Find out who the housemates from Big Brother 12 were and what happened to them after they left the Big Brother house.

Andrew Edmonds

Andrew Edmonds, 20, was a maths student from Oxford University from Dorset.

He was known in the house for revealing he had had sex with a watermelon and an apple pie.

He came fifth place with 3.9% of the vote to win.

After the house, Andrew returned to Oxford University and did some stand up comedy shows.

Ben Duncan

Ben Duncan, 30, was a writer from London who had appeared in tv shows prior to his time in the house.

He was known in the house for his bromance with Mario.

He was evicted in week 7 with 52% of the vote.

After the house, he appeared on the tv shows Lady To Ladette Australia and Coach Trip and Come Dine with Me with friend Raef Bjayou from The Apprentice and appeared at a large amount of events photographed with other celebs. He regularly appeared on BBC Radio London.

Caoimhe Guilfoyle

Caoimhe Guilfoyle, 22, was a mature student and part time DJ.

She was known in the house for arguing with everyone, being the object of Shabby's affections and being nicknamed Gloomy by the house mates.

She walked out of the house in week 7, telling Big Brother she wasn't happy especially after Shabby left.

After the house, she did a few appearances with Shabby and a photo shoot with VIP magazine then appears to have vanished from the celebrity circuit.

Corin Forshaw

Corin Forshaw, 29, was a retail assistant from Stockport.

She was known in the house for spending hours on her beauty regime including shaving her forehead, saying Buzzin' repeatedly and that under the covers "tummy rub" with JJ.

She was evicted in week 10 with 20.6% of the vote to evict.

After the house, she opened an eye lash studio called Corin's Lash Studio, which at the time of writing is still open.

Dave Vaughan

Dave Vaughan, 39, was a minister from Pontypool.

He was known for constant bitching and backstabbing (mostly seen on the live feed) but he was also known for being entertaining and a bit of a joker.

She came second place in the final with 9.1% of the vote to win.

Since leaving the house, he runs The New Ecstatics Blog.

Govan Hinds

Govan Hinds, 21, was unemployed and living in Leicester.

He was known in the house for coming out to his family who didn't know he was bisexual and starting arguments with his stirring and bitching.

He was evicted in week 2 with 72% of the vote. He later admitted that he lied to producers when he said he was bisexual to make himself more likely to get a spot on the show.

After the house, other than returning to the house for the gala evening to celebrate the Big Brother Houses' two day open house for 500 lucky ticket holders, it appears he disappeared out of the limelight.

Ife Kuku

Ife Kuku, 25, was a professional dancer from Milton Keynes. She was once a back up dancer for Cheryl Cole and worked on the X Factor.

She was known in the house for spending a lot of time in the bathroom.

She was evicted in week 5 with 56.5% of the vote.

After the house, she returned to her previous career and in 2011, had a baby with her long term partner Terrance.

JJ Bird

JJ Bird, 23, was a boxer and barman from London.

He was known in the house for almost getting in the way of the Josie/John James relationship.

He came in fourth place in the final with 4.5% of the vote to win.

After the house, he returned to his boxing career and is often seen in the media as he is best/house mates with JLS Ex Band Member Aston Merrygold.

Jo Butler

Jo Butler, 41, was a make-up artist from London.

She was known in the house for her hormonal moods resulting from her hormone treatments.

She was evicted in week 10 with 39.4% of the vote.

After the house, she briefly held the crown as the last house mate to be evicted from Big Brother, until it returned on Channel 5. She didn't stay in the limelight for long after being evicted.

John James Parton

John James Parton, 24, was a car builder from Melbourne, Australia.

He was known in the house for his close relationship with Josie.

He was evicted in week 11 with 34.2% of the vote to evict.

After the house, he split up with fellow housemate Josie in April 2011, before quickly getting together with Sherrie Cobley but insisting they met after his relationship had ended and he didn't cheat on Josie. There was occasionally Josie/John James drama on Twitter and he recorded a message for Josie for a recent appearance on ITV's This Morning.

Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson, 25, was a sales rep from Bristol.

She was known in the house for her relationship with John James.

She came first in the final, winning Big Brother 11, with 77.5% of the vote.

After the house, she split up with John James in March 2011 and occasionally mentions him in articles and has twitter rows with him. She has released a perfume, been a brand ambassador for Curvissa Clothing, did a nude photo shoot and is a regular columnist in magazines including Now Magazine. She has also done a host of presenting gigs on OK TV and Big Brother's Bit on The Side and appeared on countless TV shows too numerous to list.

In 2013, she released two fitness DVDs Josie Gibson's 30-Second Slim and Josie Gibson's 21 Day Fat Burn after yoyoing in weight since leaving the house. She is now a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist and has raised lots of money for various charities including CLIC Sargant. She split with fiance Luke Sanwo after he fell out of love with her when she lost over 6 stone in weight and launched an online weight loss programme called Slimmables.

