Do you require glasses or contact lenses in order to see on a daily basis? Are you frustrated with your poor and worsening vision? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, you should absolutely schedule a LASIK consultation.

Finding a LASIK institute in San Diego that you trust may seem impossible. At La Jolla LASIK, we have the best LASIK surgeons in San Diego. The proof is in the satisfaction and success of our patients. We pride ourselves on being the best in LASIK surgery, using the newest technology and practices in the field. Our patient’s comfort, safety and assurance is our number one priority!

Schedule a Consultation With the Best LASIK Surgeons

It’s true; our surgeons are the best in the area. With ivy league educations, awards and city-wide recognitions, our surgeons are among the elite in the LASIK eye surgery field. If you wish to have clearer vision and ditch those contacts or corrective lenses, pay us a visit! Our consultations are completely free! At your consultation, we will take a look at your medical history, current eyesight and assess potential risks.  Your health and safety are important to us. We will not approve you for a procedure we don’t believe to be 100% safe; that is what sets us apart from many LASIK institutes.

Prior to your consultation, write down your questions and concerns. Our LASIK professionals will address any concerns and answer your questions regarding the procedure at your free consultation. This consultation will help alleviate any concerns you have regarding the surgery. For example, what tools will be used on your eyes for the procedure. As we said, at La Jolla LASIK, we pride ourselves on using the newest and latest technology provided. We ONLY use laser technology to ensure precision, accuracy and comfort. We do NOT use blade technology on your eyes for our procedures.
Schedule your free consultation and learn how you can see things clearly again! Our LASIK professionals are looking forward to meeting with you and discussing your future with new and improved vision!

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