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I am often amused at the Holy Ghost Who Inspires this blog in the intricacies of His workings, for a number of months ago, I picked up a throw away book which was written by Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey as I was moved to do this. I had no idea that he would be quoted in this blog several times, and in waiting for TL one night, I happened to pick up the paperback entitled, The Cause is Mankind, and started to read it.

My reason for this discourse here in teaching each of you, is to bring things down to base thoughts, so each of us can understand definitions like Conservative and Liberal, in what those beliefs really are, and in examining the historical reality, and comparing it to the present propaganda of how all of this has been twisted, and the political sides have become the monster that the other said they detested, each of us needs to find the foundation of who we are and what we believe, and then understand how those who have deliberately hijacked our beliefs to manipulate us, are the problem and not our goodwill.

I begin this in a neutral political ground of the left and right in America in Abraham Lincoln to define what Government really is, as understanding the purpose of Government, reveals regime when it takes power from us and enslaves us.

That theory of the role of government was expressed by Abraham Lincoln when he said that, "the legitimate object of government is do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but can not do at all, or can not do so well, for themselves, in their separate and individual capacities."

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey
The Cause is Mankind - 1964 AD in the year of our Lord.

What President Lincoln is saying is if you need to take a trip on vacation or business, you need a way to get there in a road. It would take your entire life to build a 500 mile road, and bankrupt your city, so in a national interest, taxes are used for the "common good" or the need which benefits all, because I will never travel on the road you do, but things you build in your community will be sold to my community, giving you an income and me a service like sugar, and the building of a road is in the national interest.

The Constitution names limited and specific things that government is made responsible for in defense, security, collecting importation taxes to fund the public needs, and that is what has been expanded to great debt for Americans and reduced standards of livings, as the common good has become the goods commonly squandered.

I am not here to argue the "what if of government", but the reality of regime, and for all to come to at least the understanding that there is a great difference between building a road or school in the common good, to issuing orders to allow trannsexuals to enter little girl stalls to urinate in. A public toilet is the common good, but taking it from male and female to gender urination is not the public good and is an over extension of the foundation of government.

There are realities in this and this is what spurred Theodore Roosevelt to protecting consumers from the robber barons exploiting workers. For example, each of you having money in your pocket is not a bank. Your community bank is not capable of funding a war to protect America, so it creates a need for a large bank or a centralized bank in the sums of funds necessary.
It is though when a central bank becomes a Federal Reserve exploiting Americans that the balance has been violated in robbing Americans of their own money.

This progression of protecting Americans in Theodore Roosevelt was seized to a public good of Woodrow Wilson burdening of society to an FDR policed state which in the 21st century Americans have become enslaved in protection of the public has become the prosecution of the public in making them criminals.

They included Theodore Roosevelt, who first saw the democratic possibilities in big government and he need to use it  to cope with problems raised by big business; Woodrow Wilson, who continued that work that the first Roosevelt had begun; and Franklin D. Roosevelt who completed the transformation of American liberalism from it's original anti-statism to a doctrine embracing the use of the power of the state to achieve both freedom and a reasonable measure of equality.

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey
The Cause is Mankind - 1964 AD in the year of our Lord.

It is the least and the great, the small and the large, the minority and the majority, it is finding the balance of the weak and the powerful, so one is not encumbered and one is not taxed. It is the Biblical of do unto others as you would have them do unto you weighed against the Emperor of China supposed to be benevolent, but instead was always the tyrant.

In the above are the unique words by the most definitive liberal in the American 20th century, for Humphrey was the Civil Rights movement and Humphrey was the worker's and farmers advocate:

"transformation of American liberalism from it's original anti-statism"

The reason for noting the above is because you probably have been bashed over the head with the word STATISM, by Mark Levin, the principled conservative who was for Ted Cruz and is assisting Hillary Clinton in treason against America, for he uses that term a great deal like all intellectual bullies in trying to use your not knowing an obscure  word, that he found in long ago texts by truly intelligent people like liberal Hubert Humphrey and then in cut and paste plagiarized it, and if you pay attention to Humphrey you will note something peculiar in America Liberals were ANTI SATISM, in other words Liberals at the foundation of America from Thomas Jefferson to Hubert Humphrey defined by the following:

Statism- In political science, statism is the belief that the state should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree.

That is what "democracy" meant to Jefferson, which was almost a complete anarchy and lack of Governmental duty. This is why a Federalist like Theodore Roosevelt, harangued Jefferson, because in national security, he literally disarmed America, and left her without a standing Army, so the local militia was all that was left, and when the British invaded a second time, they fired their volley and ran.
Jefferson thought America did not need battleships, but instead could have gun boats, which were rowed and had one cannon to defend America's coasts. The net result was in liberal Madison's War of 1812, that the gunboats fired and capsized in their hornet swarms on British battleships, and the Red Coats burned Washington DC.

