turf – a reasonably new breed of turf that locks up carbon faster than a rain forest and which requires less mowing than ordinary turf grasses. Ideal for roadside verges and city parks.


Despite a recent spate of media scare stories about the problems caused by Japanese Knotweed, organisations and individuals should have nothing to fear provided they take the time to choose a competent and professional treatment specialist.  That’s the message from Japanese Knotweed Control (JKC) at this year’s SALTEX.

JKC will reassure visitors that knotweed can still be relatively easy and cost-effective to manage, providing there is early identification of the species and protection of the affected site and the work is carried out by responsible, qualified operatives. Amongst its recommendations will be the need to check companies are Amenity Assured and BACCS registered.

SALTEX will also provide the platform for JKC to promote its support for The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association (INNSA), a new industry body controlling and eradicating invasive non-native species, in which JKC has been closely involved as one of the initial steering group companies.

Set up to encourage the highest standards within the industry, INNSA registration provides members with a recognised accreditation backed up by a comprehensive insurance scheme.  Membership demonstrates professional knowledge and understanding of invasive species and the best methods for eradicating them.


KFS Special Vehicles will be showing the latest version of its  successful Plant & Go vehicle at this year’s show. This is recognised as the only genuine alternative to towing, while at the same time addressing health and safety issues concerning loading and unloading onto traditional drop sider/tipper bodied trucks, particularly heavy plant or equipment. All 3,500 kgs vehicles come with a Type Approval Certificate and benefit from Fiat’s three-year, 120,000 mile warranty with service intervals being every 30,000 miles.


KOMPAN will be showing its new Multi-Spinner and Arc Net, alongside units from its new toddler range specifically designed for the ability and sizes of children aged 1-3.


Playground equipment manufacturer, Ksil Baltic, will be showing examples from its successful range.


Kubota is teaming up with two of its dealer partners – George Browns and Lister Wilder – to showcase its market leading and high performance range of tractor and groundscare solutions. New solutions for 2013 that will be featured include Kubota’s recently launched RTV400Ci utility vehicle and the M6060 mid-range tractor.  Kubota will also be displaying a number of its popular compact tractors and ride-on mower solutions.


Kuhn will be exhibiting amenity and golf course sprayers, shredders, tillers and power harrow as well as salt and sand spreaders.

Kuhn Amenity Pro is a part of the Kuhn Agricultural Machinery family and so offers a wide range of machines:

Flail mowers from 1.2 m working with a range wide enough to suit all applications.

Sprayers – from knapsacks to 1,000 L three-point linkage;

Hedge cutter and side arm flails

Tractor mounted salt and sand spreader

Power harrow and tillers starting at 1.2 m wide.


Two mowers, the first for the amenity and landscape sector, and another for golf, will headline the Toro exhibit on the Lely – Partners in Turfcare stand. In addition, Toro will launch PREMA – a new programme for quality pre-owned Toro turf machinery.

Pride of place will be given to the LT3340 heavy-duty triple mower. Designed for high-productivity grass cutting in parks and on roadside verges through to schools and caravan sites, the machine produces a great finish. Optional all-weather cab and high levels of comfort keep operators working longer, while easy access service areas help reduce running costs and increase profitability.

Weighing in at just 900 kgs, Toro claim the new Toro Reelmaster 3550-D is the lightest fairway mower on the market, and have dubbed it the lightweight fairway champion. It floats effortlessly over contours without leaving any unwelcome impressions on the turf. Additionally, it has a productive 2.1 m cutting width and 7 mph mowing speed. Turf-friendly tyres, superior traction from a Series/Parallel 3-wheel-drive system and a powerful 25 HP (18 kW) diesel engine complete an impressive package.

The new PREMA programme gives customers the chance to buy quality pre-owned Toro turf machinery that’s technically as good as new, at affordable prices. Every machine in the scheme is given a comprehensive inspection covering key mechanical functions, before receiving a Lely certified PREMA warranty, which backs it with a 180 days’ or 300 hours’ conditional warranty. Run by Toro distributor Lely UK, it means customers buying a Lely PREMA certified machine can do so with confidence and complete peace of mind.


