In this podcast:

Professor Duncan Stroik an architect and professor at the University of Notre Dame joins us to talk about Church architecture,


Recent Harvard graduate Aurora Griffin shares some tips for Catholic college students, on how to keep faithful in a university setting.



And a suprise phone call with Edmund Mitchell with a new resource to help you pray with scripture and the Catechism


Other Things From the Show (not in the podcast):

Visit with Jesus

I will pay a visit to Jesus at least once each day. In my own words I will tell Jesus that I believe that He is truly present in the tabernacle and that I adore Him, as He is my God. I will talk to Him about any joy or trouble I have had since my last visit. I will say a short prayer, for instance: “Jesus, my God, I adore Thee here truly present in the Sacrament of Thy love.” Amen.

Catholic FAQ: What are Guardian Angels and Archangels?

Readings & Reflections: St. Paul and St. Peter ministered differently, to different groups.

Joke of the Week:

One night a lady came home from her weekly prayer meeting, found she was being robbed, and she shouted out, “Acts 2:38: ‘Repent & be baptized & your sins will be forgiven.”

The robber quickly gave up & the lady rang the police.

While handcuffing the criminal, a policeman said, “Gee mate, you gave up pretty easily. How come you gave up so quickly?”

The robber said, “She said she had an axe and two 38’s!”

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