Keeley Johnson

Keeley Johnson, 30, was a travel agency manager from Manchester.

She was known in the house for injuring her ankle and leaving the house for treatment during a task where she was dressed as a giant spider attempting to climb out of a giant bath.

She left in week 7 after needing hospital treatment, including an operation and chose not to return, instead wishing to recover at home.

After leaving the house, she was awarded damages of an undisclosed amount but believed to be in the thousands from Endemol after they accepted liability for her injury as they had provided ill fitting shoes.

Laura McAdam

Laura McAdam, 20, was a sales assistant from Stratford Upon Avon.

She wasn't really known in the house for anything other than crying a lot as she was in the house for such a short time.

She walked from the house in week 8 after being in the house just over 100 hours, claiming that the pressure of being apart from her boyfriend was too much.

After the house, unsurprisingly she vanished from the spotlight only appearing at the wrap party. She appeared on Big Brother's Bit on the Side.

Mario Mugan

Mario Mugan, 28, was a Big Brother super fan from Essex. He owns the Big Brother chair from the 2006 series and was chosen to enter the house by a random draw.

He was known in the house for being the house mole and sabotaging tasks and also being naked a lot.

He came in third place in the final with 5.1% of the vote to win.

After the show, he appeared naked a lot and filmed a TV show about 6 hopefuls journey to stardom called Almost: Six Lives, Six Stories and Six Destinies, but as of the time of writing it doesn't appear to have aired.

Nathan Dunn

Nathan Dunn, 25, was a trainee joiner from Bingley.

He was known in the house for his alterego, the seahorse.

He was evicted in week 4 with 89% of the vote.

After the house, he started dating fellow house mate Rachel to whom he is now married. He also attended the National Trust gala proceeding the open house of the Big Brother house for 500 ticket holders alongside other ex Big Brother house mates.

Rachael White

Rachael White, was a model and hairstylist from Derby.

She was known in the house for looking remarkably like Beyonce and constantly bursting into tears and crying.

She was evicted in week 1 with 37.5% of the vote to evict.

After the house, she began dating house mate Nathan and they are now married. She appeared topless in Nuts magazine and now works as a hair extension specialist, after having worked as an account manager for a hair extension brand. In 2014, topless photos of "Beyonce" were circulated around the internet but they were in fact old holiday photos of Rachael.

Rachel Ifon

Rachel Ifon, 29, was a flight attendant from Liverpool, who appeared on Pop Idol in 2003.

She was known in the house for being loud and annoying other housemates.

She was evicted in week 8 with 58.5% of the vote to evict.

After the house, she disappeared from the limelight pretty quickly.

Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper, 21 was from Ashford in Kent.

He was known in the house for being childish, annoying all of the other house mates and stirring trouble.

He was evicted in week 10 with 14.6% of the vote.

After the house, he became a popular YouTube vlogger, where he videoed a number of pranks and appeared with other famous vloggers including Zoella. He has recently been subject to multiple accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault rising from his rather disgraceful ass pinching YouTube video. He was slammed further for his next controversial video where he pretends to murder another famous vlogger. A petition received over 200,000 supporters for his YouTube channel to be removed from the website.

Shabby Katchadourian

Shabby Katchadourian aka Keeley Flanders, 24, was an actress from London. She appeared as a child actress in well known films including Black Beauty and Hilary and Jackie.

She was known in the house for her serious crush on Caoimhe.

She left the house voluntarily in week 4 after a series of arguments with Ife and Nathan.

After leaving the Big Brother House, Shabby appeared in Channel 5 tv show Candy Bar Girls. She was also in band Voodoo Hussy, who split up in 2012 and some members reformed as a rock band called Legend. She also launched a t shirt company.

Steve Gill

Steve Gill, 41, was an ex soldier from Leicester, he lost both legs and an eye in an explosion whilst serving in Northern Ireland.

He was known in the house for his classic one liners and spending a lot of time relaxing on the BB sofa.

He was evicted in week 10 with 8.8% of the vote.

After appearing on Big Brother, Steve went back to his old life and didn't stay in the post BB celebrity circuit. He has continued to raise both money and awareness for charity Blesma, who help and support injured servicemen. In 2012, he appeared on the BBCs coverage of Remembrance Sunday, speaking about his involvement with Blesma. In 2013, he took part in a documentary with other injured serviceman, which involved them visiting all 42 counties in 24 hours, it was shown on free view. Steve discovered his passion for driving after a charity race day at Snetterton.

Sunshine Martyn

Sunshine Martyn, 24, was a medical student training to become a doctor.

She was known in the house for fighting with John James and arguments with pretty much every other house mates.

She was evicted in week 4 with 42% of the vote to evict.

After leaving the house, she wrote a number of medical articles. She returned to her studies and completed her medical degree, she is now a qualified doctor. 

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