As we can see in Obama 21st century, the Clinton liberal is one which advocates the police state nationally and globally to enforce it's dictates, along with every department in the regime to spy on people's private lives.
That is the gist of all of this, in the examination of what is Government and what is regime. How does a Republican dictatorship or a Democratic depostry engulf a people so willingly, violating all of their historical precepts  of the  things they fought against and abhorred?

It is by being made to feel helpless or disenfranchised.

This is Humphrey's definition of what was American Liberalism in democracy of mob rule, or American Conservatism in Republicanism of representative government of the educated, military and wealthy.

Liberalism believed in the wisdom and efficacy of the will of the great majority of people, as distinguished from the judgment of a small minority of either education or wealth.

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey
The Cause is Mankind - 1964 AD in the year of our Lord.

Liberalism without a brain is a despot and Conservatism without a heart is a dictatorship.

- Lame Cherry

That is the easy definition which everyone can witness now, but few are able to break free of the holds of the propaganda, the terror and the helplessness which trigger emotions deliberately in all of us, in order to keep us from a world such as this:

"Hubert Humphrey commanded the genuine respect and affection of his political opponents and allies alike"

- President Richard M. Nixon, who returned to Washington for the first time since his resignation to honor his former rival. Mr. Humphrey had phoned Mr. Nixon during the last week of the Senator's life to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Page 9
The Cause is Mankind

I do not desire to leave the impression that Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey were not the most ruthless of combatants politically. Both took million dollar donations from Howard Hughes in little black bags. Mr. Nixon worked to stop the Paris Peace Talks with Vietnam, when Mr. Humphrey and President Johnson were using them to gain the presidency.

Mr. Humphrey was with the Democrats who rode Richard Nixon out of the White House on a rail, but in dying, Mr. Humphrey was once again the Happy Warrior, and Mr. Nixon was once again the man who would brave the insults by traveling to Washington DC in public to honor the Liberal Lion of the United States Government.

Liberal has now become a disgusting word as much as Conservative has been sullied by Ted Cruz and his cult. This has all been deliberate, but the fact is all of these owned trolls by the conglomerates who warred  against Humphrey and impeached Nixon, are the same feudal patricians, and neither are true liberals or conservatives any more.

I do not know if Hubert Humphrey would be aghast if he saw how Civil Rights has been disgraced by advocacy for sexual degenerates by the Obama regime. I do know that I am. I would explain it as this so Liberals would understand what is wrong in would you want to be in a nation of Statism which you now advocate for degeneracy, if that State was forcing women to have 10 children to stop the invasion of America?
And for Conservatives in your State would you want a State which forced every woman to have an abortion?

It is something which has guided me from my youth in curbing enthusiasm for any government adovcacy is that what they do to you today in forcing transsexuals onto society today, is the same regime which can execute them all tomorrow. It is what happens when the government becomes a regime.
Mark Levin was slathering at his mic in delight when Birther Obama sent in Navy SEALS to slaughter those in the bin Laden compound as that was his Satism getting revenge, but his Statism dragging Col. Khadaffi through the streets, beating him, blowing his brains out and then putting him on display was just too much Statism.

The same is the fact for the Obama voters who were delirious for Nobel Peace Prize Obama, and by the DNC convention in Philadelphia they were being shouted down and locked out of the convention for shouting NO MORE WAR.
They still though inflict on themselves in the Jill Stein good heart of caring for Muslims, as the Islamist imported to rape and murder by their Obama regime, genocides them.

As in all things in life, checks and balance are what is necessary, the original Majority governs with the minority having rights, all based in MORAL codes which protect the society from excesses, or else one has a police state murdering LaVoy Finicum or a king and knights raping your women and your sheep, as you are forced to serve up the meat to them.

Theodore Roosevelt was the extreme of Republicanism in protecting American security and the American people. Hubert Humphrey was the extreme in Democracy in protecting American security and the American people.
What followed from Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Barack Obama is the extremism of criminalizing Americans, enslaving Americans and genociding Americans in what is anti Americanism.

There must be rules followed with martial punishment in Constitutions and Laws or there is no longer civilization, but savagery. Rules can not favor non productive individuals as in sodomites. It is not about money for taxes or raising children in a gay household in paying government and raising replacements. It is about a normal construct of absolutes that children, who are the only bulwark against Eurasian and South American children being taught these absolutes, will one day turn to America and take all that is America, as takes place when any empire from Mayan to Rome, becomes a blood bath against it's own people while the elite are all self absorbed perverts.

The world democracy of the mob will make the hard decisions for Americans, if they decide incorrectly or allow their regime to destroy the nation as the 21st Obama regime has become. This is the American Genocide and it is happening as certainly as Nero fiddled while Rome burned by his own arsons.

Real Americans, not these political whores of the conglomerates, are going to have to find compromise in taking liberalism back to what it was and conservatives are going to have to take their movement to where Donald Trump has it, and in that both sides will have to find common cause, instead of tearing each other to shreds, because what is now engulfed America is feudalism, a police state,  a minder of the people with lethal ends.

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