A new addition to the leading turf machinery distributor’s portfolio, Lely UK is exhibiting TYM tractors at SALTEX for the first time.

As part of its Lely – Partners in Turfcare exhibit, which also includes Toro and Solo outdoor maintenance equipment, Lely will be showing a number of TYM tractors. There is a wide range of models from 23 to 100 HP to cater for all needs, and the company will be showing the 23, 35, 43 and 100 HP units. All TYM tractors benefit from a reliable and powerful four-cylinder diesel engine that maximises fuel efficiency. Dual-air filter elements protect and extend engine life, and a heavy-duty, four-wheel-drive front axle offers greater traction where needed.  


Lister Wilder will be exhibiting a range of machinery from Kubota, Baroness and Timberwolf including new products such as:

Timberwolf TW240TDHB – turntable chipper

Timberwolf SX200DHBC – diesel shredder

Kubota RTV400 and RTV 500 – petrol utility vehicles

Kubota M6060 – new range of M-Series tractors

Kubota F3680 Complete with new Lastec flotation deck

Kubota W821R Pro – walk-behind roller mower

Baroness LM315 – greens triple mower.

The latest petrol utility vehicles from Kubota include compact 4WD solutions. The RTV400Ci and RTV500 are powerful, robust and reliable, providing users with exceptional handling and a host of innovative features to maximise control, even in the toughest of conditions.

The RTV400Ci incorporates a new, high revving 16 HP air-cooled, single cylinder petrol engine, along with Kubota’s newly designed CVT Plus (Continuously Variable Transmission) with inertial clutch. The CVT Plus keeps the vehicle’s double-cogged, wide-belt drive system tight at all times, resulting in minimal slippage and giving drivers greater response and better durability. The machine also provides dynamic braking, helping users to maintain total control during ascents and descents with engine-assisted deceleration.

Similar in power, the RTV500 features a 15.8 HP, two-cylinder petrol engine.  However, the RTV500 engine is liquid cooled to ensure reliability and to minimise noise and vibration.  This reduces operator fatigue and increases the efficiency of the vehicle.  This machine includes Kubota’s innovative VHT Plus (Variable Hydrostatic Transmission) system, which further enhances vehicle performance and handling.

Both the RTV400Ci and RTV500 include an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system that not only provides on-demand power and helps optimise acceleration, but also improves the machine’s responsiveness.

 Another innovation from Kubota, the new Lastec 100-inch flex mower deck, will also be seen. This is available exclusively on Kubota’s high performance and market leading F3680 out front mower. The patented Lastec design integrates five 21 inch mower pans, pinned together and belt driven, giving a 100 inch wide cut with the precision of a 21 inch walk-behind mower.  For turf professionals, this means a larger area can be cut in a shorter space of time, saving valuable time and money. The solution has been designed so all the deck pans articulate independently 15 deg up and down to follow the ground contour, with walk-mower precision which reduces the possibilities of scalping.

The Kubota W812R-Pro walk behind roller mower combines high durability with exceptional performance, while visitors to the stand will also be able to admire the latest CRS Euro stage IIIB emission compliant, 4 cylinder C-CDIS (Centre Direct Injection System) engine on the Kubota M6060, one of the new M-Series tractors from Kubota.  With a maximum speed of 40 kph, cruise function and creep speed, autohitch and hydraulic trailer braking as standard, the M6060 also features a fully air-conditioned cab for outstanding operator comfort.

Lister Wilder will also show the Baroness LM315 greensmower, which is new for the 2013 season.  Building on tried and tested technology, the LM315 provides all the advantages of a hybrid drive mower, with the reliability of mechanical drive to the cutting units, a choice of reel speeds and the best cutting units in the business, with the added benefit of a reliable  Kubota diesel engine. 

