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First version of our Directory theme was discharged in January 2013 as associate degree completely distinctive theme conception, 1st time ever on themeforest. You’re able to simply started a web directory portal listing categorised things of any sort – firms, shops, websites so on. We’ve spent quite durable developing the theme as several things were modified many times to form it right.

Theme was endlessly updated with new options, it had been higher|recuperating|convalescing|recouping|recovering|improving} and better. Over the 2 years Directory WordPress theme received virtually one hundred free updates, that is exceptional.

In the starting of 2015 we tend to started engaged on new theme update known as Directory+. we tend to created a listing of our client necessities and new theme was born. This greenhorn Directory+ WordPress theme is returning to any or all our existing Directory customers freed from charge.

Directory+ WordPress theme is tested & absolutely compatible with the subsequent extension plugins. These plugins aren’t needed for your web site to operate and solely required if you need the extra practicality provided. These plugins aren’t bundled with the theme.

Absolutely distinctive options of Directory+ WordPress theme:

Fully Responsive style

Drag&Drop Page Builder

Over thirty components to create your web site

Google Fonts

Mega Menu

Sidebar Manager

SEO Tools

Google made Snippets

Geolocation support in metric linear unit and miles

Frontend registration for guests

Guests will administer their own listings

Ability to induce pointer on the map from address

Administrator will outline packages and set the value

Wide / slender layout vogue

Advertising areas

Contact kind on listing detail page

Listing by location or class

Featured things

Listing sorting

You can simply Backup all of your knowledge and admin settings

Many portfolio layouts that may be used on any page.

Widgets prepared sidebar & footer

Image & model caching for higher performance

Google Analytics & Google Maps integration

Custom CSS field for your own designs

Automatic theme updates

Theme is made on our strong MVC framework which means that markup language style is totally separated from alternative PHP. creating updates can’t be easier.

And many more…

Google Maps API limits

There is no issue exploitation Google Maps on directory sites unless range of map masses isn’t above 25000 each day. If range of calls to Google is higher, you would like to get Google maps for Business license. Please check the subsequent computer address for additional details.

Directory+ Versions:

v1.36 – eighth of March 2016:

Update: Regenerated POT files

Fix: Reset Layout choices practicality works once more

Tweak: CSS is currently generating on “Theme/Page Builder Options” save instead on the frontend

v1.35 – first of March 2016:

Fix: Php notice on events professional archive page

Updatad: Escaping characters entered to the search preventing attainable xss

Added: Dependencies for modernizr js lib

v1.34 – twenty third of Feb 2016:

Added: another “Expired” word to title on single job-offers page once item has terminated

Updated: Page share conditions for things and locations pages

Fixed: Item couldnt be trashed by single user

Fixed: things part item count condition once item reviews plugin is enabled

Fix: Deleted non-functional options Icon Color Picker

Update: Reduced range of sound unit queries regarding fifty nine

v1.33 – seventeenth of Feb 2016:

Added: Color Picker for featured things

Fixed: Nothing Found message on Item’s detail page

v1.32 – ninth of Feb 2016:

Fix: Breadcrumbs vogue fix

Fix: Event in Item Detail vogue Fix

Added: vogue for featured things

v1.31 – fourth of Feb 2016:

Update: All WooCommerce designs separated

Update: WooCommerce default cart layout

Added: Compatibility for Events professional Plugin

Updated: Item address javascript fix

Fix: Official Revolution Slider, after you purchase it by yourself, not our custom bundled version, is supported by our theme framework (Page Builder)

Fix: PHP error – redeclared category in WpLatte (occurred in Event Guide theme)

Tweak: Compatibility tweaks for coming additional performant AIT Toolkit plugin

v1.30 – twenty seventh of January 2016:

Added: another captcha validation for registration gismo

Tweak: enforced little performance tweaks

Fix: Compatibility of comment kind fields with WP four.4 (Reverts the “comment” field position to below the opposite kind fields.)

