Richard Goodwin

17/11/2016 - 2:28pm

Sick of smartphone frailty and poor battery life? Perhaps it’s time you got yourself an old classic phone?

Modern smartphones are great. They feature insane specs, advanced camera technology and tons of other things besides. They’re basically computers, with computer-grade spec and hardware inside them. But they’re frail, they break easily, cost a fortune and none can yet produce a week of battery life.

Not so long ago, in the pre-smartphone era, mobile phones were tough, hard-wearing and could go an entire week on a single charge. These pre-smartphone phones were big business back in the day for firms like Nokia and Motorola. They also got us all acquainted with constantly having a phone with us and made way for their modern equivalents. You can check out The History of the Mobile Phone for a fuller picture, if that's your thing.

These phones are still used today, and this is something media portrayals have also picked up on -  famously by Jason Bourne in the Bourne films as well as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in Breaking Bad. These “burner phones” are not connected to the web and are therefore harder to trace by the authorities, unlike their smartphone counterparts which are, if you believe certain reports, constantly sending information to government snooper agents.

Now, most people aren’t involved in espionage like Jason Bourne or cooking crystal meth like Walter and Jesse. But these older phones still have a place in today’s modern society. They’re ideal for those of you that don’t want a smartphone and just want something to make calls on that won’t die after a few hours of use. The 3310 has an official 55 h to 245 h standby time, which DWARFS modern phone standards.

Another use for these phones is for those that travel a lot. I have a friend that likes to move all around the world, exploring weird places and terrains. He uses a Nokia 3310 – this exact one, actually – because it can go for days and weeks on end without a re-charge and it is tougher than a pair of Redwing boots.

The other reason he favours them is because they’re dirt cheap, take SIM cards from odd places, and if you do, somehow, end up breaking it – which would be a very impressive feat in itself – it doesn’t really matter, as it only cost you a few bucks.

And the Nokia 3310 has a bunch of apps inside it as well; apps that you ACTUALLY need and can make use of without being distracted for hours. I’m taking about things like its built in calculator, stopwatch, a few select games, a reminder function and voice dial. All you need really, for drug deals, currency conversions and reminding yourself about upcoming flights and engagements.

But can you ACTUALLY still buy these phones? You can… And as you can see below they’re actually very cheap. Technically, you could run one as your house phone for a lot less than it’d cost you with your current phone line deal.

Here’s some of the best deals I’ve found for the Nokia 3310 and other Classic Burner Phones for 2016…

Nokia 3310 - SIM Free

Specs & Features

Customizable and downloadable profiles

Any received picture message can be displayed as a screensaver

Clock, alarm clock

Stopwatch, countdown timer

Calculator, currency converter from idle mode

NITZ (Network Informed Time Zone)

Reminders (10 notes)

4 games: Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi

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Motorola V3 Sim Free Mobile Phone

Specs & Features

Original V3 Mobile Phone

Black Colour - sleek design

Inner and outer display panel

VGA Camera

Flip design

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Nokia 108 UK Sim Free Mobile Phone

Specs & Features

Share your shots fast with Slam - Taken a great photo on your phone and want to share it right away? Then say hello to Slam. With a microSD card added, shoot with your camera, then just touch your phone to another Bluetooth-enabled device to share pictures, videos and contacts in an instant.

Stand by for adventure - Forget worrying if your battery's got the juice to keep up with you. Featuring up to 31 days of standby time, the Nokia 108 lets you go for longer between charges, freeing you up to focus on planning your next adventure.

Ready to rock - With a built-in FM radio and music player with up to 32GB of expandable memory, you'll be able to listen to all your favourite tracks on the Nokia 108. And you can lose yourself in the music thanks to the headset that comes in the box of every phone.

Take charge - The Nokia 108's beefed-up battery and standby time of up to 31 days keeps you in charge and ready to go for longer.

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