The Baroness LM315 features options of 7-, 9- and 11-blade cylinders and 1.5 mm to 5 mm bedknives, a rear roller brush,  groomer reel, and dethatching reel as well as spiking and roller units. 

Among the other innovative products on show will be the TW 240TDHB from chip and shred expert Timberwolf.  This 160 mm turntable wood chipper has been created following an extensive customer survey. The blades are supported by external ‘oversized’ greasable bearings, which generate huge reserves of inertia – delivering outstanding performance, ejection and throughput.  Servicing is made simple and cost-effective thanks to the chipper’s modular design which gives excellent access to all major components. 

Also from Timberwolf, Lister Wilder will show the SX200 diesel shredder, which was launched earlier this year.  Robust, lightweight (under 750 kgs) and manoeuvrable, the SX200 is designed for single-user operation.


Lubbe & Sons will be running videos of its mechanical bulb planting machine for use in parks, opens spaces, roadside verges and roundabouts etc.

Two years ago, the comopany developed a new machine specifically for embankment planting, which was trialled in the autumn of 2012. This was a huge success, and the process and resulting display will be available to see for the first time at SALTEX.

The machine opens up a new world of possibilities for forward-thinking users who need to reduce maintenance costs on slopes while maintaining an attractive environment.


SiteBlazer wheelbarrows can save their owners 50-75% of the running costs of traditional builder’s barrows that need replacing every 6-8 weeks. Visit the stand the find out more.


Martin Lishman will display examples from its comprehensive range of compact amenity sprayers, alongside Growing Systems’ compost tea systems which are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to optimise the health of grass.

The sprayer range includes trailed, mounted, demountable and self-propelled models with spray tanks from 50 to 600 litres capacity and up to 8 m booms for large applications like sports grounds and golf courses.

The Micro-Spray range of  self-propelled pedestrian sprayers have tanks of 50 to 120 litres, and are just 76 cm wide so they can fit into enclosed spaces like bowling greens, tennis courts or walled gardens.

The Micro-Spray has demonstrated its worth for Oakham School, where Richard Dexter, Head of Grounds, says it is the perfect tool: “We used the Micro-Spray on our cricket squares. It is an ideal tool for the job as it is easy to operate, compact, light and we can control the speed. It allows us to spray the pitches evenly.”

The school is also planning to extend its use of compost tea, following a successful trial on a test area in which the health and robustness of the grass sward has been noticeably improved: “We have already started to notice the benefits, particularly with the breakdown of organic matter. When we relied on granular fertiliser, we could only make applications during school holidays. The fact that we can now apply compost tea during term time puts us in full control of our application programme. The equipment is easy to use and clean, and the build quality is to very high standard.”


Two versions of the Mega e-Worker electric vehicle will be displayed. Distributed in the UK by Ransomes Jacobsen, the Mega e-Worker has a tight turning circle and compact external dimensions, making it highly manoeuvrable. Robustly constructed with excellent carrying capacity, an ability to tow and dynamic performance, it meets the needs of the most demanding users.

Like all Mega vehicles, the e-Worker is available in several versions and with a large and varied range of equipment. It is easily adapted for a multitude of applications.


Meon will for the first time in the UK show the S90 Fieldlazer soft marking machine.


Mr Box supplies secure steel storage containers, vandal proof accommodation and chemical stores. It also offers a conversion service where containers can be adapted to specific needs to include workshops, machinery housings and various accommodation options.

On show will be a range of equipment including a site office, secure storage containers of various sizes and a new design of BASIS-approved chemical store.


Online Playgrounds is a specialist in playground spares and components, including playground surfacing repair kits, swing seats, swing chains and replacement nets and ropes.


Established more than 25 years ago, as a specialist playground company Playground Services carries out all aspects of playground design and construction – from tunnels, rock mountains and castle mounds to swings and seesaws, fencing and landscaping. The company can design a scheme to suit customer needs or, indeed, work to customer designs. All construction work is carried out by its own in-house installation teams and overseen by one project manager to ensure excellent quality control and site management.