Tweak: Minor internal tweaks of the framework

v1.29 – eighteenth of January 2016:

Fix: indefinable variable wp_version

v1.28 – twenty second of December 2015:

Fix: gismo Login vogue fix

v1.27 – sixteenth of December 2015:

Fix: forestall css import missing file error

Added: Compatibility with Ecwid handcart plugin

v1.26 – ninth of December 2015:

Fix: (Critical) Theme choices couldn’t save modified values, there have been still default values once page refresh

Fix: push button on Default Layout admin page works properly currently

v1.25 – ninth of December 2015:

Fix: web log page menu item highlight, if web log is presently opened page

Added: designs for Ecwid store

Fix: Advanced search on directory themes once polylang is enabled

Fix: PHP Notices in Shortcode Generator Modal Window

Fix: Amongst some classes (e.g. Portfolios) there was incorectly listed language name from AIT Languages

v1.24 – first of December 2015:

Added: Contact owner kind choices to outline the sender of email

Fixed: Package item count once item trashed

Fixed: Package event count once event trashed

Fix: Corrected behaviour of WP custom queries (mostly in Elements) once some CPT is ready as non translatable in AIT Languages settings

Update: Font impressive v4.5.0

v1.23 – twenty sixth of Nov 2015:

Fixed: Register gismo vogue Fix

Fixed: Woocommerce Detail Item Page vogue Changes

Fixed: engraft URLs for YouTube and Vimeo videos were generated incorrectly leading to not loading the videos

Fixed: fastened all dates wherever they were displaying current date and time

Fixed: Issue with missing texts in widgets once change to AIT Languages two.0 is currently fastened

Fixed: Fullscreen choice for youtube video part

v1.22 – eighteenth of Nov 2015:

Fixed: Package upgrade method didn’t amendment package

Fixed: Re-enable map drag once geolocation is enabled

Fixed: Weblink Labels on taxonomy and search pages

v1.21 – tenth of Nov 2015:

New: Google Street read in Google Map part

Update: varied updates for upcomming new AIT Languages two.0 plugin

Fix: Improved compatibility of Advertising areas part vs. Ad blockers

v1.20 – third of Nov twenty15:

Update: Updated author metabox show

Fixed: Stripe entranceway user upgrade

v1.19 – 27st of October 2015:

Fix: Removed hypertext transfer protocol protocol from engraft code in header video part

v1.18 – twenty first of October 2015:

Fix: Condition once question isn’t in use, matching empty review rating won’t be displayed

Fix: Responsive class Filters vogue

Fix: Get Directions Button vogue Fix

Fix: Review Stars vogue Fix

Fix: once adblocker extension during a browser blocked Advertising areas part whole web content was broken

Added: another streetview practicality to google maps part

v1.17 – fourteenth of October 2015:

Fix: Item Gallery vogue Fix

Fix: Archive Page vogue Fix

Update: Contact kind part kind submit button disabled whereas kind submitting

Fix: No additional immense quantity of previous cache files (mainly previous .css) in uploads/cache/ folder

Fix: Some forgotten text area unit currently enclosed in POT file

Update: demo content – fix with missing pictures in Media Library

v1.16 – sixth of October 2015:

Added: Header map dragging disabled whereas page loading

Fixed: modified zoom and street read map controls position, weren’t clickable on bit devices

Fix: gismo Login vogue Fix

v1.15 – 2d of October 2015:

Added: Package feature to alter / disable Yoast seo plugin metabox on item detail

Update: Yoast seo compatibility with AIT Easyadmin plugin

Fix: Removed “Login failed” notification on triple-crown login

Fix: Updated metabox save recall preventing infinite iteration

v1.14 – twenty ninth of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Added: Lost parole feature in Login gismo

Updated: Updated new demo content

Fix: Header Resources vogue

Updated: Admin author amendment feature

v1.13 – twenty fourth of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Fixed: Register compatibility with wordpress four.3.1

v1.12 – twenty second of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Updated: Register compatibility with wordpress four.3.1

Added: Frontend notification on login fail

Added: Item author amendment practicality

Fixed: Map input verification

Updated: Ajax emails data format

v1.11 – sixteenth of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Fixed: Duplicate featured image for pages in page title

