A whistle blew with a high-pitched screech as the eager — and some nervous — faces of Fairfield County's finest math students turned to hear the exclamation, "Round 1!" boom from the voice of a teacher. Over 100 of these students stalked their way up the staircases of Wilton High School; they were on their way to the first round of the Fairfield Country Math League's first meet.

King tied for second place with both New Canaan High School and Staples High School – all three teams scoring 59 points. Although the team came in second out of all 24 schools competing, it came in first out of all private schools, beating Brunswick, St. Luke's, Greens Farms Academy and Greenwich Academy.

The King team, made up of students from all grades, made its way in to find the same two tables it had worked at for the last few years open and ready to put pencils to the paper.

The way the Fairfield County league functions as is follows: each team is made up of both an A and a B team. The A team's scores count toward the overall score of the school; the B team's scores does not count at all. Although the B team's scores do not count, the team still has a purpose.

While at the meet, Dr. Khiznichenko said that the B team exists to "introduce newcomers to the math team and monitor potential A team members".

The next math team meet is on Nov. 5. The team plans to exceed the standards set at the previous match. On that day, if you see a King student frantically flipping through a packet of problems, then make sure to wish that mathlete good luck.

If you'd like to find out more about the Math Team, speak to Dr. Khiznichenko or any of the team captains: Maya Chandra, Bea Nash and Andrew Savage.

If you'd like to find out more about the Fairfield County Math League or see the team's scores, visit: https://fcml.wikispaces.com

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