Visit SALTEX to discuss new playgrounds, refurbishments, repairs and maintenance, spares, the free quote and design service, safer surfacing, landscaping, fencing, furniture/shelters, bespoke builds, MUGAs and skateparks.


Leading off-road vehicle manufacturer Polaris has announced the Brutus range, the world’s first purpose-built side-by-side utility vehicle with front-end Power Take Off. Based on the Polaris Ranger, Brutus comprises three models which are claimed to be the most versatile, most capable and most comfortable side-by-side utility vehicles created.

These durable all-round task vehicles can operate several front-end attachments. The Pro-Tach attachment system, standard on the Brutus HD and Brutus HD PTO, delivers the capability to change from one attachment to the next quickly and easily.

Creating levels of productivity never before seen in its class, a revolutionary, front-end PTO system on the Brutus HD PTO draws power directly from the vehicle’s engine. The high efficiency, mechanical PTO maximises power to a line of purpose-built, out-front commercial attachments.

Featured in the complete line of attachments are three PTO-powered attachments – angle broom, finishing mower and snow blower – and three hydraulically-powered attachments – snow blade, pallet forks and materials bucket – allowing users to sweep, mow, blow, lift, plow and scoop with just one machine.

 The Brutus line is an outcome of the strategic alliance formed between Polaris and Bobcat in 2009 – combining Polaris’ expertise in utility vehicles and power sports with Bobcat’s experience in work vehicle technology and attachments.

The Brutus models offer a 24 HP diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission. An innovative treadle pedal allows travel in forward or reverse without shifting gears. There’s a class-leading six inches of suspension travel, which combined with On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive, allows for safe and comfortable transportation of passengers and cargo over virtually any terrain.

The Brutus HD PTO comes standard with a fully-enclosed, factory-installed cab with heat, defrost and air conditioning. Available Lock & Ride PRO-FIT cab components are pre-designed for the Brutus and Brutus HD frame and lock on tightly for a secure cab system.  A full line of cab, storage and vehicle protection accessories also are available for the Brutus line to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Brutus models are the first side-by-side utility vehicles that use a multi-link coil over De Dion rear suspension to deliver superior ride quality. The rear suspension supports a 566.9 kgs cargo capacity and minimises suspension sag when fully loaded. The suspension also maintains class-leading ground clearance when towing a trailer, with its best-in-class 907 kgs capacity. A pallet-sized rear cargo box features the Lock & Ride cargo system for easy installation and removal of worksite accessories.


Postpullers UK designs and manufactures a range of machines for the easy removal of all kinds of posts. From fence posts to street signs, gateposts to motorway barriers, bollards to lamp posts our brand new fleet of machines has something for everyone – saving hours of back breaking work, the machines remove posts with any concrete footing up to 60 cm across in less than two minutes and no digging or breaking is necessary. Even broken or rotten posts are no problem with the special claw attachment.

The company also builds special-purpose machines and attachments to satisfy specific requirements. All machines produce at least four tonnes of pulling force, with both manual and powered versions available.

SALTEX will see the launch of a new addition to our fleet!


If you are looking for an affordable and effective selective turf herbicide then you should seek out Polax on the Progreen Weed Control stand where the product will be enjoying its inaugural SALTEX outing.

 Polax contains the potent active ingredients of fluroxypyr, florasulam and clopryalid making it strong on everyday species and especially powerful on tricky weeds such as slender speedwell, creeping buttercup, self-hear, ribwort plantain and white clover.

Progreen will also be running its popular free to enter win-and-spin game at the show.


Ransomes Jacobsen will have a host of new products for both the municipal and golf sectors.

In addition to launching the Ransomes Spider Mini II, a smaller version of the innovative remote-controlled mower for mowing steep banks, also on display from the Iseki brand will be the new TJA 8080 and 8100 ‘workhorses’ comprising models rated at 80 and 100 PS, respectively, and accommodating a range of implements.