Fixed: AIT Claim Listing plugin claim conditions

Updated: class / Locations header image responsive show

Fixed: Single item contact owner mail kind

Update: Updated facebook part

Update: Font impressive v4.4.0

Update: Framework compatibility with coming improved AIT Languages plugin

v1.10 – eighth of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Updated: Package on/off choice for comments

Fix: typographical error in variable name in jquery.portfolio.js

Tweak: Theme Admin: if switched section contains map preview trigger size to re-render map

Update: Font impressive icons v4.4.0

Update: Updated condition to point out / hide item description in services part

Update: Updated google map part

Update: Updated capabilities for ait-item cpt

v1.9 – third of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Fix: Header map default position on location pages

Fix: Translatable Label in Item Image

Added: Preparation for stripe payments plugin

Fix: Overleaping Title/Subtitle in Item List Pages

Fix: Footer Login gismo Title displaying fix

v1.8 – twenty eighth of August 2015:

Fixed: escaping of special characters in Item gallery titles

New: Active/Deactive button currently works with streetview

New: another Active/Deactive button for tiny item map

New: you’ll set custom link for Header Resources Button for non-registered users

Fixed: Removed header menu

Added: Support for updated ait claim listing plugin

Fix: once Visual Editor is disabled in user settings, Text part in Page Builder doesn’t work.

v1.7 – twenty first of August 2015:

Update: fastened version of Revolution Slider v5.0.4.1 compatible with WordPress four.3

v1.6 – eighteenth of August 2015:

Fix: Breadcrumbs Visual changes in Responsive

Fix: Demo Content – broken map on Search Page

Fix: Social Icons (PHP Warning: Invalid argument provided for foreach())

Fix: enable special characters in Member custom post sort Title

Fix: Video part – fastened some PHP errors

Fix: Posts part – fastened some PHP errors

Fix: another Sender parameter in-tuned kind – some hostings didn’t send emails from Contact kind

v1.5 – eleventh of August 2015:

Added: shut button for streetview on header map

Updated: Header map part not showing item on default 1:1 coordinates

Fix: ‘Notice: Array to string conversion’

Fix: Missing some text components on non-english WP installs once demo content import

Fix: PHP notice on 404 page

Fix: One letter of text string displayed in metabox text fields

Update: Removed “Dev mode:” menu in Admin Bar and dev mode is disabled

Update: Updated javascript for content part on woocommerce pages

v1.4 – fourth of August 2015:

Fix: fastened typos in West Germanic

v1.3 – twenty eighth of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Fix: Compatibility of demo content with non English WordPress install

v1.2 – two7th of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Fix: Demo content updated

v1.1 – twenty seventh of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Fix: Theme incorrectly needed AIT Languages plugin. The plugin is facultative.

Updated: Documentation – migration method from Directory to Directory+

v1.0 – twenty seventh of Gregorian calendar month 2015:

Big Theme update unharness

Directory Versions:

v4.23: seventeenth of Gregorian calendar month 2015

Update: Security update of prettyPhoto v3.6.1 JS library

v4.22: ninth of Gregorian calendar month 2015

Added: Support for AIT Updater plugin – automatic WordPress theme and plugins updates

v4.21: twelfth of might 2015

Added: Support for AIT Announcements Bar plugin

v4.20: thirtieth of Gregorian calendar month 2015

Fixed: Broken pictures on interactive (ajax) search

Fixed: Advanced search choices accessible providing header sort is map

v4.19: twenty third of Gregorian calendar month 2015

Important security fix

v4.18: thirty first of March 2015

Fix: Removed deprecated timthumb files

v4.17: twenty sixth of March 2015

Update: removed timthumb library and replaced by ait resizer

v4.16: twentieth of March 2015

Fix: Woocommerce search

Fix: Warning on search results page

Fix: Wrong posts ordering on web log page

Fix: Directory role cannot access easyadmin if woocommerce put in

Fix: Capabilities for admin/superadmin on multisite

v4.15: twelfth of December 2014

Fix: another back missing Get Directions plugin designs

v4.14: eighteenth of Nov 2014

Fix: Grid Gallery shortcode – pictures area unit properly loaded on multisite WP installation

