Stories help people understand complex issues. That’s why it’s so helpful that media coverage delivers your message through stories, not just facts. This FINE Magazine article I arranged for our client, VAAC Army, uses a personal narrative to explain how our client’s voice-activated ad accelerator solves a current problem. It made 34,000 impressions. We can arrange the media stories you need for your publicity campaign.

Media stories explain an issue in a clear, relatable way. This article describes how our client felt frustrated by online ads, but hesitated to use an ad blocker because he knew ad blockers reduce content creators’ revenue. The story demonstrates how this issue affects individual people.

Media stories can also show how a product provides a solution. The article explains that our client was inspired to create a voice-activated ad accelerator. Readers learn that our client’s product helps both users and advertisers. The article even instructs readers how they can obtain this app.

Stories appeal to emotions. This article acknowledges a frustration, explains a dilemma and presents a helpful solution. And it does so in a personal way. Our client’s product is not just another app; it’s something a person developed to provide an answer. It’s a tool that addresses a pressing issue.

Your product could be featured in media stories like this. Our publicist team can work with you to develop mediagenic story ideas. We understand what story angles journalists and producers like to hear. We call our media contacts to introduce these ideas. We tailor story angles to intrigue the media and delight our clients.

Just about any company or product has a thought-provoking story waiting to be told. I’d love to help tell yours. Call us or submit our online form. Let’s discuss what kinds of media stories we can arrange for your publicity campaign.

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