Also making debuts at SALTEX will be the Turfco WideSpin 1550 topdresser and the Turfco TriWave 40 overseeder. The 1550 is the most advanced addition to Turfco’s WideSpin family, offering unprecedented control and precision. It has more capacity, is easier to load, has programmable presets, rate calculation and can tackle a wider range of applications. The new TriWave 40 trailed overseeder can be towed behind a utility vehicle, quad bike, bunker rake or tractor, providing added versatility and is the easiest to operate of any overseeder on the market.

The Smithco Spray Star 2000 will be another SALTEX debutant; this dedicated spray vehicle features an ultra low-profile 757-litre capacity tank, hydrostatic drive and a liquid-cooled diesel engine

The new E-Z-GO TXT 48 golf car will be on stand, too. The new model’s classic look has been updated while retaining its proven performance and delivering a host of refined features to offer a better golfing experience, increased fleet durability and easier maintenance.

Completing the line-up will be the new Cushman 1600XD-R utility vehicle, which combines four-wheel-drive capability with a powerful 22 HP, 1,007 cc three-cylinder OHV diesel engine to handle large tasks on tough terrain.


Kioti tractor importer RECO has announced revisions across the range of models it offers in the UK, supported by a new look for its tractor division. The move, designed to complement the facilities available at RECO’s new HQ in St Neots, Herts, includes increased levels of dealer support, emphasis on the Kioti brand – one of the biggest tractor names in its class in other parts of the world – and a dedicated website.

Replacing both the CK22 and CK27 tractors, the new CK2810 was developed due to customer demand for a higher horsepower model in a more compact package. This new tractor features a 28 HP clean burn diesel engine and is available with either a 6F/2R manual transmission or an easy to use two-range hydrostatic. A wide-opening, one-piece bonnet allows for easy access to the engine bay for daily checks and routine service work.

Twin hydraulic pumps give the CK2810 a hydraulic flow of over 42.9 litres/min and a rear lift capacity of 739 kgs. A 540 revs/min rear PTO is fitted as standard, while a mid PTO is available as an option for use with a mid-mounted mowing deck.

 The tractor features a new easy-to-view dash panel which provides the operator with all essential information such as fuel level, coolant temperature and rev counter. Options and accessories available for the Kioti CK2810 include the KL2510 front loader, mid PTO, front weight kit and a 60 inch mid-mounted mowing deck. A deluxe cabin is currently under development.

Available from September, the NX tractor range, which spans models from 45 to 60 HP, is powered by new ECO CRDI Tier 4 engines, developed and built in-house by Kioti. Specification includes common rail direct fuel injection technology, cooled exhaust recirculation and diesel particle filter. Compared to the interim Tier 4 engines they replace, the new power plants produce less noise and vibration and consume less fuel than their forebears. The engines are encased by new styling that carries forward Kioti’s new corporate look.

NX models can be specified with a 24×24 creep speed gearbox or Kioti’s advanced new hydrostatic transmission. All are fitted as standard with a single-speed rear PTO incorporating an auto PTO function to disengage drive when implements are raised. Manual versions gain an additional second (750 revs/min) PTO speed. The NX comes complete with a deluxe air conditioned cabin, while a ROPS version will arrive in November.

Joining the NX in September will be three new models for the RX product range, including the 66 HP RX6620 and 73 HP RX7320. The current 60 HP RX6010 will be replaced later in the year by the RX6020. All models feature a Tier 4 ECO CRDI engine and a 24×24 creep speed manual transmission.

RX tractors are supplied as standard with a deluxe air conditioned cabin, high capacity hydraulics and heavy duty three point linkage, plus a choice of turf or agricultural tyres. Options and accessories include a KL front loader, addition spool valve kit and three-pin power socket.


Rochford GM IS planning to wow visitors with its largest ever product launch. As part of the ambitious event, the company will occupy a new display area, providing over three times the floorspace of previous years and enabling a demonstration area where visitors can get hands-on with a h

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