Fix: Grid Gallery shortcode – fastened some JS problems

Fix: Portfolio Item metabox – fastened section titles and showing/hidding of sections via radio buttons

Fix: Language Shortcode button – don’t load if WPML plugine isn’t active

Fix: Shortcode Modal window CSS

Fix: Some PHP notices and warnings

v4.13: eleventh of Nov 2014

Fix: Responsivnes easy-admin

v4.12: seventh of Nov 2014

Fix: One column adaptive fix

v4.11: twenty third of October 2014

NEW: Google maps language amendment

v4.10: twenty second of October 2014

Fixed: same item icons on class page

Fixed: geolocation problems

v4.9: sixteenth of October 2014

WPML compatibility fix (empty search in another language)

Portfolio gallery wpml fix

Small item map fix

v4.8: tenth of October 2014

Fixed: unlimited things if trashed

fixed: “contact owner” capability

Item infobox is clickable if map is active

Fixed: marker underneath browse additional button opens on click

v4.7: twenty third of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Fixed media choose on Add New Category/Location screen

v4.6: eighth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Updated packaged Revolution Slider to v4.6.0

v4.5: eighth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Fix: Detail Map Pin icon hidden

v4.4: fifteenth of August 2014

Select media kind updated

Easy admin fixes

Admin stigmatization fix

Sorting by rating fix

Video shortcode fix

Other little fixes

v4.3: twelfth of August 2014

Updated designs for Directory & Business Finder Extension Plugin

v4.2: first of August 2014

Many geolocation & search fixes

Other little fixes

v4.1: twenty ninth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Fix: Breaking long computer address and email address within the item page

Added: Contact details within the listing search page + icons

v4.0: eleventh of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Directory & Business Finder Extension Plugin Support

v3.25: eighth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Empty search fix

v3.24: fifth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

WPML search fixes

WPML support for translating date and time

WPML alternative fixes

v3.23: twenty seventh of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Updated POT file with new text strings for translation

Paypal single payments fix

v3.22: thirteenth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Fixed: Geolocation bug

v3.21: twenty ninth of might 2014

Fixed: Incorrect line height in header

Fixed: Infobox styling

v3.20: twenty eighth of might 2014

Improved: Single image header vogue is currently adaptive

v3.19: twenty fifth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Fixed not displaying shortcodes owing to accidental use of php short tag

v3.18: twenty fourth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Fixed AIT shortcodes buttons not displaying in editor in WordPress three.9+

v3.17: eleventh of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Hidden things on the map fix

v3.16: eighth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

Google maps fix

v3.15: fifth of Gregorian calendar month 2014

NEW: Ability to cover things from map and show them solely in content

NEW: Ability to alter / disable cluster

NEW: car corrections of things with identical positions

v3.14: twenty seventh of March 2014

Fixed contact owner/claim kind reload on navigation key press

v3.13: thirteenth of March 2014

Google maps fixes

Lightbox fixes

Share buttons fix

Translation fix

Other fixes

v3.12: fifth of Feb 2014

Fixed adaptive style for registration kind shortcode

Contact kind seven error box position drawback

v3.11: seventeenth of January 2014

Login vogue fix

Rating vogue fix

v3.10: twenty sixth of Nov 2013

Skinning system fastened

v3.9: fifth of Nov 2013

iOS seven forms fastened

size for modal window shortcode fastened

easy admin fix

v3.8: thirtieth of October 2013

fixed things number for search results and categories/locations pages

fixed things number in simple admin

small backend fixes

v3.7: twenty fourth of October 2013

Fixed “Contact owner button” in accounts capabilities

v3.6: twenty first of October 2013

Popup fix in adaptive version

v3.5: seventh of October 2013

No results page fastened

Register / login gismo fastened

v3.4 – twenty sixth of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Admin & simple admin fixes

Claim listing fix

IE placeholders fix

v3.3 – twenty first of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

NEW: Paypal revenant payments

NEW: several admin enhancements (ratings, users)

NEW: Shortcodes is-user, is-guest

NEW: Claim listing admin emails

Modal windows shortcode fastened

Easy admin fixes

Rating fixes

v3.2 – eleventh of Gregorian calendar month two013:

NEW: Claim listing feature

Sorting fix

Fixed modal windows (lightbox)

Small CSS fixes

v3.1 – sixth of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

NEW: hierarchical search dropdowns

Item author fix

PO file updated

v3.0 – twenty eighth of August 2013:

NEW: simple admin – frontend-like administration

NEW: Account administration buttons another to login/register gismo

NEW: Compatible with Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Rating management fix

v2.23 – twenty seventh of August 2013:

Small adaptive CSS fix

v2.22 – seventh of August 2013:

Ability to alter item author

v2.21 – thirty first of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

New Revolution slider (3.0.5)

v2.20 – twenty fifth of Gregorian calendar month twenty13:

NEW: Media section solely shows pictures from explicit owner

NEW: WordPress three.6 ready

Fixed default order by packages

v2.19 – 23th of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

WPML support fastened

PO file updated

v2.18 – seventeenth of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Quick bugfix

v2.17 – seventeenth of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

NEW: Featured things

NEW: Listing sorting

Admin bug fixes

Fixed issue with get_current_screen() operate

v2.16 – third of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Admin item filter fix

v2.15 – first of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

NEW: Ability to browse listings by location

NEW: Ability to contact listing owner via web site

v2.14 – twenty sixth of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Updated twitter gismo to figure with new API one.1. See our listing for facilitate with fitting

v2.13 – thirteenst of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Search with geolocation fix

Fix for special characters on theme folder

v2.12 – first of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Small search fix

v2.11 – thirtieth of might 2013:

Bug fixes

v2.10 – twenty eighth of might 2013:

Small CSS fixes

v2.9 – sixteenth of might 2013:

Small CSS fixes

v2.8 – thirtieth of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Rating system update

Small CSS fixes

v2.7 – twenty ninth of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Rating system another

Small fixes

v2.6 – fourth of Gregorian calendar month 2013:

Revolution slider export update

v2.5 – twenty eighth of March 2013:

Fix for a brand new Paypal sandbox

Geolocate Ajax fix

IE10 fix

Account expiration fix

v2.4 – twenty sixth of March 2013:

Geolocate fix

Small CSS fixes

v2.3 – twenty first of March 2013:

Inputs area unit preselected once search

Advanced search fix

Category result fix

Fullwidth layout pictures fix

IE fixes

v2.2 – fourteenth of March two013:

Updated PO file

Emails once registration fix

Account upgrade fix

Disabled reviews fix

Search results fix

Fullwidth model columns fix

Adaptive css fix

Small fixes and enhancements

v2.1 – fifth of March 2013:

NEW: Ability to manage what is going to every individual package includes

NEW: Package expiration

NEW: Ability to renew terminated subscription

NEW: Ability to show on/off approval method

NEW: Advanced search supported Geolocation

NEW: Showing additional item details within the admin panel

Paypal payment fix

Geolocation fix

IE8 fix

Revolution slider fix

Small fixes and enhancements

v2.0 – twenty second of Feb 2013:

NEW: Frontend registration for guests

NEW: Registered guests will log in and administer their own listings

NEW: Administrator will outline packages and set the value

NEW: Paypal payments integration

Other little fixes and enhancements

v1.5 – twelfth of Feb 2013:

NEW: Ability to induce pointer on the map from Address field.

NEW: Geo Locations – is turned on/off globally or regionally per page.

NEW: Social icons for directory things

NEW: Interactive Ajax search

NEW: Narrow/Wide layout style choices

Many little Bug fixes and enhancements

Wordpress Multisite timthumb fix

v1.4 – fifth of Feb 2013:

Bug fixes

v1.3 – 2d of Feb 2013:

Category fix

v1.2 – first of Feb two013:

CSS fixes for iPad

Revolution slider fix

v1.1 – 31th of January 2013:

Search bug fastened

Mobile version CSS fixes

v1.0 – thirtieth of January 2013:

Theme unharness

Demo & Source: DEMO


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